Finding Grace

Becky Citra

Finding Grace

Finding Grace

  • Title: Finding Grace
  • Author: Becky Citra
  • ISBN: 9781927583258
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback

Growing up in the 50s with a single mother and no father, Hope is a loner with a wonderful imagination The letters she writes to her imaginary friend, Grace, help her cope with the difficult times in her life her mother s sad days, their money worries, the pressures of not fitting in On her eleventh birthday, Hope is shocked to learn that Grace is real Hope decides tGrowing up in the 50s with a single mother and no father, Hope is a loner with a wonderful imagination The letters she writes to her imaginary friend, Grace, help her cope with the difficult times in her life her mother s sad days, their money worries, the pressures of not fitting in On her eleventh birthday, Hope is shocked to learn that Grace is real Hope decides that by finding Grace, their family will be healed But, like most adventures, things do not go exactly as she hopes.

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Do not be fooled: The publisher’s description of Finding Grace makes it sound like a cross between The Parent Trap and an ABC Afterschool Special that’s relocated to Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth!As Finding Grace, a nominee for the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize, is best approached without too much foreknowledge, I don’t want to say too much; however, I will reveal what the publishers did: Hope King discovers on her eleventh birthday that she has a twin sis [...]

This story takes place in Vancouver and Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia in 1954. Hope Rose King and her mother Flora have moved again, into the same apartment building as her Granny. Hopt starts at a new school and has no friends, due to being a little prickly, she has difficulty making any. Hope has one friend, imaginary Grace. She constantly writes letters to this friend pouring out her thoughts and feelings. She is supposed to be doing a class assignment about her family history but kn [...]

Finding Grace was a sort of generic tale with an emotional moral at the end. It was well-executed, the characters were somewhat likable, and the plot was interesting, albeit slightly melancholy for a story aimed at the childrens/middle-grade audience.Nevertheless, not the best middle-grade book I’ve read, but it was sufficient enough to keep me reading; thus, it was just okay for me.___________________________________WHAT I LIKED+ The story concerns a ten-year-old girl named Hope who finds sol [...]

this is a story about two girls who were separated. one of the twins has been writing letters to who she thought was her imaginary friend and then finds out the truth. she finally gets to meet her and it enriches both her life and both family's lives. would definitely recommend it to others. it is a fast read because you don't really want to put it down

Loved this book couldn't stop reading.

A great book about friendship, life as a young girl and overcoming challenges.

Hope feels like no one understands her except for her grandmother and her "imaginary" friend Grace.Her mother likes being locked up in her room until one day when a the family goes through a tough time with her grandmother dying, hope finding out she has a dad but sadly died in the war and now finding out after all these years the secret of who Grace really is, so her and her mom go on a adventure in a small town trying to find Grace. The whole book was sad, funny, happy, and nerv-racking it's a [...]

Right off the bat I'm going to let you know that I love everything Becky Citra writes. She is a former school teacher who has her finger on the pulse of what students in elementary school like to read. Her series, Jeremy and the Enchanted Theatre is perfect for youngsters, (especially boys) who are just stepping up to reading chapter books. After the Fire and Never to be Told are two of my readers favorite Canadian titles. I may be biased, but I don't think so, and neither do the members of our [...]

Do not read the description in . It manages to give away at least 50 percent of the novel. That is it, back away, slowly, nothing to see there.So, for those of you not spoiled by the giveaway, here is the premise of the book. Hope has no friends, except her books, and the imaginary friend that she made up when she was little. So, when she is feeling depressed about her life, she writes to her, Grace. She saves all the letter, because of course, there is no address to send letters to an imaginar [...]

Finding Graceby Becky CitraSecond Story PressMiddle Grade, Children's FictionPub Date Mar 1, 2014I was given a copy of Finding Grace by the publisher in exchange for my honest review so here it goes.This book takes you to 1954 Vancouver Hope Rose King has been accused of stealing a crime stealing her classmates glow in the dark yo-yo. She also faces a class assignment about her family history but knows very little about her family history. Her Mother just lost her job and they are forced to m [...]

This is the third book in Second Story Press's Gutsy Girl series - a series about smart, brave and funny girls. All the books are standalone novels.I have to admit that this one had my stomach in knots wondering what was going to happen and what Hope's Mom's big secret was. I felt really bad for Hope and her Mom throughout most of the book because life seemed so hard for them but Hope faced things head on for the most part. Hope copes with her mother's craziness, and her own inability to make fr [...]

Ten-year-old Hope has always had an imaginary friend named Grace to whom she writes letters. Her mother struggles with bouts of depression that make it hard for her to hold down a job, and both of them rely heavily on Grace's grandmother for support. But after her grandmother's death, Hope learns the truth about her imaginary friend, and she and her mother set out to find her once again. Readers will be surprised at what happens next since sometimes happy endings come in different forms. After a [...]

10 year old Hope King has been writing letters to Grace since as long as she could write. These notes to her imaginary friend are her only comfort since her mother, Flora suffers from depression and anxiety. Middle graders will enjoy the courageous and independent-minded Hope who thrives against a backdrop of calamities. Although historical, the 1950's era drifts in gently in the expressions and cost of a popsicle. Recommended for fans of the Bobsey Twins and the classic movie The Parent Trap.

I wont this book in a giveaway. I'm not sure what age group this is for I'm thinking late elementary/jr high age. Anyways this was an interesting little story about Hope who writes to her imaginary friend Grace because she has no friends. Then she finds out Grace is a actually her twin sister her mom gave up for adoption because she had polio and knew she couldn't take care of her and thinks that maybe she's always remembered her. This was a cute and easy read. I really enjoyed it.

I thought this was a smashingly good book. It literally raced. I wanted to read long into the night , it was so good. But what impressed me most about the story is the research that went on. Everything down to the copper piano at Harrison Hot Springs. Ms. citra's books are always grand!

This book is about two girls that they didn't new that they were twins. After they saw a picture and they told each other that they had the same grandma one of the girls was giving to another person because she had medical issues and her mother didn't want her with her.

This book is about two girls that got separated when they where born. One was given in adoption because she was born with an illness. Her mother loved her but she said it was to difficult for her to take care of her.

This was another red Cedar book and It was good. Itty was a cute heartwarming story that I enjoyed immensely.

This book was great.


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