Grannies, Guns and Ghosts

Madison Johns

Grannies, Guns and Ghosts

Grannies, Guns and Ghosts

  • Title: Grannies, Guns and Ghosts
  • Author: Madison Johns
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  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Senior Sleuth Senior snoop, Agnes Barton, has taken up residence in a Winnebago at a campground in East Tawas, Michigan It s not the ideal place for a woman of seventy two to live, but she s making do She had planned to start a detective agency with partner in crime, Eleanor Mason, but a snag with the license has them free wheeling it, not that it matters because they arSenior Sleuth Senior snoop, Agnes Barton, has taken up residence in a Winnebago at a campground in East Tawas, Michigan It s not the ideal place for a woman of seventy two to live, but she s making do She had planned to start a detective agency with partner in crime, Eleanor Mason, but a snag with the license has them free wheeling it, not that it matters because they are the ones folks call when dead bodies turn up.A frantic phone call has Agnes and Eleanor racing to the scene of yet another crime scene Herman Butler has fallen to his death from a third story window, and the widow, Betty Lou, is beside herself with either grief or competing for the Oscars, and it s up to Agnes and Eleanor to unravel the mystery, which gets interesting when a ghost is listed as a possible suspect.This time around, Agnes and Sheriff Peterson can agree, the widow is nuts, but wait, a few days later the ghost ship, Erie Board of Trades, was spotted off the shores of Lake Huron Ghost hunters, G.A.S.P hightail it into town, and East Tawas is overrun with ghost sightings.Agnes and Eleanor must sort fact from fantasy before another body is found or a curse is realized.Adult ContentArmed and Outrageous Agnes Barton mystery book one.Senior Snoops Agnes Barton mystery book three.Agnes Barton Senior Sleuth Mysteries Box set Book 1 3.Pretty and Pregnant Kimberly Steele novella.Coffin Tales Season of Death Includes two YA horror short stories.

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Grannies, Guns and Ghosts (An Agnes Barton senior sleuth mystery) (An Agnes Barton Mystery) Grannies, Guns and Ghosts (An Agnes Barton senior sleuth mystery) (An Agnes Barton Mystery) 2.0 out of 5 stars Nice try but no cigar, July 22, 2013 Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Grannies, Guns and Ghosts (An Agnes Barton senior sleuth mystery) (An Agnes Barton Mystery) (Kindle Edition) I ordered this book on my kindle.I was expecting a real fun read with senior citizens as sleuths. [...]

Though I am giving this book a separate review, I am actually reading the boxed set with books one through three. I want the credit toward my reading goal of individual books while having the convenienceThat went nowhere. On to the actual review.Ghosts. Really? Sigh. I don't want to give any spoilers so I won't get into it. This was a shorter book than the first one, maybe a novella rather than a novel. I was glad. This book felt less put together than the first. Editing is badly needed. What di [...]

Had to force myself to finish the book, just so it could be a finish toward the reading challenge. As another reviewer stated, it needed some very serious editing. The story really did not flow smoothly, seemed very choppy, and had just a few too many sub-plots. Of course, there had to be a bunch of extraneous sexual encounters, and it seemed like that was put in because that is assumed to be what readers want these days. All in all, based on this book, I certainly won't be picking up anything e [...]

Grannie Agnes and her friend Eleanor are self-styled detectives. The old-lady and old man jokes are a bit over-the-top (that's from another old lady, thank you very much), but the story rollicks along with confusion and, ahem, well, you know what, all over the place. There's the ghost hunters (G.A.S.P.), the granddaughter, the police, the missing daughter who turns up after years away, Aggie's Winnebago, Eleanor's Caddie (and her near accidents), assorted other characters, oh yeah, and murder.

Senior detectives, Alice and Eleanor, end up in the middle of several murders.The first involves a man who is found below a third story window. The local sheriff doesn't really investigate this. There isn't even an autopsy done. Really? What kind of place is thisarently one with no policies to follow in the case of unexplained deaths.It is nice that the book realizes that even senior citizen can have love lives. Alice and Eleanor each have someone special in their lives with the problems that ca [...]

The girls are up to some pretty funny antics in this installment of the Agnes Barton Mysteries. A new character is added, the Gypsy neighbor, Leotyne, who is very mysterious and scary, but comes through with some timely advice. More dead bodies than usual appear in this book, and someone is on a real crime spree. Add to this the appearance of a mystery ghost ship and a hint of paranormal activity and the stage is set for a good story. I love this entire series and wish I had read them in order; [...]

Fun cozy mysteryThis book was a little better than the first one. I didn't even hesitate to order the next book in this series. This story was more mystery and less r rated content.

Our heroines one in her 70s and the other in her 80s spend most of their time either running other people down or making sexual innuendos. I found myself not caring for any of the main characters or what happened to them. The plot points were interesting and engaging though.

Short quick read. Has its funny moments but I could see how the same old things happen over and over again throughout each book. I will probably read the next one for a pallet cleanser when needed.

This was much like the first. Generally annoying with a really good finish that saved the book. A gently slightly irritating read.

A cute sequel to the first of the Agnes Barton mysteries.

Taking up residence in a Winnebago in an East Tawas, Michigan, campground doesn’t sound like something most seventy-two-year-old women would do, but then Agnes Barton isn’t your usual senior citizen.The campground isn’t the ideal place, but Agnes is making do until her home is repaired after being fire bombed earlier. In the meantime she and her partner in crime, eighty-two-year-old Eleanor Mason, had planned to start a detective agency, Pink Ladies, but ran into problems with the license. [...]

Fun, but not terribly well-written.

Madison Johns has done it again, capturing the human side of elders by writing of their reactions, intuitions and observations at crime scenes that seem to pop up wherever they might be.In Grannies, Guns and Ghosts, Aggie and Eleanor have been enlisted by a frightened local who witnessed a death was it a murder? Or a suicide? Or the gentle push of a ghostly apparition?Coinciding with this death is the appearance of a ghostly ship seen by some on Lake Huron. The ancestral home of the deceased is [...]

In this Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery #2, Barton, 72, and her friend Eleanor Mason have started their own detective agency, Pink Ladies. Mason is the one with the pink pistol. They don't have all the paperwork they need for the agency, but they don't let that stop them. Barton is living in a Winnebago, because her house was firebombed in the first book. There are rumors of a ghost ship on Lake Huron, which helps complicate the plot. Barton and Mason begin by investigating the supposedly ac [...]

In this second book in the Senior Sleuth Mystery Series by Madison Johns. Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason are 72 years old and 82 years old respectively. They are starting up a private eye business and so far they have found one body. Someone tells them that a ghost threw the body out of a window. Now the ladies have to prove that a ghost really did it.The only problem is that before that can happen, another body shows up in the same spot from the same window supposedly by the same ghost!How can [...]

This is a short book, but it has a lot of murders packed into it. Somewhat frothy--you have El who is 82, and Agatha at 72, trying to become a crime solving duo legally. Agatha is currently living in a Winnebago on her property while her house is being rebuilt. She has a daughter named Martha, and a grandaughter, both of whom bug her. Because of the number of murders occurring, one probably wouldn't want to live near them. There are ghosts in a nearby mansion, and supposedly on a ghost ship on t [...]

Although I never read the first book, I enjoyed reading the adventures of Agnes and El, two elderley sleuth investigators who tend to get in the way of Sheriff Peterson's murder investigations. Typical small town characters, who are all enjoyable. Don't know if it was me, or the way Madison Johns writes her books, but I found it hard to follow who was talking in the dialogue. It kind of jumped between characters without letting the reader know the changes.All in all, a good, enjoyable read.

Mystery. Mayhem, and gigglesThe second in the series it is easy to step into as a favorite pair of slipper. These two ladies are snooping into everyone's business to hilarious results. They say they are PI's but the paper work has not gone through. Bodies start to pile up and the sheriff's turning gray, family is worried, and they are worried about theirs sex life. well-written and good characterization. Author has a good knowledge of the senior life and it shows. Great for all readers.

Agnes would be a fun Grannie!Agnes & Eleanor are in the thick of another mystery when they happen to witness Herman Butler dead in his front yard, apparently having been tossed from a third story window of his mansion. His brand new very much younger bride of one day is suspect, until she too shows up dead. Agnes, Eleanor and Andrew (Agnes' male friend) find themselves in danger as they discover what is behind that third floor window. A fun light read with suspense that keeps you reading unt [...]

I am giving this book a 4.5 due to the typos in this book. The plot was better than the previous one and the characters are coming into their own, however, it makes me crazy when sentences don't make sense due to tense issues or they have missing words. There seemed to be more of them in this book than the first. I am also not sure she tied up the why of the murders as well as she should have. Good climax but reasoning was a bit obtuse.

I really enjoyed this latest romp with Agnes and Eleanor. The first book Armed and Outrageous was a great read and I have been looking forward to reading this one and I was not disappointed.This latest adventure puts both seniors in dire peril again and I love how they deal with it. Trouble follows the pair around like a lost puppy. I like all the characters and can't wait to read more of Agnes and Eleanor's adventure.Hopefully the next book will be along soon.

Madison Johns has done it again. Aggie and her crew are chasing ghosts and dodging gypsies this time. You won't believe who shows up for the excitement in this book. Hopefully they stay and don't wander off again. Its a book with twists and turns those who appear to be innocent and those who appear to be guilty, but who really did it. Maybe the game of Clue will reveal the guilty. This is the second book in the series and I sure hope there will be many more to it.

While these ladies are a bit risque for my taste, I do enjoy their enthusiasm, their loyalty to each other and their spunk. The mysteries take second place to their other exploits but the series is light reading and a nice break from the heavier biographies which I also read. I enjoy them and will read more of the series.

Put yourself in 'cartoon' mode, then sit back and enjoy the read. A little silliness, a little corny, a lot of fun, and a mystery to go with it. Can't say I relate to these ladies as real life characters -- I'm the same age as Agnes, and would have to call the men in white coats if any of my friends acted like this -- but as a cartoon romp, they're hysterical.

This was one of the books I read at bedtime while at Stevie's house. It was cute, but a little slow to my thinking. I'll try another as I always like to read more than one of a new author's books. If the next is slow, too, I'll probably bypass any more. It's well worth a try, though. I'm rather picky about the mysteries I read. This was another book on Kindle.

I can picture this as some people I know.It was very entertaining to read this as though I where there had me in stiches Glad to have discovered Ms. Agnes and friends,looking forward to reading more of this series!

Oh myWhat these ladies get themselves into!!! I swear, if my grandmabut then I would want to be there helping her solve the crimes! I love this series, and can't wait to read the rest!

I didn't think that this story was as good as ABSSM #l. The characters simply were not as developed and the story line seemed to wander about. The loose ends were tied in the end. It is sad, because the characters are likeable and the storyline had promise. I will give #3 in this series a chance.

I like Aggie and Eleanor and the fact they are senior citizens. We tend to forget and neglect this segment of our population. These two are funny and get into more trouble than the cases they solve. Easy read.

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