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  • Title: Downgrade
  • Author: Jacqueline Patricks
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  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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READ FOR FREE SMASHWORDS US CA UK AU NOOK BNParamedics aren t born cynical The job either hardens or devours them.Have you ever wondered what paramedics experience Dealing with the job isn t glamorous At its worst, it s gruesome This very short story is not for the faint of heart or minors, but is for those fascinated with getting aREAD FOR FREE SMASHWORDS US CA UK AU NOOK BNParamedics aren t born cynical The job either hardens or devours them.Have you ever wondered what paramedics experience Dealing with the job isn t glamorous At its worst, it s gruesome This very short story is not for the faint of heart or minors, but is for those fascinated with getting a behind the scenes look at EMS It gets inside the mind of a rookie paramedic dealing with the realistic horror of humanity It s an intense sensory ride, but not a normal story Dozens of real medics, other than me, have agreed that it s an accurate portrayal emotionally, visually, mentally, and sensory.You know you want to look Everyone does, they just don t want to admit it How else do you think this has been in the top 10 15 fee kindle medical since Oct 1, 2013 So why are you waiting Approx 5 10 pages depending on font reader 2000 intense words in the mind of a paramedic 1st personT FOR UNDERAGE READERS WARNING graphic details of death, adult language, minor description of nudity.

Recent Comments "Downgrade"

When I read, "You don't read a Jacqueline Patricks story, you experience it!" I thought, "Yea right, OK." I was skeptically three paragraphs into this story when I'll be damned if I wasn't experiencing it! As I got further into the story, my mind was experiencing two things; the accuracy and realism of the story being told to me, and the recollection of a number of very similar calls that I had been on during my twenty-years working in emergency medicine.Not only was I sucked into the story by t [...]

A clean, crisp little vignette. Like a slightly tart apple with lingering finish.

An excellent trip in the passenger seat of the ambulance. A repulsive and intriguing read in the best possible way; highly recommended.

I came across this little diddy by happenstance. It is a very short read of a single call made by a paramedic and her partner. If you are looking for a new author, a quick read, or are interested in some of what this profession sees on a bad day, this is offered to you at no charge. Other reviewers describe it better than I but, as a paramedic, it is realistic. Within the first paragraph, I recognized I, too, had been on that call. Ate it up so much, that I quickly downloaded Dog Days of Dying

The author does an excellent job describing a brutal death scene. Her metaphors of the smells accurately portray what's actually going on. Those of us in healthcare know what renal failure, gangrene, sepsis smells like, but if you haven't been around death, you don't know. It is obvious the author has some personal experience with this.

This is a Short-Short, Short story. From the eyes of a Paramedic Eye opening, gritty and worth a read as the author also poses questions at the end so it helps with you reading efficency But, it's very short! :)

This short story is hilarious. It gives very descriptive smells. I didn't realize what a paramedic had to go through. I couldn't handle their duties. I'm looking forward to the new Paramedic story Dog of Dying days. I want to know more about the inside drama of paramedics.

Great descriptions. Very clear and easy to picture. Definitely grim subject. Perfect for those with a taste for the darker side of life.

OkThis book was ok. It was well written but was not for me. I will try another book before I make my mind up about author.

Interesting storyInteresting story. Even more interesting questions at the end. Really made me think about what I'd "read" that Ms. Patrick's hadn't actually written.

I'm curious in paramedics and their work. When I was little, the profession fascinated me. I didn't become a paramedic eventually, but I'm still interested in its related topics. So when I came across this free book on , I just had to read it.The story is short. However, it took me several days to finish it because the author managed to produce a very spooky/creepy/scary atmosphere throughout the whole story that I couldn't read it alone in the midnight. I'm such a coward.Nevertheless, I finally [...]

Disclaimer: I was gifted this short story for honest review.First of all, I was rather disappointed that this was so short with no resolution. With all the CSI type shows out there this would only be the opening scene. Castle would have asked a lot more questions. But I suppose that the paramedic doesn't get involved in the suicide/murder question. Their job is pronounce the victim or save the victim. So in that aspect it was a realistic depiction.Second, I don't read bloody, smelly stories. Not [...]

EMSThe author Jacqueline Patricks did a great job describing the scene. I was actually holding my nose as if I could smell the decomposition. She did a great job explaining some of the bureaucratic steps that need to be taken. The relationship between EMS and Police could be better. They just have to razz each other. This story definitely made you "feel the scene". It was a good read.

I suppose it was good writing, but it just didn't do anything for me. I read a lot of gory stuff & this did not meet the expectations that were set by the reviews. My only thought was if the main character was male or female? I'm guessing female.

A book that really shows the things that those in the ambulance service can meet. Very much worth a read to see the other side.

Poor and shortNo oneCause it not worth reading no plot and no actionHumor in bad taste and we would not back talk a cop

Solid jobAs a medic to be, this was chilling. I saw and felt everything as If I was there seeing the scene and the emotions. Keep up the good work!

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