Coulson's Wife

Anna J. McIntyre

Coulson's Wife

Coulson's Wife

  • Title: Coulson's Wife
  • Author: Anna J. McIntyre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The beginning of the Coulson Empire, 1918 Mary Ellen s father didn t trade her for a house exactly Marrying the wealthy and handsome Randall Coulson is not something Mary Ellen wants to do, but being the obedient daughter she agrees to the marriage Randall Coulson wants Mary Ellen for one reason to give him sons He has no desire to form a bond of love or friendship witThe beginning of the Coulson Empire, 1918 Mary Ellen s father didn t trade her for a house exactly Marrying the wealthy and handsome Randall Coulson is not something Mary Ellen wants to do, but being the obedient daughter she agrees to the marriage Randall Coulson wants Mary Ellen for one reason to give him sons He has no desire to form a bond of love or friendship with his young bride His own heart is already taken A bittersweet story of love, lies and family secrets, taking place during a turbulent period of American history, when the perception of women and their role in society changed in one woman s lifetime THE COULSON SERIES Coulson s Wife Book 1 Coulson s Crucible Book 2 Coulson s Lessons Book 3 Coulson s Secret Book 4 Coulson s Reckoning Book 5 Coming 2014

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Coulson’s Wife is book one of the Coulson series. It is written by Anna J. McIntyre. It is a very good book and easily read in one or two extended sittings. Have that Kleenex handy though. The characters are completely believable and very well described. The setting is Philadelphia beginning in 1819. Mary Ellen Browning was the only daughter of Sally and Edward who had ten other children, all boys. Her father had arranged her marriage to Randall Coulson. Randall was looking for a wife and Mary [...]

I purchased this book free this morning, and finished it this afternoon. The chapters were pretty short, and the story was something different for me to read, since I have been up to my eyeballs in textbooks for college.I enjoyed this book, even though I wanted to hit the protagonist's husband a few times throughout it. The depictions of the periods in history in which the story takes place were pretty spot-on, although I don't think it was necessary to inform the readers of what was occurring a [...]

FRUSTRATING BOOK! (a little bit of a spoiler here)This was a quick but frustrating read. Mary Ellen is "traded" for a house to a man she's only ever met once or twice and who doesn't love her. Randall is a man who needs a wife to give him sons to carry on his name. Love is not necessary. William is Randall's business partner and best friend since childhood. He is the Randall's conscience, as well. These are the three main characters and this book revolves around them.The author gave enough depth [...]

If you are looking for a quick and engaging read look no further. Not your typical love story I loved the time-setting of this book. The author did a great job in adequately portraying the era. I found myself countless times comparing either present day to Mary Ellen's situation or placing myself in her shoes. This is definitely a book you will find yourself rooting for a particular outcome even when you sense it going into a different direction. If a dominating male is your fancy you won't find [...]

Very bittersweet

This novel is the first in a series about the Coulson family. Quick plot synopsis: young woman is forced by her father into a loveless marriage at the end of World War I. Her new husband has arranged the marriage with the hopes of having sons to carry on his legacy. She falls for her husband's best friend. She becomes pregnant by the friend but stays in the loveless marriage because she believes she has no viable alternative. Her husband tells her he is unable to love her the way she needs him t [...]

I got this book for free, probably, on my kindle, so I can't complain too much. I've been reading, bit by bit, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. That book is rather heavy and intense along with being very long. So I stop now and then and read something else much lighter. That's how I came to read Coulson's Wife. However, the writing in Coulson's Wife was so surfacey that I began to think it must be a young adult selection. I cannot believe it was written by TWO women.This book started off [...]

Predictable With Interesting SurprisesA wonderful read!!! Engaging from the very beginning. I planned to simply preview the book to see if it would appeal to me for a future time. Instead, I was drawn in at the very beginning and continued to read until it was finished, a one day read. I found the book predictable, very predictable actually. Credit to the author because I kept reading, and reading, and reading. I was so engaged that I continued reading what I perceived as predictable. Even so, I [...]

Free Kindle book - romance yes, but how she and he changes so quickly is sorta strange. Started off well, but then went too fast with change and life. Abruptly ended pace needs work. Liked the characters though and all in all for free was a good read for mindless vacation.

Great read!! I have downloaded the entire Coulson series. I cannot wait to read the others. I couldn't put this book down. Great story line. Even though I secretly wished Mary Ellen and William would have eventually gotten married.

I really enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. The characters are all so well developed and I'm glad I chose to read this story.

Coulson's Wife, is pretty interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

Liked the characters at the beginning but then it got shallow

Excellent readingLove, sadness, happiness, tragedy and life and war as it happens twists and turns to keep your interest. Good reading.

Seventeen-year-old Mary Ellen doesn’t want to marry the aloof and formidable Randall Coulson. Her father has struck a deal, however, and since this is 1918, she has no say. While Mary Ellen endures a loveless marriage, she grows close to Randall’s business partner, William, who is everything Randall is not. Mary Ellen decides she wants to divorce Randal until her pregnancy changes plans.Coulson’s Wife is a detailed portrayal of the frustrations and challenges women faced in a world where t [...]

The story follows a young woman's life for over 30 years through times of much change and large scale historical events. The engaging story begins with a 17 year young lady having to accept being married of to a stranger of completely different socioeconomic status. Coming from a rural setting into a more diverse area she, most notably, witnesses firsthand the liberation of women ranging from voting rights to short hair, shorter skirts and cigarettes. Many chapters in this book jump 5 or more ye [...]

I didn't know this book was set up as a series,but I enjoyed reading it. I became invested in reading about Mary- Ellen's relationship with William. The end was nicely done but very anticlimactic.It just closed off and probably secrets open in the next book. I would have loved to see more shades of human emotion in the relationships between Randall, William and Mary, wouldn't mind it being a longer novel, since so much is happening in the letters in the end. The meetings are brief, dinner, birth [...]

The beginning of the Coulson Empire, 1918: Mary Ellen’s father didn’t trade her for a house–exactly. Marrying the wealthy and handsome Randall Coulson is not something Mary Ellen wants to do, but being the obedient daughter she agrees to the marriage. Randall Coulson wants Mary Ellen for one reason–to give him sons. He has no desire to form a bond of love or friendship with his young bride. His own heart is already taken. A bittersweet story of love, lies and family secrets, taking place [...]

I don't normally read American historical stories, but this one really caught my interest. Mary Ellen is forced into what is essentially an arranged marriage with a man she hardly knows. She's shipped off to the city, away from her family and the life she's always known, to be greeted by a cold and distant husband, and his charming and handsome best friend. The reason for Randall's indifference becomes clear by the end of the novel, and I can honestly say I felt for both of them. Coulson's Wife [...]

I probably would not have read this book except that it was a free book on for kindle and I needed books to read on a long flight. I really didn't expect the plot to go anywhere since the description makes you think the book is pretty shallow. Despite that, I read it anyways. I'm not sure I really liked it, but the way the characters meshed was interesting. Being that I know nothing about the marriage relationships of the past, I am clueless as to why someone would stay in a lifeless marriage f [...]

What a great story. Mary Ellen as a seventeen having to marry a man she didn't know and to move away from her family must have been hard. She didn't love her husband but found love with his best friend. Their loved each other till William died and Mary Ellen still loved him after death. It was just a shame that William never got to marry the woman that he loved for all those years. It also turned out that her husband had loved his best friend all those years to. Am glad that Mary Ellen and Willi [...]

I have read all of Anna's books and this one is my favorite. I LOVED this book. I really enjoyed the historical part of it. I loved how she incorporated what was going on in that time period throughout the story. It made it seem more real. The main character, Mary Ellen, was married off to a man she didn't love or know but she found love and many complications that came along with that. The characters and their relationships seemed so real and each character evolved throughout the story. Anna di [...]

Surprisingly good for a kindle freebie. Historical fiction that spans late 19th / early 20th century. Covers women's lib, the Great War, the roaring 20s, the Great Depression and prohibition and 21st amendment, ww2. Very believable for the times the way the characters acted and made decisions. Not a HEA per se but a realistic ending instead and good because of it's realism. Has a resolution for the MC and introduces MC for subsequent books in the series without a cliff for an ending. Well done.

An interesting story.I liked the heroine and the man who adored her. I despised her husband and I'd love to smash his stupid head on a stone wall. I wondered about him. I guessed the truth concerning his behaviour, before it was revealed. Whatever he was, there was no excuse for his horrible ways.I also hated her father. He acted just as dreadful as the husbamd.The woman deserved a much better family (parental or by marriage) than the ones she had.

I didn't care for the book as I feel that an arranged union/marriage is out of my realm of understanding today. That made it a little hard for me as well as the chauvenistic but fair minded husband. Hard for me to understand how you can be both. Can't see a parent handing off their daughter under any circumstances though I know it has happened. I have no desire to read the others in this series.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes, there were a few typos, but not nearly enough to ruin the story. I laughed a bunch, and even cried. The character development was fantastic. I really grew with them, especially Mary Ellen. I rarely connect with a book like this. If the 2nd book in the series had the same main characters, I'd be on board in a heartbeat, but it follows some of the side characters instead, so I don't think I am going to read it. Nonetheless, I highly recommend Coulson's Wife!

This flighty romance was hidden under the guise of Historical Fiction. Granted, there was a smattering of historical purges (giving a mass amount of historically accurate information about the eras involved) throughout, however, that information, though somewhat relevant, did not make or break this story which was centered on a lust driven plot. Decent, short read, but should be labeled Historical Romance.

Was less predictable and a better work than description promised. It was refreshingly focused on how Hero and Heroine worked their odd marriage out, rather than the more expected why it fell apart. Had a slight goody goody feel to it at times, but was enjoyable quick read overall. I enjoyed the historical info of that era, but a saucier read along the same lines would be Amethyst by Mary Rose Hayes.

One of the saddest books I have read in a long time.

This was a fun read - a wife who was "given" away by her father at the age of 18 in trade for a new house. A business arrangement, a love affair, a husband who is gay and really only wants her to keep his place in society. Actually encourages her to have the affair, remain discreet etc. Her lover is actually her husband's business partner and the son she bears is his son - not her husband's son. She feels the need to keep it a secret from everyone. An interesting read.

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