The Truth About Alice

Jennifer Mathieu

The Truth About Alice

The Truth About Alice

  • Title: The Truth About Alice
  • Author: Jennifer Mathieu
  • ISBN: 9781596439108
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook

Winner of the Children s Choice Book Awards Teen Choice Debut Author AwardEveryone knows Alice slept with two guys at one party When Healy High star quarterback, Brandon Fitzsimmons, dies in a car crash, it was because he was sexting with Alice Ask anybody.Rumor has it Alice Franklin is a slut It s written all over the slut stall in the girls bathroom Alice had seWinner of the Children s Choice Book Awards Teen Choice Debut Author AwardEveryone knows Alice slept with two guys at one party When Healy High star quarterback, Brandon Fitzsimmons, dies in a car crash, it was because he was sexting with Alice Ask anybody.Rumor has it Alice Franklin is a slut It s written all over the slut stall in the girls bathroom Alice had sex in exchange for math test answers and Alice got an abortion last semester After Brandon dies, the rumors start to spiral out of control In this remarkable debut novel, four Healy High students tell all they know about Alice and in doing so reveal their own secrets and motivations, painting a raw look at the realities of teen life But in this novel from Jennifer Mathieu, exactly what is the truth about Alice In the end there s only one person to ask Alice herself.

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"Alice Franklin is a slut."And Elaine is the evil popular girl. And Josh is your average popular jock. And Kurt is the school nerd and social outcast. And Kelsey is Alice Franklin's former best friendThis is a book about stereotypes. And it's fantastic. The author went above and beyond what I could have expected from this book. She not only challenges the idea of the "school slut" that is all too popular in real life and in YA, but she also paints detailed and three-dimensional portraits of ever [...]

I don't know what did me in with this novel I don't know if it just came at the right time, or if it was the fact that in the last chapter of this book the song Wait by M83 started playing from my playlist, or if it was the fact that this book was what high school felt like for me almost to a point where it scared me or if it was the fact that this book was a book that you didn't even realized touched you so much until you realized you were crying and didn't even know it.The Truth About Alice is [...]

This short little book blew me away. Told from four different perspectives and very well written. This author knows her stuff. Alice is labeled a slut. You heard the rumors-she slept with 2 boys at a party. She is easy. Then come to find out one of the boys she slept with died.d guess what? Well he may have been drinking but it was Alice's texts that distracted him from driving.You have his best friend speaking. The easy going second in command from the football team. The popular pretty girl, sh [...]

The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should be treated with great caution. (Remember which famous character said this?)You have to be warned that once you open this book, a super high-tech seatbelt will automatically wrap and lock itself around you and it wouldn’t release you until you finish it. That said, you also need to know that you have to inhale several tanks of air before starting this because you will only get to exhale after finishing the book.What makes this a very g [...]

This was a YA contemporary story about bullying.Alice was a character that I felt sorry for, but it was a bit hard to connect with her as we saw everything from other people’s point of view rather than from Alice. I thought that her sort-of best friend was a bit of a hypocrite though, and the other kids weren’t much better.The storyline in this was about a rumour that Alice had slept with two guys on the same night, and about how one of those guys had ended up dead. The rumour seemed to spir [...]

EDIT: I finally got the gifs to work!***If you have read this book and loved it, and you are reading my review about this book, do not feel offended :)***Please excuse my language as well.This book was total fucking shit. I hate this shit with all I've got. This book is filled with fucking selfish, disgusting, idiotic, two-faced cunts for characters and I hated every single one of these fucking characters. This entire story was so fucking stupid. The only aspect of this book that made me want to [...]

A very important story told through several outer point of view that is ultimately about not believing everything you hear. The Truth About Alice takes on stereotypes and rumours and high school life in general, and unravels its layers to show the truth underneath. To show that not everything - or everyone - is as it seems. It's pretty brilliant in that way: in its raw honesty, in its bluntness in showing us us how quickly and easily truths get distorted. And most importantly, how bullying is ve [...]

I am in awe of this book. I want to put it up on a pedestal and stare at it for hours. I want to buy a copy for everyone that I know, so that they can read it and love it as much as I do. I want to plaster this review and project it toward the heavens, so that every single bastard I don’t know can buy a copy for himself, his 2.5 kids, his two car garage, and maybe even his dog or cat. This book is that fucking good. It’s the best book I’ve read this year. No question. But will all of those [...]

3.5 STARS…there is one thing I’ve learned about people: they don’t get that mean and nasty overnight. It’s not human nature. If you give people enough time, eventually they’ll do the most heartbreaking stuff in the world.The things is, I’ve read this storyline a couple of times elsewhere. I’ve watched the teen flick and CW series portraying this issue with every possible embellishment and spin to repurpose the shock value of the underlying tyrannical machinery of high school politi [...]

Review also posted on here (September 1, 2015).Buddy read this with Chantal (click for her review).There are rumours about Alice. People say she’s a slut. People say she slept with two guys in a party. People say one of the high school’s most popular guy died because of her. But… is she in fact responsible for his death?This was a really powerful book about bullying. It’s told from the perspective of four teenagers who are in a way related to Alice. They all have their POVs and their opi [...]

Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/This review is brought to you by the television program Awkward. My apologies, but I watched about 47 episodes in a row last night and it does a pretty dang good job presenting how awful teenagers can be. Also, this book almost made me have a sad so I don’t want to go there again.Everyone knows Alice is a slut. I mean, only a slut would go to a party and have sex with not one but TWO guys in the same night. And it’s not like she doesn’t paint her li [...]

I remember being bullied a little over half a decade ago (wow, writing that makes me feel super old.) For me, the worst part about rumors centered on how you could do nothing about them: people could - and can still, I suppose - say all of these horrible things about you, and aside from communicating with them or others you literally had no way to defend yourself. The Truth About Alice tackles the brutality of high school drama and shows the multifaceted reasons why people spread rumors, bully o [...]

“How much did it hurt? It was like a million paper cuts on my heart.”I want to come up with a good review about The Truth About Alice so I can prove it to you how good this book was but I know I can't so I won't force myself to write one. Hahaha. Anyway, here's my short reviewThe Truth About Alice is a heart-breaking and heart-warming novel. It tells a typical teenage high school life full of gossips, shaming, bullying and whatnots. The drama queens, the jocks, the geeks. The usual. There's [...]

3.5 starsBuddy read this with Vane (click for her review).Most of us know what it feels like to have rumors spread about us, to have people talking behind our backs. It’s not a good feeling, but usually these stories are forgotten after a while. People move on. These things happen and it seems we just have to accept it. What to do however, if a rumor causes you to become a social pariah? If you lose all your friends? If you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and it’s imp [...]

"Alice did Tommy Cray AND Brandon F. at Elaine's party. OMG."Two hundred pages. This little gem of a book only has two hundred pages, yet it contains four different POVs and I could always tell who was narrating at any given time.The premise goes that Alice is the school slut. Rumors swirl about her, who she did, who she blew, her supposed abortion from doing it all the time But the twist is, unlike most issue-driven contemporaries, we don't get to see the shitfest from her point of view. Uh-uh, [...]

☆ ☆No spoilers and colorful language abound! I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Meh. This entire story was fucking stupid. The only two aspects of this book that spoke me, even a little was Kurt and the ugliness of the characters. Everyone and everything else can suck it, especially Alice. So here is the deal, this hot mess is is told from five different perspectives in first person narrative, we've got Elaine, Kelsie, Josh, Kurt and finally Alice. I kin [...]

I had mixed feelings about this book, although I did like it over all. It uses multiple points of view to tell a story about a girl named Alice, who everyone blames for the death of a popular boy at school (because she was supposedly texting him when he crashed his car and died). We get the perspectives of various other kids from Alice's school and their reactions to her and the whole situation. I thought the use of point of view changes was interesting. It almost had a "documentary" sort of fee [...]

This story is a story about Alice, not told by Alice It's told from the different perspectives of Alice Franklin's classmates, so of course you can expect the garnishing, inaccuracies and outright bloody lies that come with their relation of the story about Alice Franklin, the world class slut. This book is filled with every heinous element that makes up highschool life and it relates the painful consequences of those elements on the quality of life of people, on people unfortunate enough to fin [...]

Un libro molto intenso. Un libro che centra perfettamente il punto della situazione. Un libro che tutti gli adolescenti dovrebbero leggere, dove non ci sono persone buone o cattive, ma ragazzi che decidono di prendere una determinata via e sono costretti, poi, a fare i conti con la propria coscienza. Un libro che mostra cosa significa essere adolescenti nel mondo di oggi. Un mondo fatto di scale sociali e popolarità, di famiglie distratte e tutt’altro che amorevoli. Un mondo che è una vera e [...]

See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads3.5 starsThe Truth About Alice is smartly-crafted tale that I have definitely come to appreciate as the story progressed. While I didn't find myself loving it as I had hoped, it's definitely worth reading as it addresses some serious topics that need closer attention in the real world.What caught my eye on this book was certainly the synopsis. Alice Franklin, one of the popular girls at school, was said to have slept with two guys in one night at a party. Soo [...]

Read this review and more on my blogIn a nutshell: A realistic novel of bullying and slut-shaming, told from the perspectives of characters other than the "victim". According to rumours, Alice Franklin slept with two guys in one night at a party. One of those guys was Brandon Fitzsimmons, who died in a car crash just a few days later. Apparently Alice is to blame for that too and the rumours, bullying and her isolation escalates even further. It's a huge scandal in their small town but what's th [...]

An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.I can’t even begin to describe the amount of hatred I felt during this book. The point of views switch from the Most Popular Girl in school, her ex best friend, the Most Popular Guy’s Best friend and the Loner Nerd. Sorry to label everyone but that’s how it is in this book. On my first list of people that I detest has to be her ex best [...]

Può un libro racchiudere, in poco più che 200 pagine, tutta la cattiveria che gli adolescenti sviluppano durante il liceo?!Credo proprio di sì.Jennifer Mathieu racconta, in maniera semplice e cruda, l'universo adolescenziale e le sue dinamiche all'interno della ristretta cerchia scolastica.Pochi fatti reali mischiati, con crudeltà ed estrema minuzia, ad una valanga di menzogne e cattiverie.Crudeltà.Invidia.Paura.Ostentazione del nulla.Rivalità e gelosia.Tutto, ma non amicizia e spensierate [...]

4.5 starsTHANK YOU JENNIFER MATHIEU.I want to photocopy every page of this book and run through my high school hallways to fling it in the air like a madman. I actually read this book in two hours.The best part?Alice is not a Mary Sue. How can I describe this novel? It’s so powerfully, heart-wrenchingly, bitterly, hair-raisingly relatable – and it better garner some attention from young adult readers, otherwise I’m going to smack them over the head with it. For reference, this book is like [...]

"Given everything I've done to her and everything I'll probably still do. And all just to sit at the good table in the cafeteria."The Truth About Alice is the unbelievably realistic story of Alice Franklin, a teenaged girl dealing with the hardships that can come along with living in a small town (everyone knows everyone and their business), and are almost always a part of being in high school.Wow. I love this! I can only speak for myself when I say this novel was absolutely relatable. High scho [...]

beautiful cruel book. how sometimes rumours can take a life of their own and make a person's life hell.

4 StarsI have a tendency to check out books with multiple POV, more often than not I end up being disappointed, but it don’t stop me from picking up another story with several narrators.The Truth About Alice is a rather short story. With four (actually five) POV you may think it’s doomed to fail. Surprisingly it was a satisfying and thought-provoking book. This book is about Alice Franklin, a girl who supposedly slept with two guys at a party. Now she is a school slut. But she becomes a tota [...]

Initial Thoughts: This is a must read for all kids in high school. Told from clearly labelled multiple viewpoints, this story shows how gossip and lies can grow and take a life of their own and how one girl lived with the incessant slut shaming and ridicule for a year. Real powerful stuff. Read it. The Review:The Truth About Alice by debut author Jennifer Mathieu is a must-read for every teen and everyone who works with teens or lives with them. It's a powerful book about bullying, slut-shaming, [...]

I dunno, this whole book feels pointless, with a cast full of boring one-dimensional characters.Elaine’s whole POV seems like it could lift right out. She doesn’t add anything. And she’s horrible.Josh’s POV is only good for one reveal. Otherwise, he’s nothing but a high school jock. And a horrible person.Kelsie in theory could be interesting because of her secret, but honestly, her secret seems less dramatic than she builds it up as. Also, she’s horrible. Kurt’s okay. But he’s ju [...]

Maybe closer to a 3.5, but I'm bumping it up for doing what it set out to do very well. Review to come.

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