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  • Title: Sword-Born
  • Author: Jennifer Roberson
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  • Page: 385
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TIGERLeft as an infant to die in the desert, and enslaved by the Southron tribe who found him, he had won his freedom and his name by slaying a deadly sandtiger Now he was a legendary sword dancer possibly the best in the South But his true origins were still unknownLBorn in the frozen North, she had seen her family brutally murdered and her youngest brother carriedTIGERLeft as an infant to die in the desert, and enslaved by the Southron tribe who found him, he had won his freedom and his name by slaying a deadly sandtiger Now he was a legendary sword dancer possibly the best in the South But his true origins were still unknownLBorn in the frozen North, she had seen her family brutally murdered and her youngest brother carried away to be sold into slavery Compelled by her rage for vengeance, she had become the most deadly sword singer in the North.In the three years since Tiger and Del s fateful meeting, these mismatched companions have become true partners, their alliance forged by blood, magic, danger, adventured something .Exiled from both the North and the South, the two have now set sail to search for Tiger s homeland but no journey is ever without complications for Tiger and Del Shipwrecked, nearly drowned, abducted by pirates, bedeviled by magic, the Southron sword dancer and the Northern sword singer finally do arrive at their destination.But before the mystery of his origins can be solved, Tiger must face another truth about himself which may prove dangerous than any sword dance His own personal brand of magic, long denied by Tiger, is finally manifesting And because of its very uniqueness, Tiger s awakening power may prove his undoing.

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*** 3.75 ***A buddy read with the fabulous folks at FBR! This was a very different book in the series and I didn't mind, really. It feels like the main arc has been completed, Del and Tiger achieved all the goals they had set up for themselves and more, and now both find themselves on the run from murderous mobs, broken all oaths of honor, banished from the South and the North, swordless sword-dancers without a song For the type of people they are this is almost worse than death. So, what are th [...]

“The heart, in fact, is a rather perverse part of the body, when you think about it. A heart wnts to do all manner of things the head doesn’t want any part of.”Tiger and Del, both homeless and exiled, abandon their past and homelands in the search for new adventures. They set out for Skandi, an entirely new land where, as they believe, Tiger comes from. An encounter with pirates results in a plan to convince a dying old woman, who happens to be very rich and powerful, that Tiger is her lon [...]

This is a story focusing mostly on Tiger and his journey to his potential homeland. It is a good story albeit lacking the action and the suspense of the prior installments. So it is a 3.5 stars read for me. I am already ready for book 6!

And I'm done. The 'magic' just isn't there anymore so to speak. What a weird turn of events.

Tiger and Del, now exiled from both the north and the south flee to the island of Skandi, seeking the truth of Tiger’s parentage. However they are captured by pirates and before long are involved (against their will) in a plot to pass Tiger off as a rich old lady’s long lost grandson. 3.75 stars rounded up. I did enjoy this book, but not as much as I have. This is because the elements that I enjoyed the most in the previous books (the action and the sword-fighting) takes a back seat to the f [...]

Its best described as Anastasia meets Black Sails. So, Tiger and Del have completed all their quests, vanquished Evil, defeated Big Bads, etc – they just maybe slightly bent all their rules and honor codes so far along the way that they’ve gotten themselves banished from both North and South.What now? Why, go West, young man, go West!Based on a theory that Tiger might be related to the people from a western island nation, Tiger and Del, lacking anything better to do, and needing a break from [...]

Continuing my re-reading of the series in 2013 to get to the new novel, I found this one still fun, but quite wordy. It just needed to be edited down a bit, many sections were very repetitive, especially the debates about gender equality although I'm all for the spirit of them, and there wasn't much action. I don't want to change my initial rating to a three star, but if I were to rate it now I might, it's on the cusp.

When I was in the middle of this book, I would've given it three stars. The bantering dialogue is witty and thought-provoking, yet never seems unnatural, which is a huge plus for me; but the plot often seemed to lose itself, and the author has a frustrating habit of revealing important information to the characters but leaving the reader to infer what that information was. However, the climax upped this book to four stars for me, because the choice to use poetic language to convey the intensity [...]

Everything comes to an end. So does my reading of Tiger and Del's adventures. That is a shame, as I really enjoyed this saga, but as I said, everything comes to an end.I don't know if it's because of the story, or if I'm just bored of these characters but I couldn't finish this book, and I really wanted to. I read about 50% of it and I just couldn't keep going.The previous book was a little lackluster (I gave it 3 stars), but it was still enjoyable, so I expected that Roberson will at least pick [...]

I loooved how far these two have come together and was thrilled to see more emotion from Del. It definitely made sense for her to be cold in the first few books, but to see how far she's come now all because of Tiger's love is truly amazing. The story however was a bit repetitive in parts and I certainly didn't like seeing Tiger downough you can never count him out. Things have a way of coming together nicely though and working out, but I don't like this business about him having 10 more years l [...]

I thought maybe rereading this book with a close attention to detail would help me like it more. It didn't. I love her other books and the first half of this one is pretty good. But the second half is so confusing and odd that I just don't get it. It just isn't very well written. I think the problem with this series is that she never define what her magic can and cannot do. This is a common problem for a lot of fantasy books though.

This is my least favorite book in the Tiger and Del series. I liked the beginning with the pirates and that Tiger and Del didn’t spend the whole book bickering for a change. However, the middle of the book dragged and the end had too much nonsensical mystical BS for me. I am so ready for this series to end.

I enjoy this series - The Novels of Tiger and Del. I didn't finish reading this volume this time around (I've read it twice, already) only because I was hungry for something else. I'll get back to it, I hate leaving books unread - even un-re-read.

It has been over 15 years since I had read a book from this series. It was nice to come back to. It was a good read, though a little slow at times, when it kept rehashing the same things over and over.

The book was as good as the rest of the Tiger & Del books, but the fact that the publisher actually EDITED the cover art because Del was showing too much cleavage stupid people.

I have the same feelings about all the Tiger and Del books and so I will use the same review for them all: Please look for my review of Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del #1) to see why I liked these books so much.

Just as a note, this is one of the first series I've read as a child, and they hold a special place in my heart, so I can't objectively rate them. I've reread the series as an adult and still enjoy them, however.

The Sword-Dancer series never impressed me as much as the Chronicles of the Cheysuli. It just doesn't seem to have the same depth or social relevance. But the Sword-Dancer books are solid fantasy with talking, uppity swords, so it's all good!

I do enjoy reading about Del and Tiger. I think though this series lost its excitement and adventure towards these last two books. What did keep me interested was the conversations between Del and Tiger, that kept me entertained and kept me laughing.

great book to read for fun, I love how strong the woman character in this book is and how well the male character balances her out, great perspective on a cool relationship wrapped in a really great series

Not the best of the series, but does a lot of interesting stuff with gender/sexuality dynamics/identity, so I enjoyed that. It's also really nice to see a stable, committed, happy couple without much interpersonal drama.

Not as good as the previous, but some interesting outcomes throughout the book and in the end

A very satisfying ending.

this is a great read, and a great series starts to streatch a little after book 6 but still worth the time.

Kind of too many "lead" characters in this one. Well done, though, a fine and thrilling continuation of the series.

Tiger and Del, fantasy, this is a good read. it is listed as Young Adult, but I think it is a good book for adults who enjoy fantasy.

I dare you not to love these characters. Amazing story.

Too many political issues in the book, took away from the story. But I still enjoyed it, just not as much as the others.

More magic, less sword. Kinda slow in places but it left me wanting to know where the next book will take the story.

Another captivating story from the Tales of Tiger and Del. It kept me hooked from the instant I opened the cover and kept me wanting to know what happened until the last page.

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