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  • Title: Underdog
  • Author: Markus Zusak
  • ISBN: 9783473352340
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

Boys are like dogs ready to bite, bark and beg to be given a chance to show their value I vowed that if I ever got a girl I would treat her right and never be bad or dirty to her or hurt her, ever Cameron Wolfe is a dirty boy He knows it His brother Rube knows it, because he s one too they could change but what would it take

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Ordinarily, if someone said “Hey, would you like to spend a few days in the mind of a 15 year old boy?” I’d emphatically say: “No thanks,” or at a stretch, “Maybe, can I take hand sanitiser?”However, if someone said “Hey, would you like to spend a few days in the mind of a 15 year old boy via Markus Zusak?” I’d say: “Yes! Give it to me now!”No one actually said that, but have acquired all three books in Zusak’s Underdog series, and thus this week I spent some time in th [...]

Like others, I also chose to read this primarily as it is Markus Zusak's first novel. It's written in his trademark existentialist, charmingly goofy and self-degrading style. The book revolves around Cameron Wolfe and the entire Wolfe 'clan'. Highly autobiographical I suspect (spray jacket wearing Cameron, reminds me of spray jacket wearing Markus) and loose in structure and plot, but Zusak's characterisation and thematic adhesion carries this one through to the end for me. I enjoyed it. I love [...]

i am so disappointed cause i'm a huge fan of the book thief and Markus Zusak's writing style. but then this book was written waaaay before TBT so i can understand the change of style and the absolute boredom i had reading this book. i am definitely not going to continue this series.

Underdog was Markus Zusak's debut book. Although it is lacking in the beautiful delicacy and the well thought out plots of The Book Thief and I Am the Messenger, it shows that even for a debut book, Zusak had undeniable talent for writing. The writing style was beautiful. The word choice spoke to my heart and really touched me.His mixing of poetry and prose was also superb.The characters were relatable, and so SO real. Where was he a bit lacking?The plot.It wasn't that there was no plot. It was [...]

4/5Kitap 15 yaşındaki Cameron Wolfe'nin ağzından anlatılıyor. Kitabı anlamakta biraz zorlandım ve hala da anlamadım tam olarak ne olduğunu. Araya bazı bölümler girmişti onlarda Cameron'un rüyalarıydı sanırım onu da pek çözemedim. Normal günlük yaşantılar anlatılıyordu. Kitabın ismiyle pek bağdaştıramadım.Kitap böyle eğlenceli her şey güzelmiş gibi anlatılıyordu ama anlatılanın altında yatan kasvetli ve karamsar bir anlam vardı.2. ve 3. kitaplarında kon [...]

Аутсайдерът не иска много от живота: knigolandiafo/book-review/aОще един намусен тийнейджър се бори с тегобите на живота, с неразбиращото го семейство, с лудия си брат, гадното училище, бушуващите хормони и, разбира се, с това, че е невидим за момичетата. Камерън Улф обаче е истински, от п [...]

Markus Zusak says in the introduction to the American edition that he doesn't like the series that much and would change a lot if he could redo it. And to a point, it isn't really nearly as good as The Book Thief or The Messenger. It lacks the sense of direction and the subtextual deepness that he other books have.That being said, it's still a Zusak novel, so it's still very definitely worth reading. His unique voice definitely still comes out and his stylistic choices are still superior to many [...]

Kitabımızı Cameron Wolfe isimli, 15 yaşındaki bir çocuğun ağzından okuyoruz. Seçmediği bir hayatı yaşamak zorunda kalan Cameron'un ailesi ve çevresindeki yaşadıklarını okuyoruz. İyi kitaptı ama daha iyi olabilirdi. Zusak'ın Kitap Hırsızı'nı bayıla bayıla okumuşken (Hiç Kimse Sıradan Değildir kitabı da güzeldi) bu kitaptan beklentim yüksekti. Beklentim karşılanmadı ama okuduğum için pişman da değilim. Camerorun'un kendi kendine konuşmaları ve aklından g [...]

Dopo aver letto solo "Storia di una ladra di libri" di Markus Zusak, ero molto curiosa di leggere qualche altra sua meraviglia. Ho sempre avuto il desiderio di leggere "Io sono il messaggero", ma poi non ho mai avuto l'occasione di farlo.Potevo invece lasciarmi sfuggire la nuova serie "The Wolfe Brothers"? Assolutamente no.Cameron è il protagonista di questo libro, insieme a suo fratello Ruben e ad una famiglia molto particolare. In generale mi sono stati tutti simpatici a primo impatto, ma col [...]

Not even close to THE BOOK THIEF or I AM THE MESSENGER This book started pretty well but the rest was a dull affair to be honest.It's a simple story about 2 brothers who are losers in life and want to make a name for themselves.Most of this book is just a build-up to the later parts of the series. The writing is immature, everything is written like a daily routine and Markus Zusak himself said that these were his introductory days of his writing career but still I expected some Zusak-touch in th [...]

Just howl, Cameron. Howl your heart outI do understand this. I've felt this deep inside my heart.I was praying for Cameron all the time. That bloody Rebecca kk. not her fault.I was standing there, waiting for someone to do something, till I realized the person I was waiting for was myself.

Bu yorum aynı zamanda Athena'nın Güncesi'nde de yayınlanmıştır.Okuduğum ilk Markus Zusak kitabı olan Köpek Düşleri, ne yazık ki bende umduğum etkiyi yaratmadı. Yazar hakkında sıralanan övgülerden dolayı bir beklentiyle, bir umutla başlamıştım kitaba fakat kısa olmasına rağmen bitirene kadar canım çıktı ve can sıkıntısından ölecek duruma geldim.Kitap, 15 yaşında, ergenlik çağının ortalarını yaşayan, Cameron Wolfe adlı bir oğlan çocuğunu anlatıyor. [...]

Tam bir "Kaybeden" Cameron Wolfe Ailesi de sorunlu Hele abisi Rube tam psikopat. Ama anlatım tarzından mıdır nedir ben sevdim yaaa kitabı :))

Zusak in a different veinI think teen boys would relate best to this book. Many parts dealt with Cameron's dreamsybe a few too many dreams for me, otherwise I liked the book.

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Hikaye çok akıcı ve güzel, kapak dizaynı efsane, çeviri bok gibi.

Before Zusak gained fame for writing the beloved novel The Book Thief, he wrote a trilogy of books about a young man named Cameron Wolfe: The Underdog, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, and Getting the Girl. This is his first book and the beginning of that trilogy. It tells the story of the Wolfe brothers from Cameron’s point-of-view. He and his older brother Reuben live in Australia and spend their time getting in trouble and annoying their family members. The novel feels immature in some ways. The style [...]

Markus Zusak's first book. Bloody excellent. I want to climb inside his fiction.

Very good. Not as great as 'The Bookthief' ofcourse, but then, what book is?

Kitabı çok beğendiğimi söyleyememgen bir oğlanın ruh halini,günlerini anlatıyor.cümle yapısı ,anlatım tarzı hoşuma gitmedidece her olayın sonrasında gördüğü rüyalar,ordaki semboller ilgimi çekti"Orada duruyor, birinin bir şeyler yapmasını bekliyordum ama sonunda beklediğim kişinin kendim olduğunu anladım."

Aslında ara kitap olarak başlamıştım ama konusu çok yalın geldi. Yani nasıl desem hani omumasanız olur diyebileceğim kitaplarsan okdu.

I only read this book because I accidentally purchased Getting The Girl which is the 3rd book in the series thinking it was a stand alone.I love Markus Zusak but sadly his style of writing was the only thing dragging this book to 3 stars I STILL LOVE YOU ZUSAK AND THANK YOU FOR THE BOOK THIEF ❤️(Just in case he ever reads this)

olcay abime tşkkrler :))

"Estávamos vendo tevê quando decidimos assaltar o dentista-O Dentista? - perguntei para o meu irmão.-Claro, por que não? - Foi a resposta que ouvi - Você sabe quanto dinheiro entra numa clínica dessas durante o dia?Chega a ser obsceno.Se o primeiro-ministro fosse dentista, o país não estaria do jeito que está agora, sério.Não haveria desemprego, nem racismo, nem machismo.Só dinheiro."Oi gente, tudo bom?A resenha de hoje é o novo lançamento da Bertrand e o segundo livro do autor de [...]

I imagine when Markus Zusak returned to his alma mater, Engadine High school as a beginning English Teacher, he found, as I did, that a core group of adolescent boys were very difficult to motivate. They would have not been moved by the literary works suggested to them, and the classics, books, and essays that featured feelings rather than action probably inspired only disruption. In 1999 you couldn't design an English curriculum based on TV, movies, websites and youtubeI I am pretty sure this w [...]

Underdogs by Markus Zusak. I love Markus Zusak. I could probably go on for a ridiculous amount of time on how great his writing is (It’s seriously great. I love everything about it. I wish that I had talent as great as he does) but you’re just gonna have to trust me (unless you want like a huge review to read).So, not only is his writing great but so are his stories. Underdogs consists of three novels. You have Underdog, Fighting Ruben Wolfe and Getting the Girl. When I finished Underdog I w [...]

This book is a joke. It has no plot and no point. As with 'The Book Theif', I WANTED to like it because Markus Zusak is not only a young Australian writer of YA fiction but ALSO (I discovered) quite cute. But I couldn't do it. The writing is clearly supposed to be very deep and meaningful and writerly but instead was deeply annoying and pretentious. "Had the years defeated us? Had they worn us down? Had they passed like big white clouds, disintegrating very slowly so that we couldn't notice?"I m [...]

As much as I love Markus Zusak, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted to.Of course, after reading The Book Thief, nothing compares. And I understand that this being his debut novel I can hardly expect something as grand and heart-wrenching as The Book Thief.Underdog is just about a boy and his ordinary life, and also his aspirations. It's almost autobiographical in writing style. There's no Big Baddie, nor a big climax. Just a book about the head of a 15-year old boy.Cameron Wolfe is a sw [...]

I really wish would make half-stars because I'm tired of always indicating that a book deserves more or less than I've rated it. So, yes, The Underdog isn't a three-star read but it isn't worth the four stars either - 3.75 is my actual rating.It's a friend of mine's most favorite book and seeing how it has affected him was more beautiful than the reading process itself. Cameron Wolfe is literally the epitome of him! I could also find parts of me in that character, but he was the only one I felt [...]

It's definitely not a secret that Markus Zusak is my favorite author. The man is a magician with words and I can't get enoughThe biggest appeal of reading Underdog was to discover Zusak's very first book and to see how the writing style differed from it and his later works. I've read that you can see Zusak's writing style develop before your eyes as you progress through the Wolfe brothers trilogy. Underdog tells the story of Cameron Wolfe, a teenage boy who is constantly making mischief with his [...]

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