A Push and a Shove: A Novel

Christopher Kelly

A Push and a Shove: A Novel

A Push and a Shove: A Novel

  • Title: A Push and a Shove: A Novel
  • Author: Christopher Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781593500481
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback

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A mesmerizing debut novel of vengeance.Tortured by memories of being bullied all through school, Ben Reilly sets out to finally put his demons to rest Although Terrence O Connor, the beautiful boy who was his tormentor, is now a successful writer in Manhattan, he is also a man searching out his own identity As Ben and Terrence form an unlikely friendship, hidden motivesA mesmerizing debut novel of vengeance.Tortured by memories of being bullied all through school, Ben Reilly sets out to finally put his demons to rest Although Terrence O Connor, the beautiful boy who was his tormentor, is now a successful writer in Manhattan, he is also a man searching out his own identity As Ben and Terrence form an unlikely friendship, hidden motives and long kept secrets bubble to the surface Does Ben realize he s fallen in love with Terrence And can Terrence admit to his own confused feelings Darkly disturbing and brilliantly written, here is a chilling depiction of the once victim who unwittingly becomes the bully.

Recent Comments "A Push and a Shove: A Novel"

Christopher Kelly’s A Push and a Shove is my favorite kind of novel. One with a multi-faceted and difficult gay protagonist, a complex plot and a universal theme. In other words, this is not a “gay” novel by the classic definition, but a dark, sophisticated story that just happens to have a gay character in the lead role.That protagonist [and narrator] Ben Reilly, is a young man from a Staten Island family shattered by the early death of his older sister. Brought up to be timid and mistrus [...]

A wonderful read, although I don't care too much for "flashbacks" either in movies or in books, however here it works somewhat, the story deals with a school bully, and a gay boy who is totally enamored by the bully, it appears the bully has everything going for him, physically, as well he is a nasty piece of work, and is best at putting people down, especially the main character called Ben, who comes from an interesting family situation, he knew he was gay at an early age, there are all sorts o [...]

I snagged this book for free at the library and read it mostly because the writer in about my age, and grew up and set the book on Staten Island, as I also did. THEN the main character travels to both Indiana and Colorado--two other states to which I have ties. It seemed like kismet. Unfortunately, I never connected with the narrator, mostly because I didn't find the writing up to snuff. It was journalistic at its best, and overwritten at worst. Not being able to have the person you're most in l [...]

This book was excellent. Ben's angst, lust, and craziness over his relationship with Terrence made for one damn good story. I was totally enthralled with this book and hated to put it down to do other things (like work and sleep). The whole love/hate relationship between Ben and Terrence was fascinating to me. How can you love or lust after someone who treated you like garbage for years? It's really unfortunate that Alyson Books went out of business because they published some really good books [...]

I liked this book.I randomly selected it from the shelf at the library, and ended up reading it over a few days. (My lunch break got a bit long the day I finished it. I was so close to the end, I couldn't just stop reading and wait until after work!)I like that things don't necessarily happen the way you think they will. I like that I was surprised a few times during the story.I don't have much else to say about it. I'm glad I read it.

If you've ever been bullied - or been the instigator - this is the book for you. What happens when, years later, the person you bullied re-enters your life to seek revenge - and discovers he still has that crush on you that caused him so much pain in his high school years? Very well written - it's a page-turner. I'm anxiously awaiting more books by Christopher Kelly. Grade: A-

This was an excellent read. Despite being fiction it gave great insight into the minds of both bullies and the bullied as well as perspectives as the two slowly switched roles. Very interesting look into human perspectives.

Mesmerizing, and at times chilling, Kelly’s first novel is a compelling read that meanders between the past and the present. A high school teacher, Ben is triggered by a traumatic student fight which sparks a need to put the ghosts of his past to rest after more than ten years.

could not put the book down until i got towards the end. such a strong beginning and middle and the end somewhat disappointed me. i found myself pushing to get through it but not a bad book in the end.

Both a story about a bully and his victim, and what happens between them years later, a coming-out story, and an almost-romance. An interesting combination that didn't quite ring true to me (namely, the bully, Terrence, didn't feel fully drawn), but still entertaining; it kept me turning the pages.

I absolutely loved this book. It was so provocative and contemporary and well written. The actions of the characters were somewhat jarring because of how immature they seemed, but that's what could actually happen in the situation. Amazing!

This is a great gay love/hate story--anyone who was ever bullied in school will cringe in recognition of some of the situations that play out here.

Well-written, though I wish the narrator went a little farther with his obsession, a la The Talented Mr. Ripley. [A friend wrote this.:]

2008 modern relationships and school bulling ,,,

I didn't like the narrator at all, which was perhaps the point. Also felt like the author spent a lot of time explaining things instead of letting the action happen.

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