Not Forgotten

Donna M. Zadunajsky

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

  • Title: Not Forgotten
  • Author: Donna M. Zadunajsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

alternate cover edition of ISBN 9781938037177Twenty six years later, Deanna Iris and her son move back to the town she grew up in, back where her secret began and where her life changed forever.Unpacking boxes, she receives a call from Officer Bates stating that her sister and son were in a car accident and are in critical condition Upon arriving at Mendota Community Hosalternate cover edition of ISBN 9781938037177Twenty six years later, Deanna Iris and her son move back to the town she grew up in, back where her secret began and where her life changed forever.Unpacking boxes, she receives a call from Officer Bates stating that her sister and son were in a car accident and are in critical condition Upon arriving at Mendota Community Hospital, she is approached by Officer Bates, who takes her in to see them.Sitting with her son Brent, who is unconscious, and her sister Shelia, who suffers from a head injury and is in a coma, Deanna meets their doctor for the first time Is it Dr Sheldon s face that reminds her of someone she knew Could it be possible that her dead daughter from twenty six years ago could now be alive After meeting with a friend who knew about her secret and who is later found murdered, Deanna receives a note in her mailbox telling her to get out of town before what happened to her friend will happen to her What transpired all those years ago and who is this mysterious woman she sees as she drives by her sister s house Will Deanna ever allow herself to be loved Or will searching for the answers to her past lead to her death

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It was a quick read, one that I have enjoyed. Slowly putting the pieces to uncover secrets from Deanna Iris' past was a very thrilling ride. The things she went though in her teenage years were truly painful to read about. (view spoiler)[ And all tough at some point I started suspecting that her father's somehow involved, I didn't anticipate this(hide spoiler)].The writing was very good, the author knew just how to captivate her readers enough to keep turning the pages. I'll definitely recommend [...]

Not Forgotten is 334 pages of twists and turns that delight the reader to the very end. Donna M. Zadunajsky caught my attention from the very first chapter. I could not put this book down once I started it and finished it in one reading. I look forward to reading more works from this author. We all have events in our life where we are not sure of exactly what is truth and what is cover up. When Deanna returns to her childhood home, she finds out that those she trusted in her youth have been kee [...]

Deanna had something so life changing happen to her 26 years ago, and because of that, was very reserved about opening up to anyone.After years of researching keeping an eye out, the house she grew up in was listed on the market. She bought it and began to move in. That’s when so many occurrences began to happen. Her son and her sister were in an accident and that’s when her life began to become unraveled. It was difficult for Deanna to believe these situations were related at first. The mor [...]

Deanna and her son have moved back to her hometown 26 years after a traumatic event caused her family to move away. Her parents both passed away in a fire 10 years previously and she has never been close with her older sister but is hoping her move back will change that. Deanna's son and her sister Sheila are in a tragic car accident and both in the hospital when she meets a doctor who seems incredibly familiar, almost as though she is looking at her daughter who died shortly after birth. Odd ev [...]

Intense Suspense, January 1, 2014By Angela Ford "Author of Closure" (Canada) This review is from: Not Forgotten (Kindle Edition)Deanna Iris returns to her home town years later to buy the home she grew up in. Her parents had died in a fire ten years before and did not have a close relationship with her sister. Not only does Deanna unlock the door to the home she remembered, she unlocks one secret after another. The past creeps up.Surprises continuously appear as she uncovers the truth about her [...]

REVIEW-This book was definitely a page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It kept my interest, I wanted to know what would happen in the end. I read the author's first book "BROKEN PROMISES" and it was another good book. The more you read the more questions you have and you keep reading to find the answers Will Deanna find her daughter alive? Will she let herself love again? So many questions. Turn those pages as fast as you can to find your answers. I feel the book had a good [...]

Book review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/Not Forgotten had a good premise, but failed to deliver in almost every way. This book needs some serious editing.As for the plot, main character Deanna moves back into the house she grew up in. Ever since a faithful nigth when she was a teen, her family has never been the same, and she wants to get to the bottom of what happened. There’s some murder and mayhem, and terrible secrets in the past. So far, so good.But the characters are [...]

NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS‘Not Forgotten’ by Donna Zadunajsky is an enthralling story that keeps the reader guessing on every front. From the very first line of the opening it is clear that the main protagonist, Deanna Iris, has a mysterious past and while hints are provided consistently, the reader does not quite learn what this woman’s mysterious background is. Because of this the reader is hooked early but when one set of questions is answered, even more mysteries ensue. So much of what app [...]

If you are a Mary Higgins Clark fan, you will love Not Forgotten, by Donna M. Zadunajsky. A page-turner, Not Forgotten draws you in right from page one, and holds your interest until the last word of the final chapter. I could not stop reading this book! It is written in a clear, descriptive language, and told in the first-person from the point of view of the protagonist, Deanna. Deanna has lived a troubled past. Her childhood has been one built on deception and lies. Deanna moves back to her sm [...]

The last several chapters left me reading well now into the early hours of the morning forcing me and leaving me just having to know how it all ends. Though I have to admit, through the second and the beginning of the third part of the book I did have my suspicions, finding myself trying to piece all of the puzzles together in my own mind much like the main character Deanna was herself. The ending however, I did not see coming! Early on I had figured out some main things, yet the who, why and th [...]

she has moved back to the town where it all started with her 13 year old son Brent.Busy unpacking her elder sister offers to pick Brent up from school and on the way home they have a car accidnet, leaving both of them in badly injured. When Deanna meets their doctor it stirs the memory even more of her first child, who had died shortly after bring bornor had she?The book depicts Deanna trying to find the truth about what happened when she was only 15. The story is told from Deanna's point of vie [...]

Not Forgotten by Donna M. Zadunajsky Deanna Iris and her son move back to her hometown. When her sister and son are in a car accident and in the hospital her life changes. The doctor reminds her of someone, someone she never forgot about. Her infant (daughter) who died at birth twenty six years earlier.Soon one of her close friends ends up dead, and her past comes back to haunt her. She sees a mysterious woman while passing her sisters house, then the sense of knowing this young doctor. She is d [...]

After Deanna buries her newborn daughter and moves away, it takes her many years to put it behind her. Now that she has returned to her hometown, an accident causes a chance meeting with her teenage son’s doctor, who she believes, on impulse, is the daughter that she buried so long ago. This sets off a chain of events that uncovers more than a few family secrets.I really liked Deanna’s character, and how independent she had become by the end of the book. The many twists kept me guessing and [...]

What a roller coaster of a read. This book had twists and turns that you never see coming and an ending that leaves you satisfied. I could not put this book down and read it in 5 hours and even though I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out the conclusion I was sad when I finished because that meant I was done with the story. If you like mysteries that keep you guessing till the very end then this is the book for you. The characters are well written and I loved the relationship between Dea [...]

I won a copy of this book on giveaways and I'm so glad that I did.The author had me hooked in the first chapter and didn't let go till I finished the book. This book is full of twists and turns and secrets and lies. The author kept me guessing what was going to happen next, or what new bit of information from the past was going to be revealed. Overall, this was a great read. I do think that there could have been more to the story and would have liked to find out a bit more on the loose ends, bu [...]

Looking for a new read, this book is not to be forgotten!!This was a fast read because I couldn't put it down. You will find the characters to be endearing and written as easy as talking with a good friend over coffee on a lazy afternoon. The author tells her story just as smoothly. Each character has such depth that they seem like friends you can't wait to see after a long time. I felt myself experiencing emotions I imagine Deanna, the protagonist, to be feeling as she struggles with the unexpl [...]

I did really like this story! It was a very fast read. I started it last night and had a hard time putting it down. There were so many things that made me want to keep turning pages to see what was going to happen or to see what had already happened in the past. There were things that were a bit unbelievable and somewhat like a Lifetime Movie Network movie but it was a definite page turner to see what the whole story was. I did really like the book and would probably read another by this author. [...]

I absolutely loved this book. The only reason I am only giving it a 4 instead of 5 is because of format issues in the paperback, sentences were cut off and moved to the next line ect. As for the story line I give it a 5 :-) Every time I thought I had it figured out a new twist would come about, it kept me guessing right to the end. I could not put this book down (other than to go to work), I finished it within 24 hours of starting it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good [...]

This book was on sale, and I downloaded it. When I started to read it, I have forgotten what it is about. First I thought this is a "Women Fiction" book, but later I noticed that this is a mystery!! One word - "Crazy". It was a rather short read, but had contained a good amount of suspense. Overall I liked it.

I received this book from a Good Reads give away. Wow hooked me the first few pages. I could of stayed up all night to find out who the villain was in this book of twists and turns. A quick easy read I read this book while on vacation and couldn't put it down.

This book held my interest all the way. Very nice ending.Enjoyable book .I would recommend that you read it. It was a good book. Very well written. Won't be forgotten.

This was a great book that kept you guessing the whole time. I never saw the ending coming the way it did. Once you start, you can't put it down.

Well worth reading.It kept you guessing as to who was really the true villain. I did not think about her father until the last few chapters.

Fast paced!Wow. I couldn't put this book down!!! very fast paced and no dull moment. there are moments in the book that I feel rushed but I love that it keeps coming at me.

thoroughly enjoyed this book. Will look into more books from this author.

Awesome read.Awesome read of the best books I have read in a long time. I loved all the twists and turns. I loved it.

Kept me interested the whole way thru. Twists & turns & interesting characters.

First I would like to state that I received this book through the giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. I really enjoy the authors writing style, the author pulls you into the book from the very beginning and makes it so you don't want to put the book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat reading from cover to cover. This book wa [...]

I received this book from the Firstreads Giveaway program. Thank you author for the opportunity to read and review your novel!Not Forgotten was my first read from author Donna M. Zadunajsky. I see myself reading more from her in the future. Not Forgotten was a mystery that centered around Deanna Iris and her family. Deanna has moved back to her hometown and secrets from 26 years ago are resurfacing.This book was a really quick read. Which to me means that it was really good. The chapters would [...]

when she was young she was raped and got preg. her mother believed her, but not her father or sister. she had the baby but was told her daughter died. years later after her parents are dead, she bought the old family house and was moving her son into it when her sister had a car accident with her son in the car. the sister is in a coma, the boy was unconscious but woke up. the dr attending both of them had the same eyes as her daughter who she now thinks is this dr. she went to the cemetery to a [...]

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