Life on the Refrigerator Door by Kuipers, Alice ( Author ) ON Aug-01-2008, Paperback

Alice Kuipers

Life on the Refrigerator Door by Kuipers, Alice ( Author ) ON Aug-01-2008, Paperback

Life on the Refrigerator Door by Kuipers, Alice ( Author ) ON Aug-01-2008, Paperback

  • Title: Life on the Refrigerator Door by Kuipers, Alice ( Author ) ON Aug-01-2008, Paperback
  • Author: Alice Kuipers
  • ISBN: 9780330456456
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback

Life on the Refrigerator Door A simultaneously heartbreaking and heart warming novel by a debut author Full description

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A book told exclusively in notes? HELLO I AM HERE. I think this is SUCH a clever premise and I do love epistolary books so the note-aspect was a big win for me. Hooooweverunlike with back-and-forth letters, this was kind of hard to be invested in because we just get like the SMALLEST note that clearly has a lot of backstory to it. But we never see it. Like one moment the mum is asking Claire to buy groceries and the next they're having this massive fight???? The gaps were too big for me. I found [...]

I took a week or so to write my review of this book because I'm still not certain how I truly feel. I admit to having borrowed it from the library's "We recommend" section; I felt it would be a quick 'read whilst waiting on the car line' book. Little did I know forty-five minutes worth of reading would cause such inner strife! Initially I felt the plot to be terribly contrived in terms of post-it note communication. However, having finished the book I realised several people/families have indeed [...]

This story is told in the form of notes on the refrigerator door from mother to daughter and vise versa. It's engaging and easily captures the attention of the reader as it reveals the life of Claire and her mom. It's pretty clear where the book is taking us and the morals behind the writing--> don't waste a moment of life, make time for each other, don't ignore the important things that face us, etc. Despite the obvious nature of this book, I became invested in the glimpse into the life of t [...]

I read this beautiful little gem of a book, a couple of years ago. You might think to yourself Well, alright, cool but how can you write a review for a book you barely remember? I'll tell you how. You don't write a review, but you write something along the lines of a 'recollection of thoughts'. I might not remember every detail of the book - actually, who am I kidding - I barely remember anything, but a few main themes. However, I can remember what I felt whilst reading this novel, and you rar [...]

I found it hard to like this book because I didn't like the mother at all. My problem with that character was she didn't seem to know much about breast cancer even though she was an ob/gyn, she seemed less mature than her daughter most of the time, and thing the bothered me the most was she didn't have a cell phone. What ob/gyn in this day and age doesn't have a cell phone? (Of course, if she had a cell phone, she could've called her daughter and written fewer notes, which would've been a proble [...]

I found this book yesterday and decided to read a page before going to sleep, however this turned out to be impossible to put down and when I realized, it was over.At a time when face to face comunication and personal interaction is increasingly scarce, it's important to question ourselves - do we really know the people closest to us? at the end of the day what we are doing and the people we're sharing our moments with are the ones that really matter?A very quick read that still menages to conve [...]

Okay, I'll admit itis book had me bawling in the waiting room at the doctor's office yesterday. Everyone thought I was there for bad news. After reading the ending, I could honestly tell the doctor I was doing great.The title caught my eye first, but when I saw the pages were notes between a mother and daughter, I had to read it. Claire is a teenager struggling to define herself in a life of divorce, friends, boys, and school. Her mom is also struggling as a single mother raising a daughter and [...]

Tal como disse antes, descarreguei este livro, pensando que era uma não-ficção acerca da vida (bactérias, fungos) que apesar das temperaturas baixas, sobrevivem no interior de um frigorífico. Não faço a mais pálida ideia como é que fui imaginar uma coisa tão distante da realidade, provavelmente foi porque gostaria de ler um livro sobre esse tema No entanto, "A Vida na Porta da Geladeira" não tem nada a ver com fungos, bactérias, ou afins. Trata-se antes da história de uma mãe e da [...]

I'm not sure what to say about this book. I had this listed to-read for quite awhile and finally stumbled upon it yesterday at the Super G. :) I will admit that I'm glad I didn't pay $15.95 for it. As much as I liked it being that it took me less than 20 minutes to read I would have been a little ticked at that. As it happened I only paid $3.00 for it and for this I am pleased. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 3 is the ending. The ending affected me more than any other part of the book. [...]

3.5 stars(view spoiler)["The worst part about coming here was that I looked on the fridge door for a note from you, and there wasn’t one. The door was white and empty. I cried for ages." (hide spoiler)]Dear God, I'm bawling like a baby. Okay whooo. It hurts. I will write a review soon, dear me.EDIT: My thoughts are all here.

Berapa kali saya merasa jengkel karena Emak?Sering!Berapa kali saya mengacuhkan Emak karena bosan mendengarkan keluhan beliau?Sering!Berapa kali saya merasa tidak mendengarkan nasihat beliau?Sering!Berapa kali saya membuat Emak jengkel karena tidak menyentuh masakan yang sudah susah payah beliau siapkan untuk saya?Sering!Berapa kali saya membuat Emak menarik nafas panjang untuk setiap perselisihan pendapat yang selalu berakhir dengan terdiamnya beliau karena kekeraskepalaan saya?Sering!Sungguh, [...]

"This is Just to SayI have eatenthe plumsthat were inthe iceboxand whichyou were probablysavingfor breakfastForgive methey were deliciousso sweetand so cold"~WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMSI remember when i first encountered this poem~ninth grade Honors English (my all time favorite teacher~most inspirational~props again Mr. Mathis) I seem to remember one of those painful sessions of analyzation~searching for meaning, symbolism, wondering if there were any right or wrong answers (which brings back night [...]

mengharukankomunikasi antara ibu dan anak perempuannya lewat pintu kulkasbisa jadi sosok claire seperti kita* meminta uang jajan : menuliskannya dengan huruf-huruf besar* marah kepada ibu : hanya menuliskan pesan-pesan pendek* berkata pada ibu : dan aku tidak menginginkan "ibu yang lebih baik". Aku sudah punya kau (pg.217)* kehilangan ibu : mengalami kekosongan yang luar biasa dan menyadari betapa seharusnya lebih mencintainya lagi sepanjang waktunya07.01.11*thanks echa buat pinjaman bukunya*

Oh dam I knew that something really bad was going to happen oh damI really enjoyed this book, even though it was really sad and heartbreaking. I'm still trying not to cry, to be truly honest.It has an extraordinary and essential message. Good book.

Life on the Refrigerator Door bercerita tentang kehidupan seorang ibu dan putrinya, Clare, yang masih remaja. Kesibukan membuat keduanya lebih banyak berkomunikasi lewat pesan yang ditempelkan di pintu kulkas. Kehidupan mereka berjalan seperti biasanya, sampai sebuah masalah tiba-tiba datang.Salah satu buku yang memiliki gaya yang unik. Narasi di buku ini sepenuhnya berupa komunikasi tertulis yang ditempelkan di kulkas. Di satu sisi, kita punya Clare, seorang gadis remaja yang hidupnya berputar [...]

Andava com este livro na estante há algum tempo em lista de espera para ser lido. Confesso que a minha vontade para o ler foi-se logo no momento em que o recebi cá em casa, o abri e vi como estava organizado o seu conteúdo. Quando o encomendei numa das promoções da presença não imaginava com tão pouco texto. Sim, foi preconceito aquilo que aconteceu porque pensei que pouco texto era indicativo de má história. Felizmente fui agradavelmente surpreendida. Gostei bastante da forma como a a [...]

Such a quick read, think I had it finished in under an hour. I really didn't like most of this book. It seemed so wrong to me that this family of two couldn't take the time to communicate face-to-face. Although they do talk about a few meetings, most of the book centered around the fact that they didn't really know each other and were both so selfish they wouldn't stop anything in their own lives to spend time with each other. The mother knew little to nothing about the daughters school and soci [...]

5 stars, I finished this book a minute ago, it took me today to read, it is short but powerful. i really like the style, because you can imagine it however you want in your mind. I saw a mother and daughter that did not see enough of each other. They loved each other very much despite their fights. They didn't realise how little time they had left together which I found really sad. This book taught me a lesson: enjoy life and complete your dreams while you can. This book made me think of how luc [...]

This book is incredibly moving especially when you think about the fact that it is written entirely in scribbled notes on the refrigerator door. A great example of how alternative formats can be just as strong as powerful as the traditional novel.I like how the author didn't fill in the blanks, the reader is left to decide what conversations and fights take place between the daily notes. In short notes, Kuipers captures the voice of a teenage girl and her mother struggling to fit cancer into the [...]

Today I listened to a book on CD. The title was "Life on the Refrigerator Door, Notes between Mother and Daughter". It was about a Mother and Daughter that left notes for each on the frige door. Much of the time they were caught up in everyday life, even when mom was diagnosed with cancer. This book made me realize that life is too short. Today I have made the decision to make my relationships with my daughters better. I don't want to waste time life is too short. It cold be gone in a snap of a [...]

Unatoc tome sto se poruke koje si ostavljaju na vratima hladnjaka ponekad cine neuvjerljivima ili nelogicnima, smatram da je ipak u fokusu pouka o vjecitoj uzurbanosti i o tome kako generalno malo vremena imamo s najblizima, pa mogu i tolerirati rupe u radnji Uspjela sam cak i tako skepticna zasuzit na (potpuno predvidivi) kraj :)

Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers is a heartfelt story of a mother and daughter relationship. This novel is realistic fiction. The theme of this book is, “there’s always enough time.” Now, if you have read this book, you may wonder why I chose this theme. If you haven’t read it, it is about a girl, Claire, and her mother. Claire’s parents are getting a divorce, but Claire lives with her mom. Both girls are very, very busy. Claire obviously has to go to school, but she is a [...]

A very quick read but emotional. I liked this book. It's a roller coasters of emotions between a mother and a daughter who leave notes on the fridge for each other because their schedule are so different and busy. Claire is a 15 year old teenager going to school, being with friends and dealing with a boyfriend, while her mother works at the hospital and has a busy sporadic work schedule. Once bad news hits you see the notes change between the mothers and daughter. As every mother and daughter th [...]

I found Life on the Refrigerator Door in the super-discount bin at Barnes&Noble, thought it was an interesting concept and picked it up. It wasn't a fantastic book and only took me about 40 minutes to read, but it certainly had a strong message.This epistolary work is written in the form of notes between a mother and daughter left on the refrigerator as they just miss each other going through the motions of their busy lives. When I first read the book, I felt both mother and daughter were se [...]

Unik. Setiap lembar dalam buku ini adalah pesan yang ditempelkan di pintu kulkas oleh Claire (remaja berusia 15 tahun) dan ibunya untuk berkomunikasi. Ada daftar belanja, ada nilai ulangan di sekolah, ada cerita ttg teman laki2, ada pertengkaran, ada penyesalan, ada rasa cemas, ada rasa takut, ada rasa bangga, ada cinta.Saya membaca chicklit tapi belum pernah membaca teenlit. 'Kehidupan di Pintu Kulkas' adalah teenlit pertama saya. Sial, buku ini berhasil membuat saya yang mudah terharu (baca: c [...]

Buku yang sangat menarik. Seorang anak bernama Claire berbalas pesan dengan ibunya melalui pesan singkat yang ditempel di pintu kulkas. Pesan ini kadang hanya sebaris, kadang panjang hingga dua halaman. Dari permintaan membeli kebutuhan sehari-hari hingga melepaskan curahan hati.Buku ini jujur sekali mengisahkan hubungan Ibu dan anak. Tak semuanya manis, terkadang ada perselisihan. Egois itu tak hanya milik seorang remaja yang baru tumbuh melainkan seorang ibu pun memilikinya. Tapi itu semua tak [...]

This was a really quick read as the format of the book is conversation through post-it notes and eventually, a letter. This made the book an extremely quick read, but unfortunately I think that this didn't make the book as effective as it could be. Cancer is a quite shocking and a very emotive subject, but I just couldn't connect or feel much towards this book. It was all very quick and I although I thought that the post-it notes were a clever idea, I just can't believe that a mother and daughte [...]

I had mixed feelings about this one. I had a hard time not feeling frustrated with the mother. I have a teenage daughter and I cant imagine being so busy where I had to leave notes on everything from being dianosed with breast cancer to what boys she is dating. The mother was the won suffering with the cancer but I felt more sympathetic towards the daughter who I felt was neglected. The ending was very sad and it did bring tears to my eyes. The good thing about the book is it is a reminder to sl [...]

Este livro lê-se rapidamente devido à forma como está escrito. A linguagem é muito acessível e expressiva e o livro retrata na perfeição um tema dramático e bastante atual. Além disso, a autora consegue transmitir uma realidade que certamente acontece em muitas famílias: a falta de tempo para estar com aqueles que são mais importantes.Opinião completa: quandoseabreumlivro.p

A história é desenvolvida unicamente através de notas, ou seja, mensagens deixadas na porta do frigorífico entre Claire a sua mãe. Claire é uma adolescente com 15 anos, bastante ocupada como todos os jovens atualmente, dividindo o seu tempo entre a escola, os namoricos e amigos, assim como algumas atividades domésticas a pedido da sua mãe. Esta, obstetra de profissão, dispõe ainda de menos tempo livre do que a filha e apesar de tentarem, passam dias sem se ver.Depois vem a doença, e c [...]

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