My Crayons Talk

Patricia Hubbard G. Brian Karas

My Crayons Talk

My Crayons Talk

  • Title: My Crayons Talk
  • Author: Patricia Hubbard G. Brian Karas
  • ISBN: 9780805061505
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback

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Colors, feelings, images, and words jostle and bounce off one another in this lively picture book, creating as much fun as any box of crayons has ever had.

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Crayons help a young girl express the widening world around herall children will love the association of color with feelings.

My Crayons Talk is a silly romp through a box of Crayolas™. The rhyming text be-bops along as the little girl in the story illustrates her feelings about color. The colors sing, chirp and roar, adding implied sensation to the emotional hue. In the classroom or on a home visit, I would extend the book with a conversation about what our crayons say. The illustration and text are always delightful.

Found this gem at our local YMCA and it's great for the 2-3 age set.

that she like all the colores and that she saying that her crayons talk

"Talk Talk, My crayons talk. Yackity Clackity. Talk Talk. Talk. Purple shouts Yum, Bublegum. Gold brags Fine, Dress up time. White screams Most, scary ghost." Great Read Aloud!!!!

A perfect book about how different colors mean specific things.ColorsCrayons

The story My Crayon Talk was written by Patricia Hubbard, and Illustrated by Gibran Karas. This children book is about a little girl that wants her crayons to talk. As she encounters each color, she says “talk talk my crayon talk. Yackity clackity talk talk talk.” After she asks her crayon to talk they each say something; Purple shouts, brown sings, blue call, yell chirps, gold brags, silver toots, red roars, green yells, orange asks, black hoots, white screams, and then pink laughs. Each pa [...]

The book My Crayons Talk is about a little girl who goes throw all her colors and tells you what they say. The book shape is almost a prefect square and paperback. This book does have end papers and they are crayon drawings, but the front is different from the back one. The book has one title page and a dedication page. The publication information is in back of the book. Also in the back of the book is a note on how the artist made the pictures. The pictures were made by crayons, gouache, acryli [...]

"Talk. Talk. My crayons talk. Yackity. Clackity. Talk. Talk. Talk." - Patricia Hubbard I really enjoyed this picture book! I'm sure it would be a hit among readers ages 4-7 years. Patricia Hubbard and G. Brian Karas use large crayon illustrations, vibrant colors, goofy scenarios, and a whole lot of imagination to attract readers and keep a smile on their faces the entire time. My Crayons Talk would be a blast to read out loud. I would probably follow it up with a creative art or language activit [...]

I really loved this story, and the illustrations were wonderful. I would use this short story in my classroom when my students are learning about rhyming. I would have the students pick words in the story that rhymed together, or I would already have the words picked out and use it as a small group activity. THe small group activity would be for the students to match which words rhymed together. I may even have my students write their own rhyming sentence and create a picture with it.

This book is excellent for students who are being introduced to different colors. Each page is dedicated to a color, and a short description. This book would also be relevant to rhyming lessons and rhyming assignments because the book contains a lot of rhyming. The pages are really vibrant and full of wonderful illustrations!

This book is about colors. It has fun rhymes to go along with each one. The pictures are very fun. It has a crayon as big as the little girl that is there drawing each scene. It is geared towards 4-8 year olds. I would totally read this to my students in the future. Perfect for a kindergarten classroom. I enjoyed this book and its simpleness.

This is an excellent book about colors and the things in the world that are those colors. Kids can participate by coming up with their own connections or by recognizing the images on the page. The book is all written in rhyme, which helps with phonological awareness, and the colors are so vibrant that it is an excellent read for young children.

I gravitate towards books that involve art, so this book is certainly a keeper for me. I love how imaginative and true it is. Crayons really do talk! And they allow children to talk too- which is why art should not be put on the back burner in schools.

As a lover of coloring and crayons, I thought this story was wonderful. Great examples of the creativity and imagination of kids and the kinds of things they think about when they draw pictures, and the illustrations are adorable.

This was the first book I was ever able to read by myself. I still remember how much I loved this book growing up. Since then I have graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, Studio Arts. A perfect and inspirational book for any budding young artist.

Great book for learning colors. The colors came with fancy rhyme which make the reading fun. This book help students connect colors to objects in the world. For descriptive pictures and fun rhymes, use this book!

This was a fun book to read to and definitely one I can see myself using in my classroom to teach rhyming words or colors. I loved how the story was based around the colors talking. It has very vibrant illustrations which I really enjoy when reading children's books.

This book is great for introducing rhyming words and colors to young students. The vocabulary is very easy to follow along with the the rhyming words provide real world examples of colors like blue sky, red stop signs, and yellow chickens.

I LOVE this book! It is very cute and a creative way for kids to learn their colors! The illustrations are adorable and I would definitely use this book in my classroom!

I really enjoyed this book. It would be great to teach toddlers colors, rhyming words, and emotions. i think this book address feelings as well as good adverbs.

Fun book about colors. Very colorful. Mommy says its a good toddler book.

good rhyme scheme, fun concept of personifying the crayons. I think most kids will enjoy this.

Cute book - my kids loved it ;)

A great way to introduce colors- good for ages 2-5

Yellow chirps, "Quick, Baby chick." Green yells, "Fun! Watch me run."

A very fun read. With fun rhythm and surprising twists and turns.

My crayons talk is a lovely rhyming book based on the colours of crayons. It has repetitive parts that had my learners remembering and repeating these repetitive parts as we read along. Very different, and yet appropriate illustrations made this an enjoyable read.

Would be great to use for storytime activities with Kindergarten and first grade classes.

A lovely picture book that explores all the colors with bright and creative pictures. Excellent rhyming throughout.

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