Controlling Interest

Elizabeth White

Controlling Interest

Controlling Interest

  • Title: Controlling Interest
  • Author: Elizabeth White
  • ISBN: 9780310273059
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

When Natalie s father buys controlling interest in Matt s detective agency, the two become reluctant partners and professional rivals, with control of the company the prize There first assignment is to find Yasmine a Pakistani woman who is on the run from her fiance.

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3.5 stars. I really liked it. It was very Christian and had lots of food for thought. Good clean fun, humorous, an adventure packed, an unpredictable plot and a light g-rated romance. Glad I read this one.

The character "Natalie" is a selfish little daddy's girl. I have found so many problems and inaccuracies while only reading the first few pages of this book. For example, Natalie doesn't know the difference between a burka and a hookah. Another instance is that the girl's father didn't even have a word to describe the Punjabi dress or (salwar) except for, and I quote "how can you possibly lose a woman in a lime-green Harem costume?". Why is another culture's modest dress being sexualized? Oh not [...]

Matt Hogan is a changed man; his conversion experience has motivated him to "clean up his act"; however, first on his list; saving his fledgling detective agency from bankruptcy. When Eddie Tubberville decides to invest in River City Investigations, Matt is optimistic that his monetary troubles are over; that is, until he learns that Eddie's want-to-be-sleuth daughter has gotten herself in on the offer. And what a package deal! Natalie Tubberville is annoyingly clever, a non-stop conversationali [...]

It was a cute read. Has a lot of stuff about bars being the end of the world and drinking being evil. Being a christian myself I've learned to think for myself as well there are wonderful nice people in bars and churches alike and very evil people in bars and churches alike. The book sounded like it was written by my grandmother. Like I said cute read, took it to the beach. If I were to write a christen themed book I would write about fortitude and courage. I wouldn't need to preach about the pl [...]

This was a very cute book! After reading Off the Record, I was excited to hear that Matt got his own story. Elizabeth White's characters are always flawed Christians, which I find rather refreshing because I'm certainly not perfect. Matt and Natalie are very comical together and I found myself laughing throughout this book. Also, I enjoyed how Cole and Laurel were in this book. Elizabeth White seems to have a thing about bringing prior characters into her stories.

Tough to rate. Some parts were good, other parts not so good. It was somewhat disjointed and the characters were not endearing. I never felt like I was rooting for them or on a journey with them like a great book will do. So that was disappointing. But for a light, easy read it was fun. Just don't be expecting Terri Blackstock and you'll be fine! ;-)

I bought this awhile back.d then kind of lost track of it.But now since I found it again, I read it right away (before I lost it again! :-)). I liked it just about as much as I have liked her other books. I really like Elizabeth White's writing--her characters and storylines are always very interesting.

This was a cute christian love story. Matt and Natalie are competing private investigators both investigating the disappearance of Yasmine Patel, a young Pakistani woman who comes to the US for an arranged marriage. Whoever finds her first gets full ownership of the investigation firm.This is a fun read that has a some chuckle moments. The christian theme was nice, not over whelming.Fun

This book was too horrible to finish. Life's too short. The writer chose to write about a character from Pakistan and doesn't even know the difference between the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East! Therefore, the characterization doesn't go beyond complete cliches. Can you say "research" Ms. White??

It's an interesting read.

Ok, lots of times the two detectives find themselves stuck together on assignment.

Pretty good, but it was annoyingly predictable.

This was the first book that I read by her it was good, but I didn't think that it flowed very well.

3 1/2. Cute


I just couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing in a couple of hours. (2010)

cutesy story

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