Secrets Vol. 2

Ella Steele H.M. Ward

Secrets Vol. 2

Secrets Vol. 2

  • Title: Secrets Vol. 2
  • Author: Ella Steele H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: 9781483912929
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

Sexy thoughts about Cole fill Anna s dreams Every detail burns brightly in her mind the way his hands feel on her bare skin, the soft brush of his lips against hers, and the way their bodies fit perfectly together Anna awakes breathless, tingling as if it really happened What caused her to think about Cole like that It was completely forbidden.And Anna didn t feel thaSexy thoughts about Cole fill Anna s dreams Every detail burns brightly in her mind the way his hands feel on her bare skin, the soft brush of his lips against hers, and the way their bodies fit perfectly together Anna awakes breathless, tingling as if it really happened What caused her to think about Cole like that It was completely forbidden.And Anna didn t feel that way about him, at least she didn t think she did Cole was fun to flirt with, that s all, and the sexual tension between them was normal, right Everyone has that from time to time with some super hot guy It made sense Her mind was just telling her that she needs a boyfriend.But what if Cole s the right guy What if he s right there and Anna lets him slip through her fingers Cole s than she bargained for, with enough sex appeal to make Anna realize everything she s been missing Warning This novel has sexually explicit content Each volume tracks a different stage of Anna and Cole s relationship Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3 Vol 4Vol 5Genre Mature YA New Adult

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★★★★ 1/2! Secrets, book 1-5 (complete series). Intern-boss story with complex, secretive and elusive alpha male hero.All 5 installments/books have been released and my recommendation is to read them as a set. Combined they make a 600 page read. I read 3 of the books last year. Once the remaining 2 were released I did a quick “refresher” of book 1-3 and continued with book 4 and 5.Anna Lamore (22 years/photography student-intern/dark brown hair) meets Cole Stevens (38 years/photograph [...]

“Yes. Now please prove to me that you haven’t fucked up my life beyond repair. Show me the artistic boobies so I can go beg Sottero for a second chance next year.”Cole growls, leaning close to my face, “The only person you’ll ever beg for anything will be me.”My heart is pounding. I can’t breathe. I want to punch him. I want to kiss him. This arrogant bastard thinks that I’ll believe anything he says, and he says he made this place for me. I can’t let him get under my skin like [...]

Grr this freaking novella is killing me Ok I am moving to the next one Something better happen in the next one or I am done!,

Me ha gustado más que el primero.Estoy deseando saber ya porque Cole es tan reservado y porque se niega a tener una relación con Anna.

So I decided half way through Secrets Vol. 1 that I needed to buy Vol. 2. Boy oh boy was I right. I swear Secrets is filled with so much sexual tension, I never know what's going to happen.During Secrets Vol. 2 Anna's attraction to Cole skyrockets. She can't get enough of just being with him. While she thinks he feels the same way she isn't sure. Which makes her second guess everything about herself. Then he offers her a job. A job that she doesn't think she wants, a job that she thinks is demea [...]

I'm loving these books! Sorta makes me want to schedule some kind of 'sexy' photo shoot :) Can't imagine having read them before each volume was out though

My rating for this book is 3.0 starsNo sé si me gusta mucho que este partido en volúmenes es desconcertante que te corte a mitad del momento de clímax de la historia.Anna y Cole se siente atraído, la tensión sexual está en el aire y es inevitable no fijarse en ella, pero lo que más duele es que te rechacen… eso, eso debió escocer como la mierd**

Anna is now interning for Cole & he's giving her loads of hands on experience. Something is there betweent them, but yet Cole still doesn't take it any further than flirting. Anna in book 1 split with her boyfriend Edward, even before she had any feelings for Cole.Edward has issues with sex & Anna's ideals are different, she decided it wasn't fair to stay together when they didn't want things the same. Anna is in a whirlwind & can't seem to control things in her life.Anna starts havi [...]

Please forgive me, but I do not have the patience that Ward hasI cannot write 5 separate reviews for these little volumes! I'm going to write one and then copy/paste. You forgive me, right? If you don't, it's because you haven't read this amazing tale because you then you would realize that the volumes are really just like built in potty breaks or something because once you start, you just don't stop.First, props to my GR pals that read these a volume at a time and waited in betweenyou're way be [...]

I really wish Ward would give these books actual titles. It would make reviewing them so much easier. Regardless, I do enjoy that this part surpassed the previous part's 97 pages with a total of 200 pages. Still short, but still loving it.A broken A/C created a perfect situation in this segment of the series. Everything became acutely charged and the tension was incredible. It was going great places in my imagination. And then the repair guy arrives. I was equally upset and glad. While I would h [...]

Oh my goodness, I loved this series. This book had such witty and comical banter between Anna and Cole that I found myself chuckling thruout the first and second books. Anna is a pisser and the things that she says are just downright funny. Anna is in her 20's and Cole is twice her age. She wants to be a respectable photography and work for this woman Sottero as a wedding photography. She worhsips this woman and hates everything that Cole stands for because he shoots naked women and women in the [...]

Cole is determined to show Anna how to dig deep for the talent she has kept hidden. Discovering that there is more to photography than taking photos of brides, has left Anna conflicted about her goals. Cole spends his time directing Anna in the art of discovering what lies beneath the surface.Anna’s feelings for Cole are growing everyday. However, she is conflicted by the way he reacts to her. There are times when she thinks Cole wants her too. Other times when she believes that Cole could nev [...]

DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing (sometimes I cannot help myself) and a possible full on recap. I in no way want to ruin anyone’s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.Anna and Cole's sexual chemistry seems to increase after her dream or possibly she just notices him more. Like everything. Anna asks Cole if someone vanilla can accept someone darker. For some reason Anna switches the rol [...]

Anna is presented with a big opportunity in part two of the Secrets series. New admissions from Cole confuse and torment Anna and bring her to realizations about herself, Edward, and most important, her relationship with Cole.Cole has demons that he's not willing to share with Anna. He decides that the age barrier is just one obstacle that stands in their way, but doesn't know how to deal with his growing feelings for Anna.Through all the emotional barriers, Anna is still able to learn a great d [...]

I really liked the first one The back and forth and angst was right up my alley This one has been a bit more annoying SPOILER:I just got to the part where she shows up at his house and he's with another girl. She waits in his apt for him. C'mon! You see that and you take off in an emotional huff! I know it sounds like I'm trying to write the story myself, which I try not to let change my opinion about a book (they're the pro not me), but when it's something like this, all I can think is 'where i [...]

This one I didn't like as much as the first one, it wasn't of how Holly wrote it she writes her books beautifully, it's because Cole seriously is pissing me off and we're starting to see jealousy from Anna. (Yea I was pissed when a bimbo was dressed up and on Cole's arm as well) I loved the scene where they're having a good time though: He nods, pours the coke into his glass and puts his feet up on the table and looks at me, "What are we drinking to?" I say the first thing that flies into my hea [...]

(one comment for all series)4- entertaining-but-frustrating starsOMG, i can't believe that after the third (or was it the fourth?) book, and the SECRET revealed is justat! I have kept on reading all through the all the (mini)books wanting to finally, finally know what the secrets are surrounding Cole. I have been thinking of all those deep, dark ones (sorta like christian's or gideon's or the likes), but nooooooo! it was like, seriously? you call that a secret?! jeez!anyway, the author had kept [...]

She started off so strong and almost sure Basically she didn't put up with B/S. I loved that about her but as the story continues I'm starting to not lover her character anymore. I hate a woman but takes so much crap from a man and follows him around like a puppy. If you put yourself out there and he still continues to push you away, let it go. Have some self worth about you. I have things change on book 3. So far she's walked away from 2 good guys for 1 who keeps kicking her left and right. I c [...]

When I first started the second volume in the Secrets serial, I expected to like it. I did, but there was so much more than I imagined!All of the character interactions are getting more interesting. We see Anna growing, learning, and changing in ways that even she didn't expect. The chemistry between her and Cole is palpable, and there is so much sexual tension between them! It makes even tame scenes seem steamy! And I have a sneaking suspicion that we'd better keep an eye on Edward. He seems li [...]

I hate to say it but this is just more of the same from the first installment. Yes, I know, it’s a serial, but there seems to be little to no real action taking place, other than Anna getting braver and her relationship with Cole starting to heat up. There’s a wee bit of a cliffhanger, but nothing you’d lose sleep over.There are some proofreading issues, your/you’re, bawling/balling, etc. that probably should have been caught. The author’s writing is just fine, but the whole story seem [...]

Pobre Anna, amar a Cole Stevens es tan duro, porque es un hombre irresistible y super sexy, lo ame desde la primera vez que se encuentran! me gusto el cambio que se da en Anna y lo que mas me gusta es que Cole la reta, la saca de su zona segura y la hace explorar el lado que ella reprime. Anna por fin comienza a sentir el cambio, a dejarse ser y aprender lo que le gusta. Me molesta Edward, y me da cosa porque me encanta su hermana, no son nada parecido.Bueno quedo de nuevo loca por seguir leyend [...]

In the second book of Secrets Anna begins to make decisions and step out of her comfort zone as she embraces the photography style Cole uses. Cole drove me batty with his cold/hot moods and I so want to know what is driving him. Anna needs to decide what she wants from Cole and go after it. The sexual tension between these two literally oozes from the pages. I am hoping more is revealed in the next volume. Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

**SPOILERS**Nothing happens in this one too. And the whole - You can have the whole studio even though you don't have any experience - is bullshit. She can be talented, but to leave her the whole studio to manage is ridiculous. And she wanted him to shot her and everything. I just wasn't interested and was rolling my eyes contantly. Maybe I'l read the next one (after I see reviews) but for now, I think I'll skip it. And what is with grammar mistakes? Even I recognized them and I'm not a native s [...]

1.5 Don't Waste your Time StarsTerrible book/books. It's like a badly put together mix of many characters and storylines from a bunch of romance novels. The writing is less than average. The plots were contrived, unlikely, with lots of gaps. The character development was non-existent. There were so many things that didn't add up, didn't make sense I could write a short story about it. But I won't. I wasted enough time reading these novellas

The best part of this volume is the sexual tension. Anna and Cole are hot for each other but something - I guess the secrets as alluded to in the title is what's keeping Cole from sealing the deal. The back and forth between the two does increase the tension but it also annoys the heck out of me. Cole gives it to Anna straight but cant seem to stay away which drives Anna crazy (as well as me). Enjoying the series which should actually just be one book.

I was gifted a copy of SECRETS Vol. 2 by the lovely H.M. Ward in return for a review.There isn't much I can say about this besides the fact that I loved it even more than the first. You know, in Vol. 1 you only really got a little taste of what Anna and Cole were capable of, but in this one their love attraction blazes brighter. And I loved it so much more! I wait for vol. 3 now and, as much as it'll probably kill me, I can't wait to get to the next phase in this story.

4 CRYSTAL-STICKING-HOT STARS! :)If only there were PoV's of Cole too this book would have been perfect including all the hotness it comprises! :)Review to follow when I get home from work! Tsk! LOL! which will be anytime before Friday, my weekend! later guys coz I'm onto book 3! :)

Cole and Anna's attraction continues to grow drawing you towards these two characters even more. Anna has come to her senses about Edward and I like how she asks the questions the reader wants answers to. There are also a few mysteries brewing with most relating to Cole but also seems like someone is watching Anna. Is it a stalker, protector or just nerves? Can't wait to see how things play out.

And the dance continues - two steps forward and five agonizing steps back. Cole is still so much of an enigma at this point and it's extremely frustrating. H.M. Ward has the ability to take the reader right to the edge and then douse you with a bucket of cold water - it's maddening - and I just can't stop reading.

Second in the series is good butWhat goes on in the mind of Cole? He is so closed off and Anna seems a little immature, more than most 22 year olds, to handle this. I can't wait till the story gets to an explanation and please Mrs Ward, there has to be a happy ending with these two together. Love your stories. I have read almost everything you have written.

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