The Haunted House

Francine Pascal Jamie Suzanne

The Haunted House

The Haunted House

  • Title: The Haunted House
  • Author: Francine Pascal Jamie Suzanne
  • ISBN: 9780553156577
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback

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Everyone at Sweet Valley Middle School has always said the Mercandy mansion is haunted Strange lights flicker in the windows at night, and no one ever sees the owners come and go So when Nora Mercandy moves into the run down house, rumors spread fast Jessica Wakefield and her friends are convinced that Nora is a witch But Elizabeth, Jessica s identical twin, is certainEveryone at Sweet Valley Middle School has always said the Mercandy mansion is haunted Strange lights flicker in the windows at night, and no one ever sees the owners come and go So when Nora Mercandy moves into the run down house, rumors spread fast Jessica Wakefield and her friends are convinced that Nora is a witch But Elizabeth, Jessica s identical twin, is certain that Nora is just an ordinary girl She s determined to stick up for her new friend She ll get to the bottom of the mystery of the Mercandy Mansion even if it means losing her sister s friendship.

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Synopsis: Nora Mercandy is a witch!No, she isn't, but the entire Unicorn Club will make everyone think she is. From the moment Nora moves into her grandparents' house, it is Lila Fowler's mission to make her life utterly miserable. Because she's different and not popular. Sigh.Beyond spreading rumors left, right, and center about Nora and the Mercandy Mansion, Lila's vendetta against Nora starts during a game of tennis. Lila bets Nora her new fountain pen for a compact of Nora's (Nora won't give [...]

This is an extremely difficult book to read because it's full of terrible bullying and doesn't even resolve the bullying storyline in a satisfying manner.All the kids in Sweet Valley know that the Mercandy house is haunted and Mrs Mercandy is a witch. So when Elizabeth and Jessica discover that a girl their age has moved in, they assume that she must be a witch as well.When Nora Mercandy starts attending school at Sweet Valley Middle School, however, Elizabeth begrudgingly offers to show her aro [...]

Okay seriously, is Jessica going to continue being this awful to every new character in every book? WHY do I remember loving her in this series? What was wrong with me? And I had to laugh at "Ew, who would name a dog Boris?" Um, you name your future dog Prince Albert, Jess, so take a seat.On a side note, the first 5 books I have were reissues, and the covers are HIDEOUS, especially this one. I'm so glad I can use the older covers on because they are just so much better.

This story was an eye opener to how cruel and nasty Jessica Wakefield and her friends could be in this series. The thing that bothers me about this is that there were no repercussions to their actions and they never seem to learn from their experiences. There is also a lack of remorse in most of the books I've read. I was never as much of a fan of the Sweet Valley series as I was with The Babysitters Club and I think it was because the girls of the BSC were nicer and more relatable.

Eh, didn't I just read this book? Seriously, this books came 3 books before the last one, but the plot was practically identical. Shun anyone who's different and not perfect like the Wakefield twins. Bitchiest middle school children ever.

Thought the bullying was really bad in this book and not very well resolved at the end. I kept thinking what if this was my daughter.

I loved it! but I just loathe loathe loathe Lila Fowler! I hope you enjoy this good book!

Wow, way to bully the new girl just because she moves in with her elderly grandparents in a house that smacks of poverty. Can we learn empathy anywhere in these books? Liz? Anything? Surely we can count on you?Apparently not. These first books in the SVT series are rough, and in a sense I think the ghostwriters were floundering a little bit because the only body of work they had to draw on were the Sweet Valley High books which came out first. So here we are trying to explain the alliances that [...]

Very very problematic with the bullying and no resolution. This book screams 80s bad parenting and shitty teens.

This was the very first Sweet Valley book I have ever read and fallen in love with it. Brings back great memories! I definitely would love to have my future daughters to read these books!

The Haunted HousePLOT: Once again, the Unicorns show prejudice and preconceived notions. This time the victim is a girl named Nora Mercandy. Because they think she's a witch. After all, what else could she be? She's either that or cursed because she's staying in the Mercandy mansion. And everyone knows that old lady Mercandy is a witch and keeps her husband tied up in the basement. And they both sleep in coffins (Um I thought that was vampires). Lila even goes as far as to make her (her) slave a [...]

There are two closely intertwined themes in this volume. The main theme is bullying, although the theme of prejudice also is noticeable.The Mercady's home is one that is feared by the students. They think that the old woman living there is a witch. One day a new girl, Nora, shows up and moves into the house. The students at school are very, very cold to her, assuming she is a witch.The main problem arises when the Unicorns, and especially Lila, decide to start bullying Nora and things get quite [...]

Ah! *Suspiro* os dramas normais de quando estamos no 6º ano hehehGostei do facto da autora ter criado tanto suspense à volta da velha casa e nos rumores, pois faz-nos querer ler o livro ainda mais rápido para podermos saber se os rumos são ou não verdadeiros e qual é o grande segredo da família da Nora.Não gostei do facto do tradutor ter mudado os nomes originais de Lena e Guida (que era Jessica e Elizabeth).No geral: Achei que a narração foi meio prolongado, porém muito interessante [...]

I loved this series as a kid. Being an identical twin myself I was excited to read about the Wakefield twins. You could pick up from anywhere in the series and start reading them. It might have been better that way in case you expected continuity.I started with this book about a local girl they bully because she doesn't fit in. This turned out to be a common plot in SVT and the high school books. Even as a kid though I'd be disappointed when none of the books ever delivered on the supernatural p [...]

This Sweet Valley Twins was very good although it wasn't quite at my reading level. In this book a new student moves to Sweet Valley, but every one thinks she is a witch. Elizabeth becomes friends with her, but Jessica and the Unicorns are anything but friends with her. There were a lot of t\plot twists that were very good. I enjoyed this book very much.

oh wow I read this one when I was just like 8 or so a matter of fact I was able to collect all of the series of sweet valley twins books but for some reason I left them somewhere. So I got some of them than I just gave them to my cousin which she didn't have any books to read.

This is the book that started my love for reading in the 3rd grade. I know. It isn't a classic. I'd be very surprised if it won any awards. But any book that makes a child want to read more is worthy of acknowledgment.

This one is an anecdotal peer reviewed journal on why Lila Fowler is TRASH



This book is just awesome!

Picked this up at the school book fair today (11/19/09) for $1. Looks kind of cute!

My sixth grade best friend and I read this together. We scared ourselves silly by reading with only a flashlight.

Graded By: ErinRead the drinking game and review here.

So hard to put any of these down, I just loved them so much. I just loved going to library sales and finding sweet valley books there. It was always a great treasure hunt.

I loved these books when I was in junior high! Great series, and this was one of my favorites.

it was really good and had lots of suspense

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