King of New York

Diamond R. James

King of New York

King of New York

  • Title: King of New York
  • Author: Diamond R. James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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When Chad Perry, the King of New York crosses path with Sierra Malcolm, the throne only becomes heavier for him to bear Sierra awakens passion and desire within him, but Chad is haunted by events of the past He knows he s no good for her, because a man like him only uses women for pleasure and nothing But she will not stay away from him However there is someone whWhen Chad Perry, the King of New York crosses path with Sierra Malcolm, the throne only becomes heavier for him to bear Sierra awakens passion and desire within him, but Chad is haunted by events of the past He knows he s no good for her, because a man like him only uses women for pleasure and nothing But she will not stay away from him However there is someone who wishes to take her away from him Their love affair becomes threatened by Sierra s one time lover, Sebastian Benoit Chad must decide whether he will fight for her, or simply let her walk into the arms of another man Chad Perry is a man, who only follows the rules that he creates, and his greatest rule is to never give up the throne Not even for the only woman he s ever desired Is he to disown his own rule, in order to get Sierra back

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King of New York is deep yet shallow, dark yet lucid, alienated yet united, poetic yet chaotic, beautiful yet disastrous, seductive yet repulsive, vulgar yet tasteful, violent yet gentle, passionate yet unemotional. I could go on and on but you get my point. The binary elements in this book are outstanding. I felt I was reading a work by a master writer or even poet who knows the ins and outs of storytelling. I was mesmerised by it all. The creativity and artistic dedication of the writer is mos [...]

The author mentions the word “art” and to me this book is ART. Art to me is something that can be translated into almost anything. This book translates to many things.As a student of Philosophy I couldn't help but see all things philosophical in this book. On the surface they are quite subtle but the more I thought about it the more I realised how complex the book truly was. Yes, there are a few sex scenes and at first I thought Fifty Shades of Grey because Chad Perry who’s the main charac [...]

Brilliant story. I fell in love with each and every character. They are real and authentic which makes the story believable. Chad Perry in my eyes is every woman's dream and desire. I love how the author makes him out to be a beauty and a beast in one person. His love for her is admirable but so too is his anger, which in this story goes hand in hand. Apart from the fact that his looks can break a billion hearts, he is also filthy rich and very generous as I found out. He has traits that are gre [...]

Let me start by saying Fifty Shades of Grey was my favorite book before I read King of New York. I did not think another writer could surpass the charm, sexiness and wit that is Christian Grey. Nor did I think that another woman could diminish the shy but yet assertive persona that is Anastasia Steele, but I was wrong. Chad Perry and Sierra Malcolm have gone above and beyond in trumping the fantasy that is Christian and Anastasia. Even Sebastian Benoit who's the bad guy is filled with wit and ch [...]

My wife forced me to read this book. I was against it at first, but she has her ways so in the end I gave in. It's actually not a bad book. I thought I was going to read a remake of that Fifty Shades crap, because her and her friends were just as excited about this book as they were about Fifty Shades. Comics and graphic novels are my thing so it felt a little weird reading a book my wife and her friend's liked. I think what got me interested was the prologue because it was macho and it did not [...]

Dear blurb, please learn how to spell and punctuate. This is also rumored to have been Twilight fanfic. Moving on.

Any fan of FSOG will love this book, because I only read it when I heard it was much better and more interesting than FSOG. There are twists and turns that will leave you wanting more and more. It's like being on a rollercoaster and the higher you get the more fear and excitement you feel and KONY is like that also. The more you read the more excitement and anxiety you feel for the characters. There is sex, quite a lot of sex but it is appropriate within the chapters as it gives us a closer look [...]

The first thing I heard about King of New York was that it was the new Fifty Shades of Grey. That was enough for me to read it. My colleague read it and her exact words were “this is the new fifty shades of grey” and because I’m a huge fan of fifty shades I decided to read king of ny without any major expectations. I thought I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain if I read it, so I read it. My expectations changed after that. I was mainly interested in one thing and that was the SEX in [...]

Where do I begin?I love love love love love this book. King of New York is the best erotic/thriller out right now and I can't get enough of the characters. Especially Chad Perry and Sebastian Beniot. Can we say sexiness overload. Chad is the mysterious blue eyed billionaire and Sebastian is the calculated green eyed doctor and they're both fighting for one girl, Sierra Malcolm. Boy do I wish I was Sierra Malcolm just so I can have these two hot men fighting for my love. She's a lucky girl. I was [...]

This is one of the the best book I have ever read. Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is no where compared to the King of New York. Diamond R. James has done an incredible job on this book. I have to make it one of my all time favourite books I have read. The romantic element of the plot swipes me off my feet. Oh my, there are plenty of sex scene in this and I must say the sex scenes are very erotic. It is amazingly written and very intriguing compared to other books I have read before.It is a lovely [...]

Surprisingly I liked this book. I hardly read romance books by women as they tend to be too sweet and cliche, but this book was different. It was exciting, thrilling and the erotic parts also helped. The author did a fantastic job by keeping me interested throughout. She did not just write it for women but also men as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the suspense of not knowing what will happen next. The book was not predictable and that kept me interested as I wanted to know more. The character [...]

I had to get used to the writing style. It's very different and quick from what I'm used to, but it still read like an olde English epic poem At least that's what it reminded me of the entire journey. This story didn't go any way I thought it would, and I'm devastated. So much torment and heart-ache. I've heard there's a book two coming out. While I'm antsy for it, I'm also paranoid because I don't know how much more turmoil my heart can take from Chad and Sierra!

I absolutely loved this book but that ending seriously killed me!

I was not a fan of the way it was written in "he" "she" format. Also the lead female role was weak and I find myself hating her. As well as the lead male role I wasn't a fan of the way he talked about himself in third person. The ending was a disappointment but I suppose it is different from any other book I have read I will give it that.


Good readcouldn't put the book down it was good hopefully there's a part 2 there can only be one king on top

Awesome!Very good read from beginning to end. Lots of twists and turns but extremely sexy and very poetically written. Bravo!

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