Never Marry a Viscount

Anne Stuart

Never Marry a Viscount

Never Marry a Viscount

  • Title: Never Marry a Viscount
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9781477824092
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

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She s crept back into the home she lost He s crept into her heart.Sophie Russell was once society s darling But after the disgrace and death of her father, she now finds all doors firmly shut to her including those of her family home To discover the secrets now hidden within its beloved walls, she ll pose as a cook and spy on the estate s new owner, a broodingly handsomShe s crept back into the home she lost He s crept into her heart.Sophie Russell was once society s darling But after the disgrace and death of her father, she now finds all doors firmly shut to her including those of her family home To discover the secrets now hidden within its beloved walls, she ll pose as a cook and spy on the estate s new owner, a broodingly handsome viscount, who may have schemed against the Russells Instead of dishing up the truth, the viscount tempts Sophie with delicacies of his own Viscount Griffiths suspects that there is to his new cook than meets the eye especially since it was a mistress he hired sight unseen, not a cook With the hope that her passion in the kitchen will extend to his bedchamber, he humors the beautiful interloper But when that passion burns to brightest love, revelations may shake both of their wary hearts The final sensuous book in the Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy will lay the truth bare.

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This is a fluff filled, cotton candy, rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate AND marshmallows kind of read. The hero is dark, misunderstood and guarded. The heroine is likable, flirtatious and somewhat silly at times. I loved the play on words used and laughed more than once at the different scenarios that happened. This book made me feel happy and at a page count around 250 it is a light and easy kind of read. Note: This is the third book of a series but I hadn’t read the first two and didn’ [...]

This, the final book in Ms Stuart’s Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy, focuses on Sophie, the youngest of the three Russell sisters who were left destitute after the sudden and suspicious death of their father.Determined to prove that he was innocent of embezzling all the funds from his successful shipping company, and to identify his killer, the eldest of the ladies, Bryony, came up with the plan of infiltrating the households of the three prime suspects: The Earl of Kilmartyn, Captain [...]

This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI received an advance reader edition of this book from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.4 Stars!This book was so much fun to read! I had a fantastic time reading it and found the dialog to be amusing. I had a grin planted on my face during much of the book. This is actually the book that I decided to read during a road trip and I think it was the perfect book to make the miles disappear.This is the [...]

I loved this book from beginning to the end. I was so excited to get this as a review ARC, even though I haven't had a chance to read the first two books in this series yet. Alexander is a scoundrel, but you definitely want him to catch Sophie. Great chemistry, and wonderful romance. A five star read!Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the September 2014 issue. affairedecoeur.

The author shows an example of how a misunderstanding between the H/h can be cleverly engineered to deliver a good balance of romance, banter and likable characters. I really enjoy it!

This is a fluffy silly book, which was exactly what I was looking for.This is your stereotypical historical romance. It features a brooding, handsome male lead and a beautiful spunky heroine. It has a simple straightforward plot and a happily ever after. I give it an extra star because I laughed out loud at some of our silly heroine antics. And because there's a Sleeping Beauty scene, where she's humming and dancing and suddenly Prince Phillip I mean, Viscount Alexander! is there dancing with he [...]

3.5 starsThought it was the best in the series but had a very slow start, fantastic feisty biting chemistry between leads in middle, and a (tad) wacky wild rushed ending.

listened to on audio and the reader was quite good. the romance welllllSophie, the girl in a tight spot who normally lands on her feet, until she meets Alex, the crushing asshat.Maybe it's just me as I haven't much cared for this author in the past. I did not read the first two books and I don't think it mattered to the story. Sophie and her sisters are tossed out into the street when their father dies after supossedly embezzaling his own company. Each sister is to clandestinely investigate a po [...]

3.75 Delicious Misunderstanding StarsAlthough I may be wrong, I reckon this is my first book by Anne Stuart. The series follows the 3 Russel sisters who's lost their home & father through a mysterious scandal leaving them to bunk with their old nanny. This is Sopia Russel's story. A beautiful blond with a extra ordinary skill in the kitchen & who was the toast of her season before their lives changed. She is the youngest of the three and with her sisters have gone on their own adventures [...]

Oh boy. What a mediocre end to this trilogy. Very disappointing.This is the third book in Stuart’s “Scandal at the House of Russell” trilogy. The first two books were good. Not great, but pretty good. But this one almost seems like the author had run out of idea and was fulfilling a contract. If it had been a novella it might have been okay, but it was so heavily padded with inner thoughts and pages and pages of rumination that I know I never would have finished it if I hadn’t skimmed.So [...]

A bit better than the second one but still this series is way, way under par for Anne Stuart. I keep on going for the supposedly mystery and it really was a lukewarm effort. Nothing dramatic, even though the villain was really impossibly lucky. Maybe he would be saved too if there is a fourth one?

The last book in this trilogy, was definitely my favorite!

I’ve been an avid fan of the Scandal at the House of Russell series ever since the first book was published in 2013. Well, lets face it. I am an avid fan of Anne Stuart regardless. The House of Russell series follows in the wake of the three girls left orphaned by the death of their father, a death that the girls believe was murder. One by one, they set out on a quest to find the truth and end up finding the love of their lives and then some in each of these deliciously spun stories.Never Marr [...]

The following opinions are my own. I realize that other readers will disagree with my rating. Fair enough. ~~POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS~~If I had to grade this, I would give it a D for Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. First time in a long time I've run across a heroine that I felt was TSTL. A real ninny. 20 yrs old going on 12. If only she had died at the end, I'd have felt some sort of vindication for having read through this twaddle. The "heroine" in this book decides to become a servant to an aristocrat sh [...]

Anne Stuart creates some seriously addicting stories, but sometimes I'm so put off by how ridiculous and campy they can be.In this specific case, I could not enjoy the story because the plot was literally everywhere, like as if someone threw up a plot and it somehow ended up on paper. There was zero consistency to the story and nothing that happened was remotely grounded in reality. It also doesn't help that the heroine sucked monkey balls. Actually, she was probably the main reason why I really [...]

Its been awhile since I've read an historical romance and was I pleased Never Marry a Viscount had all the tropes I like in an historical- the hero was wealthy; edgy baddass; uber alpha and the heroine was likeable, ordinary a bit of a shrew but not annoying.The story was told in a way that reminded me of Catherine Coulter, Julie Garwood early hisotricals. Quite over the top drama and romance. Very memorable.This is the last book in the House of Russell trilogy. Its not necessary to read the oth [...]

Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 stars!I adore Anne Stuart. Period. My commitment to this author will keep me reading whatever she publishes for as long as I live. She has my devoted allegiance, and she is single handedly responsible for some of my most pleasurable reading experiences I’ve ever had. With that being said, I am not a huge fan of this series. In my opinion it lacks the mesmerizing heroes that many of her other books feature. Because of this, I have to admit that I went in [...]

After being unceremoniously kicked out of her Nanny's cottage Miss Sophie Russell knows exactly where she is going to go. Straight back to the family home she lived in - till her father's untimely and suspicious death and the terrible scandal that resulted in ruination of both her and her sisters life's. The house is now occupied by one of the chief suspects in her father death and Sophie is determined to see if the Viscount is guilty. Posing as the cook Sophie infiltrates the house ready to fin [...]

The third and last book in the series, where the bad guy's motives are finally revealed and the mystery solved.Sophie, the youngest of the three Russell sisters, is left behind when the other two go off to try to find out who framed their father and clear his name. Forced to leave her sanctuary and with few choices left to her, she decides to follow in their footsteps and investigate the third and last suspect, the Dark Viscount, Alexander Griffiths.Using her talent for cooking and baking, and w [...]

(Dec) 3.5* Sophie has been left alone with her nanny after her sisters took off to try and find out what happened to their father and their money. After Nanny has an accident and is laid up for a while, she decided to go spy on the man now living in her family's home, one who she believes may hold the key to her family mystery. Alexander is living with his hated step mother, mourning the loss of his half brother. When Sophie arrives in the guise of a cook, he believes she is in fact the mistress [...]

This is a great historical fiction. The characters are strong, endearing, and consistent throughout the series. I really enjoy how this author is able to set the stage and back story so effortlessly. This book is delightful and you will want to read in one sitting. A good read.

This was the best book of the series, but it still ended too quickly. I would have liked to have some time with the sisters and their husbands where they get settled.

4.5 starsSophie Russell’s done a lot of growing up since the embezzlement scandal surrounding her father and his subsequent death. The three sisters have lost everything and been cast adrift to make their own way. Convinced their father’s death was murder, Bryony and Maddy take positions with two of the prime suspects on their list. Sophie, deemed too young, has been left in the care of her former nanny who still lives in a cottage on Renwick, the estate the girls used to call home. In the p [...]

Sophie Russell and her sisters have been tossed out of their comfortable life when their father died in disgrace, accused of stealing from his own company. The girls have faith that their father was not only honest, but was murdered to cover up the identity of the real thief. Her sisters, Bryony and Madeleine, have already left, each to investigate one of their suspects. After weeks with no word from them, Sophie decides to take it upon herself to investigate the third suspect, Alexander Griffit [...]

Potete trovare tutte le mie recensioni su bianchianita1971/Ecco il romanzo finale della nuova trilogia storica della grande Anne! Volevo aspettare ad iniziarlo perchè sapevo che una volta finito avrei dovuto attendere chissà quanto per un nuovo libro di una delle mie autrici preferite, ma non ce l'ho fatta letto e divorato in una giornata!!! In questo romanzo i protagonisti sono Sophie, la più giovane delle sorelle Russell, e Alexander, "The Dark Viscount" come lo chiama la ragazza. Sophie è [...]

I've given this a B for both narration and content at AudioGals.Never Marry a Viscount is the third in Anne Stuart’s Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy which tells the story of three sisters who are left destitute upon the sudden death of their father, a wealthy shipping magnate. Led to believe his death was no accident, they are determined to discover the identity of the person responsible not only for their father’s murder, but also for embezzling all the funds from his company. In Bo [...]

This is a good one.I haven't liked many historicals recently so I find myself going back in time to try and read ones perhaps I've missed. So far, so good. This is one of the better ones. If you like mystery, dark heros, chemistry and sex, a great female h you'll like this. After reading this series, this one is my favorite and I really do think you can read it as a standalone.

UPDATE: Re-reading this (relistening via Audible) as an antidote to political and seasonal angst. Is "well-constructed fluff" an oxymoron? I'm enjoying it. A fun read, nice series wrap-up, no surprises whatsoever. Now can Anne Stuart please write another Ice book?

Alexander Griffiths (not a very likeable hero) is the new viscount who inherited the estate where the Russell sisters grew up. After both of her older sisters leave to investigate two of the three men suspected of framing their father for embezzlement, Sophia Russell decides she will infiltrate the home of the third suspect. When she appears unexpectedly in the viscount's kitchen, everyone assumes she's the new cook the viscount's stepmother has requested. And guess what? Sophia can cook as well [...]

Never Marry A Viscount: Scandal at the House of Randall by Anne StuartThis book was such a fun read! I totally adored the saucy Sophie and the scoundrel Alexander. The cat and mouse game they played with each other made for an enticing read, full of climatic moments and sweet reunions.Sophie is in hiding after the disastrous fall from grace her family experienced. Her father is dead, her older sisters off investigating men that may have played a role in the family’s demise and she is now homel [...]

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