Noodle Magic

Roseanne Thong Meilo So

Noodle Magic

Noodle Magic

  • Title: Noodle Magic
  • Author: Roseanne Thong Meilo So
  • ISBN: 9780545521673
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover

Everyone has the magic within Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles, and as the emperor s birthday approaches, he teaches his granddaughter, Mei, the family trade Mei struggles to find the magic needed to make noodles Ultimately, she finds the magic and the ability to succeed within Mei doesn t just make noodles her magic noodles in varied shapes and sizes raEveryone has the magic within Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles, and as the emperor s birthday approaches, he teaches his granddaughter, Mei, the family trade Mei struggles to find the magic needed to make noodles Ultimately, she finds the magic and the ability to succeed within Mei doesn t just make noodles her magic noodles in varied shapes and sizes rain down from the sky NOODLE MAGIC is written in the style of a Chinese folk story, with engaging cultural and community aspects The family connection that s at the heart of the story has universal appeal The grandfather and granddaughter work together to accomplish what one could not do alone Meilo So, whose BRUSH OF THE GODS received four starred reviews, brings the story to life with beautiful, breathtaking illustrations.

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Grandpa and his granddaughter are bonding in this book with noodles. Illustrations and story setting are traditional, yet the relationship between the grandpa and his granddaughter is much more contemporary and cool. Elasticity of Noodles with humor is symbolic. The illustrator is from HongkongImagination with noodles are fun

This book is unique because it shows many different cultures, and because I think it would be valuable for kids of all ages. There is some fiction threaded into the story, because the main character is touched with magic and her hard work rewards all. Th illustrations are detailed, and this would be valuable in teaching about other cultures.


I didn't like the art style even though it's well done, but I loved the story!

Mei's grandpa Tu is a magic noodle maker known throughout their village. After years of watching her grandpa work his magic, it is finally Mei's turn to make the magic lifelong noodle for the emperor's birthday. At first Mei struggles to make the dough magic, but after gaining confidence in herself and trying to make the dough on her own without her grandpa's help, Mei succeeds and magic noodles rain down on the emperor's celebration. It is a charming story, full of fantasy and wonder; a story t [...]

This is about a little girl in China who loves the noodles her grandfather makes. But one day her grandfather decides it's time for the little girl to make the noodles for the emperor's birthday. Magic is involved.

I liked the message "magic comes from within", but am not sure that the story itself said that. She had to get her magic from the Woman in the moon.

Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumGrandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles and as the emperor's birthday approaches, he is determined to teach his granddaughter, Mei, the family trade. However, Mei struggles to make the noodles, unable to find the magic within herself. Grandpa Tu has confidence in her, even the moon goddess does, but it isn't until Mei believes she can do it that the real noddle magic can happen.An interesting and engaging "traditional" feeling story that invoke [...]

Mei loves, loves, loves to watch her Grandpa Tu make noodles. She thinks--the whole village in fact--thinks that there is something magical about Grandpa Tu's noodles. So everyone--Mei included--is shocked that Grandpa Tu chooses NOT to make noodles to celebrate the emperor's birthday. Instead he chooses Mei for the job. He wants her to find the magic within herself, he wants her to see that she too can do it. Readers watch as Mei tries and tries her best to make noodles special enough, magical [...]

This book is not a book I would normally choose. As I was reading I was surprised about the connections I made to the story. I connected with the family element to the story, my family is Italian and every year before Easter we get together and make homemade pasta. Like my family has passed down recipes for pasta Mei's grandfather tells her, "This year, it's your turn to make noodle magic,". Mei is terrified she won't be able to create magical noodles like her grandfather.This book would appeal [...]

SUMMARY: In this Chinese Folk Story, Grandpa Tu is a noodle maker. Every night he works magic with his hands and every morning the most amazing noodles appear. Grandpa decides it is time for his granddaughter Mei to work some of her own magic to make noodles for the Emperor's birthday. Mei is unsure of herself. She asks to borrow some of her grandfather's magic, but he tells her she has all the magic she needs. She works hard and finds a way to make the noodlesLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations appe [...]

Age: Preschool-1st gradeFamily: Grandfather, granddaughterCulture: ChinaFood: Making your own noodlesMei's grandfather has a magical way with noodles, creating a variety of objects like kite strings and jump ropes (he never does make food with it, though). When the emperor's birthday approaches, Granpa puts all his faith in Mei, giving her the reins to create long-life noodles for the emperor. But Mei has never made noodle magic before--especially not by herself! I wish the ending put a little m [...]

It's almost time for the Emperors birthday. Mei is excited to watch her grandfather make his magic noodles. But when it's time to begin preparing for the big day Grandfather tells Mei that it is her turn to try making magic noodles. But no matter how hard she works her noodles don't have the magic of Grandfathers. She even gifts the Moon with a ball of noodles. The Moon tells Mei she has to find the magic inside of herself. Finally, finally Mei finds her magic.This story didn't really make sense [...]

As the emperor's birthday approaches, Grandpa Tu decides that it's time for his granddaughter Mei to learn how to make the special noodles for which he is known. She struggles with the noodles and begs him and the Moon Goddess for help, but eventually, it turns out that Grandpa was right. Mei does have the magic inside her to create marvelous noodle shapes. The watercolor illustrations are filled with rich colors and shapes, and the text has a folklore flavor to it as it celebrates one family's [...]

A young girl watches and watches her grandpa make magic with his noodles, and one day it becomes her turn. Eventually she receives help, and also manages to call on the moon goddess for aid, too. This book includes some important cultural traditions connecting to noodles, and the underlying message is that one has magic within, and must learn to call on it when needed. The illustrations are magical and full of whimsical details.

A cute story about Chinese culture, that according to the side flap is "written like a Chinese folktale." This is where I don't feel like it's entirely appropriate for teaching social studies. The folktale aspect would have to be clearly spelled out for students, which it's not in the book. There is also no author's note or other explanation of where this story came from and how it is important to Chinese culture.1/3

Noodle Magic by Roseanne Greenfield Thong, illustrated by Meilo So – Loved how this worked with connections to family, traditions, expectations, and fun with noodles. There are some really fascinating noodle traditions in China and the story that connects with the moon goddess and more has quite the cultural significance. Interesting to see how this book can connect to Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola.

Sweet story about believing in your own abilities. Loved the colors and details in the watercolor and ink illustrations, and loved that the Moon Goddess is a curvy gal with pink hair. Has the feeling of an old-fashioned Chinese folk tale, but words like "Woah!" give it a contemporary flair. It's a solid book, but might be a bit of a hand-sell. I'd give it to kids who enjoyed "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."

This fun little picture book reads like a folk tale. A girl loves to help her grandfather make noodles but her grandfather keeps telling her that she should make the noodles and that she has to find the magic within her self. It's a nice message of self-esteem and self-confidence. It would be great during Chinese New Year.

The art adds an important dimension to the story, creating a context for what otherwise would be a fairly 'flat' story. The making of noodles by hand (versus a factory) is a nice touch (no pun intended), especially since we make spaghetti noodles with our great grandma's cutter. I also like the idea of children learning from their elders.

Noodle Magic offers the hard logic of fairy tales, but with an unearned magical end. The book would work well read aloud to kids; someone could definitely incorporate crafts with the book; use it as an introduction to mythology, but is underwhelming as a story.

I am a fan of Roseanne Greenfield Thong's work, but this newest book falls flat. The magic concept could use some work. And call me a stickler, but I felt that Italian noodles falling from the sky did not honor the otherwise carefully depicted Chinese setting.

Nice story with a good message, but not a favourite for me.

Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles, and as the emperor's birthday approaches, he encourages his granddaughter, Mei, to find her own noodle magic.

Fun story of believing in yourself - love the noodle/spaghetti shape outlines in the illustrations - creative folk tale feel.

Sweet grandparent/ granddaughter story where the elder teaches the younger the magic of creating noodles. Zippy energetic illustrations.

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Colorful and lovely illustrations help tell this Chinese folktale.

Magical story with multifaceted illustrations of a girl learning noodle-making mastery from her grandfather.

I loved the pictures and the beginning of the story, but somewhere along the way, it de-railed for me. Why is the moon involved and why can't the kid be good enough on her own?

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