Time Travelers Strictly Cash

Spider Robinson

Time Travelers Strictly Cash

Time Travelers Strictly Cash

  • Title: Time Travelers Strictly Cash
  • Author: Spider Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780441807130
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

Callahan s Crosstime Saloon is back in business After waiting long enough for the crowds to thin out, Mike Callahan, proprietor of the famous Callahan s Crosstime Saloon, is opening the doors again to new customers And to help cope with the long lines he justifiably expects, he s asked Hugo Award winning author Spider Robinson to pitch in The Spider sweetens the pot witCallahan s Crosstime Saloon is back in business After waiting long enough for the crowds to thin out, Mike Callahan, proprietor of the famous Callahan s Crosstime Saloon, is opening the doors again to new customers And to help cope with the long lines he justifiably expects, he s asked Hugo Award winning author Spider Robinson to pitch in The Spider sweetens the pot with both fiction and the nonfiction that has earned him his reputation as one of science fiction s foremost critics.So, if you re looking for a good night out someplace where the beer is always cold, the times are always hot and disco was dead to begin with, then belly up to the bar in Callahan s Human or otherwise, hale and hearty or down and out, regardless of race, creed or dimension of origin, you re all welcome But remember Time Travelers Strictly Cash

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Actual rating: 2.5 starsI am rapidly coming to the conclusion that my sensibilities just do not mesh with those of author Spider Robinson. I think he is strong on writing skills, but his sense of humour and mine miss by a mile. He punning skills are high (and there is lots of it in his Callahan’s stories), but I find them more of a mental puzzle to figure out, rather than amusing. But that’s just me.This little volume of stories has only 4 actual Callahan’s tales in it. The rest is filler [...]

Short shorts that play around with some of the classic concepts of sci-fi fiction. Perhaps my favorite of the series, but be warned: puns happen more frequently than just Punsday Night."Fivesight" about a woman who's husband could see negative events three hours into the future. One of the few Callahan bar stories that is told by a woman. It works well, achieving a quite poignant tone with a twist."Dog Day Evening" happens on Tall Tales Night, but puns also seem to be part of the agenda. A human [...]

[7/10]This book marks my return to incredibly rowdy and irreverent science fiction hangout known as Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, home to weird aliens, time travellers, talking dogs, visitors from parallel dimensions and other outcasts, fringe characters from the home planet, all ready to have a good time, according to the owner's law:Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased. My only beef with the present collection is the scarcity of original material, with only 4 stories actually taking [...]

Book reviews, both scathing and complimentary. A convention speech that praises sci-fi fandom for its overwhelming sanity.A speech honoring Heinlein by refuting the most common complaints hurled around by his detractors.Lots of forewords and afterwords, explaining context or inspiration or just offering more things to be thinky about.And stories. Some take place in Callahan's, but not all of them. That came as a surprise -- and a little bit of a disappointment. After all, I came here looking for [...]

In most collections of short stories, a few are fantastic, a couple are awful and the majority are mediocre. In this one, none were horrible, lots were fantastic, a couple were kind of bewildering (mainly 'cause I couldn't figure out the punchlines) and one, "God is an Iron" was perhaps one of the best short stories I've ever read.

“Callahan's Law: Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased."

Unfortunately I struggled with this. It's clearly one of those books that was written because the author had to write something. Quite frankly, it's a bit of a mess and doesn't do the name Spider Robinson any justice at all. It contains a few callahan's stories, some other none callahan's stories and an awful lot of gumph in between these stories which is simply the author filling-in a great deal of filling-in in fact.My advise would be to simply scip this one and go straight onto the next. I wi [...]

Very funny collection of SiFi short stories. Recommended

More brilliantly humorous and sweet sci-fi stories, set in the amazing bar created by Spider Robinson.Fun and funny with a great cast and setting.

As Robinson's dives deeper into the mythology of Callahan's, he finds still plenty of opportunities to expand the cast of regulars. Still punny good fun, but the edges begin to fray as the barman drifts towards omniscience.

Enjoyed the first one a lot more. While it was interesting to see a larger body of Robinson's work, I didn't really like the non-Callahan's stories.

yikes! the first book was funny and just right. This one has way too much crap in it.

re-read number one to get into the mood. A great series of quirky characters and day to day situations that all have a far out impact and twist.

The Callahan stories are a blast. The rest felt like filler. For the 2nd in a series of 9 to have that much crap shoved in makes me hesitant to read #3.

Entertaining short stories. I can definitely see Heinlein's influence on his writing, probably why I enjoyed it so much. Annoyed Kindle has volumes 1, 2, 6, 7, etc but not 3, 4, &5?

Really enjoyed bits. Really don't care for speech transcriptions, however clever - and I recognize the cleverness here - they're just not my thing. So, loved the stories, didn't love the speeches, and was neutral on the reviews.

I apparently loaned this out has gone missing. Puns are worse with every book.

Spider Robinson is one of those names that's hard to overlook, and so I knew I was eventually going to read him. I don't remember now how exactly I came into possession of this particular book (the used books sale last summer?), but I guess I can thank it for being as concise a portrait of Robinson as I was likely to find.What emerges from this collection is a writer very much of Stephen King's generation. Both were products of the pre-Internet fan age. Which is a little odd to say, because one [...]

Man, this is uneven. The foreword explains why - it's basically half of the original collection, plus a bunch of stuff stuck in there to make up space. And it shows. It's not that there's zero value in a review column from 1975, or a transcript of a speech about fandom, but they really don't fit here and they're not what I was hoping for. (And the long defense of Heinlein was a little embarrassing - really, he doesn't need the help.)The stories themselves are the point of the volume. The four no [...]

The first collection of Callahan's stories was far from belles-lettres but it had a fetching charm and originality that came off as sweet and clever if a bit naive. Having worn that charm thin and still not succeeded in fulfilling his sequel publishing contract, Spider proceeds to dump the kitchen sink of unrelated manuscripts in to meet his contractual word count: some banquet speeches attended by northern adolescents, a chapter from a novel he's writing, some completely incoherent drivel scarc [...]

The reason this book scored so low is the downright serious taking both the Lord Jesus Christ's and God's names in vain and the profanity in the stories that weren't Callahan's Place.The cover picture has nothing to do with the stories in the book. The aliens are not in the book. You might say one of the ones on the cover is in a story, except he is drawn as an alien instead of a human. The lady is very sad, not happy. The other humans, unless I missed someone, do not look like anyone in the boo [...]

It is weird when an anthology known for containing Callahan stories ends up being better in the sections where Callahan's doesn't show up.I picked this book up mainly because Callahan's Crosstime Saloon was one of the greatest things I ever read but despite a BRILLIANT opening salvo with a Callahan tale called 'Fivesight', the other Callahan tales don't quite live up to a)my expectations and b)some of the other short fiction provided in the book.Don't get me wrong: nothing beats a great night at [...]

I enjoyed the stories set in Callahan's, even if I did not get the punch line at the end of the story about Al Phee. The other stories were more uneven, but the last one ("Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth") knocked it out of the park.The book includes Robinson's first book review, which showed off his writing style. I did not enjoy the speeches nearly as much. Frankly, I find fandom boring, so his speech in praise of fans and cons left me cold. Worse was his ode to Heinlein. I readily acknowledge [...]

This is the second book of Spider's "Callahan Series". Only about half the book is given to Callahan stories though. The other half is mostly editorial style comments from the author, either about the story just read, or on other subjects, such as a piece about Robert Heinlen, which while interesting, took me away from teh Callahan stories I had anticipated reading. Overall I enjoyed reading the book, especially the Callahan stories, but because the content jumps around so much, I found it diffi [...]

While this anthology does contain more stories from Callahan's it also contains some of Spider Robinson's other writings; speeches, book and author reviews. I loved the speech The Web Of Sanity. It was given via radio when he was the Fan Guest of Honor at the Minnesota Science Fiction Society convention of 1974 or 1975. He talks about what it means to be a Fan (capital F) of science fiction, a con-goer, a zanie. About how going to conventions and living as a fan girl/boy and interacting with oth [...]

This book was introduced to me by a new friend who garnered instant trust. This book (a compilation of sayings found on the walls of a mythical saloon) I read prior to being introduced to the magick held within the walls of Callahan's; which to any effect sums up to be Spider Robinson subconscious.Very enjoyable but if you want to fully enjoy the sayings and puns (that's right I did say puns) read the books first, then keep this one by the fireside, the bedside, or the cmmodeside. Wherever you d [...]

"There are some other things that I’m not sure I liked, “margarine dildo” being one. What exactly does that mea, first of all? Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Why is a margarine dildo being offered to whoever can name an anthology in a certain year that exclude a certain book, other than the fact that it’s preposterous. Robinson is getting this knack for saying preposterous things for preposterousness’ sake, and I’m not a fan."Read the whole review at:kmzphotoblog/2012/06/27/ti [...]

I've read most of this by reading The Callahan Chronicals, but apparently that book doesn't have all the essays included in Time Travellers Strictly Cash.

Great book! This is the 2nd collection of very original short stories with quirky themes that all happen in Callahan's Saloon - an amazing place where fellow patrons are empathetic, compassionate, and accepting of everyone - including talking dogs and aliens. I liked these stories because most of them raised interesting questions and stayed with me long after the book was closed. A quick read that left me pondering random ideas raised by the author and believing in the goodness of people. I woul [...]

These short stories, all tied together with a common place/cast, make you feel like maybe human beings aren't such cruel animals after all. Opening the first several Callahan books feels like a refreshing visit with old friends. You know them, and their quirks, and that if they're involved with a situation they will do whatever they can to make it better. These are good people. The in last couple of books the formula gets a little bit stale, but they are still enjoyable.

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