Sometimes You Barf

Nancy Carlson

Sometimes You Barf

Sometimes You Barf

  • Title: Sometimes You Barf
  • Author: Nancy Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781467714129
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover

Everybody barfs Dogs, cats, chickens, alligators, and even you It happens to everyone, and sometimes it even happens at school With her characteristic humor and compassion, Nancy Carlson helps young readers through what is often a scary and embarrassing rite of passage Sometimes you barf But it s OK You get better

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according to the book flap, nancy carlson has been writing and illustrating books for more that FOUR DECADES!!! and after more than 60 books, she finally got around to writing one about vomit. better late than never!so, i'm pretty much in love with this book. like most offerings for the picture-book-aged crowd, this one contains a lesson, but instead of the typical "don't be racist," or "no one likes a bully!" message, this book addresses a more immediately-pressing and under-addressed social pr [...]

Neo enjoyed the silliness of this book, as he knows we all feel poorly sometimes. As the book states, everybody barfs!

We all remember that one day happened at school (for me it was 4th grade after eating a tuna sandwich) and we were SO EMBARRESSED! Great book that will help kids get through this rite of passage.

Everybody pukes, but what I want to know and this book doesn't tell me, is why cats always have to do it in several different places.

Sometimes, you barf. And sometimes, you read a book so darling that you find yourself laughing and smiling about barf. A young girl narrates us through her journey with a nasty flu bug. She explains that all animals barf sometimes, including people. Her dog Archie is back to normal as soon as he barfs up a sock, a page of homework, and a diamond ring, but with kids it’s a little different. Our narrator shows us that barfing starts with a flu bug. No matter how much you fight it, your body will [...]

3.5 stars. Such a random and hilarious book, but the message is true. Sometimes you barf, but life will go on.

As an adult, I still find barfing very unsettling.

This entire book is on the subject of barfing. A young girl walks you through what happens from when you first get a flu bug, to feeling sick to your stomach and trying not to barf to finally barfing all over the place (even at school) because you simply can't help it. There are plenty of illustrations showing how everyone barfs (and by that she means many different animals including her dog who barfs up socks).The illustrations are colorful and fun and done in such a way that you don't get tota [...]

In this book Nancy Carlson reassures children that sometimes they will get sick and barf (sometimes in public) and that ultimately, they will get better and over their initial embarrassment. This book was not as hilarious as I hoped it would be, but it was still pretty funny and I could tell that the story of the young girl barfing in school must have been based on Nancy Carlson's childhood experience. The discussion of animal barf was also quite accurate and funny. I think this book will empowe [...]

The book's title and cover definitely caught my attention on NetGalley! There's a little shock value here - I don't think I've seen many books on throwing up - but it really is hilarious. And it can provide some comfort to younger readers, since it can be an embarrassing or scary experience to get sick at school (believe me, I've been there!). The illustrations were just gross enough but not too graphic, and I loved how the flu bug became more transparent over time. I'm glad I discovered this bo [...]

As a teacher, the issue of vomit is quite a real concern. Flu season is a threat to all! I love that this book takes away some of the stigma of barfing in school, especially because it's always the kids that are scared to tell you they feel sick that end up with vom all over their desk. Oy vey. I think this would be a great read aloud for kids because it is just gross enough that they will pay close attention. It could then be followed up by a discussion for what to do when you feel sick in clas [...]

Sometimes You Barf is the PERFECT book to read to kids who have barfed at school and are nervous to return. It is also perfect for kids who love to look at pictures of people barfing. This would be a fun read aloud in any classroom, and a great way to talk about procedures if/when you feel like barfing!Thank to Net Galley and Lerner Publishing Group for the advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

I was prepared to be grossed out by this book because even though it is by veteran author Nancy Carlson, I just hate the word barf! Yuck! I could barely bring myself to open the book. However the story is so kind and funny, sympathizing with a poor girl who throws up at school (one of my biggest fears, even now with my own kids), you can't help but feel comforted - we've all been there! Even the illustrations of people and animals getting sick manage to be cute.

Bookaday #4. You know the kids will love this book Everyone barfs. Love the reaction when vomit occurs in math class, the teacher calling code red and the janitor's biohazard suit. The story humorously calms any fear of school time vomit.

A fun picture book about throwing up?It doesn't seem possible, does it? But this book is actually cute--and guaranteed to make every kid who has ever thrown up in front of classmates feel much better. Strikes just the right note between a great gross-out factor and a reassuring tone.

Okay, so right off the bat I have to acknowledge the obvious - this is a gross topic. Having said that, I also have to say that kids will love it. From finding the extra sock after the dog barfs to Nancy hiding in her locker to avoid seeing it, the kids will giggle throughout.

Not just YOU, but everyone barfs sometimes. Cats,dogs, platypuses, clownsey all barf. For most kids, this will be just a really funny book about barfing but I can also see it being super reassuring to those kids who have actually barfed on their math test and were mortified by it.

HA! Sometimes you barf. Totally true. A good story to explain to kids that it is just something that happens to all of us. Kind of like "Everybody Poops". I think my favorite part was the inclusion of an interesting made-up fact :)

Clever glimpse into the world of vomit. Children can learn that throwing up in class is not the end of the world.

Because barf.

A picture book that tackles the universal fact that everyone barfs sometimes. The funny illustrations and gentle words help to make this topic less scary for the little ones.

This book opens up with pictures of all sorts of animals (and snowmen and people) with green faces looking like they are just about ready to barf. In fact, the green around the face is normal for illustrating that awful feeling you get when you want to barf. And as this book explains, everybody barfs. Archie, a little girl’s dog, shows some signs of what happens when you are about to barf. Then the girl starts to get sick at school and readers can see what some of the signs of needing to barf [...]

Everyone barfs at one time or another, even animals. This book does a great job of letting kids know it's okay to feel like you're going to barf. It's even okay if you barf at school. Eventually you will feel better and life will go on. The illustrations are fun and filled with a lovely green color that perfectly symbolizes that queasy feeling you get right before you barf. Luckily the pictures are not so detailed that the reader will barf just from looking at them. Kids who like gross things wi [...]

The end papers are filled with small pictures of all kinds of animals, including humans and snowmen, who look a little like, well, they’re going to barf. Funny book that I’m sure the young ones will love. My granddaughter, five, talks with real seriousness about throwing up, has the right bucket and everything ready sometimes. This story centers on a little girl who is at school when that awful flu bug hits, and another poor girls runs to hide in her locker. Others hang out and watch. My onl [...]

Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeFamiliar Experience: Blowing chunks, barfing, feeding your young, retching, and (my favorite) thunder-chunder rainbow parfaitAnyways, this is a lovely bibliotherapeutic look at barfing in public. Carlson also shows the potential embarrassment of going back and how no one will be mad at you for barfing. Nonfiction or fiction? Well, there is an "interesting made-up fact" about lizards and Carlson depicts all animals turning green before they barf and we all know how inco [...]

A sweet, if barf filled, reminder that it's ok to be sick, that it basically sucks and that you'll probably feel better soon. And while I can't really agree with the main character's rather blase attitude about the number of things her dog is puking up, it does work as a strange little intro into the wide world of barfing. Also, this book has what is probably the cutest barfing animal menagerie out there.

So, with the flu going around and the kids in school I thought this book was timely and would be funny to the kids. What I wasn't expecting was for my daughter to throw up in front of her cousins last night and then we witnessed one of her school friends barf on the playground first thing this morning. I guess it's all in the title.

This is the book for that kid who got sick at school, threw up, and is terrified to return. This is the book for the kid who will do that, and it's the book for the grownups who remember having been that kid (or had some similar bodily fluid accident). It's also great for anyone with emetophobia, the fear of vomiting. Funny, disarming, and reassuring -- sometimes we barf.

Received a free ebook copy from NetGalley.An interesting story subject that is sure to make kids giggle. The text is simple and straight to the point. Everyone, including people and animals, barfs sometimes and then you get over it. Illustrations are charming and not over the top or gross. A good read as students in our area have been sick earlier than usual with some sort of bug.

Along the same fascinating lines as Everyone Poops but with a plot. What if you *gasp* barfed at school?

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