Deadly Tasting

Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane

Deadly Tasting

Deadly Tasting

  • Title: Deadly Tasting
  • Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane
  • ISBN: 9781939474216
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

A serial killer is on the loose in Bordeaux A local chief detective calls wine expert Benjamin Cooker to the crime scene of a brutal murder The killer has left a strange calling card twelve wine glasses lined up in a semi circle with the first one filled with wine Cooker is charged with the task of identifying the fabulous grand cru and is astonished by what he learns.A serial killer is on the loose in Bordeaux A local chief detective calls wine expert Benjamin Cooker to the crime scene of a brutal murder The killer has left a strange calling card twelve wine glasses lined up in a semi circle with the first one filled with wine Cooker is charged with the task of identifying the fabulous grand cru and is astonished by what he learns A second victim is found, with two glasses filled Is the killer intentionally leaving clues about his victims and his motives Memories are jogged about the complicated history of Bordeaux during Nazi occupation It was a dark time weinfuhrers ruled the wine trade, while collaborationists and paramilitary organizations spread terror throughout the region In present day wine country, time is running out Will Cooker and his young assistant Virgile solve the mystery before all twelve glasses are full

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"There is no crasse de fer in the Pétrus domain, whiles it’s the main element influencing all the Pomerols. If you open a map of that appellation, you’ll see this little yellow spot right in the middle of the terroir. Perfect and unique, as if the finger of God had pointed to this precise place and blessed it."How is it possible that a wine, known as one of the best creations in human history, is used as a calling card in four murders. A round, supple, rich, charming, joyful, elegant and vi [...]

Benjamin Cooker is called in to help with a case when an old man is killed and twelve classes are placed close to the dead body with one of the glasses filled with wine. It seemed to be an old wine from around 1940. Then another body is found with twelve glasses around the body, but this time two glasses filled with wine. Is someone out to kill twelve persons? What's the motive?I did have some trouble getting into the story despite the shortness of this book. I just felt that I even though the [...]

I love mysteries and had to give this one a try. Even though I have not read the first three in the series (yet!), I was quickly pulled into the life of Benjamin Cooker and his assistant, Virgile Lanssien. They are fun characters and Benjamin is an interesting "detective." I also liked Inspector Barbaroux and the fact that, when it came to something he didn't know, he was willing to call someone in to help. (I do want to go back and read the first three, not just for the mysteries, to find out m [...]

This being the fourth installment in a series, read with ease as a standalone. With the presentation as dramatic as it was bestowed I would read other books included in this unique series. I found the setting, characters and narrative original, a curious mystery, with plenty of intrigue set in beautiful France, the WWII historical element was exceptionally appealing to this reviewer. Reaching a wide audience – Francophiles, history buffs, mystery fans, Oenophilia’s will want to add Deadly Ta [...]

Disclaimer: ARC read via Netgalley courtesy of Le French Press Every one’s favorite wine taster and expert, Benjamin Cooker has a problem. Actually he has two problems. Someone is killing people and leaving a very old, rare vintage of wine at the crime scene. Second, his wife has put him on a cabbage diet. If you lived in France, would you want to eat liquid cabbage? I didn’t think so. But Cooker loves his wife, so he makes an effort. And she better cook that venison for him at the end of th [...]

I won this book in giveaway and many thanks to Anne who is helping the world to get a taste of French authors translated into English with LeFrench booksThis was a nice mystery with a lot of learned knowledge about WW2. Once I got past reading all the long "strange names of people & places " I really enjoyed both Benjamin & Virgile. It had humor in the fact that Benjamin's wife had him on the cabbage diet during this mystery. Benjamin & Virgile are NOT cops or investigators but wine [...]

Oh Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noel Bales- you had me at hello. Pairing my two favorite things wine and books insured that I was in for a cozy read. Toss in an amuse bouche of France's WWII history and I am doubly happy.A serial killer is knocking off people in the Bordeaux region of France and leaving a very distinct wine at the murder scenes. Because there are twelve glasses the police are worried there will be more victims. They call in Benjamin Cooker, wine taster extraordinaire, to help them so [...]

Very short. Held my attention. Great for a stocking stuffer - new series for mejust sorry library does not have them.

Fourth in the Winemaker Detective Mysteries series and revolving around Benjamin Cooker and his assistant, Virgile. The story is set in Bordeaux.This ARC was provided by NetGalley and Le French Book in exchange for an honest review.My TakeI'm very conflicted on how to rate this. Part of me wants to give it a "2" as I simply do not view this as a mystery. It's more like a story about wine and the tasting of and a visit into the history of collaborationist France during World War II. It doesn't fe [...]

Book received through Edelweiss.This is book was originally published in French. It was translated from the original french by Sally Pane. There were a few places where the translation could have gone better for an easier flow of words, making for an easier more understandable read. It is fairly short for a mystery novel 144 pages somewhere between novella and novel. It the fourth in the series but reads like a stand alone, so you don't have to worry about reading the other books. Benjamin Cooke [...]

I received this ARC courtesy of Net Galley and Le French Book in exchange for an honest reviewBell,Book & Candle | Deadly Tasting ReviewAlthough not the first in the series, it is the first is the series that I have read. It is a rather quick story steeped in history, specifically World War II. It had a whole lot of info I did not know of, and that is really saying something. Main character Benjamin may be a connoisseur of wine, but I'm a connoisseur of WWI and II facts."Elizabeth had cut a [...]

All the books in this series are well written and interesting. The combination of gourmet dishes, fine wines, some touring through France and a mystery make for a tasty dish. All of them are enjoyable but I must admit, I think this one is my favourite so far.Our intrepid hero, Benjamin Cooker, wine expert and amateur detective, is asked to help in the investigation of a particularly brutal murder of an elderly man. He is called in because beside the body are 12 wine glasses in a circle with one [...]

This is the third book by this writing duo that I've read. These are not gory mysteries nor are they intensely suspenseful stories. I like them because they are intelligent mysteries set in an interesting area - and they talk about wine! The main character, Benjamin, is a wine expert who occasionally helps out the police. In this case he is helping the police solve the case of a serial murderer. At each of the bodies of the victims a set of 12 wine glasses is set out. With the first murder, one [...]

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, I’m a sucker for Vouvray, and enjoy a trip to Bordeaux where you’ll again meet wine connoisseur and expert, Benjamin Cooker, called in by a frustrated police detective because someone is killing very old men and desecrating graves.But why should Benjamin Cooker be consulted? Because the killer’s leaving a glass of wine at each murder scene, along with 12 wine glasses, and each time he kills another, another glass is filled.And not with just any [...]

In Bordeaux, Benjamin Cooker is called to the scene of the murder of an elderly man to identity the wine left as a clue. His tasting reveals the chateau; but he is uncertain of the year. The basic plot has been used before and is not very compelling after all these years.

books are too short, otherwise I like them.

Review to come

Benjamin Cooker is a winemaker in this French detective series, consulting with vineyard owners and wineries, dispensing his opinion in a popular guidebook and serving on wine juries. It's a good life for this half-British, half-French lover of good wine, food and cigars. But just like Jessica Fletcher or any number of cozy amateur detectives, he doesn't go looking for murder. It finds him.The series begins with Treachery in Bordeaux, in which wine in three vats of one of his longest friends has [...]

It feels harsh DNFing a 100 page book, so I finished this. The writing style (either in the original French or in translation - I don't know which to blame) is overly ornate, with many, many subordinate clauses and far more commas than necessary. I like amateur detectives, especially those with interesting careers, like Lovejoy. The amateur detective here is a wine rater but the bits about that part of his life are, sadly, boring. And let's not get into the fact that he, his sidekick and the pol [...]

Title: Deadly Tasting - Winemaker Detective Mystery 4 Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noël Balen Translated By: Sally Pane Published: 10-17-2014 Publisher: Le French Book Pages: 144 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Cooking, Food & Wine; ISBN: 9781939474216 ASIN: B00L9I3Z2C Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars . Benjamin Cooker, wine connoisseur with a sophisticated palate, a lover of fine foods and cigars, is back along wi [...]

In the beginning of Deadly Tasting I was extremely amused by gourmand and winemaker Benjamin Cooker being put on a diet by his loving wife, Elisabeth. It had always seemed to me that Benjamin ate and drank wine to excess with no visible ill-effects. It did not make me like him or his fussy quirks any better in the previous books of the series. On day one of the cabbage diet he receives a call from Inspector Barbaroux summoning him to a crime scene. A very elderly man has been slaughtered in his [...]

[ I received this book free from the website Words and Peace and the publisher Le French Book . I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising]'" As I understand it,sir, we are dealing with someone who is targeting bothe the living and the dead. There diesn't seem to be anything spontaneous [...]

Deadly Tasting by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen ( translation by Sally Pane) is a 2014 Le French publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exhange for an honest review. This series got off to a great start with wonderful characters surrounded by fine food and of course fine wine. I even had a little crush on Virgile at first. But, this one fell a bit short of the previous installments for me. Cooker's expertise in wine has him embroiled in a baffling ca [...]

If you have a strong appreciation for French wines, know something about professional wine tasting, and are not opposed to fictional mystery stories, give this book a shot. You can stop reading nowFor those of you still reading, here's the rest of my review:I have no use for wine--French or otherwise--so my eyes simply glazed over at the long listing of names of particular varieties or vineyards. This book just wasn't for me. I love mysteries. I like some of the famous fictional French detective [...]

Deadly Tasting is book four in the Winemaker Detective Series. Local Bordeaux police consult Benjamin Cooker, a wine expert, following the discovery at the scene of a brutal murder, of twelve wine glasses deliberately placed in a semi-circle and only one glass contains wine. Cooker needs to identify the wine in the glass to understand the message the killer is leaving. But when a second murder occurs and this time two glasses are filled with wine, Cooker and the police realize that time is of th [...]

This is the fourth mystery to appear from ‘Le French Books’, a relatively new publishing house that produces translations of popular contemporary books from France. The series is called the ‘Winemaker Detective Mysteries’ and is also a popular TV show in France. Think CSi with wine. Because these are based on teleplays they tend to be fast reads (really novelettes) and the action moves along at a pace.The two main characters are Benjamin Cooker, an expat Englishman who is considered one [...]

Benjamin Cooker clothes are getting tight. His wife, Elisabeth Cooker, puts him on a strict diet of cabbage soup. Benjamin is not happy about it at all. His assistant, Virgile Lanssien, tries to help with the diet but begs Elisabeth to allow Benjamin some other food after Benjamin faints.Inspector Barbaroux called Benjamin for his expert knowledge of wine. They need him at a gruesome crime scene. There are twelve wine glasses on a table but only one glass has in in it. The Inspector asks Benjami [...]

#4 in the series, received in ebook format from Netgalley in exchange for a review.Benjamin is not happy - he's been put on a diet by his wife - and it's the Cabbage Soup diet no less! (though the way it was described how Elizabeth cooked it - I was *so* prepared to at least try it once!). As usual there are few physical descriptions of the characters - I believe there is a TV tie in though I dont know which came first - apart from that Benjamin is in his 50s and overweight. He is under pressure [...]

I have been reading this series and quite enjoying it but have to say I was quite disappointed in this one. First, I did like the mystery. It was a neat serial killer puzzler which was described as gruesome but still kept a cozy as no details were given. The problem was there was way too much history packed into this tiny novel that the story suffered from it. I'm already fond of Benjamin and Virgile, but the book didn't allow for their lovable characteristics to come forward. I read a lot of WW [...]

Deadly Tasting is a short little novel. It has the feeling of an episode in an ongoing PBS mystery series. By that, I mean that it is kind of quirky, slow-moving, and talky. There is talk about French wine, as you would expect, and also talk about what went on in the Bordeaux area during World War II. Much of the talk centers around the Nazi occupation and the French collaborators. Sometimes there is too much talk. I started to skim over it, because I didn’t know the area, or the vineyards.The [...]

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