Aristotle Detective

Margaret Doody

Aristotle Detective

Aristotle Detective

  • Title: Aristotle Detective
  • Author: Margaret Doody
  • ISBN: 9780099436133
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

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Athens 332 BC a city uneasy under the sway of the Macedonian Alexander the Great, now fighting he King of Persia for control of the East In this time of fresh ambition and furtive discontent, an eminent citizen is brutally murdered.Young Philemon, an exile formerly guilty of manslaughter is accused of the bizarre homicide IN his absence his cousin and nearest male relaAthens 332 BC a city uneasy under the sway of the Macedonian Alexander the Great, now fighting he King of Persia for control of the East In this time of fresh ambition and furtive discontent, an eminent citizen is brutally murdered.Young Philemon, an exile formerly guilty of manslaughter is accused of the bizarre homicide IN his absence his cousin and nearest male relative, 23 year old Stephanos, must conduct Philemon s defence and attempt to clear his family s name of this bloody murder.Stephanos seeks help from Aristotle, his former teacherd Aristotle turns Detective.Why did no one think of this before THE TIMESWit in a first novel is rare enough, and when allied to the skilful unravelling of a murder story set in Ancient Athens it makes us doubly grateful for Aristotle Detective DAILY TELEGRAPHEminently enjoyable COLIN DEXTER

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332 B.C. The young Athenian, Stephanos, is trying to clear his cousin, Philemon, of a murder accusation. Since Philemon has been exiled for manslaughter, Stephanos feels he wasn't even in Athens at the time of the murder. He consults Aristotle, who philosophically and logically tries to figure out the solution. For the most part, Stephanos does the running around and interviewing while the philosopher offers advice and deductions. A red clay pot, an heirloom from the victim's house, and a piece [...]

Un giallo che si svolge nell'antica Grecia, con Aristotele come deus ex machina. L'ambientazione quindi è originale ed accuratissima dal punto di vista storico e filosofico, si nota che l'autrice è molto preparata sull'argomento. I personaggi sperimentano passioni e sentimenti "moderni", ma filtrati dalle credenze e dalla cultura del tempo, risultando vividi e coerenti. La prosa pur adattandosi perfettamente ad uno stile classico (con tanto di invocazioni saltuarie alle muse) è scorrevole e c [...]

I've stumbled upon this book by chance, as when making an online purchase I was offered the second volume of this series. As I do not like to read series starting by the middle, namely in this genre as, though not always the older cases are needed to understand the background of characters, there are some mentions from time to time that help to understand more of the stories. It happened to me once, while reading Steven Saylor's A Murder on the Apian Way, and since then I always try to read a se [...]

Stephanos is a naïve young Athenian in a tight position. His father has recently died; his only surviving male relative, Philemon has fled into exile after killing a man in a fight; his property is encumbered by a debt he can’t repay; he has a house full of women to support and little to manage it with. When cousin Philemon is accused of a murder that Stephanos has stumbled upon by accident one morning, Stephanos must dodge the charge of collusion while assuming the role of defender, lining h [...]

A particular crime novel, set in the streets of ancient Athens, during the expansion of Alexander the Great. While Stefanos, young and inexperienced, as the eldest son of his late father Nichiarco, tries to fulfill his duties with regard to the family, finds himself having to defend his cousin charged with the murder of the rich Buotades. Being in trouble, decide to seek help from his old teacher, Aristotle. So begins a race against time to prove the innocence of his cousin, but at the same time [...]

For the first half of this book, Aristotle is a detective in the same way as Nero Wolfe--detecting from his armchair. Later he goes out to seek some answers himself. Stephanos, his former student, is the active participant in the detecting. Lots of philosophical points made, if you can catch them; e.g at one point Aristotle says, "If Philemon did not do it, someone in the class non-Philemon did it." That's Aristotle all right -- proving theorems and building hypotheses.

ARISTOTLE DETECTIVE is a fun, straightforward mystery novel set in Athens during the reign of Alexander of Macedonia. Margaret Doody appropriates Aristotle, arguably the second greatest of all philosophers, as her leading character in this detective series. In this, the inaugural story, he enables a former student to clear the name of his cousin who is falsely accused of murder. The plot is fairly predictable, but yet good enough that I will read further in this series.

This was marvellous. I love detective stories and I especially love detective stories set in well researched history. As a Classicist by formal eduction I've been looking for something set in Ancient Athens for a while.This ticks all boxes - and the best thing? It's the first of a series :)

Mea culpa: ho cominciato a leggere questa serie dal, credo, settimo o ottavo volume. Ogni libro narra una storia autoconclusiva; quindi diciamo che non ne ho sofferto molto. In questo volume la Doody ci presenta per bene Stefanos, e anche Aristotele, che non è esattamente il protagonista, a dispetto del titolo. La ricostruzione di Atene è accurata e affascinante, ma anche a tratti noiosa, perché troppo minuziosa. Questa serie non è un capolavoro, ma ha inaugurato il filone dei personaggi ill [...]

4.5 estrellas en realidad (y todo porque adiviné el asesino desde más o menos la página 340 de 502).Qué libro para bueno y con una combinación genial: Novela negra más mitología/Grecia antigua. Aristóteles y Estéfano como Holmes y Watson, qué dupla! No me decepcionaron para nada, me mantuvieron en vilo siempre! Los amé. Y la trama desde el comienzo tan interesante, el libro no decayó en ninguna parte. Totalmente recomendado.

Having missed the vast majority of references and allusions, suitable appreciation of this book is precluded by my ignorance of ancient Greece. One could spend hours looking up terms and names, if only those for different kinds of pots, let alone what it would take to check the myriad of myths and legends. It speaks for the book that this ignorance is not an impediment to enjoyment. I should read it again with a classical encyclopedia at hand.

The first in a series set in Classical Athens where the philosopher Aristotle investigates mysteries with his young friend, Stephanos. Excellent historical research, engaging characters, interesting mysteries.

3.5 Stars fun and well written. The series looks promising. Will definitely continue.

Bettie's Books

Very witty novel, I look forward to reading the second!

È il primo libro della serie che leggo e non mi è dispiaciuto quindi, se capiterà, leggerò sicuramente qualcos’altro. All’inizio è un po’ lento, anche perché l’autrice si dilunga in passaggi che potevano esser tranquillamente evitati, poi però si riprende e diventa più coinvolgente. Certo non siamo ai livelli di Christie o Doyle, ma piuttosto a quelli della Comastri Montanari, ma è comunque una lettura piacevole e scorrevole. Interessanti le descrizioni degli ambienti e della vi [...]

This is the first of the series, which combines information about Aristotle and the classical Greek justice system with standard clues surrounding, in this case, a murder caused by an arrow to the throat. Add in details on Greek pottery and ancient arms and you have an enjoyable quick read.

La prima avventura di Stefanos ed Aristotele, assolutamente godibile

The writing style felt very different to meIt was completely different from what i'm used to reading! It took me at least 1 chapter to get used to itybe one or 2 more to get into the story (it felt a bit dull in the beginning). It does captivate by the time you get halfway through the book. Worth one readbut it's not a book I'll be keeping in my bookshelf

Bello, perché la chiave non è il gialloLa descrizione vivida e (credo) fedele della vita quotidiana ad Atene nel III secolo avanti Cristo, espressa in prima persona in modo del tutto naturale, è la cosa che più mi è piaciuta in questa bella storia. Come nel 'Nome della rosa', il crimine efferato è solo un cavallo di Troia per portarci altrove a comprendere l'attualità di altri tempi. E, dove c'è la competenza e la maestria nel farlo, il risultato è piacevolissimo e ci arricchisce.

Libro consigliato dispiace parlarne male, diciamo però che forse non mi sorbirò gli altri della serie, che sembra parecchio consistente. Questo è comunque il primo, ambientato negli anni di Aristotele appunto, con Alessandro Magno che scorrazza per l'Asia Minore e Dario che è appena stato sconfitto. Non sono assolutamente in grado di verificare che ci siano stati degli errori nel descrivere quella che poteva essere l'Atene di quegli anni, ma sembra comunque che tutto sommato, circa 2500 anni [...]

Giallo storico di ottima qualità, con un'ambientazione curata e credibile, Atene ormai all'inizio della sua decadenza e il grande Alessandro impegnato nella conquista dell'Impero Persiano. Aristotele nei panni di un detective probabilmente è una forzatura, ma è corretto riportare a lui tutti gli epigoni della logica deduttiva, da Sherlock Holmes in poi. Nel romanzo della Doody lo stagirita rimane sempre dietro le quinte, più come Nero Wolfe che come Holmes, mentre il protagonista Stefanos è [...]

I don't know where to start; maybe I should begin with all the historic inaccuracies which are mostly unimportant details in naval technology, but what really ticked me off was the notion that you could identify a personal handwriting from letters carved in clay approx. 2000 years before something like a personal handwriting even existed! Let alone that a rich household would have had an educated slave to handle the writing. But this is presented as a key piece of evidence in the end Or maybe I [...]

Atenas, 332 A.C uma cidade dominada por Alexandre o Grande. Uma cidade onde se acentuam as diferenças sociais e onde ocorre um brutal assassinato, cuja resolução é levada a cabo pelo jovem Estefano auxiliado pela mente brilhante de Aristóteles.Uma história de intriga, política e sobrevivência social onde provar a inocência é um desafio não só interior como perante todos os que abafam todo o mistério, senhores cuja posição em Atenas pesa Ouro e que tudo fazem para esconder segredos [...]

Narrada en primera persona desde la perspectiva de Estéfano, un joven ateniense, en el pasado alumno de Aristóteles.El joven debe defender en el tribunal el honor de su primo que, estando exiliado, al parecer ha regresado a Atenas para asesinar a un vecino. Estéfano, que no tiene experiencia legal, pide ayuda a Aristóteles, que va conduciendo sus investigaciones para desenredar la trama. En este volumen el viejo filósofo aparece sólo en algunas escenas de esta historia desarrollada entre A [...]

Nice little historical mystery. Very well researched as to period, and the Aristotle portrait was plausible, if not quite as I'd imagine him. I've always rather liked Aristotle.I also quite liked the narrator who played watson - not a major "character part" like Aristotle, but a nice young fellow. Good portrait of athenian home life.

Mystery set in ancient Athens with Aristotle supplying the logic and directions for his former student who is defending his cousin, charged with murder! Clever premise and interesting view of life in ancient times.

Ένα ευχάριστο αστυνομικό τοποθετημένο στην Αθήνα του 4ου αιώνα π.Χ. με σωστή αναπαράσταση εποχής και χωρλις ιστορικές στρεβλώσεις, με ωραία πλοκή και σασπένς. Ο Αριστοτέλης σε ρόλο Πουαρώ και ο νεαρός πρωταγωνιστής ένας ευχάριστος Χάστινγκς λύνουν μια υπόθεση που τα έχει ό [...]

Pretty good. The 'twist' at the end was not particularly unique but the story was well told and the historical aspects were woven into the narrative with a light hand.The 'investigating' slowed the pace but retained my interest and the conclusion was swift and exciting.

4stelle e1/2 per questo romanzo giallo davvero ben scritto e dalla trama ben architettata e ricca di colpi di scena. Un ritmo non incalzante, ma comunque avvincente. Un bel libro e ringrazio chi me lo ha consigliato!! Thank you, "Mister Wolf"!

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