Cold Plague

Daniel Kalla

Cold Plague

Cold Plague

  • Title: Cold Plague
  • Author: Daniel Kalla
  • ISBN: 9780765318336
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover

Pristine water hidden for millions of years, untouched by pollution, and possessing natural healing powers is found miles under Antarctic ice The scientists who make this astonishing discovery stand to win worldwide acclaim and earn billions While people around the world line up for a taste of the therapeutic water, a cluster of new cases of mad cow disease explodePristine water hidden for millions of years, untouched by pollution, and possessing natural healing powers is found miles under Antarctic ice The scientists who make this astonishing discovery stand to win worldwide acclaim and earn billions While people around the world line up for a taste of the therapeutic water, a cluster of new cases of mad cow disease explodes in a rural French province Dr Noah Haldane and his World Health Organization team are urgently summoned.Fresh from a brush with a pandemic flu, Noah recognizes the deadliness of a prion the enigmatic microscopic protein responsible for mad cow disease that kills with the speed and ferocity of a virus Despite intense international pressure to declare the outbreak a random occurrence, Noah suspects that factors other than nature have ignited the prion s spread among animals and people in France Facing a spate of disappearances and unexplained deaths, Noah uncovers a conspiracy that stretches from St Petersburg, Russia, to Beverly Hills, and from the North to the South Pole He soon realizes that the scientific find of the century a lake the size of Lake Superior buried three miles under Antarctica might hold the key to a microscopic Jurassic Park.With a billion dollar industry hanging on his silence, Noah has to stay alive long enough to sound the alarm.

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A little difficult to follow with so many characters and places. I even had to go back a few times to figure out who someone was and why they might be important. I am glad I stuck with it and finished reading it - but I was tempted to give up at times. Having lived in England shortly before Mad Cow disease was discovered there it has always been a threat. Not any less scary now after reading this book.

You know how sometimes you pick up a book for a buck at a library book sale and it turns out to be a gem? Well, this is not one of those books.It sounded good: Water tapped from a pristine Antarctic lake is touted to have miraculous healing powers. At the same time, new cases of mad cow disease break out in rural France. Is there a connection? Of course there is. Turns out, the water is more deadly than beneficial. But therapeutic water is a big business and those who stand to profit will go to [...]

An amazing novel, similar to a Crichton novel! Constant plot and character twists, kept me capitivated to the very end! A must read if you enjoy medical and mystery novels!

I thought this was a very different book than it was. With the title COLD PLAGUE I thought there was going to be a plague of epic proportions, but there was not. There was an issue, but it wasn't as worldwide as I thought it would be. I did like the book though. I felt that most of the characters were well written and the dialogue was good without being too far science based. Now several have compared it to the work of Michael Crichton, which is is not even close, but it was interesting and the [...]

I expected more. Instead this book is a half baked rehash of many other thrillers. Female characters, for example, are always defined by their looks while men are defined by their achievements. The science is fine but where is the suspense or the mystery? From the first we know what the problem is and who the villains are. Sadly once again reminded why so-called thrillers are really rather a bore.

His best yet

Formulaic he was telegraphing the plot from miles away

4.0 out of 5 stars "The purest water on earth" is deadlyThe two doctors with the World Health Organization who appeared in the novel, Pandemic, Dr. Noah Haldane and Dr. Duncan McLeod, join forces with the European Union's department of agriculture representative Elise Renard to analyze several recent cases of what appears to be a variant of Creutzfelt-Jakob Disease. When the team arrives in Limoges, France, to begin their investigation into seven mad cows, they quickly discover that this rapidly [...]

I've read other books of Kalla's, but this one sat on my shelf for a while, probably because it didn't sound as medically oriented as the others, but in advance of the biggest snowfall ever to hit our area, it seemed like the right time to read 'Cold Plague'. The book opens with a European team of scientists and businessmen successfully drilling through the Antarctic ice to reach a lake previously untouched by man, with the former individuals interested in what might be in the water, and the lat [...]

This is Daniel Kalla at his best. I am a big fan of thrillers and of this author; none of his books have disappointed me. Cold Blood is fast paced, smartly written to capture ones interest and is extremely suspenseful, a real page turner.The story starts when a group of scientists discovers a way to tap the water from pristine Lake Vostok located beneath the ice of Antarctica. We follow their research and exploit at the South Pole. Clever marketing has people worldwide lining up for a taste of t [...]

This was an interesting story with a lot of potential because of the creative and plausible way for a biological pathogen to be discovered. The same prions that cause Mad Cow Disease are found to be present in water taken from a lake that has been discovered buried under ice for millions of years. However the way these prions are introduced into to the population was a not near as plausible. But even if that was acceptable, then I really had trouble with the extreme and detailed efforts taken to [...]

NOTE: I was unable to read this book!! It looks like a great plot, however, I was unable to read beyond 2 1/2 pages, plus the acknowledgements and author's note (science behind the book.) I had the book for 9 weeks from the library, and I have reached the end of my renewals, so I will finally give up.I don't know why I was unable to read thisDaniel Kalla's writing style seems close to Robin Cook and Michael Connolly, both of whom I enjoy. I guess it could be just a case of too much other books t [...]

The main character is a famous doctor who just came off saving the world from a deadly disease, and is once again called into action for a 'mad cow' case. Him and his colleagues investigate as normal but as they learn more and more they discover that this is more than a simple outbreak and their very lives may be at risk.This was a really enjoyable, spy, medical thriller. It is very deep, features many characters and a twist and turn at every chapter end. I would recommend keeping a pen and pape [...]

I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. The main characters were likeable and all the conspiracies actually made sense, unlike a lot of big corporation cover-ups I read about. A few times I felt like we were given unnecessary information, such as being dropped into South Korea for one chapter. I get that Kalla wanted to give the feeling that this prion could be a worldwide issue, but we didn't need a random character to show that, especially when the whole novel was already sa [...]

I wanted to like this book much better than I did. I'm a big fan of Michael Crichton's scientific thrillers, and this one promised to be in a similar vein. Starting out with drilling into an Antarctic lake for what would theoretically be the most pure water in the world (and thus setting up an opportunity to look at the bottled water industry) and ranging through cases of bovine spongiform encephalitis ("mad cow disease") and its human equivalent (Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, or "kuru"), the scient [...]

This started out really catching my attention but seem to bog down and drag to the end. Starting out with scientist finding a lake of pristine water, hidden for millions of years, untouched by pollution, and possessing natural healing powers, under miles of ice in the Antarctic. Suddenly cases of "mad cow" disease like never seen before are popping up in Europe there a connection? Add in kidnapping, women suddenly disappearing and GREED! from the possible billions of dollars that the so-called " [...]

I usually am not the biggest fan of the medical thriller. However, Cold Plague got me addicted to the idea of the prion, and it's potential danger. It spawned one of the first short stories that I wrote.Daniel Kalla's writing feels very similar to Michael Crichton. Both authors have medical backgrounds and it shows in the writing.This story is well paced and haunting. Overall, I enjoyed the book but am fully aware that it is not for everyone.You will fully cook your meals after reading this book [...]

What a fun and interesting read! Interesting, because the setting toggles between Antarctica and France, with a plot involving digging deep into an ancient Antarctic lake for the purest water on the planet, and fun because of the really nice, surprising twists and turns throughout the book.Fun also, because the author brought back Duncan, that wise-cracking Scotsman, who, in my mind, steals the show.Suspense; greed; epidemic plague; it's all good.

I decided to read this title because it deals with Mad-Cow disease, like I need to feel more paranoid whenever I eat a juicy steak! I don't read adult fiction much and find it a bit boring at times. I'm a third of the way through the book and so far not much has been solved. I have not been able to tell the good guys from the bad guys for the most part. I'm hoping it won't make me want to give up beef again! I'll update this when I am finished with the book.

3 star science/medical thriller (top 50% of the genre). Set largely in France with a 5-star "minor" character, an Afro-French female detective. Mad cow disease and a possible prion epidemic in humans. A For my full review, see ScienceThrillers

Sadly, I figured out the murder weapon before the close of the first one hundred pages. While I thoroughly enjoyed Pandemic, I'm not sure if Kalla is as guilty as "telling" instead of "showing" with that book as he was with this one.

Loved this! Sciency, crimey, thrillerish! Like Michael Crichton only less preachy and detail-oriented. Great if you hate getting bogged down I'm details but like a science theme. All the Kalla books that I have read are like this.

The book was convoluted and there were too many characters to keep straightbut I'm glad I hung in there and finished reading it. The ending paid off. Interesting topic, science stuff like this is cool, but at times the writing felt very juvenile.

I would have to say this is one of Kalla's best, probably because it was suspenseful without bordering on the totally incredible (like in previous books, where one scientist saves the world, over, and over, and over again)

Snack time! A good book for a lazy Sunday. Fans of the modern science thriller and armchair science nerds like me will find this story to be very predictable and not one of the finest examples of the genre, but it certainly isn't the worst.

This was a very interesting book. I love a story that goes in many directions and involves many people. That was this book. It was a quick read I do recommend it. It showed that money becomes an idol and people will go as far as they can to worship it!

Interesting and educational story about prions and infection set in Antarctica. Based on possibilities similar to the way Robin Cook takes something medical and possible and creates a tale of what could happen if we are not diligent.

it was oke story line was really interesting, but it was too easy to predict what was going to happen by reading the back coverd i was disappointed in the endingbut, i really liked the connections hat were made and the stuff talking about BSE

If you enjoy medical mysteries like The Hot Zone you would probably enjoy this novel.I say a clip on the news this morning about ancient water that I thought readers of this book would enjoy news.discovery/earth/ancie

its a cold cold plague out there dude

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