Behind Enemy Lines

John Vornholt

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

  • Title: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Author: John Vornholt
  • ISBN: 9780671024994
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

From the Gamma quadrant they came hordes of fierce Jem Hadar warriors commanded by the mysterious Changelings, who will stop at nothing to achieve victory over both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire Now that the Dominion has entered into an unholy alliance with the Cardassian military regime and seized control of Deep Space Nine, Starfleet finds itFrom the Gamma quadrant they came hordes of fierce Jem Hadar warriors commanded by the mysterious Changelings, who will stop at nothing to achieve victory over both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire Now that the Dominion has entered into an unholy alliance with the Cardassian military regime and seized control of Deep Space Nine, Starfleet finds itself fighting a losing war against unbeatable odds As mighty fleets clash in the deadly battleground of space, the fate of the entire Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance The Enterprise E is patrolling the Cardassian border, bracing for the joint Dominion Cardassian offensive that Starfleet knows will come soon, when Captain Jean Luc Picard and his crew are reunited with a former crewmate, friend, and enemy Ro Laren The onetime officer, who defected from Starfleet to join the rebel Maquis, brings disturbing news Deep behind enemy lines, the Dominion is attempting to build an artificial wormhole that will allow them to bypass the mined Bajoran wormhole and bring fresh reinforcements into the Alpha Quadrant, altering the balance of power irrevocably If Captain Picard cannot stop the project, the new wormhole will guarantee the ultimate victory of the Dominion

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This is the first book in this four book series, where the first and third books focus on the Enterprise's role in the Dominion War, and the second and fourth focus on a novelization of Deep Space Nine's activities as seen in the TV show.The basic premise is that Captain Picard learns that the Dominion is constructing a man-made wormhole in Cardassian space, using Federation prisoners as slave labor. If they manage to complete the wormhole, then Deep Space Nine's mining of the entrance to the wo [...]

This was a fun adventure into the TNG events of the Dominion War - something I always wondered about while watching DS9.Like most novels of this type, it wasn't amazing and dragged at parts, but I've read a couple of Vornholt's Star Trek books and they tend to be better than others. The writing was good, the plot worked well and there were a lot of good characters.I was bored by Sam Lavelle because the last thing the Star Trek universe needs is more boring generic white guys when it's supposed t [...]

Boy was this a let down. The awesome cover implies that the Enterprise E is going to see some action in the Dominion War, a conspicuous absence in the DS9 TV series, and I thought this might give us some glimpses of what the Enterprise E could do in a space battle. Follow that up with some crew action and drama in dealing with taking down a Dominion threat on the Enterprise. Boy was I wrong. The action is all on the cover in that regard and the book opens, if I remember right, with the Enterpris [...]

The Dominion War was always one of my favorite arcs in the TV show, and when I stumbled across this series which delves deeper into the war, I knew I just had to read it. Even tho it took me about a year to find the second volume (I wanted to have the set so I could read it all in one go).This was a good beginning to dive back into the world and war, it takes place after the fall of Deep Space 9. It also brings Ro Laren back into the fold, a character I always found interesting despite how short [...]

If you have ever wondered where the crew of the Next Generation were during the dominion war then this is the place to start. Some old characters make a reappearance and overall this is a great Star Trek story. I have seen some reviews saying that characters seem a bit off but if anything I felt they were spot on but a little different with it being wartime and up until this point the war was not going well for the Federation. Captain Picard goes on an under cover mission that is just as importa [...]

The Dominion War still stands as my favorite plot of any Star Trek movie or show. While people may debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek, the Dominion War elevated the politics and space battles of Star Trek to Star Wars level. So I remember I couldn't wait to read what the Enterprise and its crew were doing during the war when I was a kid. The story has not held up well over time. I don't find a problem with the basic plot, but the writing just doesn't hold up well. The dialogue is clumsy and most of [...]

Not perfect, not wholly amazing (there were some really glaring editorial errors), but I liked it! Ro is probably my least favorite character, but this book was a Kindle deal, so I gave it a go. No regrets. The pacing is decent and fun, and by the end I was ready for the next part of the story. To me, that makes it a worthy read despite the problems.

I totally forgot that I did read this book once, two years ago. That's bad, because it showed me how this book did not affect me regarding the Star Trek TNG lore. It has a good storyline and Vornholt knows how to make the reader engaged, but it's not enough Unfortunately, it's just like a regular episode of the TV series, not one of those important that we remember for years and years

I am a major star trek loving nerd. I wanted to love this book but it was like a light and fluffy pastry when I was craving a steak. The writing just wasn't all that good even for a Star Trek novel. The characters all felt like cardboard cutouts. Dispite all the faults it was still a fun light, quick read.

Fun book. I haven't read any other Star Trek fiction except a choose your own adventure book when i was in Middle School. This was certainly more engaging. It' just escapist reading, space opera I'd call it.

Pure Trek fun, not super satisfied with the ending but I guess that's why there's another book.

An mostly enjoyable tale that let's us know what the Enterprise-E crew were up to when the Dominion War started. It's set in between seasons 5 and 6 of Deep Space Nine and follows Picard and Ro on an undercover mission to destroy an artificial wormhole that the Dominion has begun work on.It's a short book; it feels to me like it was split into two novels as it ends very abruptly. The writing quality is just serviceable and feels mostly superficial, and there are times when it doesn't feel like t [...]

What did the Enterprise do during the Dominion War? That's pretty much the question parts 1 & 3 of this four-part series sets out to answer (2 & 4 are novelizations of the DS9 episodes covering the major portion of the war, focusing on reclaiming the station at the beginning of s6).It's been a long while since I read this, so I don't quite recall where the divider is between parts 1 & 2, and I don't remember a ton of details, BUT here are the basics:We follow a few different plot lin [...]

The Enterprise-E is patrolling the Cardassian border, bracing for the joint Dominion-Cardassian offensive that Starfleet knows will come, when Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew are reunited with a former crewmate, friend, and enemy: Ro Laren. I'm a big fan of Star Trek. One of the problems I have found is that the Trek books are hit and miss when it comes to be well written. Well here is one. I loved this book! The story line is awesome and expands on the Star Trek Universe. There are 3 more [...]

I wasn't sure about having Ro Laren back. She always seemed so two-dimensional on Star Trek: The Next Generation, very much, "I'm Bajoran, and didn't have a childhood, and so now the galaxy owes me big". She didn't grate as much during this book, and seeing parts of the Dominion War from a perspective other than what happened on and around Deep Space Nine and the Defiant was brilliant too.

I was a big fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Once of that show's defining story arcs was concerned with the United Federation of Planets interstellar war against the Dominion. This novel takes place during that conflict and lets the reader in on what the starship Enterprise and its trusty crew were up to at the time. I enjoyed this book as well.

A fast paced and fun space war story. Much better than a few other Star Trek novels that dragged on. This was a great and exciting opening to what seems to be a fun space war saga that spans 4 books. Looking forward to the rest.

A GREAT BookThis is an AwEsOmE Star Trek book. It's filled with everything you love about Star Trek. However, this is only book one and it left me hanging on the edge of my seat. I must read the next in the series. I highly recommend it as a great book

A far more graphic representation of war in the 24th century than anything committed to film, Behind Enemy Lines is at times hard to read and impossible to put down.

Good book. A good Trek read. Lost of action and about three plots moving at once.

A fun adventure that fills in some of the gap of what was going on with the crew of the Enterprise E during the Dominion War.

My notes: ordinarydream/startrek

It was glueing.

A good read. I love Star Trek:TNG

I thnik a lot of the "Star Trek" books, begin to look a likeybe I have read to many of them ?? :-)

This book was just another fun read.

This shows what the Enterprise gets up to in the Dominion War. The idea that the Founders are tryingto create their own wormhole is a good one. It just feels rushed and short. An ok read.

Cashgrab Cashgrab Cashgrab Cashgrab Cashgrab Cashgrab. I know this because a Star trek nerd and my money were soon parted.

I like the subplot to the Dominion War. Nice to know some of what the Enterprise was up to.

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