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  • Title: Soulminder
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9781497646209
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback

In this new book by the author of Blackcollar and the 1 New York Times bestselling Heir to the Empire, Timothy Zahn imagines a technology that could alter our perception of life and death forever For Dr Adrian Sommers, a split second of driving while distracted leads to tragedy and obsession His family destroyed, he devotes his entire being to developing Soulminder, aIn this new book by the author of Blackcollar and the 1 New York Times bestselling Heir to the Empire, Timothy Zahn imagines a technology that could alter our perception of life and death forever For Dr Adrian Sommers, a split second of driving while distracted leads to tragedy and obsession His family destroyed, he devotes his entire being to developing Soulminder, a technology that might have saved his son as he wavered on the edge of death Sommers s vision is to capture a dying person s life essence and hold it safely in stasis while physicians heal the body from injury or disease Years of experimentation finally end in success but those who recognize Soulminder s possibilities almost immediately corrupt its original concept to pursue dangerous new frontiers body swapping, obstruction of justice, extortion, and perhaps even immortality.

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Bullet Review:More episodic in nature, the premise of this collection is "What if instead of dying, you get a second chance?" While many of the stories are mere mysteries in the vein of several plots in Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot", the book does take time to bring up some real mind benders.Lacking in female presence and favoring Zahn's intricate, well-thought out plots, this book is one of a type I don't see much these days but were prevalent in the 60's and 70's. 4-stars is probably too high, but [...]

~3.5Adrian Sommer hasn't been the same since the car crash that destroyed his family. Ever since, he has been obsessed with a single project: the creation of a device that he calls "Soulminder." Sommer believes in the soul as a single, indivisible entity that is expelled from the body during death. If the soul can be trapped and held, then perhaps it can be safely preserved while a body is healed. Then those impossible, untimely deaths--like the death of a child after a car accident--can be stav [...]

I'm going to keep this review short, because I don't like ragging on books.Perhaps I wasn't the target market for this, but I really (really) didn't enjoy Soulminder. I mean, I didn't hate it, and nothing about it pissed me offwhich actually would have been better.I was simply apathetic, which is the worst way to feel about a book.You flip through, finish the book, and breathe a sigh of relief that you can move on.The premise was uninspired and uninteresting, the characters were flat, and the wr [...]

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is an instant genre classic. An inspiring mix of Michael Crichton's mastery of the science in science fiction and Robert Heinlein's mastery of the sociology of the future, this book tells the story of an invention that changes the course of the future and how humanity reacts to it.The protagonist reflects Ian Malcolm's classic line, "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that [...]

(I got a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)3.5 stars.Mostly I liked the dilemmas that the Soulminder invention itself presented: a tool born from a dream, from a ruined family, in the hopes of helping other people, but whose use quickly gets perverted for recreational or even oppressive means. The aime behind the Soulminder project was almost too innocent, so much that I could only see it getting twisted at some point or other.The novel explores some of those aspects (the [...]

Originally published at Reading RealitySoulminder completely surprised me, and I mean that in a good way. It’s the first thing I’ve read by Timothy Zahn, but I doubt it will be the last.This one makes you think, one of the goals that science fiction often aspires to but does not always achieve.What if you could live forever? What if anyone could live forever, if they were rich enough, or lucky enough (or unprincipled enough)? How would society change if signing up for immortality was just an [...]

I have heard so many great things about this author, who has written more than forty science fiction novels, but I was disappointed with Soulminder.It tells the story of an invention by Adrian Sommer and Jessica Sands of a method to isolate the soul from the body. The "Soulminder" - like a heart-lung machine, works to “trap” the essence of a person who has died, so that if the body can be repaired, the soul can then be put back into it. The Soulminder becomes mankind’s ticket to immortalit [...]

Soulminder was an amazing book. Timothy Zahn provided a massive and addictive plot by introducing a wide variety of character, side stories, and points of view about the main story. Through deep description and intense plot twists, the author managed to tie all of this books aspects together in the end. I enjoyed this book because of its ingenious combination of political drama, action packed events, character self-struggles and world-changing decision making. This was the perfect mixture of sci [...]

In a series of interconnected stories with reoccurring characters, Timothy Zahn follows Dr. Adrian Sommers from a self-absorbed, albeit altruistic inventor to the head of company that constantly needs to think through the implications and consequences his success has wrought on the world. Along the way he gains some invaluable allies that care for the concept and dream of Soulminder as he does. In the end this allows him to succeed in his last mission to preserve the escence of his dream. A work [...]

When it comes to stories outside the realm of Star Wars, Timothy Zahn writes some pretty interesting sci-fi tales. Soulminder is no different. However, Zahn’s approach to the story is unique. Rather than focusing on a single character or a strange civilization, he tackles the outcome of an invention. The crux of the story is what happens when you invent something so revolutionary that it changes the entire world? More importantly, how do you keep said invention from being misused? In Soulminde [...]

About a quarter of the way into the book I was wondering if I was going to finish it. The premise I thought was brilliant, but I found the execution lacking (in the beginning portion of the book). By the end of the book I could hardly put it down. We follow the ethical struggles of Adrian Sommers as he tries to implement this new life-saving technology into society. Sommers wants to use the ability to store people's "souls" while their body is repaired for good. Others want to abuse this ability [...]

It's been a while since I read Zahn's novels, but they remain sort of a fallback for me: I happily pick one up every now and then as a break from my other reading. In Soulminder, Zahn develops a very typical what if? scenario that traditional science fiction is all about: what if we could trap human life force (or soul) from escaping the body when it dies - thus giving doctors more time to fix the body up and then restore the "soul" to it?The novel explores the idea mainly through the eyes of a [...]

I received this book through First Reads.The idea of the story was interesting enough and the writing was decent, even though I thought some use of words to describe a way a character spoke became repetitive, overall I thought it was forgettable. There was really nothing wrong with it but once I finished the book I didn't think much more about it and just moved on to read something else. It's unfortunate when I feel this way about a book and I feel I should say more about it but nothing else re [...]

I'm a huge fan of Mr. Zahn's work. Soulminder seemed a bit of a departure from his normal sci-fi. The premise of the book is intriguing for sure, and the writing, as always, is superb. The book is set up similarly to his Cobra series, with short chapters and forays into glimpses of the character's lives. I found myself wanting more of the story at the end of each chapter. It's a good read, I would recommend it.

I'm probably biased since there's a character in this book named Colonel Janine Spendlove, but I loved it! Great read, made me think, and had an incredibly satisfying end I never would have predicted.

Really cool book and concept. This is the first non-Star Wars book I have read of Zahn and I found it entertaining. The writing gets the job done. It isn't amazingly eloquent but it works fine. There was plenty of the slightly overdone potboiler tropes. Lots of characters barking out laughter or snarling at people or biting off every word as they talked. It gets a little distracting but I was able to overlook it. The book is set in a future in which modern medicine has discovered a way to essent [...]

Excellent, but not quite exceptional. After reading Thrawn, I needed reassurance that Zahn's characters and plots could still thoroughly grab and hold my attention, and here Soulminder delivers. The characters are all interesting and have logical, fleshed-out motivations. The plot is divided into six different "chapters" that play out more like chronological, interconnected short stories that mostly follow the same characters over a long period of time. This means that we get to skip the busywor [...]

This review contains spoilers for Chapter 1.This book was fascinating. More so for its structure than for its content, in my opinion. The book centers on the invention of a medical marvel. A method for storing the "soul" or "life-force" or whatever you want to call it, after death is discovered. You soul is held in stasis until your body can be healed and then it is reinserted and you continue about your life. All of this happens in the first chapter of the book. The rest of the book delves into [...]

This is science fiction with a bit of suspense/action mixed in. The premise is awesome and very frightening. The author does not spare the reader from the possibilities of abusing the "Soulminder". The characters are good, but I did feel like the two main characters, Dr. Sommer and Dr. Sands, could have been fleshed-out better. Some of the things they said and did seems to contradict their personalities. Still, a good read.

Solid, easily read, sci-fi. This is not to say that it is a simple or light book, but that it is well written and the author has taken care to make the readers understanding paramount without dumbing anything down. The premise is interesting and handled well without wandering into some of the more annoying directions it could have gone. I really liked the way it ended, fulfilling and not entirely predictable.

Zahn keeps delivering good reading :DI must admit a had Zahn filed under the guy who wrote the Thrawn series (which I liked a lot) and never considered any of his other books.I got this gem in a Humble Bundle and it was extremely nice.Interesting idea, well developed plot that developed right until the end of the book.Highly recommended.

Fun read with interesting dilemmas regarding how an ability to separate souls from bodies could be used, for both good and bad.

A thrilling, boldly executed story about technology that can literally save your soul until your body can be healed!What if your body died, your soul was saved and then stored until the body could be completely healed? Then what if your soul could be replaced back into your body like nothing ever happened? That's the premise behind Timothy Zahn's newest book. Dr. Adrian Sommers, working for years developing this technology with his partner, Jessica Sands, finally has the breakthrough he needs. I [...]

A very thought provoking book! Timothy Zahn is my son's favorite author. He suggested that I read it and I am glad that I did. It seemed a little dark for me at first but slowly began to give me new insights and thoughts into technology and how it can effect our lives in good and bad ways.

Soulminder is less a novel than a series of short-stories connected by a single premise. It starts with the creation of the device and then begins to explore the use--and misuse--of a device that holds within it the absolute power over life and death.The first chapter throws a lot at you without establishing a good base to stand on. I have no clue how tech like Soulminder, the ability to capture the spiritual essence of a person, would even be possible. Are the machines able to trap the souls du [...]

Adrian Sommer, great character, lost his 5 year old son in a car accident and is driven to find a way to allow medicine more time to save lives. He teams with Jessica Sands to create Soulminder. Written as seven novella/novelettes each focusing on different problems and/or abuses of this technology. At least four of these stories I read in Analog, but long enough ago that rereading them was fresh. I Pray the Lord My Soul to KeepAdrian Sommer and Jessica Sands develop a device to capture a person [...]

An intriguing premiseWhen Dr Adrian Sommer loses his young son in a vehicle accident, he dedicates his life to finding a way to prevent such unnecessary deaths in the future. In partnership with Dr Jessica Sands, he develops the Soulminder machine which can trap the life force or "soul" at what would normally be the point of death. This enables the soul to be held in a form of limbo while the doctors put the patient's body to rights, and then to be returned to it. At first the machine is seen as [...]

What Timothy Zahn has managed to do in Soulminder is ask, what happens when the human soul meets technology? And in answering that question, Zahn explores both the glorious benefits and the tragic downfalls of the two meeting as one. Soulminder is a technology that can "trap" the human soul as it leaves the bodies of the recently deceased. This ability to store the soul opens up many opportunities for the medical community. A person is injured in a car wreck, a disease wins its battle against th [...]

This cannot be said to be Zahn's best work (see his original Star Wars trilogy and the Conquerors' Saga), but it is certainly his most spiritual, and the closest he's gotten to "hard" SF. It is also his most important work, from a philosophical/social perspective. Most impressive to me is his basic assumption of mind-body dualism: the reductionist position held by so many modern neuroscientists (i.e "meat and wetware"; the "mind" as a fiction that merely emanates from the brain and its processes [...]

Originally posted on my blog, SpecFic Junkie.Soulminder had a lot of potential. Potential that in some ways, it filled, but in others, it left me wanting. All-in-all, it's a pretty easy read with an entertaining plot, but the plot holes and stereotypes get to you after a while.The premise of Soulminder is that a doctor grieving for his dead five-year-old son decides to find a way to postpone death—trapping people's souls until their body has healed. Once he succeeds, he has to deal with the mo [...]

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