The Warlords of Andromeda

Dean C. Moore

The Warlords of Andromeda

The Warlords of Andromeda

  • Title: The Warlords of Andromeda
  • Author: Dean C. Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Three hundred years after Earth s sentient internet takes the planet into Singularity and out of spacetime to avoid a sun going supernova ahead of schedule, the fleeing Martian colonists have found another kind of liberation Using space warping ships they spread their seed across Andromeda But if Frakas, the genius bioengineer who created a new Cambrian explosion of humaThree hundred years after Earth s sentient internet takes the planet into Singularity and out of spacetime to avoid a sun going supernova ahead of schedule, the fleeing Martian colonists have found another kind of liberation Using space warping ships they spread their seed across Andromeda But if Frakas, the genius bioengineer who created a new Cambrian explosion of humanoid life, and the first of the hundred year men, clones designed to uplift souls, were enough to see them through the first leg of their journey, they are not around to be leaned on any So begins the second of The Hundred Year Clone sagas, THE WARLORDS OF ANDROMEDA, and the reign of Dargan, the second clone But will the ingenious tactics of Dargan s warlords be enough to unseat the powers threatening the empire from within as well as from without Or will these highly evolved humanoid species merely use their genetic and cybernetic enhancements to make better war on a scale never before imagined, using imaginative methods only such technological breakthroughs not to mention sprawling space armadas could accommodate

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This is the second book in Dean C Moore's series The Hundred Year Clones. In part allegory, in part epic Space Opera, the story tells a story of a future human world, where humans have escaped our solar system and an exploding planet Mars to create wellIn an allegory of today's 1%, the super rich of the future seed planets with sub-intelligent life forms to be harvested and eaten. In one harrowing early scene, we follow two life-long friends as they lead an attack on the incoming harvesting robo [...]

This is the second book in Dean C Moore’s absolutely fabulous epic series, the Hundred Year Clones. The Warlords of Andromeda really follows on from the first book, instantly making it a must read in the ever evolving and developing universe that Moore has created. Moore writes with such depth and has an ingenious mind for battle and its tactics. For any sci – fi / action lover this book and series is a must read.

A fascinating sci-fi novel involving the struggle of humanoids dispersed throughout the known universe. But nothing it seems has changed. While the many suffer, the oligarchy flourishes, just onboard a luxurious, immense and extraordinary mother ship. Their voraciousness knows no bounds as they harvest outer space in the manner of an intergalactic ‘Scramble for Africa’. Enter the protagonist, a 100 year-old clone called Dargan, who galvanises the downtrodden in a heroic fashion worthy of Gre [...]

An epic mind blowing science fiction adventure unlike any I have traversed. The depth and complexity of the story had me enthralled throughout. I found myself marveling at the amazing detail the author was able to weave into the story from page one. The kind of detail only a master story teller can achieve, not just in the well developed characters, but also the overall landscape of every scene that took place on the plethora of new and exciting worlds drawn into this fine tale. I felt as though [...]

This is a tale of rebellion and revolution as ordinary humanoids, now spread across galaxies, struggle against a corrupt system. The unscrupulous privileged few live in luxury on an Earth sized spaceship where self-replicating robots maintain their environment. The ship plunders every planet it passes in the same way colonial powers used to steal resources from the weaker third world countries they conquered.Who can stop the looting? Who can stand up to the destruction? Answer; a hundred year cl [...]

n amazing tale of sci-fi adventure. If you are not a sci-fi fan you will still love this amazing story because it combines a lot of fact combined with science fiction and is the tale of an epic struggle between good and evil. Something that seems to go on every day no matter which planet you happen to call home. I have to say I enjoyed reading this book much more than I thought I would reminiscent of star wars although I like the characters better. I like some sci-fi but not all and that's why I [...]

'The Hundred Year Clones: The Warlords of Andromeda' by Dean C. Moore is the second book in the EPIC saga. I already enjoyed the first book and was familiar with the concept, and thus continued reading this one in one go. Again I wasn't disappointed as it has all the elements of the first book,although this one is more sci-fi than the first which was a blend of fantasy and sc-fi. It's filled with suspense and mystery and a page-turner. The battle is one. Who will prevail? What will the outcome b [...]

This second part of Dean C Moore's Hundred Year Clones series showcases more of the author's incisive, yet epic writing. He has a real talent for creating vast, epic sci-fi sagas whilst raising deep thematic issues. This is a bit more of straight-laced sci-fi epic than the first of the Hundred Year Clones stories, but that doesn't mean it's lost that clever streak of subtext. Recommended if you like stories of heroic rebels fighting tooled-up empires, but with real literary substance.

Dean C. Moore's other epic series. This is a story that on the surface has universe changing things going on, but deep down about two men's battle of will with eachother. You get a real sense from the outset that the two are something special. Moore weaves the story so well that you can't wait until they finally come head to head.

This volume is as big and exciting as the first installment. This book takes place on epic scale with a large cast of characters, cool technologies and competing armies all fighting for supremacy.

The Hundred Year Clones: The Warlords of Andromeda by Author Dean C. MooreThis Sci-Fi epic novel is the second book in this series but as of yet I have not had the good fortune of reading the first. However, it is quite easy to get caught up in the gist of things without having done so. Author C. Dean is a talented author with a well-honed and creative imagination.In "The Hundred Year Clones" he continues with the epic battle between good and evil which in many ways mirrors some of the activity [...]

I'm lucky enough to have been gifted the entire series for review purposes and each instalment has kept me gripped. If you've read the first book in the series, this review is pointless because you already know the quality to expect and you'll not be let down.For everyone else,here goes The plot focuses around humanoids involved in an inter-galactic struggle which has many parallels with the world in which we live. The wealthy live aboard a planet-sized spaceship and plunder every world in their [...]

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