The Reluctant Journey of David Connors: A Novel

Don Locke

The Reluctant Journey of David Connors: A Novel

The Reluctant Journey of David Connors: A Novel

  • Title: The Reluctant Journey of David Connors: A Novel
  • Author: Don Locke
  • ISBN: 9781600061523
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

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David Connorsa uncovers an old carpetbag that he soon learns possesses the unique ability to conjure up peculiar gifts for people he encounters items that are exactly what they need.One such stranger is the sweet but feisty Maggie, who gets swept up in the mystery as the miraculous carpetbag leads them both on an imaginative journey, challenging David s heart as it illuminDavid Connorsa uncovers an old carpetbag that he soon learns possesses the unique ability to conjure up peculiar gifts for people he encounters items that are exactly what they need.One such stranger is the sweet but feisty Maggie, who gets swept up in the mystery as the miraculous carpetbag leads them both on an imaginative journey, challenging David s heart as it illuminates their steps.

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Gripping. That's the best word I can think of to describe this book. I was pulled into it from the very beginning, and stayed engaged throughout the entire book. I saw some similarities to "It's a Wonderful Life" -- and yet this story is unique and contemporary. The characters are well-developed and none too perfect. The pace is quick, and the emotions intense. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!For more on this book, please check out my blog. kays-read-scrap-live

An unusual take on antecedence and reconciliation, this book was an enjoyable read. The narrative is first person, but it was as if I was reading a third person narrator - almost a detached observer, which made it fascinating and somehow more intense. Coming to terms with emotional remnants is a universal dilemma and Don deals with this in a tender and imaginative story. I am glad I read it.

Things were just fine with David until Kathy, the love of his life, became born again. He went to church a few times with her, but he didn't like how he felt there and didn't go back. The marriage counselor told him he needed to get in touch with his feelings - he drank out of fear and to make himself numb. What did the counselor know anyway! That's what he thought then, but here he was out on this ledge despising God for this screwed up life. He was feeling too much now – he wanted it to stop [...]

i received this book from bookmooch yesterday in the mail. i needed an uplifting read, so i started it as soon as i could. the overall story is interesting, captivating, and fairly unique. it is the author's first book and you can tell. the plot and dialogue are, at points, forced. i enjoyed the character and settings immensely but there was some quality about the story that made me feel like i was being dragged along by the words and action instead of a partner in the journey. if this was the [...]

I bought the book because I wanted to see if this guy is stalking me. My name is David Connors, and I have been on a reluctant journey or two. I like the premise of the book — the magic carpet bag as a portal/guide to the past. Although it's not really magic, it is miraculous, since this book is at heart a Christian book. You could recommend it to your sainted mother.The two main characters are well presented. David, I hate to say, is very frustrating. Irritating, even. You want to give him a [...]

This book is by the same author as "The Day the Wind Whispered my Name" which I loved. This book was written before that one, and about the same character as an adult. This book was nothing like the other one. This was like a Hallmark made for TV Movie.feel good, magical, "God is taking you on an adventure", unexplained "angels", etc. It didn't make sense that it was the same author, about the same kid. The quality of writing, the feel of the book, the whole thing was confusing. If I hadn't have [...]

Forgiveness of oneself may well be the most difficult challenge of a person's lifetime; thus is the case with David Connors. In a surprisingly believable fiction story, Don Locke has managed to intertwine some incredibly different genres all into one, and take his readers on their own journey of self-discovery, right along with David. We all possess "baggage" of one sort or another, which allows us to connect with these characters who, just like us, often struggle on a daily basis to try and mer [...]

David Conners is a man whose life is in shatters when his wife tells him she no longer loves him. On the brink of committing suicide he finds a mysterious, familiar carpet bag that appears empty but produces unusual objects which happen to be exactly what the various people David meets need. In an unusual way David is drawn into a journey that leads him to explore his buried past and learn to reach out to others. His story is one of hope and redemption and forgiveness. I was impressed with Don L [...]

This book grabbed my attention at the beginning and never let go. I wasn't even sure what it was about or if I wanted to read it, but now I'm really glad I did. I did debate between four and five stars, and then finally went ahead with five when I realized I probably won't ever forget this story. David Connors has separated from his wife, at her request. He isn't happy about it and begins to think about the mistakes he's made in his life. Then he finds an old carpet bag which seems to have magic [...]

When the author asked me to consider reading his book, I glanced at the description and it sounded interesting. So I got it from the library and I'm glad to say the story didn't disappoint! I felt connected to the characters for the most part, wanted to find out what happened and kept reading. Other than a spot or two where the main character gets heavy-handed when talking about his wife's spirituality, the message is soft and a nice undercurrent. I would recommend this book to anyone looking fo [...]

I picked this book up at Dollar General awhile back on a day where I was just killing some time. I spent a whole $2 on it. This book reads like a Hallmark Channel holiday film, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It had the love aspect, the miracle aspect, everything you'd expect. This novel did have several twists that I didn't see coming but thoroughly enjoyed. The writing was pretty great as well and the story moved at a nice pace.I did feel at times this book became a bit "preachy". This co [...]

I absolutely loved this book! It was unlike any other book I have ever read-- very unique concept! David (the main character) and Maggie (David's companion on the journey) exchanged a lot of witty banter, and I really enjoyed their dialogue in the book. It made me laugh out loud at times. The author did a great job, and I will be reading more of his work.

This was a great book. Connors relationship with Maggie was a little weird sometimes, but not being male it may be something I don't really understand. Otherwise, this book was a journey for me as well as David and I really enjoyed it. It's interesting to me how close miracles are to what is often defined as magic.

Great book that keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Don takes you through David's eyes in a way that makes you reluctant to go through the journey as well. I found myself sometimes truly disliking the main character, then I realized I could actually identify with him. This is a very easy read and ties up all the loose ends.

Don really captures your imagination in this book. Almost every sentence has description & definition that is so crisp & sharp it's almost as if you're living in the moment yourself. Very easy read. A real page turner.

This is one of those weird books that's hard to form an opinion of because you can't figure out what you just read. I gave it 3 stars only because it had a happy ending.

Just picked it up off the shelf, not knowing anything about it, so was pleasantly surprised at it's message of forgiveness.

I typically don't read Christian fiction but this was a very good book. Nice story told well. Worth checking out.

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