The Path to the Sun

Kimberli A. Bindschatel

The Path to the Sun

The Path to the Sun

  • Title: The Path to the Sun
  • Author: Kimberli A. Bindschatel
  • ISBN: 9780978582067
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition

You do not question The Way Every Toran knows this, even Kiran, a lowly orphan But at age sixteen, he s still tormented by doubt So when he and six other teens embark on a quest to save their drought stricken village, for Kiran, it s a chance to seek the truth With only an ancient scroll to guide them, they must navigate a world of shamans and witches, headhunters andYou do not question The Way Every Toran knows this, even Kiran, a lowly orphan But at age sixteen, he s still tormented by doubt So when he and six other teens embark on a quest to save their drought stricken village, for Kiran, it s a chance to seek the truth With only an ancient scroll to guide them, they must navigate a world of shamans and witches, headhunters and slave traders, as they journey across flatlands rife with wind demons, raft a river whose spirit rages in a fury of whitewater, and cut through a jungle inhabited by cannibals, all the while evading the demon Mawghuls that lurk in every dark crevice Lost and struggling to survive, Kiran must decide whether to remain faithful to The Way or trust in the wisdom of the so called heathen savages His revelation forces him to question everything he was taught to believe For, in the quest for truth, one must ask what is truth

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In a story that literally takes the reader in a full circle, Kimberli Bindschatel blends a page-turning adventure with a thoughtful message about leadership, authority, and tradition. It's an impossible-to-put-down mixture of gorgeous prose and imaginative plotting that takes the reader through jungles and wild rivers, encounters with head hunters and cultists, and tests the main characters survival skills to their limits. I'm looking forward to the sequel!

What an excellent book. It takes you on a journey to differnt places, religions, ideas, thrills, heartache, pretty much what we all must face at some point in our lifetime. If you have ever traveled to another country and are trying to learn a new culture and be open to it, then you can identify with the main character. Often people are not open to change and want others to change to meet their needs. We are all close minded in some respect and this book was very enlightening about that journey [...]

Honestly, I was a bit concerned at how religious this book was clearly heading. I am not relgious and feared I was being drawn into another religious story masqueraded as something else. Luckily, I persevered and found myself quite pleasantly proven wrong.While the story is about teens and their unquestioned devotion to blind faith(the Way), we are taken along for the journey that allows them to see the world through unblinded eyes. And we learn that skepticism is a necessity if we want to have [...]

When a group of chosen teenagers set out on an adventure no one else was thought to have ever experienced, they can't help but believe they are destined for something great, something fate has selected for them. Determined to find the Voice of the Father, the only thing that can save their destitute village, the young group quickly learns what a large world survives outside the boundaries of the only home they have ever known. Facing devilish storms, foreign friends and foes, a sea at the end of [...]

I was wary when I started to read "The Path to the Sun" because I'm neither a big fan of, nor an expert on, YA and fantasy stories. But a few pages into the first chapter I became engrossed in the story, and genre was forgotten.Kiran is a devoted but confused young man yearning to belong in his society (Who hasn't felt that at least once in their lives?). He is thrust into the adventure of his young life when he's chosen to go on a quest with six other young men and women from his village to fin [...]

*******Spoiler Alert***** Do not read if you do not want to find out about events in the book.I really like this book. It stirred many emotions in me which is always a good sign. I felt myself aggravated, sad, dumbfounded, happy, excited and many more emotions at various points in the book. I find this review tough to write I am smugly satisfied with the fate of several of the seven "pilgrims"and found myself thinking "About time!!" when Deke met with his fate. The symbolism, allegory, and cultu [...]

I received this book free from the author, it took me awhile but I was finally able to read it. Once I started it was hard to put it down, at times the writing seems naive and childish but a moment later it matured; the two are woven so finely together that I don't mind the areas of naivety. I'm guessing (because I didn't check) that this is a young-adult novel, so I shouldn't get peeved at the sections that read that younger naivety, but after it reverts back to a more "adult" voice it dawns on [...]

Path to the sun was an exciting read. The characters were very well developed with all their quirks and shortcoming right out there for the reader to see. They were also noble and brave, willing to do what ever necessary to save their village. Some I loved and some…well not so much. And that was the beauty of it; even the characters I didn’t like were fun to read about and multidimensional.This story was full of action with the characters facing real danger frequently. The author did a good [...]

I enjoyed the book very much. The characters were well developed and a pleasure to get to know. I look forward to the next book.

The story is full of action and adventure. the characters seem so real. My heart want out to kiran. great job

Just won a free e-book of this and can't wait to read it! Thank you :D

Before I begin, I'd like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read this book. So the review.I don't even know where to begin, in all honesty. I'm just hoping that my thoughts will clearly be expressed in the review, but I know it won't. I don't think anything can really express how I feel about this book; you just kind of have to read it and see for yourself. That's just the kind of book it is.When I first started this book, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know who the main chara [...]

Okay, first I want to say that I won and ARC of this book from . And I won it a long time ago. I don't know what to say about this book. I started it a long time ago and I'm am no longer able of conveying all my feelings and thoughts about it. But still, I'll try. I had a couple of chapters left in the book before I weirdly just dropped it months ago. I got so far in it I should have finished it then, but here I am. One year later. This book, when it started, I didn't really know what it was goi [...]

An 'everything but the kitchen sink' novel!#fantasy3 Stars!Series: book 1: The Fallen Shadows TrilogyCharacters: KiranSetting: fictitious worldMature Themes: violence, murder, death & sexRecommendation: This is a tricky one. Fantasy and epic quest readers will absolutely enjoy this novel. Politics, religion, personal interplay, all of these themes are present and not for the lover of "fluffy" reads. If you can get past the high religious content this is a wonderful, fully realized epic adven [...]

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Like many other reviewers, I was a little concerned at first that this would be a religious book. But while of course belief, faith, and spirituality are among its central themes, this novel is actually an impressive coming-of-age adventure travelogue that ultimately shows the importance of questioning what one is told, respecting different ideas and peoples, and understanding that all systems of belief are just diff [...]

I wrote a review a couple weeks ago and as I was wrapping it up the app shut down and did not save a word. Frustrated, I waited to return until I felt more kindly towards it. I was given some great advice recently about writing reviews. For some reason some people feel the need to repeat a synopsis of the story. I (we) feel this is unnecessary and sometimes leads to spoilers; not much makes me more upset than having a book ruined for me that way. My friend suggests that you write as if you are s [...]

I would like to get something off my chest. I have had this digital copy of The Path to the Sun for a while now, for so long I cannot remember when I received it. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review in which I will now provide. Sorry for the wait.The Path to the Sun is a young adult tale that spans an entire world, literally. The story is about a group of teens, seven in all, sent on a pilgrimage to save their village. On their adventure, they are faced with challenges both ph [...]

The Path To The Sun was a book full of adventure and strong will. The book includes a group of teenagers traveling to the "edge" of the earth in order to hear the Voice of the Father and to get his blessing to end the drought that has overcome their village. The book is told in third person, telling us the view of one of the six young people on the journey, named Kiran. As the book goes on, we learn about all the struggles and emotions that they face along the way. I enjoyed the thought that Kim [...]

*I received a free copy from First Reads*At first, when I started the book, I thought it would be religion centered, so I was a bit uncomfortable. However, that wasn't the case at all. Although many points focused on the idea of God, and how He is represented through different religions; there was much more depth than that. The Path to the Sun: An Epic Adventure focused on human beliefs, and what it means to be human- how we deal with death, how we find the strength to move on. It was very phil [...]

The Path to the Sun had a fast enough pace to leave me feeling slightly breathless at times yet still had some underlying substance. While unsubtle, the religious themes were provocative. In particular, I enjoyed what this book had to say regarding the destructive nature of dogma to the spirituality of religion. Though some of the characters and situations felt like overly-familiar tropes, I was surprised by turns in the plot on multiple occasions. (Which is rare for me. At 42, I've read a lot o [...]

Full review here: ennleesreadingcorner.wordpressI received a free copy of The Path to the Sun from the author.The Path to the Sun follows young Toran Kiran and his six friends as they set out on a pilgrimage to find The Voice of the Great Father at the end of the world. Their village is suffering under a seemingly endless drought, and the Elders have decided to send the youngsters on this dangerous journey in a desperate attempt to earn the favor of their god. The teens know nothing of the outsi [...]

Original review from Alternate Cover Edition for 9781481964579:Seriously, you have to read this book! The descriptions of places and people alone make it worth the read. The characters are engaging and the way this author writes really gives you the sense that you know them. I. Can. See. Them. Their personality, faults, energy; so much so that you can practically see the choice they will make before they make it. Even characters that appeared for one or two scenes are as clear as day to me. The [...]

This was an interesting read. As many have said previously, it does have religion/faith but do not let that deter you because you may find it surprising. This is a book that, while religion/faith is included (and not any one particular religion), it's also about people (or groups of people) and how different (and dare I say same in some aspects?) their beliefs are. I would elaborate more but fear I'd give away spoilers so, stopping there. It definitely makes one think. The pace was fairly steady [...]

Kiran, Roh, Bria, Jandon, Deke, Kail, and Bhau. Some characters are likable, others, well, are Deke. Ms. Bindschatel plunges us into the story with her main character, Kiran, about to take the plunge. Off a canyon. And starting there, it felt like the characters were no longer Ms. Bindschatel's but their own being. The characters drove the story, and their interactions caused progression. With every new setting, we knew what the character's were thinking, and that helped shape our own opinion. W [...]

First the business, I received a free copy of the book after I entered a drawing. I was prejudiced by the fact that one of the main characters shares a name with my daughter. This book paints some really great scenery. I felt a part of the group, in the world walking with the band of adventures, and personally experiencing the wonders for myself. The book starts out with seven adventures chosen to go on a quest. It was pretty typical quest fantasy stuff. As the book progresses the quest fantasy [...]

This coming of age story has many dimensions. A young orphaned, named Kiran, who was raised by a leader of their faith is sent on a quest to talk to "The Voice" with 6 other teenagers. On the way they encounter many challenges that range from physical to emotional. The question is, who is the voice and who will survive the great ordeal?Young Kiran goes from a teenage to a young man on this voyage. He falls in love with his childhood sweetheart and has to make some very tough decision for the gre [...]

The Path of the Sun by Kimberli A BindsechelI like this book right from the beginning and could not stop reading til I finished. I had to see all the encounters these 7 young people would find and who would return to the village if any.Very interesting and shocking ending. Seven young people 5 boys and 2 girls are sent on a quest by the six elders of there village to find the Voice of the Father and the 7th elder so that there crops will grow and rain will fall before they starve. The quest has [...]

I was fortunate that kimberli had gave me the opportunity to read her work I really enjoyed the story even though I have not read the full trilogy I have read the first book and find the story is very interesting. I would like to finish the other 2 stories that follow the first book as I think the story has so much power in it. now I will explain my ratings at first I found the book hard to understand and as a person who reviews books if I have not caught on to the story by the 20th page I will [...]

It took me a few starts to get into the story. I am not usually one for YA fantasy adventures but gave it a try anyway. Around the fourth or fifth chapter I got hooked on the journey and was curious to how it would turn out. The action was intense and constant but felt the tone a bit preachy and never really felt surprised at the outcomes. I felt Roh would have been an interesting hero choice and liked his story. I did like the ending but again expected it to come about in that way. The scenes w [...]

I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written. However, I felt as though the characters may have been slightly "cardboard" and underdevoloped. This could be due to the fact that the author did an amazing job of working in philosophy that she couldn't fully develope her characters. It was thought provoking and raised awareness to the fact that just because we are told something, it doesn't necesarily mean that we have to automatically buy into it. It showed that you can question what you be [...]

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