Codename: Night Witch

Cary Caffrey

Codename: Night Witch

Codename: Night Witch

  • Title: Codename: Night Witch
  • Author: Cary Caffrey
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  • Page: 414
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EXCERPT FROM CODENAME NIGHT WITCH Sigrid had been trained since childhood for moments exactly like this She was made to survive But all her training, all the shouted words of her instructors, abandoned her She couldn t focus on anything, she couldn t concentrate, and it was going to get her killed She didn t even see the gully until she tripped and fell into it, roEXCERPT FROM CODENAME NIGHT WITCH Sigrid had been trained since childhood for moments exactly like this She was made to survive But all her training, all the shouted words of her instructors, abandoned her She couldn t focus on anything, she couldn t concentrate, and it was going to get her killed She didn t even see the gully until she tripped and fell into it, rolling down the embankment But it was enough to shake away the fog That, and the sound of alarms blaring behind her Scores of men were emerging from the facility s entrance behind her Soldiers A hunting party Then she heard something else barking Dogs They had bloody dogs Glancing back, she saw the search beams and heard their shouts From somewhere behind her, hidden amongst the trees, an air vehicle was sent aloft Sigrid glanced skyward Thunderhawks She counted three of the heavy gunships rising above the canopy of pines Two of them rumbled toward her and then past, close enough for her to feel the heat of their thruster wash blast over her.She hadn t even remembered cloaking It was perhaps the only thing that saved her The third Thunderhawk stayed back It hovered above the soldiers, moving with them Belly mounted floodlights illuminated the woods, lighting their way They d be scanning for her She could only hide so long She had to move she had to stay ahead Lost, alone and armed only with the stolen knife, Sigrid did the only thing she could She ran SYNOPSIS The unthinkable has happened Sigrid Novak, the most dangerous and wanted person in the history of the Federation of Corporate Enterprises, has been captured For the women of New Alcyone women just like her, genetically reengineered and trained since childhood to be the most effective killers in the galaxy this is a staggering loss For the Independents, the rebels who captured her, this is a boon beyond measure If they can figure out how to control her Now, six years have passed since the events of Bellatrix, and for six years Sigrid Novak has been gone, vanished, with no sign, no word and no trace But all has not been quiet within the Federation The Council for Trade and Finance has been murdered, assassinated, and the death toll among the Federation s ruling elite continues to rise With every corporate enclave that falls, the legend grows They call her the Night Witch A champion to some, a nightmare for others Wherever she goes, death is soon to follow Then, in an abandoned CTF research facility and after so many years lost a woman awakens Her name is Sigrid Novak And she is very, very angry.

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This is the third book in “The Girls from Alcyone” series (the author is currently writing a fourth!). Events in this book begin six years after the cliffhanger of book two, and while there are many similarities to the first two books, there are also striking differences.Sigrid “awakens” thinking only a few days have elapsed since her capture, and she again faces battle after battle in fights for her life and for those of her friends. By this point, we’ve gotten used to her abilities a [...]

I wasn't really happy with The Machines of Bellatrix and that cliffhanger pissed me off so badly, I had doubts I would read Codename: Night Witch (which I was sure was called White Princess when it was announced).At the same time, I bought it the second I saw it was released. And really hesitant to start with.Codename: Night Witch continues in much the same vein as its predecessor. It's a never-ending string of ultra-violence (I think that by page 3, the death toll was already above 1500), with [...]

The 'Codename: Night Witch' ends the Girls from Alcyone series with a bangterally.Like the 2nd book in the series, Night Witch is all action and never stops. This time we wake up with Sigrid in a creepy setting and she has no memory of the last six years. The author keeps the pace of the story moving and the entertainment value is high. Again, this all felt very cinematic to me and I could easily see it being a movie.An interesting distinction for Night Witch from the previous books, though, is [...]

I'm back to loving this series. I loved the first book, liked the second, and loved the third. Don't except any deep messages, just good action packed sci-fi fun! This last book is a little heavier on the romance but it made sense with the plot of this book. If you are looking for a sci-fi book with lesbian lead, I totally recommend this series!

3.5 stars*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.Sigrid gets her one chance to escape her captivity, shocked to learn it's six years after she was taken. She remembers nothing of her time as a prisoner. While she's on the run, trying to find a way off a planet that space transports were no longer available, she finds others that need her help to safety as well. Other girls like Sigrid. Sigrid also finds new fr [...]

You know those series that you just can’t wait to read the next book because it starts to feel like a home away from home? The Girls from Alcyone is becoming one those to me, especially now that I actually have to wait for the next book.Codename: Night Witch picks up a staggering 6 years after the end of The Machines of Bellatrix, with Sigrid waking up in an unfamiliar place with a HUGE gap in her memory. She then sets out to recover those memories and return to Suko and her sisters on New Alc [...]

This book: The latest installment, book 3 of the Girls from Alcyone, needed to do a lot after the cliffhanger ending from book 2. It delivers nicely, moving the main characters forward in a stream of non-stop action. If anything, there was too much action, too fast, and while well done, it needed some 'less is more' consideration, especially for Sigrid. Many story lines were brought to a satisfying end point, yet enough left open for future installments.Book 3: 4/5The series: Just finished this [...]

This continues the very enjoyable space opera that started with The Girls From Alcyone and continued with The Machines of Bellatrix. Arguably, Codename: Night Witch, is the conclusion of a trilogy, with many threads wrapped up and only a hint at further episodes to come. If you like kick-ass girls, cybernetic warriors and space opera, blended with lesbian romance, then you should love The Girls From Alcyone.Book 2 ended on a cruel cliffhanger with Sigrid captured by the enemy. Book 3 picks up se [...]

The third chapter in the feminist action series that is the "Girls from Alcyone" set of books. It's definitely more promising than the others, but in strange ways it fails to deliver completely.The story remains good and readable, with the exception of some confusing fight/battle scenes. I am unsure I really understood what the author really meant. There are some sequences that are fuzzy, but other than that I think the story is quite good.About the "feminist" side of things, all I can say is th [...]

Caffrey hits another home run with the third book in his series. He takes us on one hell of a roller coaster ride to a satisfying end, and yet sets us up for another blockbuster story. I eagerly await Book 4!

I know I said I wouldn't but Im willing to give this one a shot. Don't disappoint me.

I pretty much devoured The Girls from Alcyone series; the cliffhanger at the end of The Machines of Bellatrix was only tolerable because I started reading when the first three books were already out. As a third installment, I very much liked Codename: Night Witch. It was an entertaining read, if not a particularly complex one. The whole of The Girls from Alcyone series is pretty much a victory ride in the same way that Marvel's Avengers movies are: even if there are some low points, the reader a [...]

A review of the book can be found here:dcmallory/book-review-

As a whole I love this series, it's far from perfect but it's consistently fun to read. At first I was a little annoyed with Night Witch because it seemed to shuffle its feet a bit. While I enjoyed getting a glimpse at this world's Earth and how the war is effecting things since the end of Machines of Bellatrix, there was a moment midway through that felt unnecessary to the story as a whole. Yes, it served to move the characters around and get them out of their comfort zone but I found myself ta [...]

Special, well doneI am so happy that CC has not only written 3,so far, excellent stories but, also kept them at a reasonable price. I'm so tired of being, personal opinion here, ripped off by authors who have a greater opinion of their ability than may be justified. I believe in paying for the author's legitimate intellectual property. However, looking at prices some of the greater authors, ( Niven, McCafrey, etc), some are having delusions of grandeur. This was a very good story and suspense wa [...]

Per Tomanek, corporate military Another action packed journey to find answers and save others along the way. Tumbling the balance of power so change, hope and a better chance at life can rise from the rubble. I read the first two books sometime ago and was excited to find the third one. Guess I should check my list so I can review them, too.

Sigrid awakens and discovers that 6 years of her life have been lost from her memory. She finds herself on Earth and defending a group called the Consortium. In the midst of one of her battles, Suko, who has been searching for her the past 6 years, saves her and together they go on to attack Harry Jones.

I've noticed a lot of independent writers grow way beyond their britches after a couple entries in a series. They start off with a great idea, then around book 3 they try and write their magnum opus.That's not how Codename: Night Witch felt. Definitely my favorite in the series, it's fast paced with many twists and turns.

3.5 starsEasy read, I wasn't super impressed with the ending. I had hoped there would be more exploration of some hinted at events, but maybe in the next book?Good world building and besides some cheesy dialogue/one dimensional characters, I'd recommend.

Wow what a ride. 2 years after the second book, it's finally out and damn codename: Night Witch was worth the wait ! But nothing is really ended, I guess that we will have number four soon. I can't wait.

This is a awesome series - i hope there will be more books :DI got the audible audiobook narrated by Kristin James, and she did a awesome job.

Love this series. Can't wait for the next one to see what happens next. Please let there be a next one!

Decent book. The entire series is reasonably good. More research on Military tactics and perspective would have been in order, but still a good hard Sci Fi series.

Excellent ReadThe only thing I would have changed about this story is more sensual scenes between our Heroines. Great Job Cary Caffrey

Book 2 had a cliff-hanger and I was so glad that book 3 was available to tell me what happened!

About timeI love the girls of alcyone. Is a roller coaster of politics, war, and just that dash of lesbian love that is epic. Epic fighting, epic I tell you!!

So it went a bit slower than previous books, but as per usual, pulled through like a champ in the end. I'm seriously hoping that there is more in this series in the future!

Wow, who would have believed that that was how it would have turned out. It had me despairing after Sigrid and Suko.Read and find outPeace out

This long awaited third book was worth the wait. Separated lovers seek to unite and hidden conspiracies come to light (at least some of them) in this military scifi

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