It Ain't Me, Babe

Tillie Cole

It Ain't Me, Babe

It Ain't Me, Babe

  • Title: It Ain't Me, Babe
  • Author: Tillie Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sinning never felt so good A fortuitous encounter A meeting that should never have happened Many years ago, two children from completely different worlds forged a connection, a fateful connection, an unbreakable bond that would change their lives forever Salome knows only one way to live under Prophet David s rule In the commune she calls home, Salome knows nothing ofSinning never felt so good A fortuitous encounter A meeting that should never have happened Many years ago, two children from completely different worlds forged a connection, a fateful connection, an unbreakable bond that would change their lives forever Salome knows only one way to live under Prophet David s rule In the commune she calls home, Salome knows nothing of life beyond her strict faith, nor of life beyond the Fence the fence that cages her, keeps her trapped in an endless cycle of misery A life she believes she is destined to always lead, until a horrific event sets her free Fleeing the absolute safety of all she has ever known, Salome is thrust into the world outside, a frightening world full of uncertainty and sin into the protective arms of a person she believed she would never see again River Styx Nash knows one thing for certain in life he was born and bred to wear a cut Raised in a turbulent world of sex, Harleys, and drugs, Styx, unexpectedly has the heavy burden of the Hades Hangmen gavel thrust upon him, and all at the ripe old age of twenty six much to his rivals delight Haunted by a crushing speech impediment, Styx quickly learns to deal with his haters Powerful fists, an iron jaw and the skillful use of his treasured German blade has earned him a fearsome reputation as a man not to be messed with in the shadowy world of outlaw MC s A reputation that successfully keeps most people far, far away Styx has one rule in life never let anyone get too close It s a plan that he has stuck to for years, that is, until a young woman is found injured on his lot a woman who looks uncannily familiar, a woman who clearly does not belong in his world, yet a woman he feels reluctant to let go

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Read my full review at Sinfully Sexy and enter the giveaway.5++++ "Heaven & Hades" Stars!You let me violate you, you let me desecrate youYou let me penetrate you, you let me complicate youHelp me I broke apart my insides, help me I’ve got no soul to sellHelp me the only thing that works for me, help me get away from myselfI want to fuck you like an animalI want to feel you from the insideI want to fuck you like an animalMy whole existence is flawedYou get me closer to godYou can have my is [...]

Re-read 1/10/17: After watching a marathon of Leah Remini's show on Scientology I felt like reading some cult action lolCue Tillie Cole! image: Review: Holy Scorch my Biker Ovaries, Batman.Just as wicked awesome the 10 millionth time aroundMy StyxMy Mae

5 It has always been you Stars*There will be some spoilers*First read Dec 2015Reread May 2017“Off-limits. Y’all get that now? She’s under my protection and is none of your fuckin’ business. Any one of you goes near her and I’ll kill y’all. That’s a fuckin’ iron-clad promise,”-Styx“I am truly happy that I got to see you again. I thought about you often, the boy behind the fence, the boy on the outside… the boy who stole my first and only kiss, and I nightly prayed for your s [...]

DNF @56 %, 1 star. Full review posted May 2, 2014I didn't find him particularly hot or interesting but that's just my opinion. Some parts made me roll my eyes and other parts made meI'm all for escapism. Still, I just need some kind of realism in my books and in my opinion It Ain't Me, Babe reads like a crude fairytale. What bugged me as well were the inconsistencies. Let's talk about the heroine. She's been (view spoiler)[severely abused and raped her entire life. She knows NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH [...]

It's live! Title: It Ain't Me, BabeSeries: Standalone (for now)Author: Tillie ColeRelease Date: April 28, 2014Rating: 5 starsCliffhanger:. No. HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes.(hide spoiler)]Tillie Cole is very talented writer; in my reviews of her previous books I was complementing her sweet, sassy storytelling, cute British humor and panty dropping, heart fluttering romance. Today, though, after finishing It Ain’t Me, Babe I must highlight her other values, which I haven’t gotten the chance to full [...]

4 stars!It Ain’t Me Babe is a MC book that’s different from most. It’s raw and gritty, it’s still got the love and romance, but the bikers/religious cult mix made it more on the unique side. I love Tillie Cole’s writing style and this was another fast paced and powerful read from her. This is the story of two people from two entirely different worlds. They met by chance once when they were younger and it was a day that changed both of their lives forever. Now fate has brought them back [...]

Hey all!Okay, because I created this bad boy, I'm gonna give it 5 HUGE stars!!!! I'll be releasing lots of teasers too, so as I do, I'll add them on here, as well as my website, for you to check out.But before all that fun stuff, I wanted to share with you why I wrote this book. Its subject matters are dark and gritty, and in parts, taboo. Many readers have messaged me to let me know how intrigued they are by the 'cult' aspect of this story and I wanted to give you some context, a reason for why [...]

3.5--I Got Lost--Stars!!!There's a good chance this is a case of I just got SO LOST in the all of the details. It was too technical for my liking I think. Too many details about the Order, the Brothers, the commune, Hades, greek mythology.I think my first clue should have been the glossary of terms at the beginning of the book. The pace of this one was also really slow. Plot wise things didn't move along very fast, yet there was so much going on. Which makes no sense, I know. At times, it was ha [...]

★★★★★ 5 Stars!“It’s me babe Ain’t no other man for you but me.”If you haven't read this book yet, I would highly suggest giving it a try, becauseSeriously. It was intense, tragic, gripping, emotional, heartbreaking, and beautiful. It Ain't Me, Babe is a story about two people from completely different worlds who formed a connection the first time they met when they were just kids. Now, 15 years later they meet again under incredibly tense circumstances but their connection neve [...]

** 4 "you make me soar" STARS **“I have only ever liked one boy in my life. I have only ever wanted one man to have as my own. I have only ever had one dream since I was eight. Styx, the dream is you. You stole my heart fifteen years ago and you still haven’t given it back.”~ MAEYou see, I HATE cult stories. I live in Turkey, where religion determines the lifestyles of most people, and I have always been creeped-out by them. Living under strict religious rules and being a slave in the men' [...]

3.75 Stars"It’s me babe Ain’t no other man for you but me.” I'm going to have to think on this one. Some things worked for me, and some things not so much. The plot was unique and for the most part, kept my interest. Honestly, I found myself loving and hating it - either I was completely captivated by the story, edge of my seat, page turning or I was rolling my eyes at the cheese being thrown at me. I felt disjointed, and I'm still not sure how I truly feel. I will say for the most part I [...]

2-I-have-no-one-else-to-blame-but-myself-starsIt's not as if didn't know this would happen. You'd think that I'd learn something from my previous experience when it comes to Tillie Cole. I was so frustrated after finishing Sweet Home and Raze - I DNFed that fucker. What I expected from It Ain't Me, Babe, I have no idea. I blame the hype. Bloody hype! And fanfart fanart. Why I do not like this as everyone else does? Let's start with writing. That is my issue with this author from the very start. [...]

Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/3.5 StarsWhen I first joined I was a super prude and never read books of the porny variety for fear that . . . . But then something happened that changed everything . . . . And now my only fear is that somehow I’ll forget to unclick that “share on Facebook” button and all my family will see that I’m a disgusting pervert.It Ain’t Me, Babe is definitely not for everyone. As with most naughty books, you have to be able to leave your reality at the [...]

3.5 Commune to Compound StarsThis is the story of an escaped religious cult member, Mae finding refugee in the arms of a MC President, Styx. I think because I didn't get swept up with Styx and Mae as a couple the story fell flat for me. The Hangmen Biker Club was an okay club I didn't find them any different from any other biker books. Their dealings with other organizations were broader but their compound ran the same as any other I have read. As for the commune, well I watched HBO’sBig Love [...]

“We were always fated to be together. He is my everything. He is my entire world Styx is my salvation.”It ain’t me, babe is dark, gritty and gut wrenching story of two people from different cultural worlds destined to be together.Styx the infamous ‘Mute Hangmen’ is the president of the outlaw MC club Hades Hangmen. Despite his speech impediment, he is feared and respected by all. Even being a cold blooded killer, a reputation he earned to overcome his disability he has a secret! The on [...]

4 Wolf Eyes Stars.Styx is the “Prez” of the MC “Hades Hangmen”. He fell in love at 11 years old, for a girl with wolf eyes that he never saw again. For the next years he searched for her but he never found her again. But as the president of one of the biggest MC’s, he didn’t have time to dwell on that and life carried on. Fifteen years later, he and his guys found a beat up girl, full of scars. They save her life and bring her to the club only for Styx to find out that she is the “ [...]

♥♥♥ 3.75 STARS ♥♥♥This was a very interesting story. It follows a young woman in her early twenties named Mae that has lived her entire life in a community of a religious cult. For years she has suffered abuse for being beautiful, for being a temptress to men. One day when she is just eight years old she runs into the forest to get away from it all for awhile. She reaches the fence the keeps them all in and sees a boy in the other side. It was one meeting but she never forgot him and [...]

2.75-3 stars “We were always fated to be together. He is my everything. He is my entire worldStyx is my salvation.” Welp, I am in the minority. Yet again. I wanted to love this one, I did. Like, I even love the premise still. Because cults versus motorcycle clubs? Hell yeah! The end result just wasn't what I wanted. Too high of expectations I think.Mae has lived with The Order her entire life carrying out their wishes. On the day she is to be married to the prophet, she flees, leaving her si [...]

This book is not a five star read! It's a 20 f*cking million star read! FLAWLESS.ORIGINALPTIVATING.HEART POUNDINGXYRNALILLIANT!The BEST biker book I have EVER read!It OWNED me! I NEED, WANT, CRAVE and MUST have more! Unbelievable! Top read of 2014!

*Photo obtained from Author Tillie Cole's FB Page*FIVE+++++ HUGE STARS!If this made me a sinner, then I was glad to be a fallenOk. I honestly don’t know where to start. I’m in fucking AWE of this writer…just pure…utter…awe. I’m a massive fan of Tillie Cole, and this story just solidifies why I love her stories so much. She has taken a big risk writing this because it is extremely different from her previous work. This is NOT your typical MC story. Oh, no. There are so many other elem [...]

4 Gritty Stars!It Ain't Me, Babeis the story of MC President Styx and Mae. Mae and Styx met when they were kids, she was 8, he 11, at the perimeter fence of her religious cult commune. Tall fencing surrounding her, even as children, they had a connection. Styx dreamed of that girl for years to comeuntil she was found unconscious and bleeding outside his club many years later His muse was here. He couldn't believe his eyes.“I’d fucked a lot of bitches in my life, done every messed-up position [...]

MY RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ Stars It Ain't Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen, #1)by Tillie ColeYou know your reading a good book when1: You forgot to eat breakfast and dinner time rolls around2: You're busting to go to the loo but you've reached a good part in the book and just carry on reading and just about piss your pants!!3: You inhale it4: You hit a HUGE mother fukka of a book funk!!5: You hunt down the author for the next installmentI was recommended this by a friend who was reading it also and she l [...]

I decided to make some time for a quick review, as this is a series that I am in love with and can't get out of my head!! Even days after finishing this one, I still have the Hades Hangmen stuck in my brain! I know I have read a great book when the memory of it still burns brightly through out my day. I try and figure out how this one is different from the other MC books out there; becauselet's face it.ere are a ton. "It Ain't Me, Babe," was very dark and edgy, but even with the brutal lifestyle [...]

★★☆ 5 Brave Stars ☆★★It Ain't Me, Babe was beautiful, amazing, inspiring and heart breaking, what Mae, Lilah, Maddie and Bella went through was horrific. Tears come to my eyes when I think of how strong and resilient they are and how absolutely innocently trusting these girls were."It Ain’t Me, Babe’ was inspired by the testimonies of ex-members from several NRM’s and the leaders that abused the power they had over their members—especially the women.The female protagonist in [...]

RATING: 3.5 "Live free! Ride free! Die free!" Hearts!! :)It Ain't Me, Babe is an okay read. I liked some parts (mostly the last 25-30%) and other times I found myself cringing at the cheesy dialogue. Overall, not amazing, just mediocre. I'm honestly more excited about Flame's story. This man was nuts, but I'd be lying if I said he wasn't my kind of nuts. <3 Can't wait for his book!Fave Quotes:“For the first time in my life, I feel wanted like I finally belong. There is nowhere on Earth I wo [...]

*****FOUR IT's ME BABE, STARS*****(BR with Denisse)Well this one took me for a ride!!I went into it with a little trepidation, having seen the mixed reviews.The first 35% of it seemed to drag.I had no clue what the hell this story was about.Maybe it's because I kept starting the book late at night, when I was almost dead to the world.At first I was thinking this was a paranormal read, with all the biblical and Greek mythological references.But eventually everything clicked, and I settled in for [...]

***4.25 Stars***"I have only ever liked one boy in my life. I have only wanted one man to have as my own. I have only ever had one dream since I was eight. Styx, the dream is you."This bookIS BOOK!! I gobbled up every morsel of this unique and interesting twist to an MC series. I didn't really know what to expect when I went in, but what I got is beyond my expectations. Tillie Cole mixed together MC life, religion and mythology in such a way that I was completely enthralled with all of it. Styx [...]

Lo mismo pero más bonito ya en el blogrivillarreal/2017/08Para ponerlos en sintonía les contaré mi historia con este libro.Hace varios años, después de mucho revuelo y reseñas plagadas de 5 estrellas me decidí por leer It ain't me babe a pesar de que no era para nada mi tipo de libros (sigue sin serlo). Bueno, el punto es que cuando lo comencé la historia me pareció un poco sosa y sin chiste así que lo dejé por la paz en el prólogo.Sip, así soy yo Viri aka "El rato veloz para dejar [...]

4.5 Snow White stars! It Ain't Me Babe was a great story full of grit, sadness, love, shock, and betrayal. Growing up in the MC life, River "Styx" Nash has seen it all. At the age of eleven, he ventures into the forest while his best friend and father take care of disposing some bodies. When Styx travels far enough in, he comes a cross a large fence. On the other side there is a girl about his age. She is crying and he can't help but feel something for the girl in pain. When he beckons her close [...]

3.75 Hangmen Stars!!Pretty decent ride. Very unique plot. Loved the cult aspect of it and would like to read more books dealing with this subject matter. So much going on in this book. Outlaw MC, religious cult extremist group, young love, love triangle, twists, turns, love, sex, betrayal, and a hell of a lot of blood shed!I have to be honest though. I REALLY wanted to love this book, but I had some mixed feelings on it. Sometimes it had me going like this: Other times, like thisBut then, luckil [...]

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