Torture to Her Soul

J.M. Darhower

Torture to Her Soul

Torture to Her Soul

  • Title: Torture to Her Soul
  • Author: J.M. Darhower
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Don t say it unless you mean it It s a simple concept, one I ve said time and again, but something people don t seem to comprehend You should choose every syllable carefully, because you never know when somebody will hold you to your word.Somebody like me.I m not a good man I m not I know I have enough darkness inside of me to rid the world of every stitch of light BuDon t say it unless you mean it It s a simple concept, one I ve said time and again, but something people don t seem to comprehend You should choose every syllable carefully, because you never know when somebody will hold you to your word.Somebody like me.I m not a good man I m not I know I have enough darkness inside of me to rid the world of every stitch of light But there s one I could never harm, one light I couldn t bring myself to snuff out.Karissa.She thinks I m a monster, and maybe I am I taunt her with my touch, get a thrill out of torturing her soul But I m not the only one The world is full of monsters, and I m not the most dangerous one out there.Not even close God help me, I love her.I do.And God help anyone who tries to take her from me.

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PLEASE NOTE: This book picks up where Monster in His Eyes left off, it's not a repeat of the last book in Naz's POV, but a continuation. (hope that makes sense)4.5 STARS!So if you enjoyed the first book in this series, Monster in His Eyes, you would've been just as ecstatic as I was when you found out there was a second book. You can't even begin to imagine how happy I was when I realised Torture to Her Soul, was told solely from Naz's POV. In Monster in His Eyes, Naz was a mystery, his characte [...]

5 Not a good guy stars!!!Monster in His Eyes is one of my favorite dark/romantic suspense books of the year. When I heard the sequel coming out was all from Naz’s pov, I was ecstatic. I always get a little nervous when an amazing 5 star book has a sequel. It seems about half the time, they don’t live up to the original story and that high you had about the book starts to dwindle. I can say with absolute certainty that did not happen here! Torture to Her Soul was just as good as Monster in Hi [...]

★★★★ ½ ! Torture to Her Soul, book 2 of 2. The mysterious & mercurial Naz’s continued story told from his POV!“I'm not heartless— my heart is just hardened, while the rest of me is hollow.”Books in series should be read in order:Book 1: Monster in His EyesBook 2: Torture to Her SoulIn Monster in His Eyes (book 1) university student Karissa Reed, Kissimmee was swept off her feet by the mysterious and mercurial Ignazio Vitale, Naz. He seduced and pursued her while warning her [...]

"You should run far, far away from me.I know I should. I wish I could."And the story from Monster in His Eyes continues, only this time, it is told from Naz's POV. Anyone who loved Monster should love this one as well. After everything that happened in the first book, the situation between both MCs becomes even more complicated. They live together, but their relationship is strained, they don't trust each other anymore. Karissa hates Naz but she can't stop loving him either. She knows she can't [...]

5 Stars!!!Once I finished this book, I quickly read it again. That's how much I loved it. It wasn't perfect but it was perfect for me.

3 StarsI just didn't enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the first one. Karissa annoyed the fuck out of me.And when it wasn't Karissa annoying me, it was the constant mention of Naz's love for his dead wife. Cause we all know how I feel about THE DEAD EX.

4.25 STARS”I didn’t’ set out to love her. I didn’t even plan to like her. But it happened…we happened… and I’m trying to figure out how to deal with that.”It’s been awhile since I read the first book of this series but lucky for me, the author’s writing and storytelling brought it all back to me. This story is in full all male POV of Naz and wow it was very interesting being inside his head!”I’m in love with one woman I should never have fallen for. We’re a tragedy in t [...]

4 stars!!I was really relieved that this second book would be in Naz’s POV. Monster in His Eyes was a mediocre read for me and it was mainly because of the idiotic heroine Karissa. With this book, however, I greatly appreciated being in Naz’s head and felt that it helped me understand him better. I also recognized that for the story to be entirely in his POV, the mystery and enigmatic part that made him so appealing in the first book would have to be sacrificed. And that was okay with me. Wh [...]

First of all this book is from Naz’s POV!!!! Wohooo, I'm dancing right now. :D After reading 1st book I was so freaking nervous… Holy shit, what an amazing ending right? Karissa found out something awful about her family and what they did to Naz. She was so furious her own family and also with Naz too (view spoiler)[(because he did a very very bad thing Karissa's family) (hide spoiler)] but can time heal their wounded heart? Will they try to find a peace on their own world? Ugh I wanna tell [...]

"Tell me," I whisper, running my tongue along the shell of her ear. "Tell me how you want it to be. Tell me what you need from me."I'll give her anything.I'll tear my fucking chest open with my bare hands, rip out my heart and hand it to her, if that's what she needs.All she has to do is tell me.All she has to do is ask.She could bark out a million demands, and I would work myself to the death making them all happen, but instead she merely whispers, “I want you to love me.”So I do.I love her [...]

** 4,5-5 "tragedy in the making" STARS **"I'm not afraid of the dark anymore.""Of course not. It's not the darkness that's terrifying, it's what you might find in it. And it doesn't scare you anymore, Ignazio, because it is you. You're what's terrifying in the darkness."After reading Monster in His Eyes, I was left wanting more! More Karissa. More Naz. More darkness and more twisted romance.Then I learned that Book #2 would be in Naz' POV And I was like:Usually, sequels of incredible books tend [...]

4.5 STARS“I'm going to tell you something that a wise man once told me: it's not the darkness that's terrifying, it's what you might find in it.”I think everyone who read the first book in the series “Monster In His Eyes”, (where the narrator in Karissa) was happy to hear that the second book will be entirely told from Naz’s POV. I definitely was and I enjoyed tremendously being in Naz's head! “Torture to Her Soul” picks up right where the first book ends.“I didn’t set out to l [...]

4 STARSWe're a tragedy in the making. The game of tug-of-war we're playing will end up destroying us, because she doesn't have it in her to surrender, and I can't let go. It's something else I love about her. There's a fight in her. But it's a fight that'll be our downfall. Because I have that same fight in me. Can I just say how much I LOVED getting the conclusion entirely in Naz's POV? Because NAZ!!! FREAKING NAZ!Tell me how you want it to be. Tell me what you need from me." I'll give her anyt [...]

“I'm not a good man," he says, "but I'm trying. I'm trying. I can't make you any promises of perfection. I can't promise I'll be what you deserve, or what you need, or even what you always want. All I can promise is that I'll love you until the day I die, and I'll spend every moment I'm alive trying for you.” Dear god I feel so bad that the thought of this book could be a disappointment even crossed my mind!I already loved Naz from the first book. But man do I love him even more now! He's no [...]

Title: Torture to Her SoulSeries: Monster in His Eyes #2Author: J.M. DarhowerRelease Date:29th September, 2014Rating: 4.25-4.5 "Don't say it unless you mean it" StarsCliffhanger: NoAfter reading Monster in his Eyes, I was very excited about what to expect with the rest of the story and how it would develop. In particular I wanted to know how dark Ignazio Vitale could really be and to have a greater understanding of the man. I also recall regarding the first book as more of an introductory story. [...]

I, Ignazio Vitale, have always been afraid of the dark. If you tell anyone that, I'll kill you.Where to begin? Reading this book from Naz's POV was dark, dangerous and intense. We knew Naz was complicated. I fell in love with him through Karissa's eyes. But being inside his mind. Knowing what he feels. How his mind works. That was a ride I didn't want to end.I'll tear my fucking chest open with my bare hands, rip out my heart and hand it to her, if that's what she needs. Loved it!

Dear J.M Darhower,I`m here to place a tiny request for having a Cover and a Sooner rather than Later Publication Date of Torture in Her Soul (Monster in His Eyes, #2) BECAUSE.

TORTURE TO HER SOUL is a continuation of Monster in His Eyes with Naz’s as the narrator. Naz and Karissa'srelationship is not in a good place because of certain truths that have been revealed. Karissa is no longer naive to Naz's world. This world was created long before Karissa was born and because of past situations she has become inadvertently part of his world. Naz is not a good man. He knows that and his family knows that but Karissa wrestles with the idea that inside of him is a decent hu [...]

5 THIS SERIES IS the BOMB StarsI can’t believe it’s over. It’s been awhile since I’ve found a series I absolutely loved from start to finish. I love this author, I love Naz, I love everything about this book!I just can’t contain myself….Really I can’tI die, you dieI don’t doubt that for a momentImagine a person that is 100% wrong for you. Imagine a person that can hurt you, make you feel pain, shouldn’t be in your life, but somehow is PERFECT for you? That person would be Naz D [...]

The continuation that was told from Naz's POV------------------------------------------------------------------------------Counting downOne week again :))------------------------------------------------------------------------------OMG September 29thI'm so giddy.Is this Naz's POV? Can I hope? :))------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, look at that 'Coming to fall'.Ok, thank you ^^------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

6 stars!!! Not A Good Guy but a DAMN Good Book!!!!!"It's not the darkness that's terrifying, it's what you might find in it."Holy hell, what a fantastic book and series! I am speechless! This one is going straight to my All Time Fave Shelf!! Why I waited this long to jump into this series, I will never know! Amazing! OMG, I think I just left a piece of my heart back there in that book. My absolute favorite element of this book:Ignazio Vitale!! Naz has got to be one of the darkest, most fucked up [...]

4 Dark Side Stars.This time we’re inside Naz’s head immediately after the end of the first book. He never meant to fall in love with Karissa, but that happened anyway and now he doesn’t want to let her go. She belongs to him. However, the recent events put a strain on their relationship and now she almost don’t even look at him. He knows he have to fight for her but she also knows that he has a dark side and she fears that hidden side of him. This is a fight that Naz isn’t willing to l [...]

REVIEW TO COME I 've missed Naz so much

I have never moved from one book to another without having finished the first book's review. Does that make sense? I have a bad case of OCD coupled with a poor memory, so if I don't write my review right away, I feel slightly unhinged and clueless.Well, 'Torture to Her Soul' was the exception. Because the moment I finished it, 'Target on Our Backs' hit my Kindle. This series is that good, that I didn't want to stop. So bear with me. This will be a short review, (like my memory) but that doesn't [...]

First, I would like to thank the author for writing this book from Ignazio Vitale's pov. I am sooooooo grateful for it!!Second, please tell me I'm not the only one head over heels for Naz????!!!! He's amazing! Getting to see everything through his eyes gave me a chance to try to understand what motivated him. To get why he made the choices he did. There were parts of this story that were absolutely gut-wrenching (view spoiler)[ such as when he told what happened the night Johnny came to kill him [...]

Rating:A WOW 4.5 stars Ignazio VitaleMy Views: The fact that it is narrated by Naz had me hooked. God being in that man’s mind is a unique experience…to know what he thinks and how he feels about himself and his actions. This first one-third part of the story consist of the re-construction of the relationship of Naz and Karissa which lets us know the feelings of Naz towards Karissa. Then there are some actions that take place and a serious WTF moment that involve Carmela… Then the rest con [...]

4.5 Perfectly Imperfect Stars!Ya know that feeling when you're reading a book, one of hundreds you read per year, and something just stands out. Something about the writing that appears to reach out from the pages, grab ahold of you and not let go? Now, if this was Naz grabbing, he'd probably really not let go, but I digress. It's the kind of writing that plucks you smack dab into their story where you feel personally invested, physically responding to the scenes before youheart racing, nether r [...]

What happens next

What can I say I love Naz and Karissa!! Naz Is definitely one of my favorite book boyfriends. As much I want to hate him, I just can't. No matter how "bad" he is, he also has good in him. He was definitely putting his neck on the line for Karissa. Protecting her is not easy but he will no matter the cost. Karissa can't catch a break. It seemed like every time she turned around, something terrible was happening. She is definitely one strong chick. With everything that she has been through she jus [...]

Torture to Her Soul begins from the end of the previous book and it's told in Ignazio Vitale's point of view. At first, I find it difficult to connect with his story. Maybe because its tone is darker and more melodramatic than Karissa's. As the chapters go on, I slowly immersed on his narration and it somewhat grew on me. “People make mistakes. They do things sometimes that you don't like, that you wouldn't do. But that doesn't mean you should give up on them, that you should write them off. B [...]

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