The Snottle

Michael Lawrence

The Snottle

The Snottle

  • Title: The Snottle
  • Author: Michael Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9781843623441
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

A new girl at Jiggy s school has an allergy her nose runs dramatically at unexpected times When the girl does a huge sneeze, Jiggy sees pictures in what comes out that foretell the future It turns out that she has a gift she is a Nostrilamus Ages 10.

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Read this to my 10 year old son, but found it to be not as good as other Jiggy McCue stories that we have read.

This fiction book is about a boy called Jiggy Mccue and his pals who go on an exciting adventure with a girl called Stefanie. It's a race against time to preserve Stefanie's auntie's home in the woods from it being destroyed by nasty property developers chopping it down.A girl called Stefanie arrives in Jiggy Mccue's class. All the boys nicknamed Stefanie "snonker" because she always explodes with nose juice in the classroom. Stef came to the boring school because her auntie died so she had to c [...]

Very Funny So Far. Not that into Jiggy McCue stories to be honest. BUT! This one is MY TYPE of book. I'm nearly 11 now and I probably should find this book GROSS. But GROSS books are REALLY up me street!!! I've read other Jiggy McCue books in the past and those weren't that interesting. The Snottle, I highly recommend, that ALL gross kids and mabe some adults should read this highly humiliating book.

I used to be obsessed with these books. They're really good, but I think you have to be pretty open minded and not just read it and say, "this is so stupid". I love the storyline- it's a really interesting concept. The good thing is, if you like it, there are a kabillion more Jiggy McCue books!! :)

Very funny and diverting for the times when you just want to kick back with a crazy children's book. Michael Lawrence will always be a winner to me.

My 9 year old son was given this to read for school, but it wasnt his favourite book.

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