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  • Title: Nemesis
  • Author: Ned Stevens Steven Nedelton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Nemesis is the second part of A Suitcase Mystery, its denouement A deadly secret in a suitcase full of stolen gold leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy The story starts in Latvia, near Riga, during the final days of the Second World War A young boy Ben Kalninsh searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen gunsNemesis is the second part of A Suitcase Mystery, its denouement A deadly secret in a suitcase full of stolen gold leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy The story starts in Latvia, near Riga, during the final days of the Second World War A young boy Ben Kalninsh searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside Unfortunately for him, he meets an AWOL Soviet Army officer on the run instead The officer is involved in a theft of a large amount of gold from one of his superiors and had it hidden inside the same tunnel Unknown to him, one of the valises holds also a diary with top Soviet secrets related to espionage in the US And so, by entering the tunnel, Ben sets into motion deadly events which will follow him into his adult life Years later, in Minnesota, his father is gunned down And no one knows why FBI agents approach Ben with the news of the murder of his father Special Agent Miriam Dokes and Agent Book are assigned to the case which includes the torture and murder of his father s doctor friend, Karlis Goulbis The FBI manager, Bob Sawyer, has a hunch there s something much valuable than the stolen gold Due to so many secret projects and so many years gone by, the affair becomes the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack In order to find the answers, Ben, the principal character, needs to go back to Switzerland, to a bank where the gold is hidden And, from there on, Death stalks Ben and all other participants in the gold heist Nemesis provides the denouement of the story.

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Part 2 of A Suitcase Mystery, Nemesis by Steven Nedelton digs deeper into what young Ben found in a Latvian coal mine at the end of WWII. There was more than just gold, there is a deadly diary, one filled with proof of espionage and deceit. When the consequences of a young boy’s curiosity follow Ben into adulthood, and around the globe, no one is safe. The stakes are high, with interest starting at the top and working its way down the ranks to the agents working the case for the FBI. If Ben re [...]

REVIEWThis book is Part II of A SUITCASE MYSTERY SERIES. This book picks up where the first book, A SUITCASE MYSTERY began. There is a a suitcase full of gold that has been stolen. Along with the gold there is a deadly secret. Years go by and murders start happening. There just doesn't seem to be any answers as to why these murders happened. While this is going on the FBI is on the hunt for a top foreign spy who kills people. This takes place near Riga, during the final days of WWII.Young Ben Ka [...]

Please see the review for Steven Nedelton/Ned Stevens book 'A Suitcase Mystery' as this book was read immediately after reading that book so as to get the entire story for the review that was requested by Mr. Nedelton at my review site. Mr. Nedelton did not read the review policy wherein an author may request that The Magnolia Blossom Review NOT post the review to outside venues within 2 days after the review appears on the site. His review appeared on October 16 and the first outside review app [...]

I edited this book. I do not receive remuneration based upon sales. Because it is outside of my normal genre/interests, I am not comfortable rating or reviewing the book. If you liked the previous book, and are a fan of spy-thrillers and very complex stories about espionage involving a large cast of characters, you might find this book interesting.

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