Leaving Normal

Stef Ann Holm

Leaving Normal

Leaving Normal

  • Title: Leaving Normal
  • Author: Stef Ann Holm
  • ISBN: 9780778322221
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Divorced and the mother of a college bound daughter, Cassie, Natalie Goodwin prepares for her new life in the dating world Just before Christmas, Natalie becomes friends with Tony Cruz, her neighbor from across the street who also found himself recently single They hit it off, but Natalie s refusal to have another child, which Tony desperately wants, puts a halt to theirDivorced and the mother of a college bound daughter, Cassie, Natalie Goodwin prepares for her new life in the dating world Just before Christmas, Natalie becomes friends with Tony Cruz, her neighbor from across the street who also found himself recently single They hit it off, but Natalie s refusal to have another child, which Tony desperately wants, puts a halt to their relationship until her daughter comes home from school alone and pregnant, and gives them the opportunity to have everything they want

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Ah Tony, how i love thee!While Natalie was not a bad heroine, it was Tony who made this book perfect for me. I was a little taken at back when i started reading the story and we find out Tony is married with a child. I took it in strides though trying to figure out where the author was going with this, and am glad i did. We begin to learn the reasons why he's married and how much he loves his step daughter. I was moved by how hard he was trying in his relationship, how dedicated he was to stay t [...]

2* first half4* second halfC+/B- overall*****Possible spoilers ahead!*****The first half of Leaving Normal is women's fiction with a few hot fireman sightings. The second half of the book is a more typical hot-fireman-romance, although this fireman is a beta instead of an alpha. I have to admit to enjoying the second half of the book much more than the first. I wasn't really excited about Natalie's ups-and-downs with business or her botched date (the weird date added nothing to the story). Since [...]

What a mess! The heroine is bored with her married life, so she divorces her husband. She begins an affair with her younger, hot fireman neighbor. Then, for the rest of the book, the heroine complains about the HUGE age difference of a whopping NINE years. Oh, my! Gasp!! Then, you can throw in completely unnecessary secondary romances involving all her other relatives into the pile of mess. Finally, top this mess with the cherry of a medical scare. Just awful.

I hate giving less than stellar reviews but this book dragged for me from the first chapter. The relationship between these characters is very drawn out. Very frustratingly so, in my opinion. This book needed an editor. I didn't need to read about the teddy bear and flower arrangements in every room in her shop. While I liked most of the characters, it felt like the author was more interested in describing every moment of a "year in the life" of every character, than moving the story forward but [...]

I really enjoyed this story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Natalie Goodwin thinks she has everything she needs in life as she opens up her florist shop in Boise, Idaho. She is single again after divorcing her husband, and her daughter has started her first year of college in Chicago. So she is proud of her florist shop. After all, she dropped out of college for marriage and family. As she starts living life on her own terms, however, Natalie discovers that she is a bit lonely, but the dating scene turns o [...]

I have to say I didn't enjoy this book. The main character internalized and over-thought things far too much (even more than I do!) I caught myself rolling my eyes multiple times while listening to this book; the plot progression and relationship development just didn't gel for me. I'm sure others enjoyed it, but it didn't do anything for me.An additional distraction was the narrator - she read sooooo slooooooow, and portrayed little variation between character voices.

DNF @ 39% The story line was too slow to keep my interest. I skimmed several pages just to get as far as I did. :( Disappointed because I was really looking forward to a Hot Firefighter romance.

Too drawn out and angsty for me to enjoy. Not keen on Natalie and her nebulous reason for divorcing her husband. She also carried on too much about the age difference. it was hardly a huge gap, ( years).Liked Tony and thought he seemed to be a decent chap who at least tried hard to save his marriage for his stepdaughters sake.Could have been so much better if about a third of the book was cleared of all the trivial information in it.

I really wasn't interested in the plot of Natalie and Tony. I felt like the plot was kind of weird and predictable. The subplot of Natalie's father, though, I found hysterical. I REALLY like his character as well as the character of Iris. I wish the entire book would have been about them. Their personalities were less cookie cutter and more interesting than that of the main characters.

Exciting and hot!!I really enjoyed the attraction between Tony and Natalie. Some of those scenes had me on the edge of my seat! I loved the age difference. I would definitely recommend this book.

I liked the book and how the relationship between Natalie and Tony developed. I could see myself in Natalie, wondering why a younger man would be interested, but the heart doesn't see age, and the book shows that in the end there is the HEA.

Natalie is a divorced mother of a college freshman. She has just opened her own flower and gift shop and her life is fulfilling. She has a loving family around her and that has been enough.Tony is a handsome fireman who lives across the street from Natalie. He finds that his wife has been having an affair. When she leaves and takes his young step-daughter away, it leaves Tony with an empty spot in his life.This book is about family and life. Both Natalie and Tony are caring and connected people. [...]

Rather predictable love story, where all obstacles are overcome once the main character realizes that life is short d yet it took two times for her to get this lesson, once for herself and once for her smokin' hot fireman.

Nah!BBC blurb - Sammi and Luke are an unconventional, metropolitan, out-there gay couple. Emma and Jason are traumatised kids from deepest, darkest and straightest suburbia.When the recently orphaned kids are forced to live with the couple, nothing will ever be the same for any of them. Emma becomes reclusive. Jason becomes Christian. Sammi starts to pull away. While Luke tries to pull it all together.And then, just as this unlikely family start to find their balance, the men's mums get involved [...]

This was a normal book meaning it offered nothing new. Not at least to me. Rather, it was perhaps way too unrealistic for my taste. I have read books where above forty women falls for someone like a decade younger and I never really liked them much. I just bought it for a chicklit read on a boring day but Leaving Normal bored me.I get the need for a tall, dark and handsome hero in a chicklit but lately I think the boundary line's blurring way too much. I should never feel that the world is full [...]

This was a wonderful book. There was the sweet romance between Fred and Iris--Natalie's father and Tony's mother--in addition to the romance that developed between Natalie and Tony.Tony was a firefighter; Natalie had opened her own flower business. Tony was married and had a stepdaughter when he and Natalie met, but he felt his life was incomplete. Natalie was looking to have a relationship with someone. While she was several years older than Tony, he tried desperately to get her to understand t [...]

A wonderful "May/December" romanceFirst, a personal rant of sorts: I am so tired of the negative bias this culture has against younger men with older women. Age should have little if anything to do with a loving relationship. This novel deals honestly with many of the issues that are a part of the struggle older women experience when faced with the possibility of a long term relationship with a younger man. In this story the heroine meets a man whose experience as a seasoned firefighter has help [...]

I can't remember if I've read and enjoyed Stef Ann Holm before but I certainly enjoyed this book. It was not the whirlwind romance you read in most of the books in this genre. Instead, it's rather drawn out, a romance that happens over the course of several months.Actually, at the beginning of the book our hero, Tony (a firefighter, rawr), is married to another woman. Luckily, she's cheating on him to free him up for Natalie, who divorce her husband over two years ago. That was a marriage that d [...]

Fireman, Tony Cruz lives across the street from Natalie Goodwin. He is tall, attractive, masculine, kind and considerate but married. The married part soon changes when his wife admits to cheating on him.Slowly Natalie and Tony become friends and then more than friends in An Igniting Attraction. She has one problem with the relationship and that is she is nine years older than Tony and he wants children. The romance develops until she backs off. Several plots twists later involving family, his j [...]

I have never read anything by this writer but look forward to her other books after this one. It was such a good story. I thought I knew what to expect but when it opens with the main male character already married, I was like what is going on. I like the way the story unfolded and getting to know the characters. I liked all the ironic twists in the story as well. Having just turned 40 myself and sometimes feeling as if this is it, it was good to read a story that says no this isn't it at all, f [...]

We start out with Natalie who is a bit older than most heroines at 43. She is divorced, just opened her own flower shop, not doing well with dating and has a daughter just starting college. The first man she is actually attracted to is her neighbour Tony. Natalie dismisses him immediately because he is 9 years younger than her and married with a young daughter. She says they can just be friends. Tony doesn't agree with her though. His marriage ends and he is more upset about loosing his stepdaug [...]

Surprise romances, hot firefighter, this sizzles!I enjoyed this so much that I stopped reading three books I was supposed to read to read it. Something about Tony, not just handsome, but so loving. Natalie was determined to remain alone and be there for her daughter, Cassie, and run her flower shop. As the friendship blossomed as Tony's situation falls apart, I was absorbed in how simple it is to fall for someone who seems wrong for you. Natalie tried to stay away, but Tony had other ideas. The [...]

First of all let me just say that I love the new title. Igniting Attraction works so much better for me than Leaving Normal. It just sparks my interest (ha) before I even start reading.One of my favorite chapters in this book had to be when Natalie crosses her street with a bottle of wine to check in with Tony right after he tells her about his wife moving out with his step-daughter. The visual of them sitting in the dim lighting, on the floor where the couch would have been, watching the big sc [...]

I needed to read a romance for my 2015 reading challenge and I liked the older woman with a younger guy twist. It is a pretty standard romance but it was a pleasant read on the porch on a sunny day. I wish the author had not been so preachy about the college age daughter not having sex and how wonderful it was that she was saving herself for marriage. That's a choice but it is not presented as one. Instead we read about how the popular girls in school were "not virgins and all on birth control." [...]

So I had a hard time getting into this one but I'm glad I stuck through it. Its a very enjoyable believable read.The relationship between these characters is very drawn out. At times frustratingly so. But it's very realistic. There's no insta-love. Natalie and Tony actually get to know one another and are friends before they even begin a relationship.I liked Natalie and Tony a lot. They are both very strong independent people who are facing struggles in their life. At times Tony was very cocky b [...]

This book is more fiction than romance. It is an acquired taste for those who love an all romance. The book starts out with the hero being married not to the heroine. Some might see this as a turn off. I as a reader had to suspend that the author had a perfectly good reason for this. Tony finds out his wife is having an affair and is saddened but knew his marriage was going bad but because of his stepdaughter Paige he held on longer than he should. Natalie is dealing with being a divorcee and ad [...]

I was skeptical when I started reading this. Tony was married and Natalie seemed to be so adverse to a relationship of any sort. But I found that I really wanted to see how it all worked out. It was a little slow but for a change, I really did not mind. I liked how it drew the story out and it made me feel more connected to the when things finally started to happen. Also, it did not seem to be just a lusty, dirty, hide it when company shows up book. The sex scenes were fairly tame and not overdo [...]


Ok so I picked this purely on the cover I mean whats not to like? I was expecting a quick easy read romance. It was so much more than I'd expected. This had a more real feel, alot of emotional moments, especially in the detail of the fire crews calls. I liked the way the story unfolded, slowly building up the attraction between Tony and Natalie and you can't help but smile at Fred and his secret shopping trips.I received this book via instafreebie in exchange for an honest review.

Natalie was preparing to open her flower and gift shop. Something her ex-husband thought she would never do. But at 43 she was doing something for herself since was alone. Even her daughter left to go to college. Then she spies her neighbor Tony the fireman who lives across the street but he is trying to pick up pieces of his life too. His wife had an affair and has now moved out taking his step daughter with her. He is only 34 but he wants marriage and a family.

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