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  • Title: Enchantress
  • Author: James Maxwell
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  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition

From the day Ella witnesses an enchanter using his talents to save her brother s life, she knows what she wants to be But the elite Academy of Enchanters expects tuition fees and knowledge Determined, Ella sells flowers and studies every book she can Meanwhile her brother, Miro, dreams of becoming one of the world s finest swordsmen, wielding his nation s powerful enchaFrom the day Ella witnesses an enchanter using his talents to save her brother s life, she knows what she wants to be But the elite Academy of Enchanters expects tuition fees and knowledge Determined, Ella sells flowers and studies every book she can Meanwhile her brother, Miro, dreams of becoming one of the world s finest swordsmen, wielding his nation s powerful enchanted weapons in defense of his homeland.A dark force rises in the east, conquering all in its path, and Miro leaves for the front When the void Miro left is filled by Killian, a charming stranger from another land, Ella finds herself in love But Killian has a secret, and Ella s actions will determine the fate of her brother, her homeland, and the world.This is the first book in the epic Evermen Saga.

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My experience with this book:✔ Cool cover.✔ Prologue is intriguing.✗ Nope, prologue is a lie - it's not even about that character.(view spoiler)[and they die before we get to know them any further (hide spoiler)]. Clue number one about the rest of the book.✗ Amateurish writing.✔ Light fantasy tone with cozy, comfy clichés, which are good sometimes.✔ Girl who's going to study to be an enchantress.✔ Brother who's learning the sword.✗ Except we don't get to see any of the actual le [...]

Nope, nope, nope This book started out being fairly interesting. It then began to sort of run hot and cold. It took maybe half the volume to really draw me in but then we got rolling on the story. For a while I thought it showed great promise.But then that's what I thought about Wheel of Time for 6 volumes. here we start out with our 2 young protagonists, a brother and sister. They each want to grow.nce something special. She wants to be a sorceress he wants to be a "sword-singer". (Yeah if you [...]

Imagine my excitement when I found that I could borrow this book from for free! Unfortunately, you often get what you pay for. After slogging through this book for a couple of hours, I decided not to finish it. I am a firm believer in finishing what I start, so it is a testament to how boring I found this book that I put it down. I was unable to form any sort of attachment to the characters--twins named Ella and Miro, who sought to be an enchantress and a swordsman respectively. With no parents [...]

*****WARNING******A cat is tortured to death on pages 129-131***************I gave this book EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE. I swear I did. But it just never jelled. It was terribly uneven, the characters were ciphers, the best scenes were lifted directly from Rothfuss and Ryan. It's as if the author thought he'd rewrite Name Of The Wind and Blood Song for a YA audience. Everyone said it got better at the halfway mark. I read it through to that point and then skimmed. There were no characters to endear m [...]

This book was definitely a toss up for me. Okay, sot the beginning of Enchantress was so good. I was instantly hooked. I'm like, "Okay, I see you character and I like what story you are providing." THEN you go to the first chapter or so and end up thinking"WTF? WHO IS THIS?" Eventually you get to the end and now you're thinking. "DAMN YOU CLIFFHANGER YOU!" Or that could just be meThis book definitely had it's up and downs. It had a ton of boring parts but then shoved you a great couple of chapte [...]

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Books don't have to be original to be good. When I first started reading this, I was enjoying it for what it was: a fairly basic piece of epic fantasy with a semi-interesting magic system that went along with.And then it fell apart.An awfully convenient bit at the beginning about a noblewoman oddly befriending a peasant girl went from merely seeming like a plot device (needed a recommendation to get into Enchanting school, and what do you know, one sou [...]

I am pleasantly satisfied with this book, it was absolutely amazing. there is an interesting magic system, with some very creative uses of it. the characters are well developed and intriguing, everyone here plays its own part, each one fighting for something/someone while confronting the same enemy. there's a lot of action, a ridiculous amount of it which is fine by me, and it was brutal.

Everything about this book is bad. Including my decision to acquire and read it.Suppose the worst is that the author actually had a great idea, but his writing skills, world-building et al. couldn't really provide enough meat to keep it all together.It's incredible how flat Maxwell managed to make his characters. Their motivations bland, connection to the world they are part of - non-existent. Their dialogue laughable. This novel is actually a textbook case of Bad Writing and should be used as a [...]

I love books that you have to actually concentrate on to read ones that hold you hostage until you finish and this story is one of those books. A story that has such great detail you actually leave your reality and enter into the world the author creates. The story itself is about orphaned siblings finding their way in a not so hospitable world where sacrifice and hardship is an everyday occurrence. Twists and turns galore as the two main characters further their education learning to be an Ench [...]

Ella and Miro are siblings living in the fantasy region of Altura where the 'lore' of the land is enchantments. The siblings have never known their parents and live with an old grandfather-like figure. Ella is determined to get into the local college to become an enchanter and Miro, who posseses a natural skill with a blade, wants to become a bladesinger, an elite form of soldier who uses enchantments to make his fighting even more lethal. But war is on the horizon and the siblings are about to [...]

3 StarsI only gave this book 3 stars for many reasons. At first it was really hood and interesting but through out the book it got to be boring and to the point where it more a less just dragged on and on. I thought this book could be better if it was interesting through out the whole entire book instead of at the beginning. Overall it was not really one of my favorites.

Trite, cliched, derivative, racially unenlightened. As other reviewers have mentioned, one weird aspect of the book is the way horrible, gruesome events are described in a light, pleasure-reading sort of tone. It's disturbing. And it says something that I quit reading at about 85%, since I try really hard to finish any book, especially those I've put a lot of time into. But it was just ridiculous--I was literally laughing every time someone turned into a "mist of blood." Definitely a sign to sto [...]

Did not finish at 50%.I feel bad giving this a 1 Star review but that’s my policy for DNF’s.This book wasn’t terrible, i just couldn’t get into it. Feel like I’ve spent half my life listening to this mono tone narrator and just not invested enough to spend another 300 odd pages on it.

Not epic enough. As a self published book especially, this is beautifully produced; gorgeous cover, well copy edited and proofread etc. The story, IMO, was lacking. I admit that I did not finish this and I probably won't read the others. It's well written but ultimately a little hollow. I prefer a more flawed book with plenty of Voice. This just doesn't have Voice. The character's are not explored in depth, we never become emotionally attached to them and the dialogue is a bit flat - it sounds t [...]

This book encompass a lot more 'story' than I thought it would. I could have sworn I was already at least half-way done with the plot, when in fact I was only about 37% done. Thankfully, this book isn't full of filler fluff, it contains actual plot elements that serve to move the storyline. Although I found certain characters frustrating (okay, just Ella), I did think all of the characters were developed and had their own personalities. Just because Ella was naive, oblivious, and made some bad d [...]

I downloaded this series as it was on offer on Kindle store. So I thought Why not!?Having read some of the reviews on this book I was a little bit skeptical of how enjoyable this read was going to be. I found this book difficult to get on with. Things seem to happen without much structure or provision of a reason as to why it is happening. There is also a distinct lack of information about the world of this series. I often found myself struggling to picture the scene which in turn, I believe da [...]

If you are going to read this book, be prepared for an EPIC fantasy this book is the definition of "epic fantasy". The world is complex and at times I was confused, but I actually really liked the world that the story takes place in. The storyline is pretty complex and I found myself backpedaling to remember details at some points. I liked the characters, especially Ella, Miro, and Blademaster Rogan.The prologue piqued my interest and is definitely what kept me reading at some points. The story [...]

I picked up Enchantress as a Kindle Daily Deal - the cover art and plot blurb drew my interest and it started off intriguing enough. I made it through the first few chapters and was starting to get into the story, which felt a little like Patrick Rothfuss's world, but when I got to the scene at the bar and the prostitute, I turned off my Kindle and stopped reading. Not my kind of book after all.

This one was just average for me. I thought the very beginning was intriguing, and the end was pretty good, but it dragged in places and jumped around a lot - so it could have been better.It is the story of 2 orphan siblings: Ella and Miro. Ella goes to school to be an Enchantress and basically learn the magic of her land. Miro is destined to be a soldier. It takes almost a third of the book for the land they live in to be thrust into turmoil and war and for stuff to actually start happening, th [...]

3.5 starsI agree with reviews saying this is not the most original book, the writing doesn't wow, and it's at times predictable. However, that doesn't make a book bad. I was pleasantly surprised by The Enchantress, which I got 4 years or so ago as a freebie and was always reluctant to read. I liked the world and magic, the lore and runes, the zenblades and bladesingers. I liked Miro although there was a bit much fighting in the end. Ella worked a bit on my nerves in the beginning but I like the [...]

I tried, I really did, but the writing is execrable. I don't see any need for YA novels to dumb-down their writing for teens. A well-written book is necessary at all ages, and one of best ways to become an articulate, well-spoken adult is to read good literature in your formative years. This is not it.

Excellent readI gave this book 5 stars because from the beginning, it had me engrossed. Granted, its been about 5 years since I was last able to start and complete a book, so for me to find the escape I needed, this book gave that to me completely. Perhaps I am easily entertained. Even so, I am grateful that after all of that time of not reading, I could once again find myself immersed in the story, not wanting to stop. I am looking forward to book 2, and hope that it will give me the same satis [...]

Wonderful, creative read. Beautiful construct. I immediately bought the second book in the series after finishing this one. The book stands alone in the creativity of it's storyline, but if I had to make comparisons regarding content, I'd name The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Game of Thrones series as being similar, only with regards to the style of the story itself. The author definitely sets himself and this series apart.

I picked up this audiobook solely because it was voiced by Simon Vance, I knew nothing else about it. I didn't look any reviews up on or amazon so I had no idea what I was in store for.The beginning started out so strong, I was so excited that this book was going to be great and I'd rate it 4 or 5 stars.First the good:I very much so enjoyed the magic in this world, it was old style sorceress/enchantress kind of stuff with magical items that can do wondrous things.I always enjoy the magic univer [...]

You know, I’ve read a lot of fantasy. I’ve seen dragons, elves, basilisks, undead (all in my own book!) plus demons, elementals, magicians, ghosts, and just about every other concotion of the imagination you can think of.Except, that is, for what this guy has. Ever heard of prismatic orbs? Diringibles? Zenblades? No? Well, there you go. Maxwell had the genius idea of inventing technology with magic. And what a damn fine idea it is too—I’m almost thinking of stealing it Not that I’d eve [...]

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I won a copy from First Reads.After a couple emails sent because I was sent the wrong book (same title, but wrong things within the cover), I was finally sent the right book. Honestly, Enchantress is better than Enchantress. Heh. Now that makes things a bit more complicated, eh? Alright, let's break it down. The case of mistaken identity is irritating at least, but the book, Enchantress, is worth it.Oh, wait. Which Enchantress? This Enchantress. Written by James Maxwell. Not the other one writt [...]

Very well written novel with an intricate plot and characters that the reader cared about. Nearly every chapter leaves you with a small cliff hanger that makes you want to keep reading. There were a lot if things I enjoyed. The rune and magic system in each territory was interesting. I especially liked the illusion runes of the desert and how each area came with their own personality and history. It was also nice how all the main characters all had their flaws and were very self reliant on creat [...]

I enjoyed this book on several different levels.To begin with, it seems like it's going to be a "magical school" book a la Harry Potter and others. But it isn't. In truth, the siblings' time in their respective training is just the introduction to the greater story.The world building and magic in this book are tightly entwined and fairly interesting. Though not truly groundbreaking in any particular way, Maxwell has managed to mix and alter tropes into something atypical and entertaining. The st [...]

3.5 starsThis book is very slow at times, and I wonder how important it is to have some of those parts in the book! Over all the story line is ok. But the end leaves you hanging; if you want to find out what happens you must read the next book. So, it is like this; the first book is part one, and the next book is part two and if you want to find out what happens to the Characters and their home, you must read all the books (Slow parts and all, because you do not know which parts are important). [...]

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