Of Bodies Changed

Cliff James

Of Bodies Changed

Of Bodies Changed

  • Title: Of Bodies Changed
  • Author: Cliff James
  • ISBN: 9781784078164
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback

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When Jackie travels to the South Downs in search of her childhood home, she uncovers a sinister secret lurking in the family closet Her estranged brother, Chris, is her last remaining relative, but he has been transformed into something unrecognisable by the ghosts of the past In her journey to discover the truth, Jackie enters a strange world of free loving heathens, enWhen Jackie travels to the South Downs in search of her childhood home, she uncovers a sinister secret lurking in the family closet Her estranged brother, Chris, is her last remaining relative, but he has been transformed into something unrecognisable by the ghosts of the past In her journey to discover the truth, Jackie enters a strange world of free loving heathens, environmental warriors and sadistic priests, where dragons dwell beneath the streets of northern towns and demons prowl on the edge of Avebury s stone circle A gothic tale of love, revenge and atonement, Of Bodies Changed is an odyssey through the ancient myths that echo the human experience.

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It's strange how you can read a book once and get nothing from it because of your situation and interests and then you read it some other time and it all makes sense and speaks to you. My second reading of 'Of Bodies Changed' was charged in a way that my first reading utterly failed to register.This novel has a richly complex structure and narrative. The author's choice of myths and symbols interweave the pagan (including the incessant and pervasive weather and environment, which is also a very [...]

The story of a young woman in search of a brother who is only a childhood memory, Of Bodies Changed quickly becomes a harrowing love story told within the context of Greek myth and, like the myths, tied equally to both magic and stark realism. Chris, the brother being sought, has suffered physically and psychically in a home dominated by a deeply disturbed and abusive father. Having left his mother and sister to rejoin this estranged father, Chris is embroiled in a battle that rages throughout t [...]

Beautifully written, I was hooked from the beginning. The natural imagery creates a brooding atmosphere which is a fitting backdrop to the internal drama of the main protagonist, Chris (whom I loathed). Like Heathcliff, his dark, internalised passion leads ultimately to self destruction, creating a lot of carnage on the way (no hero of mine). I was far more interested in some of the other characters, crafted with real tenderness and depth, and maybe a touch of wisdom only those who evolve and ad [...]

Brilliant, I was totally hooked and found it hard to put down. The characters and story are compelling with an interesting grey area in the mystical side of the story - I wasn't too sure what to believe as true or real.It's really well written with beautiful descriptive prose. I could clearly picture the settings and locations (Calliope's garden and her garlic wall; the oast-house with it's vast, imposing iron gates) and the complex characters and their interactions with one another that made me [...]

An epic book of roads travelled by lost souls – and some found. An epic, entertaining and captivating story with exceptionally well build characters. Even when forced to put the book aside for a week or so – picking it up again -and the memory of the characters and their personality return within the blink of an eye and they quickly become like well-known old friends – for better and worse. It’s a story about a group of people and their lives, their quirks and habits and how their lives [...]

Sorry. Feel like I was reading a different book to those who called it brilliant or a hothic novel. The book I started but couldnt finish was more an excuse for writing about gay flirting. Not for me.

This is the first time I have read a gothic novel, and found it interesting and exciting.

So Wed 18th October was my mum's birthday and I finished 'Of Bodies Changed' by my beloved Cliff who sent me his debut novel as a present.Just like #Calliope, Chris and Jackie's mother who saved them from their abusive priest father leading them to a safer place (#Whitby from the #SouthDowns) following #Venus, the morning and evening star, my mother Luisa took, my sister Francisca and I, back to #Santiago (from #Purranque in southern Chile) to rescue us from a life of misery.This book is full of [...]

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