Con Academy

Joe Schreiber

Con Academy

Con Academy

  • Title: Con Academy
  • Author: Joe Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780544320208
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover

Meet Will Shea, a con artist who has bluffed his way into one of the nation s most exclusive private schools But Will isn t the only scammer at Connaughton Academy Andrea Dufresne is there too, and the ivy covered campus isn t big enough for the both of them.So they make a bet and the winner gets than just a high school diploma In this twisty tale of secrets, lies,Meet Will Shea, a con artist who has bluffed his way into one of the nation s most exclusive private schools But Will isn t the only scammer at Connaughton Academy Andrea Dufresne is there too, and the ivy covered campus isn t big enough for the both of them.So they make a bet and the winner gets than just a high school diploma In this twisty tale of secrets, lies, and deception it s hard to figure out who s double crossing who May the best con win

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A quick, easy read that kept me turning pages at a rapid rate. The ending felt rushed and a bit unfinished, but the characters entertained me the whole way through. Overall 3/5; a good book, but not great.

This review was originally posted on Book Blog BirdConnaughton Academy is one of the top private schools in America and Will Shea is the new boy in school. A scholarship student, he was offered a place at Connaughton after his missionary parents were killed flying medicine to orphans in the Marshall Islands.Only thing is, all this is a lie. Will has conned his way into the school and he thinks his cover story is pretty safe until another student - also a con artist - confronts him. They quickly [...]

I picked up a copy of this book because it sounded intriguing. When the book arrived and I read a reference to Ocean's Eleven I got really excited. The Ocean's movies were great. With each movie I would try to figure out the con and how it was pulled off before the reveal at the end of the movie. This book had none of the same cool moments or intrigue as the Ocean's movies. Will and Andrea were fine but neither one made me really cheer for one over the other. Their target was not anyone that I c [...]

Con Academy is an action filled adventure where con artist Will Shea gets his way into one of the top schools in the nation, Connaughton Academy. Will Shea the so called "orphan" from the island of Ebeye meets his match another con artist (will not say who) and they both know this campus is big, but not big enough for two of them. To see who gets to stay and who has to leave they make a bet, the first one who can con 50 thousand dollars from Brant Rush wins. The ending of this book is a pretty n [...]

This is an exciting book to read! It's about a guy named Will Shea who is a con artist who got into this really expensive rich school called Connaughton Academy. There is also this other girl named Andrea and she is also a con artist. The campus is not big enough for both of the cons! So they decide to make a bet, the first one to con 50,000 dollars! The bet is to see who can stay, and who has to go. This book has a ton of lies and suspense in it! I think it was a very action packed book to read [...]

E ARC from Netgalley/EdelweissWill Shea enters Connaughton Academy after his parents, who were missionaries, are killed on a remote Pacific island. He meets Andrea, whose parents where US foreign aide workers in the Balkans who were also killed. Except they are both working cons. Will's father is really in New Jersey, and Will wants to get away from it all and get a decent education. Andrea doesn't appreciate her home turf being invaded by another con artist, so she offers Will a bet; whoever ca [...]

I won this book through the First Reads program and I'm glad I was lucky enough to read this one. Thoughts are my own. It's described as being perfect for Ally Carter fans and I would have to agree with that one. Or really anything involving cons, conniving or being an all-around badass. Plus throw in the boarding/ private school aspect and I have to read it. Overall I really enjoyed this one but I'll go into a little more detail about why I liked it: The pacing of this was perfect for me becaus [...]

A good book. Not a great book. Not a bad book. A good book. Con Academy entertained me but didn't necessarily impress me.I love the concept of this book. First of all, it's set at a posh boarding school. Second, it features two ballsy kids who've successfully conned their way into the school and are going to con the school's biggest jerk. The ingredients are good. They're just not mixed together smoothly enough.The con and the conners are great. Will sets up an online poker scam and Andrea gets [...]

Will Shea is a high school student who conned his way into this really prestigious academy called Connaughton Academy. He met this girl who really early on figures out that he conned his way by saying his parents were missionaries and that he was an orphan from a small island called Ebeye in the Marshall Islands. Then he figures out she also conned her way in. So they set up a deal: whoever gets 50,000 dollars first from this kid who doesn't like them named Brandt wins. Brandt is a really wealth [...]

This was a good book because it has some humor and it has a lot of tricking so most of the time what you think is going to happen will not happen because they trick you. I would recommend this book because it has a good lesson in it. it also has stuff that might happen in college. I liked this book because you can never predict whats going to happen next. This book has some funny moments and some said moments, but it also has some moments where it leaves you with your mouth hanging open because [...]

I was looking forward to this, I really was. I've always loved capers and con men stories, due in no small part to my parents giggling and elbowing me through numerous watchings and re-watchings of The Grifters, Catch me if you Can and of course The Sting. So a YA novel that broke free from dystopian or saccharine tropes sounded perfect, at the very least I would applaud the effort.Sadly, Schreiber's fondness for the genre devolves into pure imitation rather than invention. Rather than giving in [...]

Definitely not what I signed up for! When you hear or read about cons you expect something magical, don't you? Well, that was quite accomplished. But you also expect your main guy to be The guy. You know what I mean? The expert guy/with charisma/hot/knows everything/isn't conned/ is not stupid. Yeah, I wanted to raed not necessarily about A con. Maybe more. But I wanted the accent on the genius main character. And there is no genius main character in this version. Paint me confused. Will could h [...]

Nothing makes me happier than when one of my kids says "Hey Dad, I have a book you need to read". Suffice to say, that's what happened with this book. I'm glad I took the book and read it. It was a great book with a pretty good twist ending. It was also interesting to see the type of books my son is interested in.Con Academy is about a young con artist who is out to do the con of his career. Along the way he learns the power of truth over lies and what redemption and grace mean. A good story wit [...]

I quite got into this story. It was a fairly quick read, but would've probably quite appealed to me when I was a little younger.

sighBreak out the crayons and color me "Disappointed". Maybe it is just my fault for having higher hopes for this story. I mean, with a title like this I expected so much more. Instead, I got a low budget version of Ocean's 11 that only plays at the Dollar Movies.If that's the case, I want my dollar back.-------------Full review can be found here: agingerlyreview.wordpressThis book had been on my Wish List through my library for a while. I’m a sucker for a good mystery/thriller story so I fina [...]

I read a book named Con Academy by Joe Schreiber. The book was about a transfer kid, Will Shea, that scammed his way into a very prestigious school by lying and bluffs left and right. He makes up this giant story about being from a broken home, but little does he know another one of his students, Andrea, is playing the same game. They realize the school is not big enough for the both of them. So they try to get one another kicked out while still being pretty good fake friends. The scammers reali [...]

Well that was quick. When I picked out this book, I saw that it was short, but I wasn't expecting to read that so quickly. Well, I ain't mad, soooI LIKED IT. YOU GUYS. I ACTUALLY LIKED A BOOK. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOkay okay okay. Can we talk about what I expected vs what I received?!?! I was legit expecting these two teenage con artists to meet, disagree, place a bet, and then throughout this said bet adventure, they fall in love. NOPE. SO MANY NOPES. NOPE. I WAS SO WRONG. No love. No marriage. No b [...]

it was boringgg

A quick exciting read that left me wanting more.

Will Shea forges his way into Connaughton Academy. He gets in on a scholarship, and meets a girl named Andrea on the first day. She quickly unravels his fake backstory and identity. He figures out that she also conned her way into the academy. They both have the information to get the other expelled, so they make a bet. Whoever can con $50,000 out of Brandt Rush, the richest kid on campus gets to stay at Con Academy.This book is great and I could not put it down, it was so suspenseful throughout [...]

Con Academy by Joe Schreiber is a mysterious Young Adult novel that keeps the readers on it's toes!Con Academy is a novel following Will Shea who is a young con artist. He makes his way into Connaughton Academy and plans to make some cash quickly before leaving the Academy behind. When he enters into a competition for who can get cash the quickest with another young scamming con artist, things begin to go every direction but the one Will planned.First of all, the pun of the academy's name is pri [...]

I’d been eyeballing Con Academy since it first came out a year ago. I’m a sucker for mastermind conspiracies like Ocean’s 11 and White Coller and thought the prep school premise sounded like loads of fun. I was nervous to read it, though, because it didn’t get a lot of hype when it came out, but I still had high hopes. Did it live up to expectations? Not really… but it was still a good read.Just the title “Con Academy” offers a few promises, and although they were delivered on, I f [...]

Thanks to and the publisher for a free copy of this book!I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Con Academy, but this was such a fun read. The book grabbed me from the first chapter (as in, I started to roll my eyes at the main character and then abruptly stopped, did a double take, and got really into it).The pace of the story was fantastic. I loved watching the plot unfold, seeing the various cons play out, and trying to guess when different characters and pieces of information w [...]

It's his senior year and Will Shea has conned his way into one of the country's most elite prep schools. But he soon runs into Andrea, a fellow con-artist. With the school not big enough for the both of them, they make a bet that whoever can con Brandt Rush, the richest, most privileged student in the school out of $50K, gets to stay at the school. Will starts setting up his con (an online poker scam) with his uncle who's one of the best grifters in the business, but also with the unwanted help [...]

Since the teen con is one of the in things for YA 'realistic' fic these days, can they all be as good as Joe Schreiber's Con Academy, please? It's not that the trend really makes a ton of sense, but it's here and slowly coming on and this one at least never takes itself so seriously that you're scratching your head the whole time trying to make it out to be more than it is. Yeah, okay, there's some life lessons by the end, but there's also no black and white with the characters. They're all some [...]

This book was about a con artist named Will Shea, who has hacked into the computer system of a top school called, Connaughton Academy, in ordered gain admission to the school. While he is in the dinning hall of the school, he meets another con artist named Andrea Dufresne. They make a bet to see who can get 10,000 dollars first. The loser must leave the school.So who's double-crossing whom? Read Con Academy to find out! I absolutely LOVED this book because I didn't know what was going to happen [...]

I look at her closely for the first time. She's wearing black framed glasses with lenses that reflect the screen in front of her, and her dark brown hair is pulled back into a ponytailGatsby taps a few keys on the computer scribbles a note on a scrap of paper, then stands up and comes around from behind the desk, "Stay here." And before I can say anything, she disappears into the stacks, moving through the deep jungle of the Dewey decimal system with all the confidence and authority of a lioness [...]

This book was amazing! It's about this kid who came from a bad background trying to lie his way into this super good and fancy private school in a competition to get money. Nobody knows his true identity and he will do almost anything to keep it safe. You never know if he will be able to stay at school or will he end up in juvenile hall. I recommend it to all readers.

Enjoyable, but not on the same level as the other Lone Star books I've read this year. I know several students who would love it though and I liked the way it tied up (even if it was a bit unrealistic).

Honestly, I liked this book better than I thought I would, but it's not one of my favorites. It's a well written book and it has plenty of "page-turner" parts, the character development is amazing, and the plot is great! I would suggest this book to anyone who likes spy-type novels. :)

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