Contos Maravilhosos

Hermann Hesse Paulo Rêgo

Contos Maravilhosos

Contos Maravilhosos

  • Title: Contos Maravilhosos
  • Author: Hermann Hesse Paulo Rêgo
  • ISBN: 9789722055307
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback

Poucos leitores parecem estar cientes de que Hermann Hesse, o autor de romances picos como O Lobo das Estepes ou Siddharta, tamb m escreveu magn ficos textos de prosa po tica Esta colet nea re ne os contos mais emblem ticos da obra do autor, onde se inclui Os Dois Irm os Die Beiden Br der , o seu primeiro trabalho em prosa, escrito quando Hesse tinha apenas dez anos, ePoucos leitores parecem estar cientes de que Hermann Hesse, o autor de romances picos como O Lobo das Estepes ou Siddharta, tamb m escreveu magn ficos textos de prosa po tica Esta colet nea re ne os contos mais emblem ticos da obra do autor, onde se inclui Os Dois Irm os Die Beiden Br der , o seu primeiro trabalho em prosa, escrito quando Hesse tinha apenas dez anos, e que exemplo disso imbu do de alguns dos imagin rios e sentimentos caracter sticos dos romances posteriores de Hesse, mas escrito com uma clareza e resson ncia pr prias, simultaneamente singelo e profundamente po tico S o pequenas hist rias, em linguagem simples mas plenas de simbolismo e refer ncias filos ficas, que remetem para um mundo al m da efabula o A experi ncia como elemento unificador do homem e do universo, a busca de harmonia do indiv duo no seu confronto com o mundo s o temas que perpassam estes contos onde habitam a fantasia e a vis o m gica dos seres e da Natureza.

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Märchen = The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse, Hermann Hesse عنوان: گورزاد و دیگر قصه ها؛ نویسنده: هرمان هسه؛ مترجم: سروش حبیبی؛ تهران، ققنوس، 1375؛ در 247 ص؛ شابک: 9643116166؛ چاپ دوم 1386؛ شابک: 9789643116163؛ موضوع: داستانهای کوتاه نویسندگان به زبان آلمانی - قرن 20 مدر این کتاب 14 قصه گرد هم آمده اند. داستانهای «گورزاد و دی [...]

Οι «φανταστικές Ιστορίες» είναι μια συλλογή που περιλαμβάνει όλα τα παραμύθια του Χέρμαν Έσσε. Είκοσι «βαριές» και «ασήκωτες» ιστορίες.Οι τέχνες και ιδιαίτερα η λογοτεχνία επηρεάστηκαν από την έννοια του θανάτου καθώς προσεγγίζει με εύκολο και πιασάρικο τρόπο τη ματαιότ [...]

I’ve loved the writing of Hermann Hesse ever since I first read Siddhartha in my teens, but until now I had never read any of his short fiction. This collection translated by Jack Zipes includes twenty-two stories dated from 1904 to 1918—before the novels that I associate so fondly with my young adulthood: Demian (1919), Siddhartha (1922), Steppenwolf (1927), and Journey to the East (1932). Since I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, I’ll rate them separately.“The Dwarf” (190 [...]

Cuentos Maravillosos. Nunca mejor puesto el título de este libro. Herman Hesse nos muestra su costado cuentista y nos lleva de la mano apaciblemente, a través de las líneas de sus relatos, profundamente espirituales, llenos de mensajes claros, que nos hacen pensar y repensar sobre lo importante de estar vivos, recordar lo efímero de las cosas, lo fundamental que es obrar con el corazón, ser agradecidos, no olvidar a Dios, respetar a los viejos, dejar de lado las hipocresías y los egoísmos [...]

I love this book. It is a thick collection of fairy tales, all told as part of a wider story, in the time-honoured Arabian Nights fashion. But the tales are all penned by Hesse himself. In them he takes the reader on a fantastic journey where nothing is as it seems, but where a new reality exists, tantalisingly within the reach of the reader, a reality where the values that imbue fairy tales thrive. Love, honour and courage, but also betrayal, death and loss. Like all good fairy tales, when the [...]

I read one story from this collection of fairy tales each night before bed. I keep waiting for them to infiltrate my dreams and maybe they do, but so far I have not remembered. I do think about them though. My favorite tale from the book is about wishes. A stranger offers the people of a village each one wish. How do you think that tale develops? You kind of know because it's a story that we've all heard, right? It has become part of our collective consciousness. I learn by reading these tales, [...]

بديع، بديعTo be reviewed .

I feel like I would be better qualified to review this book if I had more of an understanding of the literary history of the fairy tale. As it stands, however, I know only enough about the genre to say that Hesse's collection is traditional in the sense that they are not really written with Disney-fed children in mind, as these tales are mostly serious in theme and happy endings are often wanting. Like any collection of stories, I found some more powerful than others. "Faldum" was by far my favo [...]

I had only read a few short stories by Hesse before picking up this book. Some of the stories are shocking. I want to know, for instance, what Hesse has aganist women and veganitarians. Honestly, really, what did vegans every do to him?Most of the stories are excellent. My only complaint is the ordering of the stories. Zipes put them in publication/written order, which makes sense. The drawback, however, is that you are reading one too many anti-war stories in a row. There are not bad, but it is [...]

Nice collection of tales, but not for children. They all have hidden meanings, some are ironical, some are bitter, others are nostalgic and so on.

وجدت وطني بين دفتي هذا الكتاب.

Hesse's brilliance in conveying timeless truths though simple prose apparently also works in short story form. I wonder about the "fairy tales" aspect of the title, I think this is actually just a collection of short stories. Some do have elements of fairly tales, but the form is unique. It's a blend of the classic fairy tale format, more modern adaptations (think Gabriel Garcia Marquez), and Hesse's own philosophies.The book is filled with incredible stories, among my favorites are "The Dwarf" [...]

Much can be learned from the ruminations of mountainsd everyone should write fairy tales for their time.

تحميل رواية الحكايات الخرافية لـ هرمان هيسه من هذا الرابطgoo/XO2Dfp

This is really an abridgment of the main collection translated by Jack Zipes. This is a two cassette audio edition of narration with incidental guitar by Donovan. In order, the tales presented are "A Man By The Name Of Ziegler" (1908), "A Dream About The Gods" (1914), "Faldum" (1916), "The Poet" (1913) and "Flute Dream" (1914). This is the first time I ever dived into this material and I must say I much prefer the novels from Hesse, such as Steppenwolf, and Siddhartha. These just don't work for [...]

I went through a pretty serious Hermann Hesse stage in my late teens and twenties so my curiosity was piqued when I saw this on the library shelf as I was browsing. Now in my 50's, I wasn't sure if Hesse's "fairy tales" would appeal to me but I took a chance.First, only two of the stories have anything close to fairies and Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm might object to the title. The short stories range from meditations on civilization to longer tales of lives spent in search of p [...]

Terminando esta serie de relatos, no es curioso que al leerlos me siento como leyendo un cuadro de arte, a comparación de sus novelas solo me encontré con Hermann Hesse en 3 o 4 relatos pienso que algunos al ser tan cortos le quitan el poder desarrollarse y dejarnos esos mensajes entre líneas . recomendable para quien ya ha leído otras de sus obras y quiere una lectura. rápida y amena con tintes de acuarela

"Na minha pueril inteligência, tomava-a por indizivelmente tola, e, no fundo, ela era-o, mas era também uma pessoa feliz; por vezes tendo a considerar as pessoas felizes uma espécie de sábios à socapa, mesmo quando parecem tolos. Haverá afinal algo mais tolo, mais capaz de causar felicidade do que a esperteza?"

كتاب جميل وغريب وقصص اغربفيها من تستوعب المعنى والمغزى وفيها رغم متعتك تبقة حائرا ماذا يعني هنا او هناكاحببت الاغلب وبعضها لم احبها لانهاخلفت في نفسي طاقة سلبيةمتشوقة لاقرأ له سد هارتا

Fairy tales as a format is natural to Hesse's writing; the simple language and elements of whimsy provide a sense of calm wisdom typical of Hesse. I can say nothing else but to highly recommend reading these tales.

Excellent set of stories by Herman Hesse. Very different from the conventional fairy tales ; liked the sudden twists in the plots and quirky ends ( some almost macabre like Roald Dahl )

Have you ever wondered what a book would sound like? I don't mean that literally; we've all heard of audiobooks, radio adaptations, or, at least, bedtime stories. I mean what a book would sound like if it were music. Take Gormenghast, for example. Gormenghast is a Mahler symphony - it is a monumental combination of the dramatic and the absurd, it is very beautiful, it doesn't take itself at all seriously, and it sometimes seems weighed down by the level of detail. The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hess [...]

See my full review at The Emerald City Book Review. Translator/editor Jack Zipes has gathered many different sorts of tales, originally published between 1904 and 1918: early Gothic-style romances like "The Dwarf," pieces that mimic traditional folklore like "The Three Linden Trees," several surreal dream narratives, anti-war satires like "If the War Continues," and symbolic quest stories like "Iris." Few are retellings or variants of traditional tales, but they share the heightened, concentrate [...]

هل تعرف العازف الذي يمضي بين النغمات لاعالية والمنخفضة لاعبا بها بمهارة وقتما شاء؟ الرسام الذي يجمع بين الاشكال والالوان البسيطة والمعقدة لا يهمه ما يقوله النماس عن كل شكل على حدة انه ساذج او سخيف وانما يصنع لوحته بتناغم يصعد به ويهبط متلاعبا بمشاعر المتذوقينكذلك هيرمان هس [...]

Esta coletânea abre com um tributo à magia dos contadores de histórias e à forma como brincam com as almas de quem os escuta. Um anão entretém a sua senhora conduzindo-a, de maneira impercetível, por mundos distantes e fantásticos, sem nunca abandonar o conforto do seu palácio. Um dia, aquela a quem serve deixa-se enamorar por um aventureiro. Humilhado e maltratado pelo recém-chegado, o Anão lançará a perdição sobre todos ao não ser capaz de controlar a sua vingança. A partir de [...]

This is a trippy collection of tales. When reading some of the stories I wondered if Hesse was tripping on LSD. A Dream Sequence read like some lyrics Jim Morrison would have written. Needless to say I didn't get the meaning behind some of the stories; perhaps Hesse's philosophies are too abstract for my understanding. I do, however, like these ones:Iris (a touching story)The Forest Dweller (reminded me of sufism and the need to break free from dogmas of organized religion)The European (snide an [...]

من از این مجموعه داستان به طور خاص داستان "گورزاد" را دوست داشتم. اما داستان های زیر را نیز تا حدی جذاب یافتم:" بازی سایه ها"، "خواب نی لبک"، "شاعر"، "جنگلی"، "فالدوم" - که البته پایانش گنگ و دن نجسب بود - ، "پرنده" و "مسخ های پکتور".جدای از این ها داستان "طومار خواب" را بسیار آزار دهنده ی [...]

my new all time favorite book!!i want to throw this book at all to reada general overview:- magickal hesse language as always, for those who are fans- not your standard 'fairytale', as endings are not happy and stories are not lightfooted- leans toward being heavily moralistic but the views are something to consider- in all, one mans thoughtful perspective of the human condition; i appreciated it and will read it again and again

These are wonderful stories and fairy tales, it really takes you deep. I transcribed one of them (orig. Ein Mensch namens Ziegler) into a song, that's how good it was.

"الحكايات الخرافية" لـ"هيرمان هسه":إذا أردتم قراءة "الحكايات الخرافية" لـ"هيرمان هسه"، فعليكم أن تخرجوا من نطاق ما هو متعارف عن الحكايات والقصص القصيرة وعن المعنى الحرفي للخرافات عليكم أن تفتحوا أذهانكم على احتمالات تداخل الواقع بالخيال والأزمات بعالم متغير من الماضي إلى الح [...]

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