Raspberries and Vinegar

Valerie Comer

Raspberries and Vinegar

Raspberries and Vinegar

  • Title: Raspberries and Vinegar
  • Author: Valerie Comer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition

WINNER The Word Award for Best Contemporary Romance of 2013 Sweet like Raspberries Tart like Vinegar Josephine Shaw complex, yet singleminded A tiny woman with big ideas and, some would say, a mouth to match But what does she really know about sustainable living as it relates to the real world After all, she and her two friends are new to farming Zachary Nemesek WINNER The Word Award for Best Contemporary Romance of 2013 Sweet like Raspberries Tart like Vinegar Josephine Shaw complex, yet singleminded A tiny woman with big ideas and, some would say, a mouth to match But what does she really know about sustainable living as it relates to the real world After all, she and her two friends are new to farming Zachary Nemesek is back only until his dad recovers enough to work his own land again When Zach discovers three helpless females have taken up residence at the old farm next door, he expects trouble But a mouse invasion proves Jo has everything under control Is there anything she can t handle And surely there s something sweet beneath all that tart Raspberries and Vinegar is the first novel in the Farm Fresh Romance series which sees a group of young women purchase an old farm in northern Idaho together with the purpose of growing their own food and proving to those around them that they can make a difference It is a story of living sustainably on the land and focusing on real, local food from a Christian point of view It doesn t pad the issues nor preach about them, but allows the characters the freedom to grapple with environmentalism as believers A contemporary Christian romance novel, Raspberries and Vinegar crosses genres into farm lit Readers consistently comment on the uniqueness and creativity of the blend It s an bestseller in Christian women s fiction Valerie Comer s voice has definitely been missing in the Christian fiction market EXCERPTJo straightened her back, pasted on a smile, and consulted her clipboard Ellie, at the desk, had informed her the resident of Room 224 lived in the present, at least some days She tapped the door lightly and nudged it open Hello, Mrs Humbert An old woman, white hair floating around her face like a halo, sat in her wheelchair by a small table A man swiveled at the intrusion from his seat facing the window Jo caught her breath Zach Please come in, my dear The old lady peered at her through rheumy eyes Do I know you Jo closed the space She could block Zach from her thoughts This was her job She took the soft white hand in hers I m Josephine Shaw, the facility s new nutritionist, and I m here to talk to you about food Zach chuckled Be careful, Grandma She ll toss your stash of candies in the garbage Thanks a lot, buster Jo shot a glare at Zach Just her luck he felt the need to interfere on his grandmother s behalf Jo turned her back on him and tried for a light tone Unless you have any fair trade organic dark chocolate in there That stuff is hard for me to resist Mrs Humbert s poufy hair shimmered as she shook her head Now that s something I don t have, but John can pick some up for us if you like She patted Jo s hand Then I can bribe you to be nice to me John Jo shot a questioning look at Zach, but he just lifted a shoulder and shook his head She squeezed the old lady s hand I don t need bribing Not with anyone who needed help, and the fact that this was Zach s grandmother clinched the deal It s my job to make sure you re getting the best possible nutrition, though, so let s keep those empty calorie snacks at a minimum, shall we Zach laughed.

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I regret starting this book and only read it a little past the halfway point. I should have stopped 50 pages in, but I've never not finished a Christian fiction novel. I could not take the environmental, do-gooder message throughout the book. While I love gardening and farmer's markets, I am mature enough to realize the importance of the traditional American Farmer who feeds the world. This book is anti-farming and anti-beef production unless you are growing a little organic garden and raising g [...]

I really enjoyed reading Raspberries and Vinegar. Jo and Zach are fascinating characters who are drawn to each other despite having different life philosophies. Jo and her friends, Claire and Sierra, are intent on ‘practicing what they preach’ by creating a sustainable living farm. Their beliefs regarding sustainable living and decreasing their carbon footprint have a Biblical foundation. The girls are prepared to make sacrifices, including temporarily living in a rundown caravan with an ong [...]

A Farm Fresh Romance Series: A Farm Fresh Romance. This unique farm lit series follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of three college graduates who move onto a reclaimed farm where they plan to take the rural area by storm with their sustainable lifestyle and focus on local foods. Raspberries and Vinegar: Josephine Shaw: complex, yet singleminded. A tiny woman with big ideas and, some would say, a mouth to match. But what does she really know about sustainable living as it relates to t [...]

Raspberries and Vinegar is the perfect title for a book that is as tart in conflicts as it is sweet—or perhaps I should say, sizzling, in romance.Jo Shaw is an ecologically aware, pint-sized heroine who did not intend to fall in love when she moves with two girlfriends to start their sustainable farm, Green Acres. Zach Nemesek is the way-too-attractive neighbour who has a love of way-too-many things that go right against Jo’s ecological ideals.R & V shows the clash of these two likeable [...]

Josephine Shaw, a young nutritionist, and her two friends have embarked on their dream of setting up a sustainable lifestyle farm in a country town, but it will be a long process. The mouse plague in their temporary portable trailer home is just the start. Jo is so passionate about treading lightly on the planet that she tends to do just the opposite with people, coming across as overbearing and pushy in her zeal to convince others to live as healthily and thoughtfully as she does. Zach Nemesek [...]

Raspberries and Vinegar--a farm fresh romance by Valerie Comer is a hoot of a gentle Christian romance. If you like a wholesome, sweet romance, that will make you chuckle, then I highly recommend this book. I use the word wholesome in a tongue-in-cheek way, because the main character, Josephine Shaw, is a nutritionist who takes organic, healthy food seriously, as well as her faith and her desire to take care of the environment. So when Jo finds herself attracted to Zach Nemesek, who is a self-ad [...]

This interesting genre really is unique. It's nice to read something with a new twist. It has a lighthearted beginning and then, before you know it, the storyline covers some serious issues most of us will face in our lives.I like the independent heroine because she doesn't cave in when things are very difficult I certainly wouldn't have hung in there at her age when things were so creepy! The rapport between the girlfriends is natural especially when a little jealousy sneaks in, but girls will [...]

I recommend Valerie Comer's book, "Raspberries and Vinegar". Sweet romance, cute characters, a fun setting, and lots of lifestyle choices that made me think about the way I live.I read a lot of books and I don't see that combination very often! (Or at all).Very well written, I enjoyed Valerie's voice, and she frequently made me laugh out loud. Plus, there is a delicious recipe for raspberry vinegar cordial included that I'm dying to try! :-)

This was a wonderfully light romance read and it appealed to the gardener in me. I've been learning about the locavore movement for the past few years and knew I would enjoy the themes of Raspberries and Vinegar. A sweet, light-hearted read and a great start to the series!

What is a locavore and farm girl to do when she finds a farm lit romance available on the market? Get a copy and review it! That’s what I’m doing here for Raspberries and Vinegar, written by Valerie Comer.Spunky Josephine Shaw has dedicated herself to a sustainable lifestyle and is no less than fanatical about it. She and two of her friends, Sierra and Claire, recently graduated from college and purchased a tract of land in northern Idaho they affectionately call Green Acres where they are b [...]

What happens when three 20-something single Christian women buy a farm in northern Idaho and set out to demonstrate their beliefs about sustainable living?The farm is called Green Acres, but unlike Lisa from the classic TV show, Jo Shaw and her friends Claire and Sierra have done their research and are up to the task.Mostly up to the task. There’s the small matter of a mouse infestation in their temporary dwelling, but Jo’s sure they can handle it.She's not so sure she can handle their attra [...]

Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverI had the privilege of being a beta reader for this novel. Even then, in a much less polished form, Jo captured my heart and my attention. She, along with her two college friends, is determined to honor God by being a true caretaker of the planet. What this means to them is that they’re beginning a sustainable living farm where they plan to live and teach others ways to reduce the impact of humanity on the natural world.As it sounds, she’s a bit [...]

Three recent college graduates set out to change the world! Environmental purists, they purchased property in northern Idaho with plans to live a sustainable lifestyle. Unhindered by husbands or children the young women forge ahead only to discover their temporary home to be an old, filthy, mouse-infested, and dilapidated mobile home. The one benefit is indoor plumbing! Jo is convinced that the three of them can make a go of it and prove to the community that they can make a difference. The talk [...]

Sassy and sweet, this romantic story will charm it’s way into your heart. Josephine moves to the country with her friends to pursue a simpler life, not expecting to meet a young man who sparks her interest, but has his sights set on returning to the city. Despite misunderstandings and differences, love blossoms and overcomes life’s barriers.Many readers will relate to Josephine’s insecurities and inner turmoil as she struggles with doubts about her feelings, self worth and life path. As th [...]

Raspberries and Vinegar-A Farm Fresh Romance, by Valerie Comer, is refreshing to read. With believable characters, good pacing and a faith thread running throughout, Valerie has written an “opposites attract” romance, showing that every person and every issue is composed of multiple shades of positives and negatives. As in real life, there are sad moments in this story and joyful celebrations. If we let God direct us, our dreams can become something much more that we imagined. The last line [...]

I said two years ago I wouldn't read this book based on some things within the pages of this book from another reviewer, but I decided to try it and make my own judgements. And it was free too. I shouldn't have read it. It felt very anti-traditional farming and I couldn't stand the enviormental message throughout the book. It felt disrespectful of farmers and farming and as the great-granddaughter of farmers, the descendant of many other farmers, and a supporter of farms/FFA it just rubbed me th [...]

This was a fun, quick and clean read. I enjoyed it. The main characters Jo and Zach had several disagreements and misunderstandings throughout the novel but both turn to God and learn to allow him to guide their lives. As they do there are several fun, silly and frustrating moments.Happy Reading!!!

Loved this book.once I started it, everything else had to wait. Has a little bit of everything and her characters are very believable! Go for it, you'll love it!

Kindle freebie that makes me think I have GOT to swear off Kindle freebies. I think this one won an award, but it wasn't for me. The main religion preached was Natural and Organic. I think it's lovely, but terrifying in the wrong hands. *spoiler* conventional farming KILLS BABIES. And MOTHERS. And PUPPIES.

Three friends, Jo, Claire and Sierra, buy farm property just outside the town of Galena Landing (Idaho) to realize their dream of living off the land in an eco-ethical way. Even the mouse-infested trailer they have to move into (until they get around to building their straw-bale-walled, solar-powered house), is worth it… they are sure. Twenty-five-year-old Jo (never-been-kissed) Shaw is the one of the trio through whose eyes we see the beginnings of Green Acres Farm in Valerie Comer’s contem [...]

I'll preface my comments by saying that if you don't like Christian fiction -- if it's going to bother you to have characters who tell each other to trust in God or to spend more time on their knees in prayer -- you're going to want to give this book a miss. The author wrote this book out of her convictions about God, about our duty to take care of the earth, and about how people ought to relate to one another. All of that is there in the book, and it's not a hidden message. That's not to say th [...]

Title: RASPBERRIES AND VINEGARAuthor: Valerie ComerPublisher: Chose NOW PublishingJuly 2013ASIN: B00E6TC2RUGenre: Contemporary romance / farm litBreaking ground with the Farm Fresh Romance series, in RASPBERRIES AND VINEGAR Josephine Shaw and her two friends renovate a dilapidated farm with their sights set on more than just their own property. However, transforming the town with their sustainable lifestyle and focus on local foods is met with more resistance than they expected, especially by ne [...]

This could have been a real favorite of mine with its connection of sustainable living to some Christian ideologies mentioned throughout the story. Unfortunately, however, it will not be so. I truly agree with many of the sentiments throughout the book regarding sustainable farming and although I have only taken very small baby steps in that direction, I would love to live as these three girls are setting out to do (which is why it got 3 stars). I do not, however, agree with Josephine’s presen [...]

This book delivers exactly what it promises on the front cover. It's about a farm. It's fresh. And it's a romance.It's about a farm.But this isn't just any farm. It's a back to nature, make your own compost, heritage seeds only, as-organic-as-you-can-get farm. Jo and her buddies Sierra and Claire are serious about changing the way we as a culture look at food. They're passionate about being good stewards of the earth, and as a result, taking care of the human body in the process. Move over, Supe [...]

"Raspberries And Vinegar" by Valerie Comer gets five stars from me. I was given a copy of the second book in this series ( A Farm Fresh Romance) and even though they can be stand alones, I have to read series in the order they are written so I have to get this book and I can say I don't feel like I wasted my 99 cents.Josephine Shaw and her two friends buy an old farm in Idaho together with the purpose of growing their own food and proving to those around them that they can make a difference with [...]

Won in a Giveaway raffle.This novel was listed as a Farm Fresh Romance. The characters are Christian. This book was a refreshing change from the boy meets girl storyline. A cute romance with a different twist of farm life, the simple things, faith and sustainability. Jo, Sierra and Claire all in their mid-20s buy an old farm with the intent of making it sustainable and hopefully a tourist attraction down the road for those looking for the simple life experience. Next door neighbor Zach is an at [...]

Jo is off to a bad start with Zach… unfortunately life doesn’t give do-overs. Zach is just out of a relationship and not ready to date. It’ll be hard for him to stay single with the three new girls next door though. Can Jo overcome her unwillingness to love a guy who wants nothing more than to live in the city? Will Jo, Sierra and Claire be able to win over Galena Hills and have the people who live there decide to believe in buying local, organic foods? I absolutely LOVED Raspberries and V [...]

I found Raspberries and Vinegar by Valerie Comer to be incredibly funny, but also enlightening. There were a few moments when tears coursed down my cheeks, but I smiled through most of the book. Domino stole my heart from the very beginning. Valerie did an excellent job, and I wish it were still raspberry season here in the south so I could try the raspberry vinegar recipe that she included at the back of the book.I look forward to her next installment in the Farm Fresh Romance series.***I recei [...]

This is a cute, clean romance- but sooooo agenda-y. I know the point of the story was to share that God loves us and answers prayers (which I believe is true), but the self-sustaining-don't-eat-stuff-from-a-chain-grocery-store-build-your-own-hay-wall-house was too much for me. Neither did I buy that they would actually fall for each other while differing so much on food quality (seriously). The writing was average and the preaching on environmental stuff irritated me. But- if you like that stuff [...]

Raspberries and Vinegar is a sweet romance that both entertains and encourages the reader. I instantly liked the male protagonist and eventually loved the lead female too as she changed for the better towards the end of the book. The subplot of the book reminded me how important and beneficial it is to grow our vegetables organically. It was refreshing to read a Christian book that encourages us to respect the planet and support businesses that do. I'm planning on reading more of Valerie's novel [...]

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