Alpha Billionaire, Part III


Alpha Billionaire, Part III

Alpha Billionaire, Part III

  • Title: Alpha Billionaire, Part III
  • Author: HelenCooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alpha Billionaire, part three is the final book in the Alpha Billionaire novella serial Are you ready to find out all of Grant and Tyler s secrets

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Well the last book continued like the others. How can a book end with everything up in the air and the series be concluded? I had to carry on with this series to see if it got any better and sadly it didn't. Also, this book ends at 68% so 32% of the book is filled with promos. Maybe if that 32% was packed with a proper ending it may have got a better review. This is just my opinion though, it may be better for you.

What the heck did I just read? Ugh. Supremely disappointed how this series ended. What a confusing mess of WTF and I'm scratching my head at all the 5-star reviews. What a waste.

I really want my .99 cents back and the time I spent reading this series. I was intrigued by the first two books but this ending was beyond confusing and disappointing. Wow!

I am more than speechless. I feel that it leaves many questions that were not answered. Was Evie the game?Was she drugged?I think I need to re read the series because I am more confused than when I started reading the books.

Awful Series!!!These books are so confusing and most of the time, you're reading and rereading trying to find a story that just isn't there. You think you are starting to figure it out then it changes again into another confusing direction. I did not like them at all. I kept reading thinking a point was going to be made at some point and it never comes. The last book ends abruptly leaving you just as lost as you were when you first started reading them. There are more questions and absolutely no [...]

Seriously!! This book ended at 68% on my Kindle. And when I say it ended, I mean that literally. IT JUST FREAKIN ENDS! I'm in the middle of reading a paragraph, at the end of a chapter. A chapter that doesn't seem complete mind you, because there are still a LOT of unanswered questions. And did I mention its only at like 68%, so I was thinking WTH. But that's it! Now I know why the reviewers who said it ended were annoyed. Cause I'm feeling your pain too. It just endsnWTHHH!!Okay, so Evie is sti [...]

I feel like I still have a lot more questions than answers, but not nearly as creepy as book 2.


This author is officially banned from my Kindle/bookshelf. I consider Cooper a Kindle troll. If I could give this book a negative amount of stars, I would. The book stops at around 68% on Kindle and there's no conclusion. After 68% is her promoting her other books as if you were so thrilled about completing this awful series that you'd want to risk reading yet another horrendous book of hers. Maybe there's no conclusion because even Cooper couldn't stand what she wrote so she just stopped and re [...]

I received an advance review copy from the author for a honest review.:( barely 3 stars for meThe ending That's it?? When I finished I had to go online to confirm that that was indeed the end of this series. I am left with so many questions!!!! How can this be considered an ending when so many things haven't been explained? I feel that the series isn't complete. And the ending was just a WTF and not an OMG. Riddles This entire book is filled with them. I didn't care for this. I wanted more story [...]

1 sorry-ending star!I cannot even believe that something can end in such a bad way more than half the book was about asking meaningless questionsWhen I thought answers were gonna be presented and I got them, I wanted toThe dialogue, the story line and how the "heroes" were likeWhen the it came to the actual conclusion, the only thing that came to mind wasAnd finally, the whole thing was likeThis whole thing could have been finished in an awesome way unfortunately, it was NOT!

I'm really sorry, I really wanted to love this series. I really thought more books were coming even after I finished book 3, I didn't realize that was the end of the series. There wasn't a conclusion at the end of book 3, which is the final book and there's still so many unanswered questions. I really do love books JS Cooper writes but this series will leave you going 'What the hell is happening?' the entire series. My head kept spinning and to find out that was the end was a huge disappointment [...]

I was provided an ARC by the author Helen Cooper for an honest review. First I just want to say OMG! Everything you thought you knew from the first 2 books, throw out the window. Which doesn't mean this all doesn't fit together, it does and only the amazing imagination of Helen Cooper ties it all together in a bow. I read this and felt anxious all through the story, because I wasn't sure what to believe or know. As this book is written all from Evie's perspective, Helen Cooper easily puts her do [...]

I am so disappointed.I got up early this A.M. so I could read it before the kids got up and I needed to get ready for work. I cannot believe all of the 5 star comments I am seeing. I never leave reviews, but I am so irritated at how this ends I am compelled to share my complete disappointment at the ending. Not only does it end at 68%, but it is ridiculous to say that everything is all wrapped up and neat and tidy. It was the opposite of that completely. Love this author and she can write a real [...]

Just WOW!!This series is so bizarre, just when you begin to think that this will be like the same as every other It isn't!Oh boi! Oh boi! what a book Strange, dark, erotic, fantasy and (One other word that I don't want to say that will give the book away) If you are looking for your happy ever after then you won't be disappointed Or will you? There are twists and turns everywhere, one thing that the book isn't is straight forward. You definitely need to read all three in a row to really get su [...]

OMG. What an ending. This book is full of surprises. It keeps you still wanting more even though this is the last book. I'm sad the story has ended. If your looking for a book to keep you guessing. This is the perfect book. You will definitely not be disappoint, you will be left wanting more. HELEN COOPER YOUR AWESOME!!!!

Whatttt!!! I can't believe it just ends like that. There has to be more. This book CANNOT be the last one. Necesito mas de la historia.

AWFUL IS A NICE WORD FOR THIS SERIESHate giving bad reviews but with this series there is no way to praise the book.1St and 2nd book were bad but persevered hoping it would improve. wish I never bothered.Basic story was ok, but fell very flat. Didn't really like the characters, story so confused and series left up in the air ( but to be fair I don't think I could of tolerated any more )She wanted to leave but never did, she wanted grant then Tyler. oh come on. I've never hated a heroine more tha [...]

I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.O.M.G. I just finished reading this book, and I love it, love the characters, and love how the book turned out to be, I'm gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.This is the third and final installment in the series, and let me just say that once you read it you will love it, in this book we finally get to know what really is going on between Grant and Tyler, and who they really are.The story picks up righ [...]

Like a balloon losing it's helium, part 3 totally fell flat.Unique concept for a story, with great buildup from books 1 and 2 of the series. Then part 3. Oh how it sucked. First of all, what the hell kinda rushed, half ass ending was that!? Such wasted potential. Totally unsatisfied with the minute summary of the story. So much suspense the entire book, so many questions needed more detailed answers.Secondly, the already short read ends at 66% in part 3. I mean, damn, we already know the book is [...]


Review for Alpha Billionaire part 1-3She agreed to substitute for this Bachelor's party for five grand.A lap dance that lead to another and more.Two guys. One girl. Twisted games.Not the book for me. I was mindf*cked with this one.The heroine is too lustful to be I'm-not-that-kind-of-girl.

Read the whole series in less than 2hrs MINDFUCK!! Omg i was so confused and omg Hailey Seriously HAILEY betrayed her GOD!! Good one but i don't like to be confused sorry 3 stars are more than enough

TALK ABOUT DISAPPOINTEDI can't believe the ending

This has the worst ending and you get no answers, well none that make sense. WTF was the point?!

Still not making since it ends with Tyler saying she is his and can;t leave. But still no idea the game?? Or what will become of Evie. I don't like books that doesn't end with a HEA. Or any idea WTF is going on. WIll she ever be free? Is Eugenie alive or dead?

Seriously, what did I just read. Wanted to DNF but for sum insane reason I was curious if it would get better - it didn't.

These were my feelings when I reached the end of this trilogy

What?!! Is that it? Is that really how it ends??? Noere has to be more!I understand that as an author, they write how they want the book to go. How the story comes to them. Not what the reader wants necessarily. And I agree. That's how it's supposed to be. But that doesn't mean I'll always like the direction that the story takes. Unfortunately, this was one of them. :(***SPOILER ALERT***This is the third and final installment of the series, but to me, it felt like the story was left unfinished. [...]

review for part 1-33 confused star for part 12 curious-confused star for part 22 twisted-mind star for part 3despite the review here in GR i'd like to give it a shot since usually i got different opinion usually i found one book still worth 4* or even 5* for me even tough many people give negative reviewbut this one,, i totally lost itpart 1honestly, i like the idea of the story when i read the synopsisbut somehow along the way, i got lost in track and confused about the whole story right after [...]

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