Starter Wife

Moriah Densley

Starter Wife

Starter Wife

  • Title: Starter Wife
  • Author: Moriah Densley
  • ISBN: 9781940695440
  • Page: 129
  • Format: ebook

Linnea King has it all, fabulous social life, adorable children, and her successful husband s income until he serves her with divorce papers Her perfect life crumbles in a storm of police reports, cranky bus drivers, and burned dinners The single life feels as foreign as a trendy haircut Just when Linnea fears she ll lose everything, her new neighbor steps in to help.Linnea King has it all, fabulous social life, adorable children, and her successful husband s income until he serves her with divorce papers Her perfect life crumbles in a storm of police reports, cranky bus drivers, and burned dinners The single life feels as foreign as a trendy haircut Just when Linnea fears she ll lose everything, her new neighbor steps in to help Not that she s judging by appearances, but TJ Gates looks like trouble with a capital T Tattoos, motorcycle, and sexy southern manners, TJ is the last person Linnea expects to be her hero A demolitions expert who takes prizefighting gigs to pay the bills, TJ has pretty much screwed up everything that matters, and rebuilding his life after a violent past is harder than it looks He thinks the polished, expensive looking Linnea King needs the same thing he wants a second chance.

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4.5 stars. Very strong first 60% or so. I loved both the H and h. Linnea, the h had a bad self image after her scummy-no good-dirty rotten scoundrel of a husband dumps her after degrading her & their entire marriage. The low self-esteem could have been too much of a downer, but Linnea's frequent internal pep-talks pulls her out when she needs to deal with what she has going on. The POV is 3rd person- alternating between Linnea and the H, TJ. It seemed to be more of Linnea's POV, since TJ had [...]

I have heard nothing but great things about this book unfortunately this book was just ok. I actually almost put this book down but I was interested enough and wanted to see how it ended. For me this book was just ok, there were spots and things in the book that pulled me out of the story, and there was also things I wanted more information about in this story that I didn't get. In the end I found myself skimming but at the same time finishing the book so I could see how it ended.

First off, I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Second, this is my first contemporary romance by Moriah. Previously I only read her historical romance. I have to confess. I was more intrigued with this contemporary than the historical ones for the most part. This novel was well written with contrasting lead characters and humorous remarks that had me giggling out loud. Here are lines and scenes I really enjoyed:"TJ Gates, you are a beautiful, beautiful man. Don't worr [...]

Starter Wife was a great read, and at just the level I was looking for at the time. Actually, I take that back. I randomly picked it out of my hundreds of unread books on my kindle because the cover was light and fun, so I figured it would be a light and fun read. Well, I wouldn't call it a heavy read. But it had far more depth than I had wrongly assumed going in, but also the love and lightness I was hoping for. And this was a pleasant surprise and one I enjoyed immensely.We have Linnea, vergin [...]

Overall rating: 4.5 stars!!!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no - not between the hero and the heroine(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ yes(hide spoiler)]Review:If you know me, you know I am a huge SUCKER for single parent romances, especially when both characters are just amazing. You have Linnea, a mother of three children, one with special needs that is struggling to make it on her own. She is [...]

Disclaimer: I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received both an early copy and a finished copy.I really enjoyed this book. The author did a marvelous job of evoking emotion (because MAN was I annoyed at Linnea's parents. SO annoyed and her ex? WHAT A SLEAZEBAG). And I loved the chemistry between TJ and Linnea. It wasn't a wham-bam-thank-you-maam kind of romance. It was slow and built on mutual respect and that made the steam even hotter.There were a few things t [...]

I received an ARC from the author, Moriah Densley, of this book, Starter Wife, late last night. I began reading it this evening, just after 6PM. It's now just before 10 PM and I've finished it (I've also cooked and eaten dinner during that time, but that's another story). The fact that I read a book in a few hours is probably no surprise to those that know me well. The fact that I chose to do so on a work night, when I have to get up before 6AM, is unusual. Yeah, it's that good. It is about a yo [...]

Moriah has done it again! I loved this book. Linnea is a wonderful heroine. She is so strong and spunky - even more than she realizes at first. And don't get me started on TJ Gates - what an awesome hero. Military, UFC fighter, and gentle, doting father? You wouldn't think those would all work in one man, but it makes perfect sense. I love the setting, as I lived in Las Vegas for years. Unfortunately, it's all too accurate. The combination of romance and mystery (not a huge mystery, but it invol [...]

I have to say I loved TJ. He was so rough on the outside but sweet to everything he cared for. Linnea was great too. she was trying to be strong for her family when anything and everything goes wrong for her. thank goodness for TJ. Really enjoyed my first contemporary romance by moriah. I already love her historical books

Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with TJ the main male character This is such a wonderful romance novel, you get drawn into the book .I have read a lot of Moriah Densley's book and it seems ech one is better then the next.Starter Wife is one of those books that you will want to read again.A must read

4.5/5.0Well-crafted and beautifully told, this down-to-earth novel is a must-read for those who enjoy their contemporary romances with a dash of suspense. Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD’tale Magazine.

I guess I get to play the villain of the review board because I did not get the joy as much as everyone else seemed to have. This isn't easy because I love MD and have read all but one of her books. I tossed around how I would write this because her writing for the most part captivated me as it always does. Densley is able to detail a scene to the extent that I feel like I'm right there in the scene and that's not an easy thing to do and Linnea both have their hands full of trouble and responsib [...]

This is her first novel in contemporary a switch from usual genre. First off love the little tidbits written under the heading of each chapter the reader enters. I looked forward to seeing what she was going to write next just as much as getting to the next chapter. She starts off this novel with a bang and quickly grabs the readers attention with Linnea and what happens with her daughter. The adorable hunk TJ and his dog is one neighbor that would be a addition to any neighborhood. From there y [...]

I will start my review by saying I do not usually read contemporary romances. It's probably my least favorite genre, but I love Moriah Densley's historicals and I received an advanced copy to provide a review.This book is really, really good. The characters are like people you know and actually like. I love that Moriah captured the wounded and vulnerable feeling that Linnea felt after her husband left her. I remember feeling the same way after a similar situation. Moriah nailed the grieving proc [...]

A really good readI don't usually read contemporary novels but I like Moriah Densley's novels and I also think it was inexpensive, which was a plus. Her novels aren't sleezy or overly sexy but with imagination, it's all there. Not to mention her people are true to life. Sweaty, usually a bit flawed in the normal sense yet, oh so human. In this book, TJ's daughter gets her first period and his mother-in-law is getting Alzheimer's. He's a former marine and a place professional fighter.Linnea is ge [...]

What a great book!! Wasn't sure what to expect with the change of genre but I have loved everything else and wasn't disappointed with Starter Wife!!Reading about the struggles that Linnea faced because of her disgusting husband Evan was so true to life.Linnea is a struggling mom with 3 children, 2 boys and girl who has Down Syndrome and a husband who has left her after years of berating her. He spends her trust fund for law school and she drops out of nursing school to raise the children. TJ is [...]

Scintillating read from start to finish!As a long time fan of Moriah Densley's Victorian romance novels, I was curious to try The Starter Wife, a modern day romance. I was not disappointed! The pacing of the story was well done, as was the way she showed the relationship unfold between our two heroes. I really loved how the author wrote such real, believable characters; flaws and all. As a native Texan, it was no problem to imagine the hero's Texas drawl, which made my immersion into the book so [...]

This book had many features that wouldn't typically draw me in: contemporary, set in Las Vegas, a vulnerable female lead, etc. However, I thoroughly enjoyed TJ and Linnea's story. TJ was complex, loveable, and I was cheering for him from the first page. Linnea drove me a bit crazy at times with decisions that made her life much more difficult than it needed to be, but I still cared about the character and wanted to see her make it through her struggles. I loved the unfolding of the relationship, [...]

This was the first contemporary romance I’ve read by Ms. Densley and it was a incredibly wonderful. The author’s plain spoken writing style was still there (yea!), but the second-chance romance between Linnea, a divorced mother of three children (one with special needs), and TJ, a world-weary bomb squad soldier and single father, was a gold mine of human grit and emotion. It was rich with despair turning into hope, loneliness turning into love and suffering turning into joy… with humor thr [...]

I wasn’t sure if I’d like Linnea King at first. I thought she was a bit scatterbrained and judgmental. She came off looking even worse after silently dubbing the man who’d just saved her daughter’s life as Werewolf Man. Fortunately she shed the snobbishness early and became a sympathetic character. The hero, TJ, though his life was rough, was a true gentleman in the best sense of the word. It was wonderful to watch two very dissimilar people fall for each other. The conflicts were great. [...]

This book has sizzling romance and head-spinning action. Set in LasVegas, this tale of a discarded wife and her struggles to keep her family afloat kept me awake far into the night. TJ is a delicious hero, and Linnea has the wit and drive I wish I had. The cast of secondary characters is hugely entertaining. Medical, military, and prize-fighting terms had me stumped, but not to the extent that I lost track of the story. Great reading!

I liked some things about this books. I have to think on it a bit. I caught myself skipping pages to get to the meat of the story. It dragged on a little for me. I still like this author though. I really liked TJ also. He was beautifully flawed.3 1/2 stars.

Darling cute romance.

Love the title - loved it the first time I wrote it. Thanks.

At first, I was regretting agreeing to read this novel. I hated the cover, and I wasn't sold on the title either. I mean "Starter Wife"? That leaves all sorts of images for the imagination - most of which are not pleasant.However, this was one of those novels that from the first chapter, you were drawn in. Ms. Densley has a talent in detailing her novels to such an extent that you don't just feel like you are reading a story - you feel as though you are IN the story. Experiencing all of the high [...]

I've read one of Moriah's historicals (Song For Sophia) and a paranormal (Mind Tamers) and I haven't been disappointed yet. Starter Wife is another great romance and shows that this author can write in any genre and turn out a great book. The cover doesn't really do the story justice as it seems kind of light-hearted and the book is anything but. Oh, it's humorous and fun to read, but there is plenty of emotion. Linnea was dumped by her sleazy ex-husband after he used her assets and connections [...]

Historia muy entretenida.Es difícil encontrar un romance contemporáneo que no se base en las tan cansinas insta-lust-love, así que, nada más que por eso, ya merece la pena darle una oportunidad a este libro.Me ha parecido razonablemente realista, sobre todo los personajes protagonistas, a lo mejor los secundarios han sido demasiado planos, bien por ser muy buenos, bien por ser malos malísimos, pero no ha sido algo tan importante como para que no me guste la historia.Las familias de ambos pr [...]

I thought this book had an interesting "tone" to it. I felt the story as a whole had a more "down to earth" vibe to it. It's not that I thought it was a true story, and it wasn't that there was a lack of drama. I just thought these situations were handled more subtly than I normally find in books, and gave it a more realistic feeling. It's probably why I felt like I could relate to the h more than usual. I'm not divorced, but her kids made my family life seem normal! I also found myself laughing [...]

I give this 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I really wanted to read this book as her book King of Threadneedle Street was one of my favourites in the historical romance genre. This was certainly different. I felt like this must have been written before because it didn't seem to have quite the same depth and character development of the other. This was good and I enjoyed it but not amazing. It had everything but the kitchen sink thrown into the story and much was resolved but not all and there were a [...]

Loved it! It is so good to read a book about those of us older than 20! It is refreshing to have a book that isn't focused on young angst, but has a backbone that those of us over a certain age will find more relatable! The book was fun, easy to pick up where I left off and overall left me feeling better than when I started!

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