Keeping Merminia

Emm Cole

Keeping Merminia

Keeping Merminia

  • Title: Keeping Merminia
  • Author: Emm Cole
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  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition

In the concluding sequel to Merminia, Ulric and Selinne are both about to find out just how much they stand to lose.Upon seizing Dencur with Adessia s ring, Ulric leaves everything beyond the city walls in chaos As Selinne tries to save Merminia from ruin, she finds a hesitant group to aid her in the perilous journey to Dencur But while Selinne works to stop Ulric from dIn the concluding sequel to Merminia, Ulric and Selinne are both about to find out just how much they stand to lose.Upon seizing Dencur with Adessia s ring, Ulric leaves everything beyond the city walls in chaos As Selinne tries to save Merminia from ruin, she finds a hesitant group to aid her in the perilous journey to Dencur But while Selinne works to stop Ulric from destroying all that she holds dear, friendships are tested to their breaking point The final battle is brewing between Humans and Enchanteds.

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Emm Cole’s writing calls up visions of tinkling chimes, delicate lace and all things beautifully fragile. You only need to read one paragraph for this to be clear, but the delicacy with which Ms Cole scripts her words is a smokescreen (a lilac-coloured, fluffy and aromatic one) that she uses to lull the reader into a sense of beauty and peace before driving the poison-coated spear into your heart with precise accuracy.

Keeping Merminia might sound like something sweetly fantastical, and i [...]

If you enjoyed Merminia, you will be utterly blown away by the second in this series! Cole delivers a Mermaid fantasy beyond comparison to others in what is fast becoming an extremely popular genre. Cole successfully provides a vivid escape from reality in this fantasy world set in a time where Merfolk are not just mysterious secrets of the sea. Although not comfortably, they live alongside the humans. In this instalment Cole introduced all of my favourite paranormals (Enchanteds). Faeries, elve [...]

We are all familiar with the old conversational chestnut that “something” is going to be a tough act to follow. We have all seen examples of that pronouncement ringing true. When this reviewer learned that Emm Cole was working on a sequel to Merminia, he said the same thing to his faithful cat, Rankin, who was sleeping behind his PC monitor at the time. Today, as Rankin sleeps behind the monitor once more, this reviewer is pleased to say that Emm Cole has more than successfully followed her [...]

This past spring, I read the book Merminia by Emm Cole and gave it four stars. The book was definitely well-written with lush language and vivid imagery, and the mermaid princess heroine Selinne was a delightful main character, but a war among mermaid factions in a Game of Thrones style wasn’t so much a plot for me. Still, the book is about mermaids, and I had the sequel also on my Kindle, so I thought I’d give it a read.Since this is a review of a sequel, I can’t guarantee it will be spoi [...]

A beautifully plotted, well written, fantastic trip back into Cole's world.This is a largely relationship driven book, which at first I had mixed feelings about, but as Cole develops her characters, it becomes even more enjoyable than her first book. Definitely give it a look. although you REALLY need to read Merminia

If you enjoyed Merminia then I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book, it continues the story wonderfully. If, however, this underwater world is new to you, you will probably find this volume a bit difficult to get into without the background the first book provides.

I have been through the emotional wringer.Review to come.

*NOTE: This is BOOK 2 of the Merminia Series, so be warned that this review has book one spoilers. You can also see this review complete with the GIF's @ thisisnotacliffhangerAt the end of Meminia (Book 1) Ulric has possession of Adessia's ring giving him powers over land and sea that no man with his ego and aggression levels should have. He's just gone all creeptastic and waltzed onto shore to start some serious shit with the land dwellers. Selinne has buried her brother, become lead Merminian, [...]

Wowser! That's what I'm talking about!After reading thisI justWhat a sequel. Seriously. And this book was SO different from the first one. Some of that I likedme parts I didn't. But I'll get into that a bit later.Keeping Merminia picks up right where its predecessor left off, bringing us back into the fantastical world of the Merminians and Litiants. I loved the interplay between Selinne and her two suitors, Gabriel and Aramis. I feel like I knew who she would end up with in the end anyway, just [...]

*A complimentary ecopy of this book was gifted by the author in exchange for my honest review.*Oh, the Fates, what am I to write here while still reeling from those last words of the last chapter from Aramis? All I can say is, "Wow!!" I have never read a book to where the author lets YOU decide how it ends. Tears were falling as I read the very end. This story may be Fantasy but it has you feeling feelings as if you were reading a Contemporary Romance. Cole has become one of my favorite authors. [...]

*I received a free copy, in exchange for an honest review*Ulric has the ring of Adessia and has taken his merclan to land. Selinne want his death, for the death of her brother. Ever faithful Aramis goes with her to land. It is there that they find Gabriel, who has been living among the humans, learning their ways and surviving. Most of the Merminia clan is already on land, due to lack of food from the storm brewing. Selinna, Aramis and Gabriel must travel thru dangerous lands, that are inhabited [...]

This sounded a little familiar. A group of warriors crossing over land searching for a ring. It was a little jarring at first, switching from 3rd person in the original to alternating 1st person here. After a while I got used to it. I thought the ending was open ended. I wanted to find out what happened to everyone. *Spoiler alert* I didn't realize until the end that Walter was speaking in the prologue. If there isn't going to be a 3rd book, I would have liked to see an epilogue with Walter to r [...]

The first thing I want to say is what great world-building in this series! I loved every part of it. I also liked how there were different types of merfolk and other creatures (Enchanteds)in this story, it kept things new and fresh throughout. The writing is good, it kept me engrossed most of the time. "Keeping Merminia" is full of mystery, romance, action, suspense, all the good stuff. I highly recommend it to both mermaid and fantasy fans alike!

I love books about mermaids!!!!! This book was no different. In this book we get to learn about a young mermaid princess who wants revenge upon her brother's death. This book kept me in suspense even after the end. I loved the romance in the book because I am a sucker for any kind. If you are obsessed with mermaids, you'll love this book!!

I really enjoyed reading "Keeping Merminia", as I was a big fan of Emm Cole's first book "Merminia" and was excited to see how the story would conclude. There were mythical creatures galore, sword fights, dragons and eventuallyue love. Emm is an excellent Fantasy writer with an amazing immagination and I can't wait to read more of her works. It is always a pleasure.

Absolutely loved this book! I always enjoy and appreciate a book that I can't predict the ending . This book has twists, turns and unexpected surprises! I was completely captivated!Looking forward to the next installment!

Review to come asap!!

So many feelings right now. these books are a must read!! Full review to come in September

I thought the descriptions were better in the first book, though the insight we get in to the main characters thoughts due to the change to first person viewpoint goes some way towards compensating for that. I also felt the ending should have included the answer to the question of a certain character's fate, which I felt was left unanswered. Other than those things, however, I thought this book was a great read.

VISUAL INSPIRATION FOR KEEPING MERMINIA:pinterest/cole1952/me**KEEPING MERMINIA PLAYLIST** Chapter 1: Ulric and King Balfur - Skyfall by AdeleChapter 7: Zara Wading in the Waves - Belong by Cary BrothersChapter 8: A Thank You Kiss - Wild Honey by U2Chapter 9: Wine, Waterfalls and Stars - Forrest Gump Suite by Alan SilvestriChapter 13: Mina's Warning - Season of the Witch by DonovanChapter 19: Targets and Confessions - Let it Be by The Beatles & One by Johnny CashChapter 21: Glass Swords (Eza [...]

This book was wonderful! It was even better than the first one, and concluded the overall story very well. Before I began reading I was warned that this book was geared towards an older audience than the first one. There is one scene in particular that may be inappropriate for younger audiences, but it was very tastefully written and not gratuitous at all.Throughout the book the characters were developed more fully, and I fell even more in love (or hate) with each of them. I didn't anticipate an [...]

I had not read the first book, so my review must take that into account. I couldn't finish the book. I found the characters flat and the story didn't grip my attention. Each chapter was written from the point of view of one of the characters, but all the voices sounded the same to me. I found I was procrastinating in picking the book up to read on, so I gave up on it. If I had read the first book, I may have found this one to be more enthralling, but as it is I could not recommend it.

I liked the world building and character development in this book.

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