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  • Title: Monster
  • Author: Carmen Caine
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  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Revenge It s all I ve lived for Revenge against those who stacked the cards against me from the start But I m changing the deck now I m getting even Born to a vampire, I wasn t supposed to survive but I did.My name is Cassidy Cassidy Edwards And I m the first of my kind The JobTrapping a sixteenth century Scottish Highlander of a vampire who just might be seductionRevenge It s all I ve lived for Revenge against those who stacked the cards against me from the start But I m changing the deck now I m getting even Born to a vampire, I wasn t supposed to survive but I did.My name is Cassidy Cassidy Edwards And I m the first of my kind The JobTrapping a sixteenth century Scottish Highlander of a vampire who just might be seduction itself.The TeamA firedrake with an attitude, a werewolf with a problem, and an imp in dire need of rehab.The BossA dangerously powerful warlock as handsome as sin.My Problem Bluffing my way into a job, my first mission into the Charmed world opens a Pandora s box of betrayal and secrets along with attractions of the most lethal kind.

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This book has hints of an interesting story, but it's buried under a real mess. Usually, an ignorant or naïve protagonist is useful in learning about a new or different culture. In this case, Cass's ignorance is more of author exploitation than anything else. What I mean is that everyone else is continually using her ignorance against her to manipulate or force her into what they want and she is forever finding herself enmeshed in dire situations with no idea what is going on, what the stakes a [...]

The first time I read this I thought it was just okay, but this second time around I really enjoyed it.Though Cassidy is a special snowflake (one of a kind, beautiful, sassy etc) her feistiness and the way she bullshitted her way through half her interactions because she had no idea about the Charmed world made this quite an amusing read at times. Of course, one Imp with addiction issues and a moody brooding love interest helped too. Looking forward to where the next book takes her and if that c [...]

On finishing this book I can't help but think that in the hands of someone else this could have been an interesting beginning to a layered and intricate UF world. Instead this author has managed to flub one of the simplest and most basic motivation in literary history (revenge) to deliver a really huge, confusing mess of a story.Cassidy (never Cass) Edwards is a girl with a problem. That problem being she has a horribly selfish vampire for a mother and was cursed before she was even born with th [...]

This story had a lot of potential But pretty much every aspect that could have been good fell completely flat. The main plot line couldn't have more holes and jagged edges, the characters were all under developed and most of the time super annoying, and no one could just stick to a personality. They all flip flopped all over! The 'bond' between the h and 'H' ( parenthesis because he sucked as. an H!) was shallow and ridiculous To be honest I'm not sure why I even finished I've thrown out books f [...]

I just can't. I gave up at 50%. The story has not developed enough to keep my interest. This one is a no for me.

Well. No. DNF after 30%. Repetitive, boring, over-drawn. This stupid revenge-theme got old immediately. Cassidy is as stupid as heroines come.I don't like anything about her. Then this probably supposed to be sensual tension between Cassidy and that warlock? Repetitive, childish game playing and so not interesting. And her back-story was stolen from "Blade". Oh, and this whole revenge-thingy? Didn't even make sense. Her mother not only survived, but is fine with the guy who did it. So why the [...]

There are so many twists and turns I don't know where to begin. I like Cassidy and want to be on her side but it's hard with all of the strong emotions and the unknown. I want to read more and see what happens to Cassidy, but in the same breath I'm over her and her situations. Who can she trust? What about Emilio? The whole situation with Lucian is complicated. I don't know.

This was a relatively short, quick and highly entertaining read. Carmen Caine did a wonderful job introducing the reader to Cassidy Edwards and the cast of characters in this first Cassidy Edwards novel. As a reader, I was thoroughly engaged through the entire story. As an author, Ms Caine certainly gives me something to strive for. I look forward to reading more about Cassidy Edwards adventures.

had the potential to be good. but the Cassidy is the biggest push over. she lets the men walk all over her. Fucking idiot

Interesting premiseBut, unfortunately, little to back it up. This series of vignettes-not even chapters- is only tenuosly tied together and lacks a plot. Revenge and smoldering looks only carry an audience so far. Me. Canine, you end the book by asking if the audience would like to see more of Cassidy. What I'd like to see is:1. A specific plot. In this book, the unearthing of the other clan could have been worked into a plot, but there was no tension and no conflict to resolve.2. The heroine ne [...]

Curiously enough, it took me a while to pick up this one. I finally realised it's because there's another novel with the same cover which I didn't like.So, this one is about a 3.5. To die for sex god, outspoken female go-for-it figure with a good dose of mystery.I'm up for the next one.

4,25 stars. A new adult/young adult novel by Carmen Caine. I have a new author I realy like. The read is easy. Not to long sentenses, words like I can read and a fluently storyline. Cassidy is a monster, so she thinks. Living of mana and a vampier as a mother ( she allready was precnant with her When she was 'turned'). Lord Lucian is a warlock who she is going to work for. He knows something about Emilio, one of the acient ones. A vampire who turned her mother Blake into a vampire. Lord Lucian i [...]


So I finished this book almost a week ago now, but I’ve been putting off writing a review because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I know I didn’t absolutely love this book but I also know that I didn’t hate this book and usually for me, when it comes to books, it’s either one or the other. I guess this book just came out kinda of meh for me. There was nothing wrong with the writing, the story building or the characters yet I just couldn’t get excited about this book. Truthfully th [...]

A problematic book with interesting possibilitiesThe world building here is interesting--lots of different beings, a 'Charmed' world hidden within the mundane one, power of all different kinds from vampire to were to dragon types to spells and curses. The story doesn't offer very much clarity about any of it, as the lead is ignorant of the charmed world and in the story, no one explains anything much to her. That's frustrating to the reader, and later books had best provide more information. The [...]

Monster (A Cassidy Edwards Novel- Book 1)it's confusing as to who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. I never did figure out who's side I was suppose to be routing for. both Dorian and Lucian appear to only be concerned about their own agenda, Cassidy seems to just be a tool for both of them to use to get what they want. Tabitha and Heath seem to just be thrown in broth one seem to add anything to the storyline, who they are and why they are loyal to Lucian are never talked about. there wasn [...]

First I will say that I really enjoyed this book. I am an avid reader of vampire fiction and I have read quite a bit over the years. Although this book makes good use of the normal vampire lore to give the reader an idea of how the vampire works and exists within the context of the novel and the world therein, I think the author made some interesting and creative choices in how she made her particular characters and story different. I think it was a very fun read with lots of interesting plot tw [...]

There's an interesting story in here somewhere but it's not with the main character. Cassidy Edwards is an anomaly even for the paranormal world. Her mother was turned vampire while pregnant with Cassidy so she has both vampire and human qualities. She also has some annoying characteristics like alternating between being hell bent on revenge against the vampire who orchestrated her mother's change to being passion struck by both a mage and a vampire master. I really liked the world Caine was bui [...]

Ok, but a bit weirdThis one's ok, and I did finish it, which is why it got 3 stars. However, the story took some strange turns that I didn't like. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but basically Luciana "specialty" was creepy (especially for the 'good' guy), Cass's revenge was over the top, and she basically sounded whiny and "woe is me for being born." all the time.

3 1/2 starsCassidy is an engaging character. The story is trifle rough and slow in places but it picked up. The series has a lot of potential and I look forward to more adventures of Cassidy Edwards. Overall,I enjoyed the story. I think the next one will be better as she( and we) learn more about the Charmed and the histories of the other characters.

I'm about half way through this and none of the characters have struck a note with me. Cassidy is dumb as hell and makes little to no effort to better the situation. Her silly attraction to the warlock guy is so forced into the story, you almost root for those weird dolls he keeps.

UnsureFor once I find myself dithering between loving the book and being to frustrated to read it. Cassidy needs to grow a backbone, instead of being, as she put it, "a curly-haired puppy on a leash". So many opportunities for her to stick to her decisions and she failed at every one. On the other hand, I love how she lives to irritate Lucien and finds humour in a turmeric-addicted imp. Overall, I'll read the next one in the hopes it decides my opinion one way or the other!

I was really drawn to Cassidy's story--doesn't fit into any perfect slot, fresh approach to vampire/magic YA serial. Fun group of characters one can easily care about and keep you going on to the next book. Got to find out what happens next.

Maybe a 3.5 stars but pretty comfortable with rating 3 stars as I did find some plot holes. I like the book and think I will continue the series. Anyone that looks at my rating system will see that I rate books pretty hard so 3 stars is not a bad book at all. I was very surprised at some people rating this book with 1 and 2 stars as I enjoyed it, even with some confusion on some main points of the story. The characters were likable and the book was enjoyable and a easy read. It is not the best b [...]

I skimmed to the end thinking that the story had to get better. I should've just stopped. The story idea is a good one but the lack of development and attempt at cleverness kills it. Nothing attaches you to the characters and their choices are irritating.

You know the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". Well , this is a great example. The Cover is really good. The book not so much. It has a good concept. But, is poorly written. So about 30% in I gave up. I didn't even care about the ending.



Marvelously caught my attention I want more! I love strong women characters who fight for themselves. They power through their life until they can't

It was an alright read

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