Tame the Wildest Heart

Parris Afton Bonds

Tame the Wildest Heart

Tame the Wildest Heart

  • Title: Tame the Wildest Heart
  • Author: Parris Afton Bonds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition

In the unforgiving Arizona Territory, Mattie McAlister desired only to be left alone so she could raise her half breed son in peace Then one day Gordon Halpern charged into her world and challenged it with an offer she couldn t refuse An offer that meant supreme surrender and meant that Gordon Halpern was both her greatest hope and her greatest fear.

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I finished this book days ago but I still can't find the right words to convey how one of a kind this book's main characters was for me.One of a kind because both the hero and heroine aren't your run of the mill main characters where they are both beautiful and handsome and embodies the standard moral of society at their time. But mostly it's the heroine that captured my attention on this book. First, the book blurb is WRONG. She is not a wanton (as I understand this word to mean promiscuous) wo [...]

Not my cup of teaThe writing style kept me reading but the story itself wasn't captivating. I wanted to like Mattie. I was certainly angry about the way she was shunned. The townspeople acted as if she--or any woman wanted to be kidnapped, raped, and beaten. Sadly, women are still treated as if it is their fault if they are raped. Then Mattie is dehumanized by her experience, both by the Indians and the townspeople. She is almost afraid to embrace her femininity. Kind of makes it difficult to bu [...]

Tame the Wildest Heart by Parris Afton Bonds is not the typical western romance. Mattie McAlister was pregnant when the Apache murdered her parent and kidnapped her. Her little girl was killed by Mastectomy shortly after her birth. She got pregnant again by Mastectomy and had a little boy she called Albert. She eventually escaped when the boy was about five years old. She was looked down upon because she survived. She had problems with Albert in school. He wanted the ways of his father not the w [...]

This is not your typical historical romance. I was expecting more after seeing the high ratings for this story. I found it to be slow, to the point I was skipping or skimming and still didn't miss anything. Mattie was a tough woman who had been through a lot and didn't care what others thought of her. I didn't really like the hero that much and can't definitively say why. He just didn't do anything for me.Probably the best part is that this isn't the typical story for this genre. The main charac [...]

This story not a histo romance but likely a fiction.Also,average life expectancy in the times 35-40 and the author's heroine is thirty years old and very unattractive.

This book was not my typical genre at all but boy am I glad I took a chance with it. It is filled with emotion, action and a little sexiness, which all adds up to a really good story.

AudiobookNarration - Laura Jennings - Really Good! She has a good range of character voices of both sexes. Terrific storyteller - Didn't want this story to end!This is a great book. We're in the Wild West - Mattie's parents were killed during an Apache raid, her weasel of a husband ran to try to save his own hide, and she was kidnapped by the tribe and kept as a slave by the Chief. Years later she's escaped with her half-breed son and we find Mattie working and minding her own business, but she' [...]

Tame the Wildest Heart by Parris Afton Bonds is not the usual historical romance that one would expect set during the mid-1800's in Arizona. The main characters are not wealthy beautiful aristocrats coming out west for an adventure. Rather, our heroine, Mattie, is a single unwed mother who is shunned by the town folk despite keeping to herself and working hard at a legitimate job to support herself and her 9-year old son. Prior to this time, she was kidnapped by the Apache when she was 18 and ke [...]

This romance is kind of Jane Eyre like in that the characters are no beauties; its morals are not as high as Jane Eyre though. The heroine was stolen by Indians at 18 and abused by a warlike chief who claimed her as his slave-wife. When she escapes with her child by the same horrible man and makes her way to freedom in Tucson, life doesn’t get any easier. With her half-breed son, she is shunned and called a whore. Her history has made her into one of the toughest, crudest heroines you’ll eve [...]

I was given this audio book at no charge by the narrator in exchange for an unbiased review by AudioBookBlast.This historical romance written by Parris Afton Bonds and narrated by Laura Jennings was a real treat. Maddie was a Scottish girl that had been captured in America by Indians and escaped years later with her half-breed son. Gordon Halpern is a man who seeks Maddie out to help him rescue his wife from the same band of Indians that had held her. Maddie agrees to help him after her nine yea [...]

"Nicely written adventure and storytelling"Is there anything you would change about this book?I would have liked the narrator to be able to pronounce the Spanish names and phrases.What was your reaction to the ending? (No spoilers please!)Satisfying.What do you think the narrator could have done better?I liked the narrator. She did a great job in giving characters their own voices. However, the Spanish pronunciations were poor. At times, the narration continued in the Scottish type brogue, which [...]

This is a classic Western Romance that I'd recommend. I haven't read one like this in many years and everything in the book was just perfect from the gritty, dark characters to the the larger than life hero and heroine Gordon Halpern and Mattie Mcalister. The setting was written well and I'm no expert but the historical aspects seemed right for the time period. I can assume the author did a lot of research to make the book seem so realistic.I appreciated that fact that Mattie was portrayed as su [...]

Two unlikely souls"So many horrendous memories crashed in on her. The worst of them came, not from her years spent in captivity, but from these four spent in a society that considered itself civilized. With her own people, she felt less than human, different from everyone else, tainted and worthless."Set in the dessert Southwest, this is as much an action adventure story as it is a romance. As a romance it is unconventional. I notice that stories which include multiple cultures (e.g. Apache, Mex [...]

Not your typical romance!I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! It has action, romance, and adventure set in the untamed west. Mattie survives years of torture and abuse by an Apache war chief. She escapes to civilization and is treated as a harlot. A man, Gordon, seeks her out to help him rescue his wife who was taken by the same sadistic Apache. She is offered plenty of money, so she decides to help Gordon so she can return to Scotland for a better life with her son, Albert. Read it!

Wild MattieI loved the scenery of the old west the author described so beautifully. The Indian culture so rich in its history. Mattie Mcallister and Gordon Halpern struck a bargain to return to an Indian encampment that she had previously escaped with her son to rescue Gordon's wife. The relationships that grew in strength throughout this trip were well developed and interesting. I think this book is good for mature readersDue to the violent sections.

Another good readBonds' books are a favorite of mine. This book is a good example of her skill with a good, strong, adventurous plot and well described and developed characters.I love the fact that the characters are all imperfect humansal people. This is a fast paced story with a lot of action. An added bonus is the romance developing between the H and h and the strong supporting characters. I would definitely recommend this book.

I liked the story of Mattie McAlister and her strength that brought her through being captured by the Indians and then escaping with her son. She meets Gordon Halpern and he changes her life on so many levels. She has to go back to the very place she almost didn't escape the first time.This book has a lot of twists and turns and held my interest well.I really liked how the author made you feel like you were riding along with them through the desert.

Great BookThis book was great! Mattie McAllister survived Indian captivity and escape has been asked to return back to help rescue Gordon Halpern's wife. When her son born to the Indian chief runs away to return to his father Mattie has no choice but to go after him. This woman has grit. If you like a strong heroine read an enjoy.

I think this had potential, but she was a bit too whiney, he was too back and forth in his desires, and the little kid wanted to be with his father throughout the whole book and then suddenly changed his mind? Overall, could have been great just wasn't.

reviewAn interesting book. This was definitely different. It was a good plot and well written. The language is a little rough. It's definitely an old west/indian type story. It is a love story of sorts. It's really hard to describe.

lots of adventure, which was fun, but quite a bit of unbelievable storyline as well. The boy who wanted nothing other than to be with his father suddenly flips a switch and goes against him. Strange and far fetched. The guy who steals their money and horses suddenly shows up and saves them?

Good rearRead this book in one sitting. Great story Line if you like a little romance adventure and the raw acceptance of struggle take what life throws at you and run with it

GreatLoved this book. A look into the old West. A glimpse of the savagery and, perhaps, of the redemption of a broken life.

Very good readCouldn't put it down, it was so good, didn't even want to sleep, or go to the bathroom. I would recommend it to any reader.

Her son runs away and Maddie gets him back with the help of a boxer looking for his wife.

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