Lincoln and the Court

Brian McGinty

Lincoln and the Court

Lincoln and the Court

  • Title: Lincoln and the Court
  • Author: Brian McGinty
  • ISBN: 9780674026551
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover

In this account of Lincoln s relationship with the nation s highest tribunal, the author shows how it was the wartime president s vision of a permanent Union of one people united by a supreme law that managed to preserve America, and its constitution, for future generations.

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McGinty is quickly becoming one of my favorites. His lawyerly acumen and probing historical analysis are terrific. I particularly enjoyed the Senate debate over Taney's marble bust: Sumner, "Let me tell the Senator that the name of Taney is to be hooted down the pages of history. Judgment is beginning now; and an emancipated country will fasten on him the stigma which he deserves."/ Wade, "The greater you make Judge Taney's legal acumen, the more you dishonor his memory by showing that he sinned [...]

When we think of the Civil War, we usually think of it in terms of lives lost and property destroyed. But what about the battles fought in the relatively quiet, sedate places where there were neither bullets nor guns? Those are the battles this book focuses on--the ones waged by Lincoln with the justices of the supreme court.This isn't something you'll want to pick up and skim through. It will require some concentrated effort, but the rewards are significant. You'll learn about the lives and min [...]

Even if you think you have little interest in the subject, I would encourage you to give this one a try. It looks at Lincoln's relationship with the court from a variety of perspectives: the legal issues of the day, how Lincoln thought about the law, the justices he appointed to the Supreme Court, etc. It's well worth your consideration.

A lucid description of some important cases Lincoln fought before the Supreme Court. It seems there was not enough material on this for a whole book, so the author filled the book with biographical descriptions of judges and other bits of local color. While some of this is of interest from a social history point of view, it slows the narrative down and distracts from focus of the book.

Lincoln and the Court is an excellent book on President Lincoln and his relations with the Supreme Court! It is especially useful in discussing Lincoln's five appointments to the Court (Noah Swayne of Ohio, Samuel Miller of Keokuk, Iowa, David Davis of Illinois, Stephen Field of Marysville, California, and Salmon Chase of Ohio). It also talks about relations between Lincoln and such other justices as Roger Taney of Maryland and James Wayne of Georgia (who was Senior Associate Justice from 1861-6 [...]

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