Bye Mam, I Love You

Sonia Oatley Lynne Barrett-Lee

Bye Mam, I Love You

Bye Mam, I Love You

  • Title: Bye Mam, I Love You
  • Author: Sonia Oatley Lynne Barrett-Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A daughter s last words A mother s search for justice The shocking true story of the murder of Rebecca Aylward On Saturday, 23 October 2010, Sonia Oatley waved off her 15 year old daughter, Becca, to meet Joshua Davies, a former boyfriend Becca s hope was that the two of them would get back together, but it was not to be By 3pm, oddly, she stopped answering her mobile.A daughter s last words A mother s search for justice The shocking true story of the murder of Rebecca AylwardOn Saturday, 23 October 2010, Sonia Oatley waved off her 15 year old daughter, Becca, to meet Joshua Davies, a former boyfriend Becca s hope was that the two of them would get back together, but it was not to be By 3pm, oddly, she stopped answering her mobile By 7.30 she was officially declared missing And at 10am the following morning, while Sonia and the family were out searching, came the call that is every parent s worst nightmare The police had found the body of a young girl in local woodland she d been bludgeoned to death with a rock.Bye Mam, I Love You is the story of Rebecca Aylward s murder a slaying that was described by an incredulous media as having been committed for the price of a breakfast But, as soon became clear, this was no crime of passion Becca s death had apparently been many months in the planning, by a calculating, cold blooded killer.From the immediate arrest of 16 year old Joshua Davies, to the lengthy investigation and harrowing five week trial that convicted him, this book is both an expression of a mother s love and her pride in a daughter who had so much to live for, as well as an insight into the mind of a brutal murderer.

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I am so honoured to know Sonia Oatley. Her book is a wonderful tribute to her beautiful and talented daughter, Becca, and I know Becca will be proud! Although I knew the terrible circumstances behind the writing of the book, and although it brought everything back so vividly, I found I could not put it down, despite my tears. The book is very powerful, and although it must have been so hard to write, it is important that everything is written down so it will never be forgotten. Of course Sonia a [...]

What a sad story, how does a family cope when the unthinkable happens? Very well written, Becca's mum manages to combine fact with emotion to tell the story very well. A tough read for any parent but for those with daughters I'm sure it must be even more so.

As expected this was always going to be a harrowing and upsetting read but it was very well done as it's by Becca's mum so was always going to be handled with a lot more attention to the facts and the real truth of who her daughter was than if it was a biography by an author unknown to the family. I did spot some mistakes as I always do but nothing too frightful and won't labour those points here out of respect.As usual it beggars belief how victims of crime and their family get treated as oppos [...]

It really is impossible to star rate such a harrowing and tragic story bravely shared by mother of murdered teenager Becca Oatley. A crime that shocked a nation and traumatised a family and portrays "pure evil" in the heartless way the victim was killed and the amount of premeditation. The story conveys the raw emotion and disbelief and the complex workings of the legal system. Thank you for sharing and heartening that we see the positive work coming from the despair and gain an insight into the [...]

This story was so sad, can't even comprehend the pain Becca's family went through and are still going through today. What an evil and sadistic person could kill someone in such a way and have planned it for a long time and still not tell the truth in court. Glad justice was served for Becca. I could not put this book down, only bought it a few days ago. Inspiring strength and fight from all of Becca's family and friends. Would recommend this book.

A compelling and well written account that kept me reading on for hours. I remembered seeing the story in the news a few years ago so wanted to know more. A depressingly senseless crime, but good that the mother has been able to document the experience in this way. The book powerfully conveyed the sense of loss, anger and confusion the family felt and still feel as well as giving some insight into the investigation and court proceedings that follow such a crime.

This was a really captivating book, because of the authors honesty and because it actually happened, it was educational about the justice system too. Such a difficult, traumatic experience to go through, but luckily the author had a strong support network.

A truly sad story of a life taken so early.Sonia Oatley writes of a mothers pain and gives us a heart felt account of the roller coaster of emotions one family must face in the face of tragedy. My heart goes out to her.


Incredibly sad, heartbreakingly so, but I'm afraid I found the writing poor.

A well written and intensely deep book, a mother's story of ultimate sadness and betrayal and her mission to get justice. Well worth the read

This is a hard book to read, upsetting at times, but one which is written so well. Sonia Oatley is an amazing woman to have the strength and courage to write this book about the murder of her 15 year old daughter, Becca, by Becca's 16 year old boyfriend.I hope that Sonia is able to find some peace, as she sadly states in the book that whoever said time is a great healer "has never lost a child".I have read several books about parents who are surviving after their children have died in tragic cir [...]

So heartbreaking but so powerfulThis has really touched my heart. I've been following Sonia on Facebook with her page about Joshua Davies must never be released from prison. I really do hope he's getting beaten up in there and his life is over. I've watched this on Britain's Darkest Taboos and I broke down crying. Sonia you are an inspiration and a rock. Rebecca seemed like such a lovely girl! Tights are forever with you and your family. Lots of love xxxxxxxx

Only read this as it was a book club choice as I never normally read true-life stuff. So I don't know whether this is a good example of this type of book or not.It was easy to read but I did find the style repetitive towards the end. I didn't like the topic of this book and I didn't understand why it had been written. I won't be reading any other books like this.

I could not put this book down. Started Saturday evening and finished Sunday afternoon. I felt such empathy with Sonia. Parts of the book are shocking - in terms of other peoples behaviour. I was sad and angry and gripped. A fitting tribute to a lovely lovely girl. Well done Son.

A truly good storyA very compelling story I had to read it in a day couldn't put it down I really felt that I knew the family

So sadThought provoking and genuinely heart breaking. Glad I read it but as a mum it really struck home. A legacy of a beautiful girl which should be shared.

Heart breaking story that has ruined a decent faheartbmily. Joshua Davies should never be released. A Heart breaking story that has devastated this family. Joshua Davies should never be released. Murder should mean life imprisonment.

It is hard to be critical of a book written by someone who has suffered a loss of any kind, let alone one so needless and violent. But, I struggled with this book. The details of the crime were terrible, however I felt that some of the actions of other people involved in the aftermath were unconscionable. I appreciate that if it is the intention to write an honest account an author's unpleasant thoughts / actions should really be included, however it changed the way I felt about those left behin [...]

Such courage from beccas mum ,and such unimaginable evil from someone who doesn't even deserve to breath the same air What courage it must of took to write this book Every mums nightmare I hate to say I enjoyed this book due to the circumstances but I really did.My heart goes out to the family and I hope they can live a happy life now in peace with some wonderful memories of their loved one

A tragic, senseless murder. Whilst I feel very much for the family, I think this book was just written as either a money spinner or for the mother to try to heal herself from this horrible experience. I found it bland, poorly written, repetitive and aside from the very moving emotional aspect, not very informative. I was really looking forward to reading it when I bought it but it was so disappointing. Maybe it was written in a hurry?

This is a sad a read but still could not put it down,The story of a sick and brutal murder by a sick boy, of a young innocent girl who had every thing to live for and trusted him,She was loved by all who new her. I would 100% recommend this book.I've been following Sonia on Facebook with her page about Joshua Davies must never be released from prison, read this book & your understand why

So sad but brilliantly wrote my heart goes out to all the family there wasn't anything I didn't like no one unless they have been in this situation can really ever know the hurt and devastation they are still going through such an evil boy I hope he never gets released at least if he spent the rest of his day's locked they may find justice has been done .

Heart breakingHow on earth do you cope with the murder of a child even harder when it is committed by a so called friend He got his just deserves but it doesn't bring back your loved one My heart aches for you all

This was a heartbreaking story told with searing honesty. My heart goes out to her family and friends - I wonder what she might have done had she not been the victim of this callous and motiveless crime.

Sad true storyI hadn't seen anything of this story in the news, maybe because I'm in Scotland. My heart goes out to Becca's family. Rest in peace Becca

Very sad and emotional.This book is so sad and makes you feel like your in Sonia's shoes. I'm glad justice was served and wish the family lots of love.

A true and tragic story.

Must read.Really good book to read, it's so hard to put down once you start and so easy to follow. Incredibly heart breaking.

A poignant book about the murder of her daughter written by Sonia Oatley .

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