Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl

  • Title: Yoga Girl
  • Author: Rachel Brathen
  • ISBN: 9781501106767
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER By the yoga instructor who inspires than one million followers on Instagram every day.Whether she s practicing handstands on her stand up paddleboard or teaching Downward Facing Dog to the masses, Rachel Brathen Instagram s Yoga_Girl has made it her mission to share inspirational messages with people from all corners of the world In Yoga GiNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER By the yoga instructor who inspires than one million followers on Instagram every day.Whether she s practicing handstands on her stand up paddleboard or teaching Downward Facing Dog to the masses, Rachel Brathen Instagram s Yoga_Girl has made it her mission to share inspirational messages with people from all corners of the world In Yoga Girl, Brathen takes readers beyond her Instagram feed and shares her journey like never before from her self destructive teenage years in her hometown in Sweden to her adventures in the jungles of Costa Rica, and finally to the beautiful and bohemian life she s built through yoga and meditation in Aruba today Featuring spectacular photos of Brathen practicing yoga with breathtaking tropical backdrops, along with step by step yoga sequences and simple recipes for a healthy, happy, and fearless lifestyle Yoga Girl is like an armchair vacation to a Caribbean spa.

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I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have to tell you, this book has given me more than my psychologist have done in a year! Inspire to do yoga but also how to enjoy life! Amazing!

I've been following Rachel Brathen for a long time. At first it was for the pretty pictures and the handstand inspo. Then she started to open up and share more than just beach sunsets, vegetarian food, and yoga poses. She started sharing her personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. With a glass of wine (or a margarita on the side). ;) I loved it and it inspired me to break free from the negativity that had consumed my life. I started yoga and looking for positive inspo and it made such a di [...]

Wow! Let me just say that I am so inspired! Yoga girl is amazing! She inspires love and kindness but more importantly self love and health. I wish I had her outlook on life! She has inspired me to take my practice to my mat daily and also to try meditation. I've always been really skeptical and found it to hard to quiet my mind. With her tips I'm hoping to integrate meditation into my yoga practice.This book is for anyone who wants advice on starting a yoga practice or meditation practice. Also [...]

Vilken underbar bok! ❤️🙏❤️Så inspirerande och vacker.

Light fluff, basically a coffee table book. Nothing special.

J'ai adoré ce joli petit livre mi-témoignage, mi-développement personnel de Rachel Brathen ! Je ne connaissais pas l'engouement médiatique autour d'elle et n'avais aucune idée de son parcours et de ce par quoi elle était passé. C'est un peu futile mais j'ai tout simplement craqué sur la couverture au cours de ma période de recherche de bouquins sur le yoga et c'est donc un hasard complet si je l'ai lu.Les photos sont sublimes et j'ai adoré la simplicité et la joie de vivre de cette yo [...]

I've been following Rachel for a long time on the 'gram and generally covet her tan, handsome husband, predilection for handstands, and international jetsetting. This book is a great chance to get to know a little bit more about her and her journey to becoming Yoga Girl. The photography is beautiful and there are helpful pointers for yoga as well as some delicious recipes (I anticipate a full cookbook will be next from her). More than anything, the book made me realize that behind each fairly jo [...]

I could live without her 24-hour-handstands-all-the-time channel presentation. I am active on neither Facebook nor Instagram, am just an aging practitioner of mild hatha and gentle yoga—so I am not her intended Aruba-retreat market. Her yoga pyrotechnics are totally lost on me. My days of attempting even headstand are long over.What is interesting about Rachel Brathen is only this: despite her privileged upbringing (a scion of Swedish industrialists) she has rebelled and forged her own way. He [...]

Rachel Brathen som „spoznala“ na Instagrame. Necvičím jógu nejak často, pravidelne som začala až v tehotenstve, pretože mi pomáha na chrbát. Na Instagrame sledujem tri inšpiratívne účty jogínov, ktoré mi vždy vyčaria úsmev. @yoga_girl je jednou z nich. Tá holka ma baví aj preto, že je tehotná a v 31. týždni robila stojky! Ja som v 29. a mám problém vstať z postele.Yoga Girl je inšpiratívna biografia. Kniha, na ktorú som narazila náhodou a mala ju dlho vo wishli [...]

I was definitely turned off by the celebrity Sports Illustrated cover model photos on every page. Brathen may be as deep and inspirational as some people claim, yet is very young to be a teacher in a field that requires self-knowledge. I never learned what style of yoga she learned from her teachers. Sorry, yoga is more than handstands on the beach. Savasana (the pose most Americans find the hardest) is described on one half page with Brathen in a bikini on a board.

I feel as if Rachel Brathen is a kindred spirit! I had not heard of her before reading this and I am SO glad my Yoga Reads book club is focusing on her book this month. I needed to hear all Rachel had to say; it was inspiring and much needed for me at this point in time. Along with my dependence on God, my relationship with Jesus, and my study of Scripture, I feel Rachel is someone that I will continue to incorporate into my life as I grow on my spiritual journey!!!


I'm only giving it 4 stars and not 5 because I didn't like the yoga poses in with the story. Would have liked the story then all her yoga pose insights and fun recipes. Loved what she had to say.

I really enjoyed this book. I've followed Rachel for a couple of years now. She was the first yoga account I ever followed. Although some of the content I already knew from listening to her podcast, it was still a good read and it delved a bit deeper in certain parts. There were parts of her story I could relate to which certainly gave me food for thought. One quote I liked was 'Do no harm but take no shit' :-)

She IS nice. She IS happy. The pictures ARE beautiful. It IS all about her. And it IS inspiring. Surprisingly.The pictures, the layout as well as the kind of text could easily become a parody of itself and, consequently, uninspiring and unreal. However, she balances so well on that limit.From the heart; she gets the message across.Thank you!

I was on Aruba in 2016 it was the first time I heard about the author and her company. I initially read good things via the internet and what they are about how inspirational and positive she is and all that stuff. I read reviews here that claim the author is nice and positive. But have they actually met her and worked with her (in terms of business)?I know some one who was considering approaching her and her company in order to propose adding a psychological aspect to well being. It all seemed [...]

Yoga Girl hat sich auf jeden Fall als ein Schatz in mein Bücherregal geschlichen. Schon das Cover ist ein Traum. Ich folge Rachel Braten schon länger auf Instagram und war unglaublich froh das ich dieses Buch bekommen habe.Ich kam nicht durch Rachel Brathen zum Joga, sondern durch meine Mama. Sie macht Joga schon sehr lange und ich habe als ich ca. 9 Jahre alt war im Kinderjoga angefangen. Es tut einfach gut und schafft einen Ausgleich zu meinem stressigen Alltag. Ich habe mir durch das Buch n [...]

Precis lagom.Många yogaböcker är alldeles för flummiga för att man ens ska kunna ta dem till sig, men denna känns geniun, och jag förstår faktiskt. Egentligen är boken kanske 3,5 stjärnor, men i positivitetens anda avrundade jag uppåt.Jag lånade boken på biblioteket för att se om den var värd att köpa, och det är den. För köpa måste man om man planerar att ta till sig alla övningar och se till att man gör dem rätt. Jag är personligen inte riktigt "där" ännu - platsen ma [...]

what a load of old tosh! little privileged girls does handstand on the beach and tells us that it's all about love and that we manifest even the bad things that happen to us. yeah right. I'm sure the abused children and holocaust victims manifested their tormentors, eh? not! I am annoyed with myself for wasting time and money on this overhyped trash. If you are serious about Yoga don't bother. I have been doing yoga for 16 years and currently undertaking yoga teacher training so her rehashed col [...]

Sure, Yoga Girl is full of personal stories that anyone with a sense of storytelling skills could have written in their own blog, but for the kind of book this is, it was a good one. Full of real talk, healthy and vibrant recipes, and-- my favorite-- super clear yoga poses and sequences, this was a great book to start my morning with, over a cup of hot tea.

It is very sincere story about ups&downs and searching for the way. The wisdom of ancients through the experience of inspiring and amazing yoga instructor. If you look at pictures with yoga poses and beach you could think that her life is just perfect. But it is not and she has a courage to show and share it.

As a loyal yogi,I really loved this book. The author's personal story was inspiring, the yoga instructions were informative, and the pictures beautiful. My favorite part of each chapter was the Loving Insights. Definitely something I will use during my yoga practice. I also found the instructions on how to start meditating simple and not at all intimidating. I might even give it a try!

Loved this book. I could only aspire to be as humble and enlightened as Rachel Brathen. Her yogic lifestyle and personal story has touched the bottom of my heart. She makes me want to be better. Work harder. Be happy. Every yogi should read this. Her writing and personal touches are just so inspiring.

I just adore this book. Rachel's insights are so wonderful and I loved reading about her life She is so real and relatable yet so admirable for the love and acceptance she brings to our world. Thank you lovely Kimberly for this gift! Thank you thank you thank you

Fin bok men lite mycket floskler i livsvisdom ! Inte mycket nytt under solen i der avseendet Men kul för en hyfsat nyinvigd yogi att få positioner illustrerade och förklarade för sig , Der plus fina bilder och lite recept gör att det blir en fyra ändå

If yoga and meditation will make you as positive, happy and harmonic as Rachel seems to be, I definitely need to get serious about it."Yoga. Meditate. Eat well. Be kind to yourself. Your body, your soul and your mind will thank you."

Such an amazing read. No cookie cutter shit. Rachel is a truly inspiring yogi with real and relatable life stories. Highly recommend this book for anyone, not just yogis, who just need to be reminded they're right where they're meant to be.

A fun read and mucho yogaspiration! Also I may need to move to Aruba someday

This book is very inspiring. It has opened a whole new door to the yoga world for me. This book is truly one that you should read.

i have followed Yoga Girl on Instagram for awhile and was happy to buy this book. A combination of her own story, yoga to practice, and the positive effects of meditation, this was an inspiring read.

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