The Ghosts of Sleath

James Herbert

The Ghosts of Sleath

The Ghosts of Sleath

  • Title: The Ghosts of Sleath
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780061052101
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

The terrifying new novel from Britain s acclaimed master of dark fantasy Something is stalking the cobbled streets of the small English village of Sleath And it s up to David Ash, a skeptical operative with the Institute for Psychic Studies, to find out what it is Ash is prepared for horror but not for the nightmare spectacle he is about to witness.

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In memoriam of James Herbert.I've only discovered how much I like James Herbert fairly recently and began reading and collecting his books. Now it makes it all the sadder since his passing only leaves the readers with a finite number of books. Ghosts of Sleath is a very worthy sequel of the excellent Haunted, with David Ash as the haunted(in every sense)paranormal investigator yet again getting involved in a case that's larger and darker than it originally seems. It's also a very well executed s [...]

For those unaware, James Herbert is pretty much the UK's most popular "chiller" writer; think the British version of Stephen King, in terms of depth of work and the fact that a few of his books have been made into major motion pictures or made for TV programs (Haunted, Fluke, The Secret of Crickley Hall). Yes, I know some may want to chime in and mention Ramsey Campbell, who's arguably deserving of that, but for me, Herbert is the man. I've long enjoyed his work.The second installment involving [...]

The Ghosts of Sleath is what I would call a true horror novel. It covers everything that most horror fans could wish for including (but in no way limited to), violence, the unknown, zombies, murder, a very descriptive sex scene, rape, you name it. Oh, and it also contains ghosts, obviously. To me, the most enjoyable thing about this novel was the way it did not let the reader know what was going on too soon. I love the unknown factor in horror novels when they use it but usually you find out tha [...]

Ok, so in this sequel to 'Haunted' James Herbert stepped it up a notch. He went from out-in-the-sticks haunted manor house to out-in-the-sticks haunted town! There were some good creepy moments here, and I really felt for poor old Ash - will things ever work out for him? (I guess I'll find out when I read Herbert's new book Ash - yey, can't wait!)What I love about Herbert's style most is that he tends to keep his chapters short and snappy, and he manages to weave lots of characters into the stor [...]

I enjoyed the first book in this series but while it featured a singular incident this book broke the boundaries of that with a whole village suffering from hauntings and what a great read it was! Had more of the trademark Herbert many scenes happening at once, especially in the end sequence, great!

Best Ghost story ever told and beautifully written by our very own Mr.Herbert. The scenes and images are perfect, Is that Children singing in the school When it's closed

There are some books that, while by no means perfect, are exactly what they should be, and unapologetically so. This is one of those. It's a nasty, gruesome ghost story, a late-night creature feature with enough brains and wit to charm you along.This is a sequel to Haunted, a much more traditional ghost story, and starts with David Ash recovered, but still shaken, from the events of that book. He's still cynical, but he's aware that sometimes, the ghosts are not just unquiet memories or hoaxes. [...]

This is the third James Herbert novel I have read (the others being The Magic Cottage and Once) and it doesn't disappoint. It was definitely scary and creepy, full of mystery and gore. Although I do admit the main character feels quite similar to his other main characters but that didn't deter me at all.As always, Herbert sets the scene for the spooky 'out of the way' village perfectly. A picturesque place set in England where all seems normal, yet there is an atmosphere which makes you realise [...]

Not as fast-paced as the first book, sadly enough. Still, it picked up a bit toward the end, and the ending itselfwell that was enough to bump it up from what was going to be a three star rating. I wasn't too keen on the all-over-the-place narrative, actually, that's my biggest complaint about this book, with the obnoxious romance/ridiculously long sex scene coming in a very close second.Definitely still for finishing the series, and hoping the third book is just a bit better than this one.

Read this.First of all, this is the second book about David Ash, which I didn't know when I picked it up. It stands alone well, but does spoil the end of Haunted, so if you like to read things in order go for that first.Anyway, this book. Creepy as hell. Small town secrets and many not so innocent characters. It builds to a crescendo that had me put down the book and walk away because of the gruesomeness, only to pick it up again five minutes later because i needed to know what happened.Some rea [...]

This second time around, after reading HAUNTED first? Ash has been through the wrecker. Wonder what the next novel holds for him. Also - Seamus Phelan seems like more than just a throwaway character. Wonder if Herbert wrote any other novels about him? After this, HAUNTED, and THE SHRINEI definitely need to bone up on James Herbert's work.

First published back in 1994, ‘The Ghosts Of Sleath’ is the loosely fitting sequel to Herbert’s 1988 novel ‘Haunted’, which first introduced the psychic investigator David Nash. Although this novel is somewhat of a stand alone tale, it does still include a number of references to ‘Haunted’ which add a certain depth and understanding to the character of Nash, giving a better explanation towards some of his quirks and fears.Predominantly set within the sleepy rural village of Sleath, [...]

I saw this book in a $5 bargain box at Borders and decided to buy it based on the fact that I already wanted to read 'The Others' also by James Herbert.This is my first introduction to James Herbert, and I thought this was a very decent 'ghost book'. I was sucked in the moment I discovered it was about a psychic investigator who is sent to a quaint village called Sleath by request of the Vicar's daughter. David Ash discovers hauntings and bizarre incidents in the town and tries to get to the bot [...]

David Ash is such a lovable character, and once again he is thrown into the supernatural despite the fact that the parapsychologist would much rather that part of the world does not exist.Personally I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first (although I did also love the first). I feel as though there are more twists within this one which aren’t quite as obvious as those in the first book, with David developing even more. It is possible to read this one without having read the first but I wo [...]

This is only the second James Herbert book i have read and i can safely say i enjoyed it MUCH more than the first one i read. Which was called Once. Don't read it.But this? Read this.It is the second story of David Ash, which i didn't know as i was sent this as part of a book exchange.It does spoil the end of the first book but i didn't mind, i may go back and read Haunted now.Anyway, this book. Creepy as hell. Small town secrets and many not so innocent characters. It builds to a crescendo that [...]

Clásica novela de fantasmas de uno de los escritores más representativos del género, que a lo largo de las más de cuatrocientas páginas que tiene Los fantasmas de Sleath nos presenta todas y cada una de las características de este tipo de historias: personajes extraños, fenómenos incomprensibles, una investigación peligrosa elementos habituales de los libros de terror que sin embargo conforman una buena novela gracias al buen hacer de su autor.Reconozco que el final me supo a poco, tal [...]

I recall it was pretty good. I went right off Herbert when I read a very early book of his and was kind of grossed out at a scene of paedophilic buggery by some Arabs; I wish I knew the book so that I could avoid it again. It caused me to put his books down for quite some years, and it was only when I had nothing to read at all that I picked up "Creed" and was amused upon the first page, that I bothered to try again.So I got over my grudge on Herbert but never really bothered to catch up on othe [...]

This was an excellent read by James Herbert. Sleath is a picturesque village located in the Chiltern hills in England but something's amiss: the dead are returning . . . and they want revenge.I was pleased with this book, with the way it was written, the interesting characters and the conclussion, which could have had the happy Hollywood ending but thankfully did not.If you've read Herbert and liked what he's delivered so far, then you'll give this book a thumbs up for sure.

Without a doubt this is one of James Herberts best works. Set three years after the events at Edbrook (Haunted), paranormal investigator David Ash is sent to the quiet village of Sleath. What he finds is an idyllic country village with a dark history steeped in evil.This is what a horror story should be; Dark, disturbing and yet no matter how unsettled you become, you have to keep reading. Easily his best book since The Magic Cottage.

This is the second book with David Ash, who travels to a town to investigate a haunting only to find the town is riddled with ghosts. Its a very good read with some surprising twists.

Enjoyed this much better than Haunted.More of a ghost story.

A loose sequel to "Haunted", The Ghost of Sleath is propably the most eerie novel I have ever read. This sleepy village entertained me thoroughly. Recommended !

Time taken to read - on and off over 4 daysPages - 400Publisher - Harper CollinsSource - BookshopBlurb from Psychic investigator David Ash delves into the mysterious events terrorizing the community of Sleath, and as each dark secret is unveiled, evil forces are unleashed, and Ash fears for his own sanity as well as that of the village people.My ReviewThis is the second book in a trilogy, I would advise reading the first as you get a better idea of who Ash is and why he behaves as he does. Davi [...]

The second book with David Ash as its main protagonist. If you haven't read the first do, do so prior to reading this one, as it will definitely spoil the end of the first book. This is a typical James Herbert book. The characters, the story, events, love affair (and there always has to be a love affair, no matter how far-fetched/implausible) and ending - all classical in his writing style.As sequels go, this one goes over and beyond the horrors of the first one. It's like a true horror film seq [...]

I liked 'Haunted' although it was short and seemed to finish at around about the right time. This, however, didn't. I have read this in preparation for 'Ash' but hope that in between the release of these two books, Herbert has got a good editor. I couldn't stand one more page of curling smoke, the moon or any other kind of atmospheric description! I think that a good amount of description is enough to make a story believable but when Ash's equipment is described paragraph after paragraph, I was [...]

walking/gardening mp3. The story in pictures:

I liked this, I'll start with that. It's starts out w/ a bang! We are introduced to the village of Sleath, which is an idyllic country village that seems to have forgotten that time has gone by. At first glance, it could easily have been the 1800's. Paranormal Investigator, David Ash, is surprised by the fact that tourists haven't discovered this beautiful little village! But he isn't here on holiday, he's sent to investigate it's claims of a possible hauntingt just in a house, but in the entire [...]

Maybe it was expectation on my part but this book left me a little, note: little, disappointed. The character of David Ash and his work in debunking the supernatural was put to great effect in James Herbert's Haunted. However in this sequel the character is reduced to little more than a plot device. The story itself is fair enough with the usual 'haunted house' expanded somewhat but few characters come across as likeable or well realised and as such I never really cared what happened to them. Ma [...]

From its terrifying beginning - which details the aftermath of a drowned boy's funeral - to the violent and climactic ending, this book is one of those rare horror novels that actually manages to scare its readers silly. At least I found this one to be deeply terrifying, and equally disturbing with its surprisingly graphic violence. Unlike its insignificant predecessor, 'Haunted', James Herbert allows this book to tell its story with time and development and an ever-growing feeling of dread that [...]

This isn't a "type" of book I read regularly, but my wife did and I often read books because she did. This is one I read mostly because she read it first.This is a pretty good book and while I said "oh" and got what was going on well before the end it's still a good idea (you'll probably recognize it and if you've read much "horror" you'll probably catch on early), if you like ghost stories you may like this one. Again this has a slight "wrongness" where it need not be but in general it's a pret [...]

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