Divine Descendant

Jenna Black

Divine Descendant

Divine Descendant

  • Title: Divine Descendant
  • Author: Jenna Black
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  • Page: 121
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For Immortal Huntress and cunning private investigator Nikki Glass, vengeance trumps all in the final novel in acclaimed author Jenna Black s addictive urban fantasy series What happens when fertility goddesses go on strike Nothing much except maybe the end of the human race.When private investigator Nikki Glass became immortal as a descendant of Artemis, she never dreameFor Immortal Huntress and cunning private investigator Nikki Glass, vengeance trumps all in the final novel in acclaimed author Jenna Black s addictive urban fantasy series What happens when fertility goddesses go on strike Nothing much except maybe the end of the human race.When private investigator Nikki Glass became immortal as a descendant of Artemis, she never dreamed she d find herself playing marriage counselor to the gods But she doesn t really have much of a choice when the crazed ex wife of Anderson Kane a god in disguise who just happens to be the son of a Fury decides to enact revenge by wiping out all of humanity Somehow, Nikki must convince the two to kiss and make up, but with Anderson now gone AWOL, she ll have to find him first To top it all off, the cat s out of the bag that Anderson killed Konstantin, the Olympians deposed leader Now their new boss Konstantin s son is out for blood.With every mere mortal s fate now resting in Nikki s hands, can she outsmart the gods or will she be doomed to spend the rest of eternity in a barren and desolate world

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The culmination (?) of a fun yet flawed series. I can't say I didn't enjoy these but at the same time there were lots of plot points and characters that I found disturbing/morally repugnant/concerning. Some of them, I know, I was meant to; others, I'm less sure about. But Black created an entertaining world & knew how to keep ratcheting up the suspense.

Ooh look at the pretty cover:allthingsuf/2015/12/cover-This was a solid 3.5 stars. I've always like the characters & the world, this we no exception. I'm so glad Nikki & Jamaal finally had sex, it felt like it would never happen. I especially liked Nikki's moment with Sita. I sincerely hope they'll be another Nikki book!Ooh I especially liked that Nikki never once referred to herself as a "bleeding heart" that always annoyed the crap out of me. More importantly to me it showed how she ha [...]

Please come out. None of your series are finished properly, they all just STOP!

3.5I read this with a friend who has summed the series up beautifully. It's addictive, oddly so. The pages keep turning and lights are turned out too late for sleep to be fulfilling. Yet, it's not perfect. The story is a bad/good guy type. Some of the good guys have issues which affect them but are still good guys. Others threaten rape, murder and extreme violence and are 'still' the good guys?! Yet, still I enjoyed it. Book three was my favourite.

*Source* Kindle Store*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*Divine Descendant is apparently the final installment in author Jenna Black's Nikki Glass series. Things have been rather curious for Private Investigator Nikki Glass over the past three months. She found out that she was a Descendant of Artemis, the supposed goddess of the hunt, chastity, virginity, the moon, and the natural environment. Now, apparently immortal, she's a member of Anderson Kane's Liberi group which is heavily ou [...]

3.5 stars, mostly for the ending.There's little whining in this book--unlike the last--and the series is wrapped up in a satisfactory manner. Despite this, I can muster only mild enthusiasm for the story. Perhaps it's because the missteps in previous books made me care less about the characters. Longtime fans of the series will enjoy this, particularly after such a long wait since the last book. But I wouldn't put this series high on a list of recommendations for those who have not been patientl [...]

This novel did not stay true to the prior books' characterization, and the story glazed over character development in favor of a plot-driven narrative. Wrapping this story up felt forced--like there were more novels needed but instead everything was resolved in one book even if it didn't make sense.

3 1/2No idea why but it didn't seem a great, tight story. The world might be ending, but I didn't give a damn. And I never warmed to Nikki's whining, bleeding heart routine. It didn't make her real or human, simply little bearable.

But I want more

I would say this is an excellent ending to the series. It has some nice character development and a pretty good plot building upon what came in earlier books. I still think the story would have been better as a trilogy and that some of the characters didn't get as much development as I would have liked it was still enjoyable and a good read. I was left curious as to where the story could have gone after the way it ended but not enough to demand another installment.I would say as a whole the seri [...]

Originally posted at smexybooks/2016/05/review-Favorite Quote: “I’m surrounded by the dead in the middle of the night hoping to pull a previously unknown power out of my ass. What could possibly go wrong?”Private Investigator and immortal descendant of Artemis, Nikki Glass, learns a very valuable lesson in vengeance when a group of fertility goddesses decide to strike. The lives and loves of the gods and goddesses play out on an epic scale when Nikki’s boss, Anderson Kane, goes awol and [...]

I was a huge fan of the earlier Nikki Glass books and was thrilled to hear the announcement of the fourth instalment. I had forgotten just how fast these books moved and while there were a few quiet moments here and there, they felt earned and there was sense of relief for those moments of respite.Nikki finds herself in the centre of Anderson's mess when Konstantin's email reveals his true origin. The Olympians are out for blood because Cyrus is convinced that Anderson killed his father (he's qu [...]

It's been so long since the last book came out it took me a bit to get back into the world and quite frankly I found myself bored while reading it. I liked learning more of Anderson's past and how not nice he was. Part of me thinks he got what he deserves, part of me thinks the punishment isn't quite bad enough. I did like all the changes in Nikki's life. Love that her love life seems settled as does her place with the Descendants.

I don't knowhas it been too long since the last book (3 years), or do I just not care anymore? I limped to the end; and thought about DNFing more than once. I just wasn't feeling it.Linda summed my feelings up pretty well

3.5 stars - It has been a long wait for this final book in the Nikki Glass series. I enjoyed it and was glad to get a final a adventure and I was happy to see things wrap in a good way for Nikki. I still wouldn't mind seeing more and there were a few possibilities to be explored if Black ever wants to revisit this world of god/goddess decendants.

Review originally posted at RabidReads.Finally, we have a book four in the Nikki Glass series. I’ve been waiting three years for this book to come out. I can say that I’m glad that this story is finally out in the world. After the long wait, I went through earlier this year and did a revisit of this series (and reviewed since I read these way before I was blogging). I’m really glad that I had the refresher. This book start where Rogue Descendant ends and it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, [...]

I'm so on the fence between a 2 star and 3, it is pretty much right in between. Parts were pretty good but so much dragged and then the overall premise of the fertility goddess having dominion over our world so completely, it was just plain boring. Add in the dragging parts that were supposed to build suspense and lead to action, and it was a bit painful. The good parts were few and far between, you would be taken into a long drag, maybe through the underworld or being pursued by plants and fire [...]

I had read somewhere that this book was to be the last in the series. The ending however has left it open for another book to follow. I'm curious to see what comes next if so.This isn't my favorite of the series though I still liked it. The tension between Nikki and Jamal seemed to be resolved so quick it felt like I might've missed something in their relationship evolution or something. I kinda missed that tension that bounced between them.I am *really* glad that there was no love triangle afte [...]

I was so dissapointed in this book, I waited for it for such a long time, and now I'm sorry that I've read it, becaouse I would have prefered that the end was how I imagined it and not like this.I hate when strong characters transforme into soft stuff, when smart ones go dumys over night, when all the experience in the world someone has doesn't come close to helping someone out, but a 22 years old girl OMG just saves the dayI would have prefered that the good guys in this series stay that way an [...]

Good, but disappointingThis one was just about the budding relationship between Nikki and Jamal, the rest of the story just revolves around that. I became annoyed with Nikki and her self righteousness, and thinking she was the liberi moral compass. Her "powers" are essentially useless in this one. And of course she gets rewarded with the offer to run the house after living there for what is described in the book as several months. Hope the next one is better.

I'm disappointed that this book ends the series. I thought the world was very interesting and unique, especially now that we know there are some gods and goddesses around. The characters are still interesting, although Anderson really took a turn once you discovered his past. I was glad to see Jamaal getting over his issues and would have liked to seen more of Blake and Steph.

Definitely did not Disappoint!!! Loved it

As shown on Books and Boys Book Blog.This is a fantasy paranormal story that follows on from three other Descendant books in the series. Although I haven’t read the previous three books I would still give this book 4 stars even though I am not sure I got the best out of the story.With this being the fourth book there is obviously a lot that has already happened to Nikki and although things get explained along the way this is a fantasy book will lots going on so would strongly recommend that yo [...]

So this is the final book in the series and I am thankful to Ms. Black for a concluding book.The series overall is interesting but it never really lived up to its full potential. I found the characters to be rather flat and not super interesting. The writing was very repetitive at times and that became very distracting. You really do not have to tell me 10 times in the same chapter how Descendants become Liberi. I got that in book #1! If you have been reading the series then you will want to pic [...]

So I did enjoy the book, but I definitely did not feel that the series is over. I am very saddened (as I am sure the author is as well) that I start a series by Ms. Black and then before a good ending, it is ended by the publisher. I felt that the same thing happened with the Morgan Kinsley series. That being said, I am always up for any new books that she comes up with.

3.5 stars One of the best things about this series was how likable Nikki is. She deals with the changes in her life and all the violence they have brought without losing her moral compass or her compassion. I like how stubborn she is and how she never gives up – as this pays off for her in her relationship with Jamaal.

Hate to see this series end. I would have loved to have a long series with this character and watch development. This series was amazing and would recommend to any lover of urban fantasy

I liked it it was what it needed to be but it left me wanting more. The end feels like the series wouldn't be ending except the the author doesn't want it to continue? Some series I've read leave me feeling like the series is being carried on too long this one is the opposite. It just feels like it it was put together in the best way possible to end the series quickly. Good but overall - disappointed.

An action packed full circle ending to a great series.

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