Heart's Beat

Charity Parkerson

Heart's Beat

Heart's Beat

  • Title: Heart's Beat
  • Author: Charity Parkerson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition

By day, Cade works as a mechanic By night, he s the drummer for a popular nightclub band Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream That is, until Cade meets Dylan For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity There s no way he could ve foreseen how torturous the position would become Six months of craving Cade hBy day, Cade works as a mechanic By night, he s the drummer for a popular nightclub band Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream That is, until Cade meets Dylan For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity There s no way he could ve foreseen how torturous the position would become Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane No matter what he tries, Dylan can t get a clear read on Cade When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams being kept a secret.

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Well, crap. I read this one because I was lost when I started the second book in the series. I really wanted to like this but it was WAY TOO SHORT to feel anything for the MCs. Plus, the MCs were terrible communicators, which gave way to extreme frustration.I'm still going to read the second book, but I can't recommend this one.

Well, that was fast! The sex was hot, but it felt like I got dropped right into the middle of the story. There's no buildup. We're told that both guys wanted each other on sight, six months ago (or weeks, I forget) but neither made a mood, until the start of the book. Then we get some jealous behavior, some hot sex, a big misunderstanding, and then, inexplicably, a sex scene between two completely different characters! WTF? I didn't know what was even going on, that, in a story so short already, [...]

.When admiring from a far just isn't enough anymore, really liked this sexy hot little shortie snack.

Burning up the sheetsFinding that one person who makes all the noise go silent finally happens to Cade. Cade finds the man of his dreams in a bar and he may be a little too slow in claiming him. Bartender Dylan is lusting after drummer boy, Cade. Night after night watching others flirting with Cade is draining on Dylan. One night, Cade makes the move and brings Dylan home for a rocking good time.The sex in this book is rough, passionate and so good. When Cade and Dylan burn up the sheets, it's p [...]

Loved it and I can't wait for the next! Heart's Beat is Book One of Ugly Eternity. Cade is the hot and sexy mechanic by daytime and drummer of Ugly Eternity by night. Dylan is the head bartender where the band plays. Attraction, lust, and a misunderstanding all work to bring these two strong men together is a novella that I wish were longer because I wanted to spend more time with them. Heart's Beat hits all the high points. When you add in the very real cast of other characters, it's like the c [...]

3.5 (3.0) StarsFirst, this book is very short. You're dropped into the middle of things and the sex happens quickly. Second and as noted in my status update, I hate head hopping with NO cue from the author. I don't mind shifting POVs, in fact, I actually prefer it in my m/m romances. But I don't like having to guess whose head I'm in at any given moment by frantically trying to puzzle out pronouns. Ugh. Irritating!!!That said and head hopping aside, I liked the characters CP created. There was s [...]

This is a short novella. Only about 100 pages on Kindle. But don’t do it. It’s not worth even that much time. The whole story reads like a plot summary. Going from one action to the next with no depth to any of it. There is no emotion. What's the point of a romance story without that?The story starts right when the two guys are getting together and we’re told about the months of longing that have built up to it, but you never feel it. You never feel ANYTHING in this book. Then the big conf [...]

**I read and reviewed this book for Wicked Reads.**This was a sexy little read. I always enjoy a rocker book, throw in some m/m action and you've just upped the game. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer, just when I was getting into Cade and Dylan it ended. Dylan is a bartender for Club Khronos, he loves his job. For six months he's tortured himself every time he sees Cade, he's the sexy drummer that plays every weekend at Club Khronos. Cade's been under the same torture watching Dylan fr [...]

Short and sweet story about Cade and Dylan. This was a fast and steamy book. Cade has been the object of Dylan’s desire since the moment he saw him. When Hawke tries to ask Dylan out for a date Cade stops him and things get hot and never cool down, well, until Dylan realizes Cade might want to keep him a secret. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one, looks like it will be a great series. Characters: The characters were well written and believable. Sex: yesReligious: noWould I [...]

I read and reviewed this book for Wicked Reads.Dylan has admired Cade from afar for a while now. Imagine his surprise when Cade interupted Hawke's attempt to whisk him away after work. When two a.m. came, Cade was right there to tempt him with just more than a ride home.Two rockers, a steamy bout of m/m action and a misunderstanding keep the story moving. My only complaint -- its wasn't long enough. I would love to read more about Dylan and Cade.

"I read and reviewed this for Wicked Reads"This quick, sexy read introduces us to a number of interesting characters whom I am guessing will feature in future books in the series. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. Hot guys getting up close and personal mixed in with band politics and New Orleans bar life - should be good!

Too short but pretty nice to read. Would had starred more if it was a novella.3.25 Stars

First of all the page count is wrong on this, the story is only 33 pages. Definitely not a long one!This book is short of course, mostly focused on the sex but with a little bit of possessiveness mixed in. While Dylan and Cade are the main couple, we get some insight into the couple for the next book Maddox and Hawke. The writing is decent for a short story, but it certainly feels rushed and we don’t get to know Dylan or Cade very well. And the issue of being kept a secret lasted for all of fi [...]

Extremely short more of a novelette or very short story ~ not much depth, insta love with declarations of love was way too soon. Extremely non realistic and lack of communication between characters or much about them was lacking as well as a basic foundation of series. I will be reading the next only because I purchased the series which I'm really beginning to regret sadly. Just my honest opinion. 👎

I have to say this is not what I expected. It feels like you are dropped in the middle of the story and have no idea what's going on. There is no real plot or character development. It's just too short. Although the promise and possibility is there it doesn't quite meet the standards. Very disappointed in this one. I've read other series by this author that were really good.

Loved it! That is all ~ peace peeps ~

This was nice & sexy intro to a series. Dylan has had the hots for Cade from the first moment he set eyes on him and on his side Cade has also been lusting after Dylan but has been unwilling to act until it seems that Dylan is ready to move his interest elsewhere. One night they come together spectacularly and after a bit of a misunderstanding they are sailing on the HMS HEA. Yea. It's that kind of story but within the confines of a novella that's expected and okay because the writer does ma [...]

Short Romance Hearts Beat is the first book in the Ugly Eternity series by Charity Parkerson.The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. At the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book. The world the author created was very realistic but I felt like I was missing something. The pace of the story was a fasted paced from the first page to the last. The main characters and the secondary characters were exciting and believable. The point of view stayed with Dylan [...]

A nice short m/m read. Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. We immediately get throw in the deep end with the two male leads. After secretly craving and dealing each other, the flirtation of a third man brings Cade so far as to step in and lay clame on Dylan. After Cade's friends crash his house some misunderstandings arise and lots of hope is crushed. One of Cade's friends gives him some solid advice if he wants to save the situation. They get their HEA but f [...]

I thought there would be moreOr I should say longer. Everything came together so quickly, that you question the intensity. One moment Dylan is pining for Cadet and the next Case is promising everlasting love. While it was a good story I felt there should have been more to their relationship before the big " I love your" . From what I understand the next book is about Hawke and Maddox. We have already been introduced to their ongoing relationship so I am hoping that book 2 & 3 will live up to [...]

I just signed on to Kindle Unlimited and decided to read Collide by Charity Parkerson. While reading this book a few characters from the Ugly Eternity series and figured I needed to read that series too. Well this is the first one and it was very short. Dylan has been working at Khronos for six months and has been eyeing Cade the drummer of Ugly Eternity who plays in the live band at Khronos from the start. When another man starts flirting with Dylan, Cade takes exception because he's been eyein [...]

OK start to a new series. This was an interesting little story. It was way too short to be a really satisfying read, but it. works as a start to a series. I would have enjoyed it more if there were more background on Cade & Dylan. The story did give me a peek at what could be a really interesting dynamic between Hawke & Maddox. Hopefully, they will be addressed in a future story. Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was OKBut, it would be better with some revision and re-writing.There's the potential for a really good story, but there just isn't enough detail here at the moment.It's essential a lust-for-someone-for-months, have-sex-with-them, argue-with-them-the-next-morning, make-up-with-them-the-next-time-you-see-them, fall-in-love, HEA story.The minor sub-plot with Maddox could have been developed further to enrich and expand on the story also.

My Audible Audiobook Review:"Oh My this was great!"Dang!! This was just great I so hope there will be a book 2 and 3. book 2 for the singer and book 3 for the twins Too bad this was only an hour listen So dang good for a m/m rock romanceNarration was nothing spectacular but definitely well worth the listen. Worth a buy, it is under 5 bucks yes to sale not to credit save your credit for something a bit longer

Two men one love PerfectCase and Dylan watched each other constantly each time they saw each other at the club.But neither was willing to make the first move.That is until another guy hits on Dylan.Cafe stakes his claim and what ensues is pure male heaven.I loved this short novella!!!Beautifully written by Charity Parkerson.I would recommend it to any reader who loves some m/m loving.Definitely deserving of 5***** rating.

Short little romanceThis was a very short little read about two guys that had been circling around each other finally getting together and realizing how they feel about each other. It seemed rushed at times and was just too short for my enjoyment. There just seemed to be so much more that could have been told about their relationship. What there was to it was ok and somewhat enjoyable to read.

Where's the story?Okay it's not terrible but where is the actual relationship build up between the two main characters? It's like we've been thrown in halfway through and the beginning of the book is then told to the reader without us being able to see it grow.Apparently they're in love and have been for six months from afar because the bald narrative tells us so.Shame, I'd much rather see it developing in front of me than be presented with it as a fait accompli.

This was way too short. I loved it but I wanted more. I almost felt cheated on the real story. The characters are great but when we get to know them they are already in love with each other - on a distance. When they get together, which is just in the start of the book, it's hot. Not many mm books are angsty for me, but this one had the potential but it totally fell flat. My heart hurts just at the thought of being a dirty little secret :P

Loved it!I thoroughly enjoyed this first installment in the series of Ugly Eternity. I can't wait to read the next book. I gave e it four stars because it was well worth it. Good read!DB

A mechanic and a bartender, who can beat that? I loved that this story was short, I don't like when an author feels the need to 'fluff up' a story with unneeded info. Get to the point, and the story, which this book certainly did. A quick and fun read.

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