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Viv Daniels

Island Escape

Island Escape

  • Title: Island Escape
  • Author: Viv Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Nook

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Adam Luxury yacht, tropical seas, babes in bikinis dream job, right Wrong The passengers are rich jerks who treat the crew like garbage, when they aren t pretending we re their whores The best day was when that cokehead heiress Kalina tried to fire me just for doing my job I swore I d never go back home to my parents and their crazy fundamentalist ranch in the desert,Adam Luxury yacht, tropical seas, babes in bikinis dream job, right Wrong The passengers are rich jerks who treat the crew like garbage, when they aren t pretending we re their whores The best day was when that cokehead heiress Kalina tried to fire me just for doing my job I swore I d never go back home to my parents and their crazy fundamentalist ranch in the desert, but nothing could be worse than this.And then the pirates attack.Kalina Luxury yacht, tropical seas, billionaire boyfriend dream trip, right Wrong After catching my man getting extra services from the maid, I know I m the laughing stock of passengers and crew Every time I lay eyes on that quiet, handsome deckhand Adam, I can feel him judging me I want to die, and when the pirates show up, I think I m going to But Adam he saves me Now we re alone together on a lifeboat in the open ocean Adam thinks we don t have a chance, but thanks to him, we ve made it this far.And then, in the distance, I spot an island

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I loved One & Only and Across a Star-Swept Sea, so I fully expected to like this prequel novella. But this felt like it came from a totally different author. The first third or so is shallow and terrible, like a yacht-set "glamorous" Jackie Collins novel complete with manipulative, suntan-oiled heiresses, cruel dialogue, cocaine, abuse, and seducing the help. After the two get stranded it finally gets better, but it's still predictable and meaningless and non-swoony, and the characters aren' [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is the first in a series and runs about 172 pages. I would consider it to be contemporary romance. The setting kinda threw me because it was set in the late eighties. It was a fun, quick read. I would say this book was acceptable for 18+ audience. It wasn't intsa-love which I was grateful for. The cover seemed a little dated but I can easily look past that. The story took off right away and kept a steady rhythym throughout. It felt [...]

This story was so good! Such a fantastic start to a series. The writing is fantastic, the characters are lovable especially Adam :) and the survival aspect was suspenseful. I can't wait to see where Viv takes this series!

eu ainda amo essa capa

This book was freaking amazing I loved every moment. You have your princess that really is quite spoiled and thinks she is better than everyone. And the others are beneath her but let me say there is so much more to this shallow young woman. Of course you have to see the bad before the good can come through. And on a yacht with her friends and boyfriend the world is hers. Until something happens that makes her start to see things differently or should I say also who shows her who she really is. [...]

Review originally posted at Mostly YA LitYou all know my love for Viv Daniels/Diana Peterfreund, right?  I don't know an author out there who is so able to consistently keep me engaged in such a huge variety of topics, be it unicorns or bioengineering or post-apocalyptic Jane Austen adaptations.So trust me when I say that you will want to devour this New Adult contemporary novella, and then immediately pre-order the rest of the Island series. It's sexy, it's unexpected, and it never falls into [...]

I enjoy a good shipwrecked/planewrecked/survival story, so even though the blurb suggested shallow, judgmental characters, I had to read this. Now that I think of it, shallow and judgmental people are the best kind of people to be shipwrecked together!This book set a different tone right off, when the heroine snorts cocaine on a yacht. It’s set in the 80s, the best decade for cocaine and yachts, in my opinion. Kalina is an heiress, set to inherit a giant company when her grandfather dies (her [...]

The book's blurb is one that always catches my attention. I love stranded island romances. As a prequel, this book had more than enough for me to be completely happy at the end. Our main girl Kalina St. Claire has grit. I love female characters with grit. You wouldn't think so by the opening scenes in the book because she comes off just as the author wants her to- spoiled, rich and bratty. Kalina and her friends are on her boyfriends yacht living up the young, rich and stupid lifestyle to the "T [...]

Kalina is on a yacht vacation with her boyfriend and their friends. She and all her friends aboard the yacht and rich and young. They should be happy, but they aren’t. They use drugs and are only really happy when they are making someone else unhappy. Kalina’s parents died when she was young and then she was raised by her grandfather until he fell ill. After that there wasn’t anyone to really care what she did. Adam is a deck hand who lived a sheltered life on a farm in Arizona. When he tu [...]

Kalina is, in short, a spoiled child. Well, spoiled is saying it nicely. She's rich, drug addicted and a drunk. She's on a vacation with her, not so great, boyfriend and friends. Friends, well that's not exactly what these people are. They really aren't nice to each other, let alone to Kalina. Her boyfriend, Bran, is used to getting his way and doesn't think twice on cheating on her. And the blow to end everything, he hits her. But even with all of this, Kalina knows that there is more to life, [...]

**Nerdy Book Freak was given a copy for our honest review**This book is free on amazon and I encourage you to read it. I promise you that you wont regret it!!Rating: 4 Stars…Great start to a series that has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. POV: 3rdSeries: Yes….There is a total of 5 books. This book is considered .5 and there are 4 full length novels after it. This book does have a complete ending and does not end in a cliffhanger. From the way it sounds each book [...]

Judging Covers: The cover reminds me of one of those bad prom photos where the couple has their picture taken while standing in front of a screen image of a beach or Paris or some place that's anywhere but the high school gym. I'm sure we've all seen plenty of pictures of the same stock image couple placed over a million different backgrounds, but for some reason this one stands out to me as incredibly fake. I suppose it's probably the coloring and detail of the sand and sky behind them — it's [...]

Island Escape is a prequel to the Island series. While I haven’t yet read Book 1, it’s clear that this Book 0.5 sets up how the island was discovered and why people are living on it now.One of our main characters, Kalina, starts out as the stereotypical rich party girl. She and her friends aren’t exactly the most endearing, with their behaviour toward the yacht’s staff and their partying drug habits. However, even when I was unsure if I really empathized with Kalina, there was still a so [...]

I was given this book by netgalley for my honest opinions and a review.well this is the first book iv ever read by Viv Daniels so i was very curious and excited hoping id find another great author to add to my list.The book is set in the year of 1989 and its a love story set between Kalina and Adam. Kalina she is one of those spoiled rich girls that always gets what she wants no matter what she sets her mind to, including drugs and alcohol.Then she meets Adam who has had a very rough childhood a [...]

I really liked this free prequel to the The Island series a lot! It had everything I like in a romanceople from opposite ends of the social scale, action and adventure and a steamy hot payoff at the end of a long session of foreplay (in that there is no instant jumping in the sack and when it does happen, it makes sense).When Adam, a deckhand and Kalina, the girlfriend of a billionaire, are stranded at sea and then fight for survival on a deserted island after the ship they were on is taken over [...]

As you wish!!This book pulled me right in, I started reading it on my lunch break and stayed up until 2 am to finish it!! Have you ever wished to be stranded on a deserted island with the man of your dreams? Well unless he is a boy scout with all the right instincts and gear I'm guessing after a day or so paradise will turn into to your worst nightmare. And now a bit about the storyRich socialites have daddy's yacht for the summer to sail the Pacific Ocean. They have a crew of thirty or so waiti [...]

Such a great story! I loved it! Loved the characters and what they went through. Kalina was a little spoiled and a bit on the wild side but even though she was acting that way deep down she was a good person, just hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her "friends" the rich spoiled brats were definitely not good to her and most definitely Bran (her boyfriend at the time) he was bad news for sure. I loved Adam, he is so different from your average guy, he is definitely a great book boyfriend but a ve [...]

This book was very interesting. It a great start to the series. One minute you are on a yacht, living the dream and then the next you are find yourself on an deserted island. The evolution of the character was my favorite part of the book. When I first met Kalina, I wanted to knock some sense into her. She was such a spoiled princess. It made me almost not want to read the book. I was so angry with her. As the story progressed my hatred for her started to die down. She actually became a very ple [...]

Spoiled and uncaring of others, boozed up and drugged out partying it up like there's no tomorrow. That is Kalina life, and she just plain a b***h. But behind it all she just wanted to be seen for being her.Adam is doing what he has to to make money for school, but taking care of a bunch of spoiled brats just might tip him over the edge of what he can handle. And then comes in the murdering pirates.Kalina took awhile to warm up to, before that her character just plain annoyed me. Once she got on [...]

“Island escape” is an intelligently written romance that’s sexy as Hell. This is the first installment of Viv Daniels’ Island Series and it is a flawless launch. This is an unusual New Adult book in that it takes its time developing the story, the characters, and the relationship – setting up the groundwork for the series. This book is about 3/4 Action-Adventure/Foreplay and 1/4 is Romance/Sex. Please don’t get me wrong, every moment of the romance is rampant with sweetness, longing, [...]

I have to be honesti'm so not sure about this one. It's getting three stars because I didnt' put it down and finished it. I mean to me it sort of felt like one of those horrific car accidents you can't help but keep staring at. Adam works on the yacht for the "heiress's" boyfriend. The summer will be spent with the "lovebirds" and their friends out on the Pacific Ocean. Not horrible right? Except when they are spoiled rich kids. For Kalina its about a fun time. To forget life, drink, and party. [...]

This was a lovely easy short read.First of all I loved the fact that this book is based in 1989 and I loved the relationship between spoilt little nasty b**ch Kalina and hard working Adam who grew up with nothing and is the complete opposite of Kalina's boyfriend and friends.Kalina and her friends are on daddy's boat drinking and taking drugs and Adam is working on the boat.When pirate's attack the boat and leave Kalina and Adam stranded on a island leaving them to survive. It's while Kalina is [...]

This was provided to me by Netgalley for a honest reviewThis had me pulled in from the start despite the snotty behavior of the beginning characters and Kalina with her drugs and hangovers I thought she would end up being annoying. Especially the way she almost had him fired for doing nothing wrong but saying the wrong words. But once they ended up on the island things changed for her especially she did a huge turn around. I throughly enjoyed this and had trouble putting it down even when I had [...]

This was an amazing tale of survival, and romance. This is so well written. The witter has a wonderful way of bringing life to the book, so much so you can practically see the beautiful island. I love the descriptions of it and how Kalina grows and becomes a better person. oh and Adam h was an amazing young man even with what his home life was like he thinks of nothing more than protecting Kalin. I can think of a few people who should be marooned on that Island.I am so read to read the next book [...]

A great intro in to a series Rich strung out girl meets a boy who works on her boyfriends yacht Who would ever think they'd even speak to each otherWell once they're off the ship they're all each other has and they quickly realize maybe the feelings they have toward each other may be real and something they can no longer ignore That is until other people try to play a part in they're feelings and you see how quickly things can changeGreatly written story and surprising the way things pan out! I [...]

I'm a big fan of Viv Daniels's books, as well as other books by this author, but this one wasn't my favorite. As with all of this author's books, it's well-written and well-edited. I thought the story moved quickly and was believable, but I didn't connect with the characters. Maybe because it's a novella and I only had a short time to get to know Adam and Kiki, but I just didn't really like them very much. That being said--I'll definitely read the next in the series, because I really like this a [...]

***ARC copy received in exchange for an honest review***First impression is Kalina is a spoiled bi*#*. Her rich boyfriend and group of friends on a yacht in the South Pacific. Drinking and drugs and treating the staff like crap. But what happens when the one member of the staff doesn't bow down to her bossy ways, and what happens when pirates take over the yacht, leaving not many in their wake. Kalina & Adams story of survival, passion and reawakening was a wonderful short read. I was drawn [...]

This book took me by complete surprise. It was soooo good! An author recommended this book to me, so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. It was different than anything I've read. I absolutely loved the references to The Princess Bride. Who doesn't love The Princess Bride right? I know I do. A great combination of suspense, romance, and adventure. A Rich girl/ poor boy story that was so refreshing because the girl wasn't your typical sweet rich girl we read in a lot of stories. She was [...]

4.5 starsI liked this a lot. It's a castaway story (which I love), a survivor story, a love/hate romance with a spoiled heiress falling for a deckhand with a very interesting past. Loved it.It looks like the next book is about their son. (This book takes place in 1989.) But I can't tell who the rest of the series will be about. (Their other sons? The same son?)

I really enjoyed the beginning of the book. I enjoyed Kalina and Adam's developing relationship. I felt the end of the book was a little rushed and a little unsatisfying. (That is why it lost a star). I did not know it was a prequel to a series. I look forward to reading the series because I really enjoyed the writing and the characters.

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